Radical Feminism is Gaining Ground

by cherryblossomlife

Associate Professor Betty McLellan and Dr Greg Canning [Sourced from Townsville Bulletin]

What happens when men finally realize they can no longer suppress women’s speech? When their counter-arguments prove to be unsubstantiated and factually incorrect? When they’re forced to accept that nobody takes the word “misandry” seriously, because while “misogyny” evokes the horrors of witch-burnings, female genital mutilation, honor killings, suttee, forced lobotomies and Chinese foot-binding, “misandry” only manages to evoke the image of an overweight white dude who hates his ex-wife and gets off on punching his perceived grievances into a keyboard…?

So what happens when an academic has trouble accepting that certain sentences, containing certain information, are factually correct, simply because he doesn’t like what they say? The answer to that is he does what men have always done: he attempts to use his male privilege to get the woman who wrote them hauled out of her job.

But when those pesky facts persist and it turns out her words are truthful, leaving him without a leg to stand on…what then?

Then, the only way to save face is to resign:

“JAMES Cook University is embroiled in an ugly battle of the sexes which has resulted in one academic resigning in protest at the lack of discipline of his “extreme” feminist colleague.

JCU school of Medicine adjunct senior lecturer Dr Greg Canning has quit his teaching job of 10 years, claiming the university failed to caution Adjunct Associate Professor Betty McLellan, who he has accused of publicly practicing sexual vilification.

Dr McLellan, from the School of Arts and Social Sciences, is a feminist ethicist and psychotherapist, with more than 20 years experience. She has written several books, and regularly contributes opinion pieces to radical feminism websites such as the Coalition for a Feminist Agenda.

Dr Canning, who is a men’s health advocate, said he took great offence to some of Dr McLellan’s writings. An opinion piece, written by Dr McLellan on website Radfem Hub titled ‘The Question on Nobody’s Lips’, states “even with all the evidence we have that something’s not quite right with the male of the species, there is still impenetrable resistance to focusing on men’s behaviour and asking: what is it about men?””

In fact, there is no such thing as the “battle of the sexes” because this term suggests there are two equal but opposing forces struggling for power. What is actually taking place all over the world today is men’s oppression of women, otherwise known as patriarchy, “rule of the father”, a social and political structure which has persisted for millennia because of male violence, but which is gradually coming to an end due to women’s relentless and ongoing struggle to be liberated from male dominance.

But I digress.

The point Betty McLellan in fact made in her Radical Hub article was that we should now start talking about what men do, and have done, to women. She declared that it is high time for us all to pull our heads out of the sand and begin addressing men’s behaviour; that we must look at the statistics in the cold light of day and ask ourselves why male violence is so prevalent, and then take that thought further by contemplating why society is in denial about it.

Why, for example, are we happy when our daughter announces her engagement, when we know that a woman partnered with a man is more likely to be beaten and murdered or to end up sinking into depression than a single woman? In her 2011 Hub article Dr McLellan posed us this question:

Even in the face of horrendous violence by men against women and children (Darcey Freeman; and Tania Simpson and daughter Kyla Rogers) along with allegations of high profile men raping and abusing women (Dominique Strauss-Kahn; Silvio Berlusconi); even with all the evidence we have that something’s not quite right with the male of the species, there is still impenetrable resistance to focusing on men’s behaviour and asking: what is it about men? It seems that the only people with the courage to ask that question are radical feminists.

The ability of mainstream, including mainstream feminists, to ignore the elephant in the room is mind-boggling.

The thing is that patriarchy depends for its very existence on the notion that men are our heroes, our protectors, our leaders and, because of that, it is imperative that men be portrayed in a positive light at all times. Any unacceptable behaviour didn’t actually happen, or is a false accusation, or wasn’t their fault, or is a cry for help, or should be seen as a mistake by ‘one bad apple’, or blah, blah, blah.

Freud was someone who couldn’t bring himself to admit the reality staring him in the face: that men rape children. He couldn’t help but know from all the stories he heard from his women clients that fathers sexually abuse their daughters. He knew it. The evidence was right there and very convincing. But he couldn’t bring himself to say it. “Men wouldn’t do that”.

