Announcing a new blog: Radfem-ological Images

by Badhbh Catha

from the “About” page:

Radfem-ological Images is a public, radical feminist group blog dedicated to dissecting and discussing media images through a radical feminist lens.  We recognize that the media, including print, digital and television commercial advertising, is a powerful tool of the patriarchy and that it is used to disseminate political pro-patriarchy, anti-woman propaganda.  The situation is, in a word, Orwellian.  We observe that to the casual or even the dedicated observer, it is often unobvious what is happening or how these images are supportive of patriarchal institutions and male power.

We notice that there are similarities between the messages in all patriarchal media — including advertising — and the mechanisms of real-life oppressions suffered by women at men’s hands.  And that the sheer volume and pervasiveness of these images and messages serve to normalize and invisiblize real things that women experience every day, namely, the realities of living under a totalitarian patriarchal rule which, by definition, harms women and supports male power.

We recognize that commercial advertising is not generally analyzed from this radical feminist perspective, and we seek to remedy that here.

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6 Comments to “Announcing a new blog: Radfem-ological Images”

  1. It’s ironic you use the word “orwellian”, because in 1984 the book, its all about a man who’s so frustrated that the state won’t let him rape an 18-ish old girl.

    Sounds like a great new thing you’re starting!

  2. Congratulations! Looks like an excellent way to make the point using multimedia.

  3. AWesome news. I look forward to reading there.

  4. I wish I could draw just so I could help contribute!

  5. Is it just me or is the onslaught against us women being ratcheted up several notches this last month? This is a fantastic blog. Keep it up; women need to start seeing clearly. From the Radfem hub, I just posted on the excellent blog article about 50 Shades of Grey after my intuition nudged me to turn on TV, and there was an abc 2020 show normalizing BDSM for women via the book’s female author and film clips about 50 Shades of Grey as fanfiction. [Normally I don’t even have or watch TV (mainly/manly ick); but I’m staying in different quarters from my usual abode for travel this week and there it is, right in the living room.] Then I quickly channel surfed and found political commentators (James Carville or his doppelganger was one, another male, two highly attractive women as tokens) saying how they weren’t offended (or, one woman, “shocked” because of the nudity but without any feminist analysis) by a photo going around (apparently “viral” and globally so) with an apparently male baby boy smiling, holding what looks like an oreo cookie in his left fist, and having his face near a disembodied naked breast in profile.

    Media Massage/Message: faceless, nameless woman, nothing more than a bundle of body parts for men to use from infancy forward.

    No wonder women are increasingly depressed, anorexic, etc., because without a true feminist analysis one would think herself terribly wrong and off-kilter for the inner sensing of horror about men running the planet and also hating women (must suppress/must suppress/must suppress or else won’t survive). The male political commentators on the show, even in a short time, to me were transparent in displaying their cold, minimizing, sadistic, narcissistic malignancy of thought about womankind. All in the hypocritical guise of seeming like good sports, everything’s okay, what’s the fuss all about — or so it seemed to me.

    Could this naked breast and cookie-wielding little boy possibly be cookie-company advertising? I only caught the last few minutes, so I’m unclear if this is corporate marketing or something from youtube a fan put together.

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