HUB reaches blogging milestone: 500,000 hits and counting

by FCM

This week, thanks to our readers, writers and our wonderful guest-bloggers, the HUB has reached the milestone of 500,000 pageviews.  While this is a very tiny number compared to the amount of traffic any number of mainstream blogs attract in a month, a week, or even a single day, considering that one-million pageviews is a milestone that most blogs never reach, and considering how marginalized radical feminism is, this number is significant and encouraging.

So what has brought HUB to this place, since its beginnings on May 18, 2011?  Read on to see significant events in our herstory, including links to our top posts, an opportunity to revisit our wonderful guest posts, and more.

HUB bloggers and guest bloggers have written on a variety of topics from a shared radical feminist perspective that is, at its core, pro-female and supportive of women’s liberation from male dominance.  Our Top 10 posts of all time include:

Why Did Sasha Grey Exit Pornography? — by Smash

Radical Feminism Enters the 21st Century — by Vliet Tiptree

On 50 Shades of Grey and the Erotization of Male Domination — by Smash

The need for feminists to challenge the practice of transgenderism — by Sheila Jeffreys

Killing our Mothers: Our Daughters’ Fairytales — by Allecto

Rape is worse when it happens to men, reports the New York Times — by HUB Newsfeed

useful feminist knowledge: safe home abortion methods — by Miska

Feminist Call to Action: Occupy Dudeville — by Lishra

“Gender identity” legislation and the erosion of sex-based legal protections for females — by Elizabeth Hungerford and Cathy Brennan

My slogan will be intersectional but my trans agenda will be bull shit — by Dragon Dyke

Our wonderful Guest Bloggers have included respected and renowned radical feminists from around the world:

Sheila Jeffreys, Anti-climax Revisited; Man’s Dominion; Feminism and Vegetarianism; and The need for feminists to challenge the practice of transgenderism

Susan Hawthorne, Are All Lesbians Sex Mad? The Fight for Lesbians’ Human Rights; and Fem-manifesto-ing

Betty McLellan, The Question on Nobody’s Lips; and Pornography and the Myth of Free Speech

Julie Bindel, … What About The Men ? …

Sam Berg, Roseanne Barr Gave Anti-porn Slide Shows

Rebecca Mott, Double-Speak

Our opening day, May 18, 2011 was thrilling, and was the pinnacle of weeks of preparation, collaboration and celebration, as we knew we were doing something that had never been done before: a radical feminist collective blog, comprised of a dozen established radfem bloggers, which would provide a much needed service to the community.  Namely, to provide an alternative to mainstream online publications which were either blatantly woman-hating or which attempted to be both “feminist” and palatable to males and male-identified women, and (therefore) missed the feminist mark entirely.

For our grand opening, HUB published 5 original pieces which were fresh, enlightening, and even fun:

The sick and twisted joke that is contemporary feminism — by Allecto

Radfem-ological Images (Dove Bar and York Peppermint Pattie) — by FCM

Religious Social Structures & the Female SEX — by Undercover Punk

Give her honour, you fools, not reverence — by Cherryblossomlife

Girl ‘Beauty’ Pageants (aka BabySlutWalks) — by Rainsinger

By the end of the month, we had published even more:

Girls Don’t Run the World — by Lishra

Where’s abortion gone? — by Easilyriled

Ben Stein on Strauss-Kahn: Economists don’t rape, maids are “complete lunatics” — by Loretta Kemsley

What is radical feminism? — by Zeph

Radical Feminism: Changing the Frame — by Noanodyne

Wrongs Darker than Death or Night — by Feminist at Sea

The Fistula Foundation Charity: Treating and Preventing Obstetric Fistula — by FCM

Feminism is the anti-Viagra? — by Loretta Kemsley

“Gender Identity”: The Conservative Transgender War Against Children — by Gallus Mag

Steering the Sluts: Prof. Hugo Schwyzer Organizes Los Angeles SlutWalk — by FCM

Two of us were honored and privileged to write for the esteemed, “real life” radical feminist journal Rain and Thunder in its “Positive” issue #52 (Fall, 2011) and those articles were republished with permission here at the HUB:

If you listen, you can hear us in revolt — by Easilyriled

On “Positivity” and Radfem Blogging — by FCM

The editors of Rain and Thunder also asked — and received — permission to republish Cherryblossomlife’s post “British Women Protest FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)” in their Activism issue #53 (Winter/Spring 2012).  We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Rain and Thunder, including cross-posting original articles and offering our shared readers an opportunity to discuss traditionally published (printed) articles in real time.

