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December 11, 2011

The Fistula Foundation Charity: Preventing and Treating Obstetric Fistula

by FCM

the HUB applauds the important work of the fistula foundation, and encourages readers who make charitable contributions this time of year (or anytime) to consider giving to this reputable charity.

on a personal note, i simply cannot overstate the importance of their work, or the impact the fistula foundation has had on my radical feminist awakening: it was the catalyst for it.

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October 28, 2011

Women’s Estates Revisited 40 years on

by HUB Newsfeed

Forty years ago, in 1971 – Juliet Mitchell wrote her thesis ‘Woman’s Estate’, starting with a summary of the history of where the *idea* of women’s liberation came from:

Every Socialist recognizes the dependence of the workman on the capitalist, and cannot understand that others, and especially the capitalists themselves, should fail to recognize it also; but the same Socialist often does not recognize the dependence of women on men because the question touches his own dear self more or less nearly. [August Bebel, Woman and Socialism, 1883]

Juliet Mitchell’s thesis is presented in two parts, the first part is a pencil-sketch summary of political context and history at the time of writing, tracking the launch of the 60s women’s liberation movement in England. Like north-america WLM arose from within a context of various leftist political movements, although UK women’s experiences diverged somewhat from US women’s experiences.

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July 3, 2011

Effects of girlhood sexual abuse last for decades, study finds

by FCM

i think most of us know this already, and believe it and that many of us are in the middle of experiencing the truth of this statement: the effects of girlhood sexual abuse, for the victims, last for decades.  clearly this is the case, but for some reason “researchers” are just coming up with conclusive proof of what millions (billions?) of girls and women across time and place already know and have always known: being sexually assaulted by men when we are very young is problematic for us.  it has the same effect on us that war has been shown to have on vietnam vets.  okay?  this is obvious, and the truth of this is finally being vetted and the mechanism of injury (how this works) is finally being parsed.

but is anyone willing to take the obvious next step here, and admit what millions of women already know and experience daily about the effects of this abuse: that men, all men, benefit from mens sexual abuse of girls, even men who arent abusers themselves?

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May 27, 2011

The Fistula Foundation Charity: Treating and Preventing Obstetric Fistula

by FCM

i cannot overstate the impact the fistula foundation has had on my radical feminist awakening: it was the catalyst for it.

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May 21, 2011

Ben Stein on Strauss-Kahn: Economists don’t rape, maids are “complete lunatics”

by Loretta Kemsley

If he was so intimidating, why did she immediately feel un-intimidated enough to alert the authorities as to her story?

Ben Stein’s question in The American Spectator  is stunning — and terrifying. Misogynists have long complained women don’t immediately report rape right away, inferring this proves they are lying and trying to frame an innocent man. Now Stein is arguing the exact opposite: because she reported the rape right away, she’s lying and trying to frame an innocent man.

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