Trans* activism is supported by patriarchy, because transgenderism is supportive of patriarchy

by HUB Newsfeed

Since when is “Majority Rules!” the battle cry of an oppressed minority?

Recently, male-to-female transgender Joelle Ruby Ryan pointed out how well organized, well-supported and well-attended the 11th annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (PTHC) was expected to be, and contrasted that to the relatively tiny and unsupported Radfem 2012 conference which has had to relocate after trans* activists successfully lobbied for its booking to be canceled by London’s Conway Hall.

Which is the David, and which is the Goliath in this scenario?

The trans* health conference, which apparently went off without a hitch from May 31-June 2, reportedly anticipated some 2,500 attendees, spanning over a period of three days and involved over 350 presenters, 2,000-plus workshops, and nearly 40 other gatherings, activities, shows, and parties and took a veritable army to pull off.

Interestingly, the conference was very well supported both politically and financially, specifically, PTHC was sponsored by Big Pharma, local government, and religious organizations, according to its website:

The 2012 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Sponsors are:

Arcus Foundation
Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Open Society Foundation
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
The Robert I. Jacobs Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation
dmh Fund
Rumer Cosmetic Surgery
Johnson & Johnson
TD Bank

Sponsoring Specific Events during the conference are:

Human Right Campaign Foundation- Tara’s Crossing
United Church of Christ- Tara’s Crossing
Arch Street United Methodist Church- Tara’s Crossing
Community Partners

While the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference is a program of the Mazzoni Center, the programming is planned by volunteers and made possible through collaborations with a variety of community partners.

Community Partners support the conference in a variety of ways. Some participate in the planning process or provide leadership for workshops. Others provide funding or in-kind support. Some of our partners even develop special events before, during, or after the conference. To inquire about supporting the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, please contact

Key Community Partners from 2012

We would specifically like to celebrate our ongoing partnerships with:

Trans Masculine Advocacy Network (TMAN) which continues to provide leadership towards making PTHC better able to serve communities of color.
YES! Coalition which will assist in coordinating spiritual opportunities again in 2011.
TransFaith Online which continues to provide leadership around spirituality and development of trans-inclusive religious leadership.
The William Way Community Center which will be hosting this year’s opening reception
The Attic Youth Center which will be helping to host this year’s Teen Space
The Lena’pe Nation which will be helping to open the conference a provide spiritual opportunities during the conference
GenderReel which will be hosting a mini-film fest on Thursday evening at the conference
Giovanni’s Room which will be selling books at the conference and donating part of their proceeds to help fund the conference.
The Art of Wellness which will be providing community acupuncture, massages and yoga during the conference.

We are also excited to have new and evolving relationships from 2011, including:

Philadelphia Family Pride
GenderQueer Revolution (GQR)
The Leeway Foundation
Drexel University
Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services
Old First United Church of Christ
Unity Fellowship Church of Philadelphia
Female to Male International (FTMi)
Midwest Trans and Queer Wellness Initiative
Transgender People of Color Coalition (TPOCC)

Big Pharma supports them, and trans* activists have the unmitigated gall — and a persecution complex the size of Texas — to claim that they are an extremely oppressed, politically underrepresented minority?  Yes.  They also claim that their interests are oppositional to patriarchal interests and that feminists therefore should support them — even though based on their sponsorship list that claim is clearly false.  Transgenderism and trans* politics are supported already, and don’t need feminists’ help — and support for transgenderism comes directly from the patriarchy itself.

Here’s a little tip for all the would-be feminist activists and allies out there — if patriarchy supports what you are doing, you can be certain that what you are doing supports patriarchy, and does not undermine or challenge it at all.  You can take that one to the bank (TD Bank — which also supported the trans* health conference).

Not incidentally, Radfem 2012 is self-supported, and is not sponsored by patriarchal institutions such as Big Pharma, academia, or religious or medical establishments.  Nor would it ever expect to be.  Because Radfem 2012 — and all radical feminism — is directly oppositional to the interests of patriarchy, and this is a foundational, ideological difference that cannot be remedied and which is not coincidental.  Radical feminism is the antithesis of patriarchy, that’s the whole point.

Trans* also predict that everyone who wants to be on the “correct side of history” will support transgenderism, meaning, apparently, when Big Pharma and all patriarchal institutions take over the entire world including every nook and cranny.  The end is nigh, best to give up now and side with the clear winners of this ideological war —  Johnson and Johnson!  This PTHC sponsor is the number-one ranked healthcare company in the world, with total revenues as of March, 2010 reported to be $61.9 billion, and is ranked at a more than respectable 103 in the Fortune 500.

