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June 5, 2011

Steering the Sluts: Prof. Hugo Schwyzer Organizes Los Angeles SlutWalk — Update

by FCM

SlutWalk, Los Angeles apparently went off without a hitch yesterday, no thanks to hugo schwyzer who as an “organizer” apparently had to negotiate a last-minute “crisis” which was caused by the organizers not making sure all their permits were in order, and that their venue wasnt double-booked, before getting thousands of women to commit their time and energy to this project…

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May 30, 2011

Steering the Sluts: Prof. Hugo Schwyzer Organizes Los Angeles SlutWalk

by FCM

self-identified feminist man and fun-fem darling hugo schwyzer reports on his blog that he is “proud to be a part” of the steering committee organizing the los angeles SlutWalk, scheduled to take place june 4, 2011. 

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May 25, 2011

useful feminist knowledge: safe home abortion methods

by Miska

I’m Australian, but a good portion of the feminist blogosphere is American. Hence I get exposed to a lot of US news of feminist interest. One thing that always astounds me is how controversial abortion is in the US. Not a week goes by without more news of abortion being restricted, or potentially restricted.

And I read all this stuff, the constant assault on the most basic human right for bodily autonomy, and I am kind of horrified that this is what American women have to put up with.

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