My slogan will be intersectional but my trans agenda will be bull shit

by Guest Blogger

Guest Post by Dragon Dyke.

The latest slogan of the trans activists is ‘my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bull shit’. The current trans obsession with intersectionality is a major cause for concern, and a trans co-option of intersectional theory could have disastrous consequences for the political struggles of all subordinate groups.

Trans activists are co-opting political movements and the ultimate trans agenda is to remove the rights of all subordinate groups to self-determination and movements for liberation. I do not believe that most individuals who identify as trans or their allies are consciously planning the depoliticisation of class based oppressions. Trans is a structural and colonising tactic – a tool of the patriarchy, but if you buy into trans theory, that is what you are buying into.

The trans cooption of feminism and the attacks of the right of the female class to collective self-determination is the beginning of what I believe will end up being a long running movement to co-opt all struggles of subordinate groups. Trans is a growing movement and it is no longer only focused on trans sex and trans gender. New trans movements focus on trans abled and trans age, and any day now I am expecting to see the emergence of white men who claim to be trans race. As with trans genderism, these new trans movements are largely based on the sexual fetishisation of the subordinate group. So what is the scope of the trans project and what is the impact this growing movement will have on all subordinate classes?

The rise of post modernism in the 1990’s contributed thoroughly to the backlash against feminism by perpetuating ideas that structural oppression, and hence oppression of women, does not really exist. According to the pomo’s (postmodernists), power only revolves around individual interactions. Transsexualism, which had initially been based on a conservative medical model, emerged later as a tool of the post modern feminist backlash.

Transexualism was the original trans theory, but with the rise of post modernism and queer theory (a sub-theory of post modernism), the concept of ‘gender’ was developed to invisibilise women, and with the spreading of the concept of gender (or jendah, as some rad fems like to put it), the theory of ‘trans gender’ emerged. Queer theorists and the conservative medical transsexual empire initially had some major political conflict but the two seem to have blended into a mind boggling and utterly confused and contradictory political movement.

The second wave women’s liberationists have been horrified by the impact of this trans movement on a number of levels. The women’s movement was a movement organised by women against male supremacy. Like other subordinate groups, women in the second wave were able to develop a very clear understanding of who the dominant group were – men. Women’s space was vital to the movement. But women have been bullied and coerced into accepting members of the dominant group (adult males) into their organising spaces. The original intentions of feminist and the women’s liberation movement have been fought viciously by post modernists, who advocate for feminism to be a void of nothingness, having no material reality, open to everyone and anyone, with anyone being able to self identify as anything.  So now they think they have accomplished the destruction of the women’s liberation movement (of course we are not going away that easily), what’s next?

Trans -Intersectionality.

It is a very smart move for the post modern trans theorists to jump on the intersectionality band wagon – why? – because they can kill 5 birds the with one stone by coopting several political struggles all in one hit. The development of a trans intersectional movement is already peaking right now. We now have the emergence of trans ablism, a movement of males (who also happen to almost all be transsexual or transgender identifying), who are claiming that they are disabled people in abled people’s bodies,  as described in the story of National Geographic’s “Taboo” : Fake paraplegic.

How long will it be before disability rights advocates, who oppose the trans-ablest agenda,  start getting called ‘transphobes’ and bigots and bullied into accepting the delusions of these men and allowing them into activist groups for people with disabilities? From reading the blogs of many of these men, it is clear that they have little intention of actually becoming disabled. Some are demanding various kinds of surgery, but most are happy with an aid, for example a leg brace or a hearing aid. The obsession these men have with such aids is a cause for concern and likely revolves around a sexual fetish. This trend mirrors trans gender ( born males) who contrary to popular belief often have no intention of actually having any surgery and are content with the fetishisation of things they associate with women, such as wigs, dresses and make up (see Despite this, women who refuse to accept these men as women are punished and shamed. Lesbians are harassed into accepting them as lesbians and called transphobes for ruling them out as potential sexual partners.

