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July 11, 2012

What About the Men? Now and Then.

by Guest Blogger

Guest post by Luckynickl

A little over a year ago in May, 2011, Ms. Julie Bindel wrote a fabulous piece here at the Hub titled, “What About The Men?”  The piece was radical and amazing.  Late last night, I ran across this post over at Gender Trender.  It’s an interview of Juile Bindel by male “transgender” Paris Lees conducted earlier this year.  Apparently, in the year since she first wrote for the Hub, Ms. Bindel has done an about-face on the issue of “What about the men?”.

I can only wonder, what happened between now and then?  Are aliens abducting radical feminists and replacing them with pod people?!

Back then, Julie Bindel was defending women-only space and saying how not enough has changed to invite men to the party.  Some excerpts from Julie Bindel’s post at the Hub:

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June 29, 2012

Why I Won’t Be Going to MichFest This Year

by Guest Blogger

Guest post by Sapphocles

Last year, I sent the following directly to Lisa Vogel as well as posting it to the MichFest and Facebook Womyn MichFest boards. I got loads of supportive responses from individual women, but nothing from Lisa, unless you count the shutting down of any discussion of this issue on the “official” MichFest boards as a sort of response. Or the blind eye that the she and the other organizers seem willing to turn toward Scout and other long-time Festies who have gotten caught up in the whole trans* delusion. As much as I hate to admit it, MichFest no longer feels like safe space to me.

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December 19, 2011

Our Journey

by allecto

One sister, new to this pain called feminist consciousness

for want of a scream to name it, asked me last week

“But how do you stop from going crazy?”

Monster by Robin Morgan

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May 24, 2011

What is radical feminism?

by zeph

Mary Daly

Feminism, Radical. 1 : the cause of causes, which alone of all revolutionary causes exposes the basic model and source of all forms of oppression— patriarchy— and thus can open up consciousness to active participation in movement, transcendence, and happiness.
— Mary Daly (WORD-WEB ONE) The Wickedary.

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