Happy Birthday to Hub

by lishra

RadFem Hub published its first post May 18th, 2011, making the site one year old now. We want to thank all of our readers, commenters, guest bloggers, and the many women who have been involved along the way for their participation and hard work in this undertaking.


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  1. Happy birthday RadFemHub! Many, many thanks and best wishes to all contributors and commenters. This blog is a lifeline for all of us and I can’t express enough how grateful I am for your courage and dedication. May the RADNESS continue for many more years to come until The End of Patriarchy.

  2. Congratulations, Hubbers!

  3. happy birthday!!! and thousands and thousands of thanks for helping me keep my sanity!

  4. wow! i hadnt even realized the anniversary had passed. may 18, 2011 was one of the highlights of my life, i have to say. it was absolutely thrilling.

    i join in giving thanks to everyone who participated in getting HUB off the ground and who continue to participate. there is nothing like the HUB on the internet. it is groundbreaking. and that means something, it really does. to put your time and energy into something brand new that fills a void, and puts a voice and a form to something that wouldnt have one if you didnt, is extraordinary, and a terrific way to spend your time. there is no higher purpose IMO. well done, everyone.

  5. FCM is truly a visionary, a force, a woman to be reckoned with. Congrats to her and everyone of us who have contributed, read and commented. A female-centric female-only space. Magic.

  6. Happy Birthday. You all are amazing women.

  7. I love this place. Here, I feel at home. Thank you, all of you, brave and brilliant women for bringing me joy and light. 😀

  8. Happy birthday to the hub!

  9. I so hope we’re all around for many more!

  10. I love this place too. It feels like home indeed. 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday Hub wimmin xx

  12. wow, well done! xoxox

  13. wow, well done! xoxoxox

  14. Congratulations! Thank you so much!!!

  15. Happy Birthday, Radfem Hub! So glad you’re here and all the brilliant posters!

  16. Congratulations on a first year well lived, Hub! And on celebrating the anniversary of the beginning of our journey together — Hub bloggers and commenters and supporters, our whole community. May we have many reasons to celebrate in years to come.

    Deep gratitude to all who made it possible and who continue to keep the vision alive.

  17. Happy Birthday! I am *so* glad that you’re here. Glad that we’re *all* here. Keep up the excellent work!

  18. Happy birthday to RadFemHub, and congratulations on developing such a wonderful site where so many women are able to have their say. The Hub is an amazing addition to all the feisty, fiery, feminist activism we’re witnessing all around the world. Go sisters!

  19. Oh kewl. The Hub is a Gemini. Just like me. Multiple-personalities. :p Happy Birthday to yooooou!

  20. Hells to the yeah! Congrats on what must surely be a measure of the success of this project. Thankyou FCM and all the other contributors to this community to which I am so grateful.

  21. Whoot! The Hub is a year old. This place is amazing. I feel privileged to be a part of it.

  22. Wow. It feels like 10 years have gone past! Well done and happy birthday! When I first discovered the hub nothing was quite the same. Thank you 😀

  23. Thanksxx to FCM & all the other brilliant contributing womyn, i so appreciate you being out there in the Ethers
    knowing you’re there gives me a lil hoppin hope

  24. Happy Belated Birthday Radical Hub! I’m so glad that this space exists to discuss these important issues and concerns.

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