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August 26, 2011

Six Degrees of Misogyny (Or Less!) On Corrective Underpants, Bondage and Porn

by FCM

trinity, "the matrix: reloaded"

has anyone ever played the “six degrees of kevin bacon” game?  apparently, everyone in hollywood has either worked with kevin bacon, or has worked with someone who has worked with him.  its a small world and all that.  the point is that there are degrees of separation among things that are seemingly very different i mean incestuous, homogenous and the same.  like hollywood!  and theres more than a little similarity between corrective underwear (ie. spanx) and bondage gear (obviously) and its less than a stones throw from bondage gear to bondage-porn.  so what the fuck comes next?  you tell me.  how many degrees of separation are there, between corrective underpants and rape?  and whats at the very end of that road?

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