McLellan does not call for women to retaliate against men. She does not even call for men to temporarily stop their war on women by asking them to abstain — as a class — from rape for one day, as Dworkin famously did (in vain.)

No, instead her article identifies a precise problem, which is that we are all supposed to ignore and minimize men’s behaviour. Or failing that, we’re to pretend that women are also doing it to the same extent as men.

She also mentions Freud, a man whose influence lingers over society still. It took a radical feminist (Kate Millett)  to pick apart his erroneous theories, crushing each one like grapes underfoot, before society began to admit they’d made rather a big mistake by taking him seriously. Before that, his work had been seamlessly incorporated into mainstream psychology.

Even today, Freud is referred to as the “Father of Psychoanalysis” and a countless number of sources describe his legacy in these favorable terms. “Father of Covering up the Sins of the Fathers” would be a more apt description, due to the fact that the basis of his work was to assert that women lied about childhood sexual abuse. Ironically, at the beginning of his career he expressed dismay that so many men had been raping their daughters, and he diligently documented his findings. What surprised him the most was the sheer number of women that were reporting the rapes. But because he could not face challenging an establishment over which the fathers in question had substantial influence, he recanted his original findings and blamed the daughters.

Freud was another man who didn’t like facts when he saw them, and for that he will go down in history as being nothing but an old fraud.

It seems to me that as patriarchy falls it is becoming harder and harder to cover up the rot that is concealed within its structures. History is being made. Male dominance is flailing. We are now approaching the age of reason, perhaps the Enlightenment: a new age, in which a man who throws a temper tantrum can no longer use his male privilege to remove a woman from her job, and in fact, where his complaint is openly regarded as ridiculous. Dr. McLellan expresses surprise at Dr. Canning’s unwarranted attacks, but seems fairly unfazed and unperturbed by the incident. Let’s get back to business and press on with liberating women her manner seems to imply.

“Dr Canning made an official complaint to JCU, accusing Dr McLellan through her activities and writings of breaching the university’s guidelines for ethical conduct and bringing JCU into disrepute.

JCU, however, reviewed his concerns and found there was no evidence Dr McLellan had breached the university’s code of conduct, nor brought it into dispute.

Dr Canning handed his letter of resignation into the School of Medicine last month. He said while university management did not overtly condone the sexual vilification of men, failing to even caution Dr McLellan was a “reprehensible moral and ethical shortcoming”.

Dr McLellan said it was ridiculous to suggest she supported violence against men, or vilified them.

“I don’t support violence from anybody to anybody: men, women, anybody,” she said. “How am I vilifying anybody, really?”

She believed Dr Canning was going over the top by resigning from his teaching position.

“It speaks of a man, really, who is fairly desperate because he’s not getting his own way,” she said.

“He’s not able to silence a woman who has an opinion.”

Dr Canning appears not to explain why he is so opposed to Dr McLellan stating the substantiated truth. Personally, I agree with his decision, if not his point of view, because I contend that academics who don’t have a friendly relationship with facts are probably not in the right occupation anyway…

32 Responses to “Radical Feminism is Gaining Ground”

  1. Let me understand this: dude is upset because she talked about male violence, so he undertook psychological violence to try to get her chastised or fired? When that didn’t work, when his employer got tired of his harassment of her, he “quit” his job? Wanna bet his only “option” was to “quit” because he was the one rebuked by his employer?

  2. It should also be noted that Greg Canning is a stalker who writes for A Voice For Men, which has been denounced as a hate group.

    Personally, I think he resigned because it became obvious he is a hateful, psychopathic misogynist, and his reputation became mud at the university. Nobody resigns from a university teaching job because they didn’t ‘get their way’. He resigned because he made a complete fool out of himself, and this was the only way to somewhat save face. Crazy loser.

  3. Also, what Loretta said 🙂

  4. It should be noted that Dr. Greg Canning is associated Paul Elam and A Voice For Men, an MRA group which The Southern Poverty League has declared a hate group.

