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July 27, 2011

recovery ‘n’ revolution

by easilyriled

Can’t have one without the other, not really.  I don’t think so anyhow.  Lookit, why I’m thinking about this, is — a few weeks ago, my buddy K and I went to a women’s meeting in a suburb of our city.  Sometimes we go to meetings in exotic places like North Van or Burnaby or Steveston even.  Sometimes we cross a border, other times we cross a bridge (!) and sometimes we cross both.

So this was a small meeting, and the women were lovely, as they are, all were white, most were middle-aged, a couple had these really deep smoky voices.  They sounded like they’d been dispatching trucks or taxis for years, and they looked all tough and no-nonsense.

And of the 10 or 12 of them, over half were on anti-depressants.


July 25, 2011

Feminism and Vegetarianism

by Guest Blogger

Guest post by Sheila Jeffreys

In recent weeks I have participated in two feminist conferences, in Boston and in Ottawa. It was my great pleasure to be able to work and socialize with other radical feminists. It is a joy to be in agreement about the need to abolish such practices of violence against women as prostitution and pornography, because such agreement is so rare in the malestream world. But this great feeling of sisterhood and togetherness was marred by disagreement over an issue that I consider to be of great importance, the eating of animals. On a couple of occasions I felt that my vegetarianism was seen as a problem, a personal issue which was a real bother if it was brought up in public. Since then I have been stewing (in my own juices only) on this issue and consider that it must be raised despite the fact that there are great pressures on vegetarians to keep quiet lest they face the displeasure of their carnivore sisters.

July 23, 2011

Porn Industry Begs (Then Coerces) Porndogs to Stop Illegally Downloading Porn

by FCM

last year, the porn industry’s trade association produced a video using porn actors (almost all women) to beg porndog cybercriminals i mean porn consumers to stop downloading porn without paying for it, because the loss of royalties was hurting the industry.  apparently, they thought this would work because having female porn stars begging for stuff is totally sexy, and besides, porn consumers are all upstanding citizens, and they care about other peoples rights, and the industry — that provides them with images of coerced women engaging in sex acts in the complete absence of obvious consent-negotiations and where the circumstances do not imply consent — assumed that once someone called attention to the problem and described, demonstrated and enumerated the harms of what they were doing, said porndogs would immediately change their behavior and start doing the right thing.  stop laughing!

well, turns out it was wrong about its upstanding i mean pornstastic criminal consumer base, so now the industry has decided to start suing them in federal court instead, then offering to “settle” out of court for a lump sum to preserve the defendants’ anonymity.

July 23, 2011

The Perpetual State of War that is Patriarchy

by cherryblossomlife

Today, a man dressed in police uniform went to a youth camp full of teenagers, rounded them all up as though he was about to give a talk, then open fired with a machine gun killing 91 and counting.

Some of the kids lay on the floor playing dead, but being the systematic patriarch that he was, Anders Breivik didn’t miss a trick and walked up to each cowering body, shooting the heads one by one. Some tried to escape by swimming away, so he shot at them in the river, where the search for bodies continues.

July 20, 2011

Real Men Don’t Buy Girls, They Just Do Everything Else

by lishra

I recently found out about the Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign from this Newsweek article about a new study of users of pornography and buyers of prostitutes. The campaign was started by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and it involves a number of videos featuring male celebrities promoting the anti-child-trafficking message. As I was watching the videos, it seemed almost every man featured had done something notably anti-woman that I could recall off the top of my head. While they may support anti-trafficking efforts, many of these guys don’t seem on board with my Men Shouldn’t Be Awful Jackasses campaign.

July 18, 2011

Women’s Worlds, 2011

by easilyriled

I was going to post on here about how you can have recovery without revolution, sort of, and revolution without recovery, sort of–but I don’t think we’ll be successful at either without both. But It was kind of too personal for the HUB (though political of course), so I put it on my blog and here I’m going to write something about the Women’s Worlds.

This here Women’s Worlds was a BIG conference in the summer of 2011–it is an International conference that happens every three years, and this year was the first year in Canada. I think. It was a very big deal, and I didn’t hear ‘boo’ about it, wouldn’t have heard a thing were it not for my alliance with the radical feminist anti-violence collective here.

One woman at our panel (I was part of a panel that I put together with the help of my friend and ally L, of aforementioned radfem collective) said, “you know, in my city, whenever we are expecting a large gathering of men, for a conference or a sporting event, the police have extra training, and there are more of ’em working to prepare for all the men. I wonder if they received extra training to prepare for nearly 2000 women?”

Her question, of course, was facetious.

July 14, 2011

Would “Caylee’s Law” have Protected Caylee?

by Loretta Kemsley

People are jumping on the Caylee’s Law bandwagon without asking the essential question: how would this law have protected her? Of course, the rage isn’t really about protecting Caylee Anthony. It’s against her mother — Casey Anthony — who is perceived as getting away with murder. But let’s consider another scenario: what if Caylee died while her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, was trying to murder her mother, Casey?

According to brother, Lee Anthony, and other sources that is what happened right before Caylee disappeared. Per their neighbor, Casey left without Caylee, so why did George Anthony testify he saw Casey leave with Caylee?

The public rage is rooted in these unanswered questions. We haven’t found the answer in the hate fest infecting the talk shows who covered the trial. We didn’t find it during the testimony in the courtroom. We won’t find them in a new law requiring parents to report children missing. So let’s look in another direction: What if Caylee died because of the domestic violence committed by her grandmother?

July 14, 2011

Brad Pitt To Secure Permanent Access to Angelina Jolie’s Vagina?

by FCM

uh, i mean are angelina jolie and brad pitt *finally* getting married?  if so, what are the implications of this for her?  historically, women dont fare well under this arrangement afterall, especially when it ends.  women are often left unsupported and destitute, with too many kids to take care of and not enough time and resources to do anything well, including taking care of their own needs.

of course, being that she is extremely wealthy and has the lifetime earning potential of a thousand western mortals, angelina jolie is somewhat insulated from some of the harms of marriage traditionally suffered by women, as a sexual class around the world.  but there is one that even she cannot escape, isnt there?

July 12, 2011

The Night Witches (Russian female flying aces of the second world war)

by zeph

“No parachute, no radios, and an open cockpit; imagine what that was like on a freezing moonless night!

July 11, 2011

Mainstream News Outlet Confuses Sex, Rape in Jaycee Dugard Case

by FCM

this probably comes as no surprise to anyone who does know the difference (ie. women) but the mainstream media often confuses “sex” and “rape” when reporting on the horrific sexualized torture women routinely suffer at the hands of men.  in the case of jaycee dugard, the woman who was kidnapped as a child and held captive by a “serial sex-offender” for 20 years (sex?  really?) reports that she was subjected to “long, drug-fueled sex-sessions” during her imprisonment.  sex?  really?  yep.