We also have the emergence of ‘adult babies’  – again almost all also transsexual or transgender identifying. See Riley’s story:

It may seem innocent on the surface and I do not wish to judge anyone’s personal internal identities, but this could become problematic if the trans activists start advocating for the rights of men like Riley to be able to attend Kindy or join a play group, because this would be an inappropriate and unreasonable invasion of such a space for children. It would be unreasonable for trans activist to call concerned children or parents transphobic for not being comfortable with ‘adult babies’ in children’s safe spaces. Most people would understand this, but yet not all can apply the same standards to women’s spaces.

So where does this end? Well what we do know is that when male to trans people co-opted the women’s movement, that they managed to centre their trans agenda and delude and con naïve sympathisers (which included myself for a long time) into thinking that they are the most marginalised women and that no female born person could be oppressed as much as a ‘trans woman’. In fact the subordination of the female born is presented as a privilege with the emergence of trans language, such as cis-gender.  The struggle for female liberation is lost in all the bullshit.

When are people who were born with or acquired a disability without choosing to going to start being ‘cis-disabled’, when are actual infants going to start being called ‘cis-babies’? when the white ‘trans race’ men emerge, will people of colour be called ‘cis-race’? will rich, bourgeois men be able to join the Industrial Workers of the World, if they have an internal identity as a struggling worker?

What I am interested to find out is how intesectional feminists and activists will react to the intersectional trans agendas (trans abled, trans babies, trans race). Will they support them, as they seem to have the trans gender movement, or will they call them out as bullshit?

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  1. The most slippery slope of any I’ve ever seen…if there is such a thing, metaphorically speaking. The support that trans/gender/sex people are getting from physicians, psychotherapists, surgeons, and hospitals is most troubling to me. Is there any way of determining just how many cases of trans-whatever there actually are? How prevalent is this strange illness? And why on earth is it being treated as if it actually were a case of “being born in the wrong body,” and taken seriously by so many smart, well-educated people?

  2. I want to become trans-human so I can get off this crazy planet.

    Great post!

  3. Some of this has gone on for 100 years or more. For example, the colonialists who “go native” and adopt the food, drink, clothing, culture, religion, etc. of the country they are living in. Or the white jazz musicians called “wiggers” back in the 1950s. A few of these people may, repeat MAY, have been conscientious persons who really want to advocate for the group with which they identify. But as conscentious, ethical, and politically aware persons, they would also realize that they carry privilege by being born into an American/European and/or white background, and are careful about how that is used and for what purpose.

    That said, only an idiot would think that by donning East Indian clothes and eating curry, that makes them one and same as somebody born and raised as Indian. In the same way, only an idiot would think that by adopting African-American speech patterns, slang, cultural interests and/or sharing a performance stage with African Americans that this would make you into an actual African American when you are not one.

    In the same way, I used to know committed leftists from educated middle-class backgrounds who made the decision to work in factories and do union organizing. For the most part, I found these people very aware politically, and they were highly aware that they weren’t the same as someone who had no option but to do factory work.

    Then there are people who play dress up–typically persons privileged by sex, race, social class, etc.–who confuse fantasy with material reality. But as entitled people, they demand that we recognize their fantasies as reality. I lose all patience with these people, whether they are trans or something else.

    I was really irked by the MtF who was all offended about being thrown out of the beauty contest in Canada. Oh for gawd’s sake. Beauty pageants are discriminatory in every way there is. How can you not get this? For example, for this pageant, you had to be a Canadian citizen. Would it be ok if I just declare myself Canadian, that I feel I “really” am Canadian inside, so I should be eligible? What about the required age range? Isn’t that discriminatory? What about the very narrow definition of female attractiveness? What about the implicity racism, that only women of color with more-or-less European features or bodies are deemed attractive? But there is absolutely no comprehensive critique whatsoever. It’s all wah wah. My feelings are hurt. I FEEL like I’m a woman and “look” like a woman, and that should be enough.

