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February 27, 2012

A few thoughts on love within a hierarchal and patriarchal context.

by zeph

“Warming Her Pearls” by Carol Anne Duffy (Poet Laureate)

In this beautiful poem about love between women, the affection, as far as we know, is unrequited. The maid loves her mistress, we do not know if her mistress reciprocates. But there is something in the power imbalance between the two, that tends to be found in many situations where romantic love ignites between individuals. I think we love people who most epitomise our ideal lifestyle and who, we think could, by association, grant it to us. The truth is harsher; because it is precisely by denying ease of living to others, that one class acquires an abundance of it themselves.

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February 27, 2012

Mansplaining away Hollywood misogyny

by Noanodyne

Salon continues their tradition of having a male write on a subject he is less qualified to write about than any of the many women who are experts on the subject that they could have gotten to write the article. Michael Barthel takes on the subject of women in the film industry and does a predictably ridiculous job of it. But don’t take my word for it, here is what he said in this article at Salon: “The Oscars’ woman problem.”

The title and his opening give an immediate glimpse of what’s to come. Using the trope “woman problem” gives his perspective away immediately. As Simone de Beauvoir said in The Second Sex:

“[T]he whole of feminine history has been man-made. Just as in America there is no Negro problem, but rather a white problem; just as anti-Semitism is not a Jewish problem, it is our problem; so the woman problem has always been a man problem.”

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February 25, 2012

Female Lawmakers Use Satire Against Conservative War on Women

by lishra

Lately, legislation across the United States has been rife with various attacks on anything that gives women even a modicum of control over their bodies. President Obama caved on his administration’s mandate for contraceptive insurance coverage (and no women were allowed on a congressional panel on the matter), Illinois saw two anti-abortion bills pass, Utah is considering imposing a 3-day waiting period before abortions, and three states (Iowa, Texas, Virginia) have proposed (or have already passed) forcing women to have ultrasounds before they can obtain an abortion. In the last week, women everywhere began to realize just how much Republican men hate them when the news Virginia’s ultrasound bill made mainstream headlines. The word “trans-vaginal” had never seen such a limelight before this week.

In response to such “small government” conservative measures, a handful of  female lawmakers have realized something recently too — how to wield satire against this crap.

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February 24, 2012

Baltimore Sun Misses Real Story that Gender Identity Enslaves Females, No One Seems to Care

by Cathy Brennan

The GLBT Movement: Now with 100% Less Lesbians!

Recently, Baltimore County, Maryland has served as the latest backdrop in a legislative effort to enshrine stereotypes about Females into law.  The legislation – adopted earlier this week to ban discrimination based on so-called “Gender Identity or Expression” –  provides a legal remedy for individuals who face discrimination in employment, housing and certain public accommodations based on their “gender-related identity or appearance … regardless of (their) assigned sex at birth.”

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February 22, 2012

Are Women Human? Hefner, Angelwish, and the Patriarchy Say No

by smash

Angelwish is a charity whose mission is to provide gifts to children living with HIV/AIDS, asthma, diabetes, kidney disease, and other chronic illnesses.

On Feb 12th, Angelwish gave Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine and worldwide misogyny promoter, its Humanitarian of the Year award “for all his charitable efforts over the years.”

Angelwish, a charity dedicated to an uncontroversial cause, provides strong approbation and endorsement of Hefner by giving this award. It has not seen his lifelong commitment to hate speech against women as inconsistent with the descriptor “Humanitarian”.

But why exactly are Hefner’s actions and lifestyle inconsistent with the term “humanitarian”?

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February 20, 2012

We Are Visible Only to Each Other

by easilyriled

This morning I woke up to the radio, as I always do. A woman was reading the news. When i finally rolled out of bed, I called a friend who had called me the day before. We talked as I made fruit salad for a breakfast I was preparing for another woman who was coming over. I took out the garbage and called another friend about a couple of work shifts. C_ arrived for breakfast just as I put some music on my cd player.

and I realized that my morning had almost NO men in it. The host of the morning radio show was a guy, but other than him, there were no men. all of the music I played today was by women, all of the people i talked to were women, and if you look around my walls, almost all of the art is by women, the books are mostly by and about women (not all, but a big proportion)–my work is about women and our shared resistance against male domination, and our shared celebrations of each other. I sent a text to my friend, H_ to say “I had to tell someone, and you were the first i thought of to tell, I fuckin’ LOVE women. I woke up this morning, anxious, like always, but full of love and admiration for us nonetheless”.

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February 18, 2012

Fox Pundit Says Women In The Military Should ‘Expect’ To Be Raped

by zeph
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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February 16, 2012

Firefighters Group Sex Scandal Exposed

by allecto

A culture of homosexual group sex has been exposed with recent allegations of ‘sexual abuse’ by some retired fire fighters against their colleagues. These allegations have given rise to a debate on the nature of consent within group sex between men. Some sources have jumped to immediate conclusions on the matter, blaring headlines such as “Brutal Abuse Exposed” (Cover of The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday 14th February). However the issue is far more complicated than that.

We need to take into consideration several important points before we make such spurious judgment on the nature of this so called ‘abuse’.

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February 14, 2012

Women’s Lives Written in Stone

by zeph

John T. McMahon Vine Hill Cemetery,
Plymouth Massachusetts

He was a failure as a husband and father
He was insane 15 years because of liquor
But died sober
May Christ have mercy on his soul
He was no pilgrim.

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February 12, 2012

— Postcards from the Edge of the Plate: Women’s Business, Women’s Work–

by HUB Newsfeed

Food as a passion, a gift, a means of revenge, even source of power –….Women weigh up the loss of a lover, or the loss of weight; they consider whether hunger and the thought of higher things are inextricably linked; they feast and crave and die for their appetites, or lack of appetite” – cover blurb -The Anger of Aubergines : Collected Stories of Women and Food – Bulbul Sharma, India, 1998

I was once surfing channels TV in boredom when I became aware of the high frequency of images of women and food – and remembered Bulbul Sharma’s book — the social and political connections between women and food is both obvious and obscure.  

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