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On Second Wave Authors

On “Third-Wave Feminism”
Patriarchal Institutions (Medicine/Law/Religion)
PIV Critical
Prostitution and Pornography (& BDSM)
Trans Critical
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On Second Wave Authors

     Mary Daly

The Background – Cherryblossom

24-Hour Menergy – FCM

Quintessence Part 2 – FCM

     Andrea Dworkin

The “Intercourse” Series – FCM

Right-Wing Women Part 1, Part 2, Part 3-D – FCM

     Sheila Jeffreys

If It’s “Anti-Sex” Then It Can’t Possibly Be True – FCM

The “New Morality,” Faking It, and Marginalizing the Spinster (Aka. Sex-Positivism, Old School Style) – FCM

Sheila Jeffreys on Sexual Essentialism, Lesbians, “Pseudolesbians” and Love Between Women by Heart at Women’s Space

     Catharine MacKinnon

Moron Reality – FCM

Failure of Application vs Failure of Reason – FCM
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On “Third-Wave Feminism”

Advice for Adversaries – Nuclearnight

Backlash Boredom – Miska

The Problem with Fun Feminism – Miska

A Quick Reminder – Miska

Queer Theory Magik – Undercover Punk

Gender v. Jendah – Undercover Punk

Nothing Personal, Just Politics – rainsinger

Post-Modern Feminism Is A Dick-Centered Faith-Based Religion. That’s All It Is. – FCM

Jessica Valenti, The (Face and) Voice of Third-Wave Feminism and PIV-Positive Rhetoric, Nearly Dies From Pregnancy-Related Complications – FCM

“Middle-Class White Women” & Not Getting It – Lishra

Pornography: White Women’s Liberation – Ms. Citrus

The Ultimate Slut – Rmott

Slut-Walk. sigh. – Easilyriled
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Patriarchal Institutions (Medicine/Law/Religion)

I Am a Witch – Cherryblossom

One Radfem’s Experience With Gynecology – Ms. Citrus

The Language of Consent (Or, Hey You Kids, Get Off My Lawn!) – FCM

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! On Workplace Sexual Harassment – FCM
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PIV Critical

It’s Just (Penis In Vagina)!!!!11!!11 – FCM

Fun! With Numbers! The Sex-Positive Equation – FCM

Attempting to Mitigate the Forseeable Consequences (to Women) of PIV and Dangerous Male Sexuality Through the Ages. A Slideshow! – FCM

It’s the Trauma-Bonding Talking – FCM

PIV on TV: PIV-centric sexuality in popular culture – FCM

Rape as Oppression. – Undercover Punk

Women = Holes – Ms. Citrus

Abortion and contraception: a radical lesbian perspective – Allecto
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Prostitution & Pornography (and BDSM)

Pornstitution Basics – Lishra

This is Pornography (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) – Lishra

All Women Are Whores – Miska

By Any Other Name: Mail Order Brides and Sex Trafficking – Ms. Citrus

Some “Sex-Workers” Aren’t Just That… – Ms. Citrus

Degrading Feminism (See What I Did There?) – Lishra

Women Shouldn’t Have Boundaries, Agency is Sacred (Unless You’re a Prude) and Other Things I Learned From Men – Ms. Citrus

Pornography, stripping and violence in contemporary ‘lesbian’ culture — Allecto

Wow, This is Called Feminist – Rmott

What’s in a Name – Rmott
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Trans Critical

What Makes a Woman? – Miska

The Fallacy of “Cis” Privilege – Miska


Decoding the FAAB/MAAB “Argument” – FCM

Is Eminem a Transwoman? – FCM

Rape Culture Birthed the Neovag – FCM

It’s So Basic – Lishra

Living ‘Woman’ – Lishra

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Not Really. – Lishra

I Give It 20 Years MAX… – Cherryblossom

Not Hatin’ – Undercover Punk

Pedomorphisis and the Abortive Language of Transgenderism – Gallus Mag

Sex and Destiny: Gender Identity – rainsinger

Transphobia and the Erasure of Misogyny – Nuclearnight

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