    ..while “misogyny” evokes the horrors of witch-burnings, female genital mutilation, honor killings, suttee, forced lobotomies and Chinese foot-binding, “misandry” only manages to evoke the image of an overweight white dude who hates his ex-wife and gets off on punching his perceived grievances into a keyboard…

    That pretty much sums it all up. “Misandry” isn’t even a word. MRAs carved it out of the word “misanthrope,” which is defined as “the hatred of man.” Man – as in mankind. A misanthrope is someone who hates everyone. There is no word in the English language which means, “the hatred of men.” “Misandry” was just made up by MRAs to combat feminism. Its purpose was to propagate the idea that men and women were all equal now and women were just as hateful and violent towards men as men were towards women. But the fact is, men are responsible for 97% of the world’s violence. I don’t where MRAs learned to do math, but 97% does not equal 3%. In fact, it’s not even in the same ball park. Not to mention, there are no nations on this planet which systematically subjugate men to women, much less, institutionalize it. Needless to say, the idea that women are just as hateful towards men as men are towards women, is laughable. But then, MRAs are not driven by sanity or logic. They are driven by their hatred towards women. The vast majority of them being white male supremacists. So many of them are also racist, classist, and homophobic.

    All I can say about Dr. Greg Canning is, good riddance to bad rubbish. There is no room for your kind at our universities any more. Misogyny and white male supremacy are going the way of the dinosaur and you along with it. The world cannot afford to stand much more of it any more.

    Kudos to Dr. Betty McLellan for her courage to address this issue and not back down from those who are hell-bent on silence you and stuffing women back into the box. Hat’s off to you as well CBL for this well-written article exposing some of the MRAs’ latest antics..

  5. I guess we cross-posted patriarchywatch. Glad I’m not the only one who is aware of the association between Greg Canning and the misogynist MRA hate group: A Voice For Men

  6. For Dr. McLellan and all the rad fems who dare to speak the truth about patriarchy:

    “Never Apologize For Being Correct
    Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you
    for speaking the truth. For being correct. For being you.

    Never apologize for being correct,
    or for being years ahead of your time.

    If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind.
    Speak your mind.

    Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”

    ~Mohandas Gandhi

  7. loved this from mclellan:

    “It speaks of a man, really, who is fairly desperate because he’s not getting his own way,” she said.

    “He’s not able to silence a woman who has an opinion.”

    thats the unvarnished truth of it.

    and, what lucky, PW and loretta said!

  8. He’s calling Dr. McClellan extreme?

    This man paid the unstable Paul Elam to invade my privacy and open the door to harm from the mob at that site he moans on.

    He calls himself “raper”. Sorry, I mean “rper”.

    He calls the Prime Minister of Australia the “prime mistress”.

    And why did he decide to participate in attacking and attempting to injure me? Because…wait for it…he hates his ex. Apparently he can’t get at her, so he goes, out of the blue, after women writers on other continents.

    Here is the proof, from a thread on avfm in which a mob of men were engaged in cyberstalking me, from late last year. I added my own comments later on another blog:

    I added this to the Radfem post, doubt it will get through “comment moderation” –
    Ladies , pick a state any state, ask Obama for it and some start up funds (he will happily oblige, or your Australian sisters could ask Julia Guillard the Australian prime mistress she will probably give you Tasmania- it has a moat around it to isolate you from the patriachy ) , expel all the testosterone poisioned men and boys, and be happy fucking yourselves. Hope your technology can evolve female only reproduction before you become extinct, if so good luck sustaining and defending your utopia.
    Oh by the way Vliet Tiptree if you have the moral courage of your convictions , tell us who you really are and were you can be contacted directly. My name is Dr Greg Canning and you can contact me here rper1959@gmail.com

    Happy to contribute funds to your efforts her [sic] Paul and JTO .”

    (VLIET: Thanks, Greg, you saved my investigators some trouble here. BTW, I can only laugh at the word “moral” cropping up anywhere on your creepy site.)

    “AntZ in reply to Rper1959
    You should not have told them your name. These women have a proven record of cruelty and violence.”

    (VLIET: AntZ, I’ll only sue him if he continues to engage in a conspiracy to cyberstalk, invade my privacy, and cause me emotional distress, and whatever else Paul Elam cooks up for him to do. Greg, you should check out Paul. You might not want to follow orders any more.)

