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July 23, 2011

Porn Industry Begs (Then Coerces) Porndogs to Stop Illegally Downloading Porn

by FCM

last year, the porn industry’s trade association produced a video using porn actors (almost all women) to beg porndog cybercriminals i mean porn consumers to stop downloading porn without paying for it, because the loss of royalties was hurting the industry.  apparently, they thought this would work because having female porn stars begging for stuff is totally sexy, and besides, porn consumers are all upstanding citizens, and they care about other peoples rights, and the industry — that provides them with images of coerced women engaging in sex acts in the complete absence of obvious consent-negotiations and where the circumstances do not imply consent — assumed that once someone called attention to the problem and described, demonstrated and enumerated the harms of what they were doing, said porndogs would immediately change their behavior and start doing the right thing.  stop laughing!

well, turns out it was wrong about its upstanding i mean pornstastic criminal consumer base, so now the industry has decided to start suing them in federal court instead, then offering to “settle” out of court for a lump sum to preserve the defendants’ anonymity.

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