Rad Fem Reboot: 2012

by HUB Newsfeed

Hey sisters!

You are all invited to attend Rad Fem Reboot: 2012 Conference happening in July from the 27th till the 29th in Portland, Oregon. Three days of women only space and rad fem utopia.

Topics include:
Activist strategies for overthrowing male supremacy
Anti-sex industry activism
Creating stronger feminist communities
Advancing woman-centred sexuality and lesbianism

Speakers include:
Kathleen Barry
Susan Hawthorne
Renate Klein
Samantha Berg
Lierre Keith
Workshop with women from Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter

Seriously, what more could a rad fem want?

To find out more contact us at: sistersunderground@gmail.com

Or visit our blog or facebook page.

13 Responses to “Rad Fem Reboot: 2012”

  1. This is wonderful Just the conference poster itself is highly inspiring (inspiriting). That part of it, the visual and spiritual support, is truly appreciated. What concerns me as a shy blogger with financial challenges is how to develop local support when I’m not even “out” in my local community as a radical feminist. The backlash as you know is appalling, and we all want to survive in hopes of better times. So hopefully all those who can go to Oregon for this conference can report back afterward via blogs on the strategies that are safe and sane for our movement. And best wishes. May it be amazing.

  2. How exciting! I wish I could go! Is anyone able to film any of the speeches/programmes, etc for those of us who can’t make it?

  3. Thanks womensreality for your warm support and well wishes. I understand the need for safety, and I find that participating in and organising spaces like this makes me feel less alone and isolated. A few years ago I thought I was the only radical feminist in Australia! Can you imagine! And then by chance I came across a book called Radically Speaking edited by Diane Bell and Renate Klein and I realised I was SO ignorant of women’s herstory. And that there are hundreds of radical feminists all across Australia. I think that younger women in the US need to have a good look around, because there are actually hundreds of women, across the generations, who are ready and willing to reignite the women’s movement. And none of us will be safe until we end male violence against us.

    Smash: I am excited too.

    Hannah: I am totally looking into buying a video camera for this event. I think it is so important to document our herstory. I am guessing that quite a lot of women will not want to appear on the internet, however, so we may be limited as to how much of the conference we will be able to upload online. I guess that we could look into getting it edited on to DVD and make it available to buy? We will have to see.

  4. Allecto, you’ve been brave beyond most of our imagining, and I followed (cheering you on from here) that insane misogyny of reversal around last Xmas 2011 directed by MRAs trying to “out” you as radfem and defame you to your employer. As much as I wish it were otherwise, I don’t know how to survive economically without being discreet. And in the city where I live I can’t even get Craigslist to post non-monetary group or platonic personals for other radical feminists without CL requiring a phone number (which I’m not going to give, and which shouldn’t be required unless the isp is being tracked somehow). Last place I lived CL hadn’t done that to me yet, and when I posted a group meetup type of announcement on CL in a totally safe place for radical feminist philosophers (or anybody interested in learning about radical feminism), the only person showing up was a pre-surgical mtf activist pretending to be feminist who got in my face and scared hell into me. Thankfully the place was a public one and I could walk away, and hadn’t given my real name.

    So, thank Goddesses that the internet exists. Here at least is safe space. (And for some reason, shy blogger that I am, my fledgling blog’s address isn’t correctly linking to the site from here. I added a little blogging to my life because reading the words of other radical feminists is so encouraging to me, I hope to share the solidarity by my words and photos in return. Maybe this time the link will work! )

    Can I just say here that Easily Riled about her inner porpoise (on the intersectionality comment space still posted) cracked me up. We audacious, bodacious women are never boooring! If I could only believe in the man-made notions of karmic reincarnation designed to excuse the patriarchy’s this-life oppression, I’d be sure I’m coming back as Fipper — but, oh, don’t call me that!

  5. Great to know that kind of initiatives still exists! Good luck to you all. Love the poster, by the way. 🙂
    Wish that was the same in my town…I’m too tired of Queer stuff monopolizing every space.

  6. @women’srealityThe beauty of the sisterhood through the internet is that you never feel alone. I had messages of support and women sending strength and energy my way throughout all of those attacks. So thank you WR, your support and energy was vital for me during that time. I am really sorry to hear about that experience with that man. I totally understand not being able to risk your employment and your safety… but to be honest I think that commenting on the internet is more dangerous than coming along to a rad fem conference. Because the internet is public and globally accessible, whereas at a conference you don’t need to use your real name to register and we are only expecting about 50-60 women.

    @Lora: Thanks. Yep, we are sick of the queer monopoly too. By the way, this is an international initiative. Only one of the organisers lives in Portland. Two of us live in Australia!

  7. This sounds wonderful, 3 days of women only space, great women centered topics, and sisterhood. I wish I could make it, but previously scheduled travel plans will likely prevent me from attending this. Allecto, please keep us posted regarding the purchase of a dvd of conference coverage, if one is able to made.

  8. This is very exciting. Wish I could afford to attend, it is so needed. I will try. Thanks for doing this, and all the way from Australia!

  9. I so wish I could attend this, i live in portland, but I just started a new job working weekends, and I don’t think I’d qualify for any time off yet. And yes, please keep us posted, allecto and anyone else fortunate enough to attend!

  10. If I wasn’t already scrimping and saving for MWMF I’d be scrambling to get to this event. Hmm. Any resources out there for cheap airfare?? I’m on the other side of the country. Regardless, I’m thrilled this is happening!

  11. If I wasn’t already scrimping and saving for MWMF, I’d be scrambling to get to this event. Any resources out there for cheap airfare?? I’m on the other side of the continent. Regardless, I’m thrilled this is happening!


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