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May 18, 2013

Radfem Hub is now an archives

by admin

After almost two years of herstorical collective blogging, Radfem Hub is now reopened as an archives.

“The Hub” was a collective radical feminist blog and its purpose was to post fresh, original radfem content, provide a male-free and safe platform for women to discuss, and promote radical feminist perspectives and interests.

The original contributors were, in order of appearance:

  • FCM
  • Allecto
  • Cherryblossomlife
  • Undercoverpunk
  • Rainsinger
  • Lishra
  • Easilyriled
  • Loretta Kemsley
  • Zeph
  • No Anodyne
  • Miska
  • Feminist at Sea
  • Gallus Mag

Later contributors were:

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