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July 14, 2011

Would “Caylee’s Law” have Protected Caylee?

by Loretta Kemsley

People are jumping on the Caylee’s Law bandwagon without asking the essential question: how would this law have protected her? Of course, the rage isn’t really about protecting Caylee Anthony. It’s against her mother — Casey Anthony — who is perceived as getting away with murder. But let’s consider another scenario: what if Caylee died while her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, was trying to murder her mother, Casey?

According to brother, Lee Anthony, and other sources that is what happened right before Caylee disappeared. Per their neighbor, Casey left without Caylee, so why did George Anthony testify he saw Casey leave with Caylee?

The public rage is rooted in these unanswered questions. We haven’t found the answer in the hate fest infecting the talk shows who covered the trial. We didn’t find it during the testimony in the courtroom. We won’t find them in a new law requiring parents to report children missing. So let’s look in another direction: What if Caylee died because of the domestic violence committed by her grandmother?

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