  4. Interesting. Bill Clinton may have enabled some of this by calling himself the first black president. Great points, silverside. But some of the people adopting other cultures may be just trying to fit in. It’s the trying to stand out that seems to be the problem with MtF types.

    I used to think we should support trans people because they tack on the T for LGBTQ. I’m pretty slow, but catching on. There was some program on TV about people who like to pretend they have a disorder or need a wheelchair, and it seemed like they enjoyed the attention it got them. Are all such people really males? It would make sense if they were, if it were just a sexual fetishization, but if it’s about getting attention, some of these people could be female (I mean FAAB).

    That adult baby was obsessed, and “becoming” a girl wasn’t enough for him, so he had to go farther. I bet nobody changes his diapers for him.

  5. @Silverside, the problem with what you say is that people acknowledge that Indians, African-Americans etc. are oppressed, but they would kill themselves before admitting that women are oppressed. Society as a whole still believes in the male perception that we are demonic femme fatales who secretly rule the world therefore they laugh when we compare ourselves to other oppressed classes because they just don’t get our oppression at all, they’re brainwashed to see it reversed as ”power”, so there’s no use in comparing ourselves to other classes of oppressed people… we will always be the devil to men, and to most women who are male-identified too; patriarchy reversals. Just like the true paradigm based on fact: biology is nature, gender is nurture, has gotten reversed by patriarchy into the opposite which is the trans rhetoric: gender is nature and biology is a social construct (nurture) . And still people are more willing to believe this nonsense rather than feminist theory, which in my opinion is pure logic and it’s very simple to understand -but maybe that’s because I’m sane. It’s unbelievable the amount of bullshit that men are willing to self-convince of when they know it benefits them, and how every patriarchal theory as elitist, seemingly intellectual and posh as it gets, it’s based on such low intellectual value at its core simply because it’s moved by a much lower passion: hatred. Towards us.

  6. You’re right. Liberal men usually “get” how white people who convince themselves that they really are native American, African-American, etc. are colonialist, etc. Though there are still “spiritual” people who coopt these cultures and make money off of them. And back in the day, you still had self-styled “revolutionary” white middle class men who assumed they they were real Third World Revolutionaries Like Che. But none of these folks take dressing or “passing” as women or taking over women’s spaces, organizations etc. as a Serious Political Issue.

  7. It may seem innocent on the surface and I do not wish to judge anyone’s personal internal identities, but this could become problematic if the trans activists start advocating for the rights of men like Riley to be able to attend Kindy or join a play group, because this would be an inappropriate and unreasonable invasion of such a space for children.

    Believe it or not Dragon, I was thinking the exact same thing today! lol As a result of a question SargassoSea asked, “where will this all end?” It’ll end with a pedophile claiming he feels like a baby while demanding access to a preschool. Hey it’s their “identity”, after all, so of course it would be rude to deny them access to vulnerable children who are just like them. /sarcasm.

    any day now I am expecting to see the emergence of white men who claim to be trans race.

    Hi. 😉 LOLOLOLOL Funny you should mention that. I have been considering embracing my multiplex-mixed heritage by wearing an afro hat on mondays, and feathers on tuesdays, and gypsy crap on wednesdays. Haven’t decided on the other days yet… I am actually serious. It only occurred to me a while back that technically I am a woman of colorSSS, since all of my grandparents were a different ethnicity; and except for one, all were non-white. What on earth are the funfems gonna go when I make them eat their bullshit identity-politics for breakfast?

  8. Indeed, probably the most politicized area of life which is relationships between the sexes (cause it’s full of indoctrinated protocol like polar misogynistic gender roles) is seen through a totally liberal/individualistic lens, which is of course the male perspective, since it’s forbidden to see it through the female and that’s precisely what radical feminists do -and why we get as punished and as ostracized as we get.
    ”Women’s” issues (caused by men) are never taken seriously and that is something that I believe every woman has registered in her ”patriarchal file” as Mary Daly would put it, even if we’re not aware of it. Hope someday the rage for that comes out collectively because then there would be no turning back.