In general, the conversations at the HUB have been wonderful and enlightening, where HUB has provided invaluable woman-only space in which to discuss our issues amongst ourselves, without intrusion and derailing by males and misogynists, including MRAs, trans and transactivists, post-modernists and queer-theorists.  Thanks to our bloggers, who have not only generated discussion by writing for us but have also painstakingly read and moderated the comments since the first day, to date, HUB has published over 5,000 comments.

And significantly, the HUB has inspired several spin-off group blogs which have been created to fill gaps in online publishing, in particular, a radfem perspective on the news and current events; a radfem perspective on media images and advertising; and radical feminist themed memes which have been used in online activism including protesting both the Cotton Ceiling and the attack on a lesbian activist at Dyke March, and more:

Radfem News Service — the news, without the male-supremacist spin

Radfem-ological Images — exposing the gears of the patriarchal propaganda machine

Radical Feminist Memes

The HUB has also inspired an additional collective blog — Liberation Collective — which was created in May, 2012 by several of HUB’s (former) original members and which features some of their work, originally published at the HUB.

In its relatively brief but significant tenure as a radical feminist powerhouse, the HUB has generated significant attention to our work; as a known side-effect of radical feminist activating, HUB has been made the center of several (man-ufactured) controversies.  Specifically, MRAs, trans and transactivists and mainstream dick-pleasers have attempted to derail and distract us, and have attempted to tempt us, or force our attentions elsewhere and away from the important task of writing, publishing and preserving radical feminist work.  They have failed, and have been deliberately and effectively ignored as we continued with our work.  Over a year later, we persist in publishing radical content, which we intend to archive forever.  A singular vision and committment to women and to liberating women from male dominance has been our focus and our shared goal which has carried us through these times, and carries us still.

What have been your re-collections and experiences of the Radfem HUB?  What about our past, present or future have you found significant?  Please feel free to share your experiences below.

With a shared vision and commitment to radical feminist writing and activating, we hope to reach the next milestone of 1,000,000 pageviews and more.  Of note, this next milestone is likely to be achieved whether we are still actively publishing or not — even in its quiet times, HUB still generates significant traffic, as people from across the globe are consistently attracted to and by our work.  We will reach a million pageviews easily, and then two, and then three.  Literally millions of opportunities for a woman-centric perspective to be acknowledged and known.  Literally millions of opportunities for women to experience radical, women-only space.  This is what has happened, and what is destined to happen in this space, this and so much more.


5 Comments to “HUB reaches blogging milestone: 500,000 hits and counting”

  1. Smash!! Congratulations, you’re a best-read author. (I knew her when…).

  2. I love this website. It means so much to me to have a female-only space to discuss REAL feminism and not male-pleasing nonsense. Great work, everyone, and thank you. Long live the Hub!

  3. While I very rarely comment here, I value this site immensely and often check back for new content. Congratulations on the milestone!

  4. Congratulations Rad Fem Hub!!!!

    I think it’s good and important you pay attention to the number of hits you get, because being openly Rad Fem takes a lot of courage, and a lot of the people you’re reaching probably won’t say much in the comments sections, but that doesn’t mean we’re not listening and being changed by the writings on Rad Fem Hub.

    I always want to share articles written by the authors who write on here on my facebook wall, but don’t out of fear of offending people and making enemies amongst my professional network, so I rely on other people to speak up about these issues. Often the only recognition you’ll get from me is through the number of hits your website gets.


  5. Yeah, we may not be able to comment here since the site is always under surveillance, but that doesn’t mean we’re not reading and learning. Thanks for all the insights and please please keep it up!

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