Radfem HUB is a public, collective radical feminist blog, publishing content from established radical feminist bloggers from all around the world.

The HUB bloggers met online at each other’s blogs. Some of us have been around for years and others not as long. Many felt lost and angry among the current “wave” of online feminism vapid and swirling cesspool of queer politics and post-modern double-think, so started our own individual blogs, creating radical content that built on the work of second-wave feminists such as Daly, Dworkin, MacKinnon and Jeffreys. Some of us have taken the analyses further than anything we had read or heard of before. We not only understand that feminists dating back to pre-WWI were saying the same things we are thinking, writing, and talking about today, we believe it is important that we carry on the work that was started by the women who came before us.

We are female-identified, women-born women and are collectively anti-pornography, anti-prostitution, trans-critical, and PIV-critical. Many of us have specialized interests as well, such as motherhood, post-modernism and what it did to feminism, the harms of penis-in-vagina sex (PIV), the “transexual/transgender” movement, femininity, and the “sex industry.”

In addition to regularly posting fresh content on the HUB, we’ve created two pages filled with extensive contextual and background information. The radical perspectives page contains links to posts made by radfem community bloggers on their own blogs that help clarify our ideas on certain topics. The content on the resources page serves as a pathfinder through the ideas and concepts of, as well as the reasons for, the radical feminist movement we are part of. We think these sources are some of the very best for explaining what we think and why.

We have our unique perspectives and interests, however we do agree that within a radical feminist space, no issues or multiple issues should be given more importance than women’s liberation. There is a cultural taboo against women putting themselves first and we reject that. As radical feminists, we are working for all women against the male system, regardless of where they stand in it.

Our writing here covers the range from radical analysis of culture and current events to personal accounts of wrestling with these issues, and everything in between. We welcome comments and discussion from women who want to share ideas and move the conversation forward.

Please read the comments policy; the discussions on this blog are reserved for female-born women only.

We are radical feminists. This is our blog. Welcome.

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