  9. This was such an excellent post.

  10. They are still men, with their male “I want to control everything”, “I want admission to every group” mentality. They recently managed to get a Dianic Elder and High Priestess thrown out of Pantheacon, simply for wanting to circle with “genetic women only”. meanwhile, it’s OK for other groups to exclude bleeding women from their rites.

    As someone who knows several TG people, I can only say that the hormones really make them a little crazy. And added to the general level of drama among drag queens and that community, I’m not anxious to see them gain more “power over”, as Mary Daly would say.

  11. I’ve always felt like a lawyer deep inside…I told only dear friends about this strong feeling from childhood…the training and all are way outside my abilities, but I have a big heavy briefcase and a blue suit and I like to hang around the courthouse…I’ve been thinking, I oughtta be trying cases…maybe I’ll ask for an appointment to defend some fool…I know I’ll bring the right attitude to it…I have new stationaery that says “Esq.” after my name. But still people keep pestering me, asking where my certificates are, where I went to law school, etc. Fine. I’ll get some certificates printed up. Jeez. What do I have to do to prove myself?

  12. Please don’t forget the most disturbing, and for me the most important aspect of ‘trans’ ideology (especially where it ‘intersects’ with the mainstream medical establishment and mainstream gender reinforcement), which is what can happen to gender non-conforming children.

    While adult trans get to chose the levels of hormones and/or surgery they undergo (including having no hormones or surgery at all), gender non-conforming children are being given drugs to block puberty which haven’t undergone any long-term testing, which stunt growth and effectively sterilise them.

    The majority of gender non-conforming children ‘grow out of it’, but the majority of children treated in this way go on to ‘sex reassignment’ surgery, which comes with its own set of physical and psychological health problems.

    The way I see it, this treatment of gender non-conforming children is effectively ‘disappearing’ them, the conservatism, homophobia and misogyny of it should be obvious.

  13. I don’t understand. The real politics of this get so crazy that I’m not sure when I’m reading satire. This is a joke, right? About the trans-diabled and trans-race and trans-children?

  14. This post and the comments associated with it are excellent analyses, refreshingly well-expressed. Keep it up, and keep it circulating to feminist friends and media figures who treat all things TG with such sickening reverence, even as they treat pornography and prostitution as essential entertainment for men. The only class that does not include men is women and that explains a lot.

  15. Cedar Cat — Thank you for saying that. I was at Pcon and wondered if I was the only sane person. Everyone I knew pretty much agreed that limiting a circle to “genetic women only” was rank bigotry, but when I pointed out that other events had been limited to men only, or people of color and allies only, or lesbian and gay only, no one had a good answer for me as to why that was okay but this other was not.

  16. And I am a transpostmodernist! Transpostmodernists are people who just can’t think and perceive things and people in a postmodern way which results in us being repressed and silenced especially whithin academia. I was just born that way so I can’t help it, obviously.

  17. Hey, I’m trans-Candian.

    Great article – thank you!

    Regarding “not wanting to judge someone else’s internal identity,” first of all, aren’t you? And second, why shouldn’t anyone do so?

    If someone is delusional about an “internal identity” that is not consistent with reality, we have every right to judge/deem that as a problem, and to say so. In fact, we have a RESPONSIBILITY to do so. If people want to claim they are someone or something else, especially if they claim to be a member of an oppressed group, we have a RESPONSIBILITY to say, “That is false, and it’s not ok! It’s part of being an oppressor, and is contributing to that group’s further oppression!”

    I say, down with all this “identity” stuff, period. Get over your “identity.”

  18. What a great post. Thank you thank you thank you. Your comparison to men co-opting women’s only spaces to a scary potential for adult men to do the same with childrens spaces is very powerful. THANK YOU for this wonderful post!!! I will be re-sharing!