    “Rper1959 in reply to AntZ
    Thanks for your concern but I have been desensitised by 12 years of my malicious ex’s state sanctioned “cruelty and violence”, to the point of not giving a shit. If radfem want to come after me personally in any way, so be it, might get some mainstream media attention as a result, and that may be a good thing.”

    VLIET: I suppose it doesn’t matter that I’m not your ex, Rper, don’t know you from Adam, but hey, I’m a woman, so I deserve to be harmed, right?

    I’m afrain Dr. Canning is projecting again, and I wish Dr. McClellan a long happy tenure at the university.

  9. Yay go Betty! You rock, sister!

    Canning is a hateful douchebag and it’s a good thing he’s gone. But where there is one MRA there will be others. I hope his mates do not continue to target Betty.

    And holy shit, karmarad. Did that conversation happen on a voice for men? Any university he applies to in the future should know about those threats. I hope you’re ok.

  10. Ah, good old Rper1959, the delusional fellow who takes himself so seriously that he’s SURE radical feminists are plotting a *final solution* to exterminate him and his brethren. If it wasn’t so pathetic it’d be hilarious. . . Oh alright, it IS hilarious! Lol – what a schmuck.

    Seriously, though, how long do you think it will take before he twists the whole sorry tale into how HE was the victim in all this mess-of-his-own-making? Or is he already whining over at A Voice for Men?

  11. although it speaks poorly of the university that they kept Rper007 on staff for as long as they did, kudos to them for saying enough is enough. Rper227 doesnt belong teaching anyone anything, let alone teaching doctors how to be doctors. how utterly gross. i hope Rper1776 restricted his mens rights i mean mens health classes to male students at least, so no woman had to deal with such a misogynist prick. women have enough problems.

  12. Yes, I knew the connection between him and the MRA, but what I didn’T know Karmarad, was that he hates his ex-wife. That was just the stereotype I had of his ilk. I also didn’t know he was a slightly overweight white guy, even though I wrote that entire first paragraph before I’d even seen his picture.
    Yes misandry is not a word, and even “misanthrope” is not really about hate. Thomas Hardy uses the word a lot in “The Return of the Native” and he uses it in the context of “someone who prefers to be alone than to be with people.”

  13. It’s a privilege to even be able to up and leave a job, especially with the economy the way it is. Privilege is being able to leave a job, because there’s someone you disagree with there. Think how many women face sexual harassment on the job, but never up and leave!

  14. srsly WOAJ. can you imagine being able to up and leave a job over being “bothered” by what someone did in his free time? all men use porn, and i dont want to work with any man who uses porn, so i guess i can just not work at all from now on. LOL and as you point out, women cannot even afford to leave jobs where they are being actively sexually harassed or sexually assaulted while they are at work! and this was the case long before the recession. cry me a river, privileged male.

  15. HA! FUCKIN LOSER! Go back to your misogynist hate group of loser d00ds.

    Yeah, wish I could’ve quit my job and just found another the years I was being screamed at and abused by my boss and his GF… that’s OK, I got screwed out of it anyway and now have been blacklisted in the city I live in. No money, no way to leave, no work, no dignity, no nothing. Women like me- like all of us- must never be allowed dignity or independence. Not if men can keep me trapped like a pet- or a slave. Every time I’ve achieved independence, men have come and taken it away.

  16. I have a suspicion that his work for the online abuser lobby caught up with him.

  17. Ah, good point tbw. btw if an mra ever tries to cause me any grief irl, like trying to get at&t to drop me as a customer bc im a radfem or whatever (lol) i plan to simply link to where the splc declared them a hate group. Next!

  18. This is brilliant! I can’t tell you how frustrating it is the backlash I get from men whenever I merely state the facts about male violence. They react like me telling the truth is worse then their violence (which on top of their propensity towards violence tells a lot about their bloated egos). They usually call me a man hater so that they can dismiss me and be on their demented way. Hey fellas, I have an idea, instead of trying to stop me from stating the obvious, why don’t you, well let’s see, ummmm, I don’t know, control your sick ass selves!!

