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February 4, 2012

Debate over fetal ‘viability’ reignited as technology advances

by HUB Newsfeed

An American law professor and former federal prosecutor writes in an Op/Ed for CNN that advances in technology, specifically the increasing ability of modern medicine to keep pre-term fetuses alive outside the womb, should spur corresponding changes in abortion law that would criminalize abortions earlier and earlier, based on the technology available at the time. While he doesn’t suggest how far he is willing to take his argument, specifically, whether women are just expected to sit back and watch as abortion rights shrink more and more as men’s technology and the male medical machine advance, he does make sure to mention that he’s “pro-choice” and a “progressive” about a dozen times.

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September 5, 2011

Mainstream News Outlet Confuses “Sex” and “Stuck His Dick Into”

by FCM

its a common error.  and they made it more than once.  liberal dickwad/mainstream news outlet huffington post reports that a man has been arrested for having “sex” with his neighbors pink inflatable swimming pool raft.  sex, you say?  yep.  later, the same publication reports that a new mexico police officer has been fired for having the “sex” with a woman on the hood of his patrol car.  a security camera that just happened to be there shows that the officer is still in his uniform, but little else has been made public.  we dont know the identity of the woman, or all of the circumstances of this encounter, although the facts we do have certainly do not rule out the possibility of sexual abuse and abuse of power by a police officer, otherwise known as rape.  but apparently, as long as a man sticks his dick into something, anything, under any circumstances, huffington post is willing to call it “sex”.  got that?  good.

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