  19. I’m transpecied. Inside, I am a porpoise. i have tried to get surgeons to remove my thumbs so that my hands can become the flippers they really are. but they won’t. “unethical” they say. oh well. I use duct tape to good effect. it’s not fair, it’s transphobic that i have to pay to go to the aquarium to even see my people. and then i am still not allowed to swim with them.
    i am a porpoise. do not call me “Flipper”. that’s demeaning.

  20. When I was a little boy nobody taught me to fix my hair or put on make-up. Bwaaaaah!

    My great-great-grandmother was a Cherokee, although the rest of us are white, and even though on the inside I’m an indigenous Native American, the tribe won’t enroll me and let me participate in their tribal gatherings. Bwaaaaah!

    My father got really mad when I was a kid because my sis like all the other girls was wearing make-up in the eighth grade and, with her shiny long hair, sis was attracting boys and no longer spending time sitting in my father’s lap when he pulled her down there. So, to keep father from hitting my mother and my sister again, my mother cut off my sister’s hair — shorn really short — and sis wasn’t so pretty any more. Now that I’m a trans woman I understand that my sis always had cis privilege that I don’t have, and whatever my mother and father did to my sister hurt me more than it did her. Bwaaaaah!

    It also hurts me not to be able to admit that because I grew up and became a man who wasn’t particularly good at being male in this society (and thought I’d get more sex from lesbian females if not males and/or like being treated as a female more), I had some transgender surgery and changed my name from Michael to Michelle. But a lot of people thought that was just weird, or sick, or sad. Bwaaaaah! So I didn’t get any after all (without paying money for it or prostituting myself) and I’m horny because my penis was never exactly removed before I became Michelle. (A penectomy was going too far and, don’t you know, so many trans men just don’t get them.) But even without a penectomy, I don’t have any male privilege left as Michelle. But, but, but instead, hallelujah, I have gay-male and other liberal political support for claiming that females like my sis and my mother have cis privilege that I do not have.

    The resources and news coverage that once went in times like the 1960’s and ’70’s toward making women’s lives better now get diverted to trans-related and other gender identity civil rights to beat down the “cis” privilege of women like my sis everywhere. And like other males, once again I’m important! Yay!!!!!

    This is of course parody. Or is it?

    A version of the lap-pulling and hair-shearing actually happened to me in the eighth grade, and I am in reality FAAB who remained a woman. It gets more and more difficult to be FAAB and woman in 2012. The patriarchal mass media and marketing onslaught from liberals and conservatives is overwhelming. Some nights I think I might start screaming from the horror of male dominance and men’s hatred of mind-boggling hypocrisy, and just never stop. But I won’t. Where would be the fun in that? Despite all their best efforts, men of all gender types cannot destroy my life-force essence as a xx-chromosme FAAB and woman-born woman who remains and will always be a woman. That’s something to be happy about.

  21. Co-opting and appropriating “woman” has always been problematic. There’s a hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck reaction that (especially) young women have to these dudes, an ick factor, a “how dangerous IS this guy” assessment that we naturally have when we encounter them. Then our socialization kicks in and we are encouraged to suppress our initial, natural, evolutionarily advantageous reaction to them: run away. I remember when I was a freshman in college and hanging out with some “trannies” in my cheap, near-campus apartment building. We’d dress up and go to “the bars” together. This was in the 1970’s and no one cared that I was underage. My buddies were gay, and I enjoyed playing “dress up” with them, but I had that “uh-oh” reaction to all of the “trannies” at the bars who were not gay. The gay men never frightened me but I had an immediate, visceral, “stay away from this dude” reaction to the straight ones. I could tell that they were both seriously mentally ill and had an unwholesome, dangerous, predatory sexual fetish for all things “feminine” including my 17-year-old self. Fast forward forty years and now I’m supposed to pretend that these same dudes are lesbian feminists, that they have a right to transplain feminism to ME? Oh, hell no. HELL NO.

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