    I’m not the one maiming, raping and killing other human beings! If men would get as upset at their own gender for doing the actual violence and put their energy towards eradicating the same, maybe there would be less violence in the world and then people wouldn’t be talking about it! It is just so ridiculous and hypocritical that I decided to create a stick figure cartoon titled “You can’t handle the truth” because I must visually show it!

  19. LOL, thanks for commenting Michele Braa-Heinder 🙂

  20. yes, even tory shepherd has had enough of the MRAs. will she ever realize this isnt a battle of the sexes though, and realize that its patriarchy supporting male power at womens expense? stay tuned i guess….

  21. heres another article tory wrote about the “controversy”. yes misogyny and patriarchy are a controversy now. everyone says so. false equivalencies abound.


  22. FYI handmaiden of the patriarchy tory shepherd appears to be lying when she accuses radfems in that punch piece of “publishing her mobile number” and implying that the number is private. her number is a part of her work email signature which she has used all over the net since at least 2009. liar, liar, tory.


  23. Thank you Fact for pointing out the mobile number thing!

    And Tory? If you think being named (rightly) a handmaiden is in any way equivalent to being the target of Paul Elam’s and Rper1959’s threats of violence (FTSU – btw, the S is for *sluts* not *shit*…) your equals sign is most definitely in need of repair.

  24. I personally feel that it was courageous of Ms. Shepherd to publish her piece, even though the HUB is criticized also, and I can imagine what is happening now – letters to her publisher to try to get her silenced, incited by the MRE hate site. I do understand why even a mention of a public phone number in a copied email can be disturbing in this context. Obviously, receiving harassing phone calls is not something Ms. Shepherd needs to worry about from a group of women like us who have been through it ourselves and who are trying to keep women like her from being silenced on the net. But it’s legitimate to worry about receiving threatening calls after what the men’s rights hate site has been writing about her. As a journalist she should have strong support from her colleagues, and I hope she will be all right.

    I see the same hate site is also calling me a “mass murder advocate”, using my
    kept-private real name without my permission. That is a bald-faced li(b)e(l). All my work in the women’s movement centers around the prevention of violence. I propose that more scientific research be undertaken to try to determine the cause of the male violence that threatens to destroy our world. As the mainstream author Stephen Pinker pointed out in “The Better Angels of Our Nature”, his recent bestseller, at page 517: “And men are, of course, by far the more violent sex. Though the exact ratios vary, in every society it is the males more than the females who play-fight, bully, fight for real, carry weapons, enjoy violent entertainment, fantasize about killing, kill for real, rape, start wars, and fight in wars (citations omitted). Not only is the direction of the sex difference universal, but the first domino is certainly biological. The difference is found in most other primates, emerges in toddlerhood, and may be seen in boys who (because of anomalous genitalia) are secretly raised as girls (citations omitted).” What I am hoping the future will bring is peace, and looking for the causes of male violence is a small first step, as Dr. McClellan pointed out.

  25. Another courageous article which is just now unfortunately being discovered by the silencers and spinners: “The Overwhelming Maleness of Mass Murder” by Erika Christakis on Time.com: http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/24/opinion/christakis-males-homicide/index.html?hpt=hp_t1 Ms. Christakis even has the guts to compare the situation with a medical illness. That’s how I see it, too, as something that might fruitfully be explored as a medical pathology, at least in part. I note that Ms. Christakis did not use the full Pinker quote that I used just above in which Pinker says the “first domino is certainly biological”, but she clearly was informed by it. I hope Ms. Christakis publishes and/or holds on to the threats, degrading epithets, emails to her editors, and other evidence of what happens when a woman writer speaks on these topics, which she will now be subject to; could make an even more important article someday.

    Thanks to Yisheng for bringing this article to all our attention.

  26. You are VERY WELCOME. 😀 I like when I get to do good things. LIKE!

  27. Yisheng, me too. And I’m so tired of banging my head in futility. So tired.

  28. Me to, hearing the SAME lies, minimization, and rationalizations, false equivalencies… AAARGH BASHBASHBASH! I am tired, too… and broke, trapped, and sad…

  29. TOO, dammit…


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