And trans* activists claim that trans* are being oppressed by radical feminists, a group that trans* activists admit are actually a very small minority and not supported at all, and who trans* acknowledge are relatively unsupported compared to themselves.  That’s rich.

Meanwhile, transgender politicking continues to support the gender hierarchy and keeps obscuring the fact that it is a hierarchy — by claiming that gender is merely a binary, and presupposing against all the evidence to the contrary that gender is as oppressive to males — and in the same ways — as it is to females, and obscuring the ways that it’s different.  “What about the men?” would be the battle cry of transgenderism if they thought they could get away with it and still garner liberal feminist support — so they say “What about the trans women?” instead, which is the same rhetoric, but in different clothing.  (Not that pesky and irrelevant — to trans women — reproductive rights issue again!?)

That’s what transpolitickers do best, afterall — obscuring fundamental differences (specifically, the ways males oppress females as a sexual class, around the world, and the sources and mechanisms of male power) in cloaks and veils, both literally and figuratively.

Following these very revealing developments, if there is any doubt left regarding which is the correct side to be on if one desires to undermine patriarchy, rather than support it — or which side one should choose if they want patriarchal support and to support patriarchy — just follow the money, honey.  No need to reinvent the wheel.

‘Always follow the money. Inevitably it will lead to an oak-paneled door and behind it will be Mr. Big.’

Mr. Big, of course, is patriarchy.

Similarly, when trying to figure out which sides and positions are supportive of — and supported by — patriarchy, one might also ask oneself “Which side is supported by violence, particularly male violence?”  And again, the answer is clear.  Trans* activism is supported by actual male violence, and the trans* agenda is backed up by constant, credible threats of male violence — also known as terrorism — where male violence is known to support and to be supported by patriarchy.  Supporting patriarchy is the main function of male violence in fact — male violence has a specific patriarchal intent and effect — that’s what it does, and that’s what it’s for.

The time to “wake up and smell the coffee” has long past — the coffee is done, and radical feminists have been smelling it for a long time.  Trans* activism is pro-patriarchal activism, and woman-hating patriarchal propaganda.  Full stop.  There really isn’t any more to it than that.

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  1. Reblogged this on GenderTrender.

  2. I remember reading Marilyn Frye’s essay about Separatism and Power in her book Politics of Reality. She makes the connection that Access is one side of Power. And it is the Patriarchal Imperative to maintain Male Access to womyn. This bullying that trans do and demanding trans-“inclusion” is just another version of trying to establish Male Access and therefore Power Over womyn.
    Sorry trans, you cannot have Trans (Male) Privilege to/over womyn.

  3. i would like to see a separate investigation into each and every one of these sponsors — the results would probably be pretty illuminating. not that seeing johnson & johnson on the list doesnt say it all, because it pretty much does.

  4. I’d like to see who’s paying for what and see if my Tax dollars are being used to pay for this crap. I think the Tax payers have the right to know if they are paying for something that is being used to hate women.

  5. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    This is another reason why Intersex people need to dump the Trans from the Intersex community. Look who the Trans actually support and they support patriarchy and reinforced stereotypes. I have to wonder how intersex people feel about this, knowing they are supporting trans who support reinforcing patriarchy.

  6. It won’t be Johnson and Johnson alone. There will be a stampede to the trough by pharma to find novel off-label uses for every disappointing drug and failed treatment on the market, most of them carcinogenic, causing strokes and cardiovascular disease or immuno-suppressant disorders. This population will vacuum up health care resources both for transing and untransing, and for treatment of the diseases they will develop because of this insanity. The medical profession is completely bereft of ethics. To my disgust I find I know of one doctor who has sent someone on for SRS. The result has made his family and friends so much more comfortable with him, I have been told. Wish I could say the same for the mothers of the young women hitchhiking on the Highway of Tears, where this trucker plies his trade.

  7. Why am I not surprised that corporations support male power? Oh yeah, because it has been that way for a fucking long time!

  8. Transgender is patriarchy in drag.

  9. I don’t think Big Pharma supporting Trans* issues has anything to do with ideology or politics and Everything to do with selling hormones to people who want a sex-change. (Fuck Capitalism)

  10. and capitalism has nothing to do with ideology or politics? get real, please.


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