Fox Pundit Says Women In The Military Should ‘Expect’ To Be Raped

by zeph
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So should women at home expect to be raped? Statistics show that home is the place were most women are raped; by fathers, husbands, grandfathers, father and brother in laws, male friends and boyfriends.

“Approximately 40% of sexual assaults take place in the survivor’s home. About 20% occur in the home of a friend, neighbour, or relative. 10% occur outside, away from home. About 8% take place in parking garages.”

As for women being in the military! Women have always been in the military, the myth that they have not has been produced by historical sleight of hand and vanishing tricks. Example here:

I conclude that there are no safe places for women and so they should be free to take up any profession they want; both the active and the inactive are subject to rape, the gregarious and the introverted, all personality types, employing every combination of defensive tactics, can be and are raped. The fact that some of these tactics work some of the time for some of the people, makes little difference to the systemic nature of the problem. If our patriarchal society supports the rape and forced impregnation of women, and it does; then complete avoidance of rape is impossible. We need political solutions, I even wonder; given that the law will not support women on these issues, if we need to lobby for a women’s court; for the handling of sex offences against ourselves and our children.

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  1. I wonder how feasible it would be to set up a women’s court to deal with sex offences against us and are children, as we are clearly not treated equally on these issues in men’s courts? The attempt alone, might be a lever to get these issues into the public domain, and force the mainstream legal system to get its act together.

  2. My usually optimistic mother once told me “there’s no justice in this world” even though she didn’t say it I knew she meant there’s no justice for women and children. I say bring on the women’s court we’d get shit done (assuming men didn’t sabotage us)

    And I do expect to be raped if I join the military
    … That’s why I didn’t join. In Australia the ADF has had some ‘sex scandals’ and despite the defence force actually doing something we know it’s the tip if the iceburg. After that I read
    a womans magazine with a women in traditionally male career article with a female officer (I forgot her rank but she was high up-ish I don’t know ranks) trying to calm the nerves of women, it’s a minority if bad apples you know the drill. *sigh* I don’t blame her as she was probably asked to do the propaganda but…damn it she must know

  3. “And I do expect to be raped if I join the military
    … That’s why I didn’t join”

    Yes Michiru, it is enough to put anyone off joining the army! But as the statistics show, you are in even more danger if you stay at home. At least if we join we can learn to fight, which might be useful when we get back home again.

    I also think we would get some hope of real justice if we had our own courts, and why should we not begin to campaign for them? Men are not even attempting to see justice done on our behalf when it comes to sex crimes. I wonder if we did an internet poll how many women would sign up for our own sex crimes court?

  4. I think more than a handful, quite a few I know personally including myself. A little off topic but I know vigilantee justice is BAAAD (leave justice to the menz) but I know many women want to get the bastards but know they will be seen as “just as bad” (bullshit if I’ve ever smelt it) as rapists, abusers and murderers.

    Yeah I know it depresses me, I don’t want to get too personal but I’m a young het woman and I’m seriously thinking of forgoing the whole partnering with a man thing *shrugs* not that, that will make me unrapable.

    I couldn’t help but noticing that a short while after the anonymous navy woman blew the whistle of her assualt and the ADF’s rape culture. They legalized women serving on the
    frontline. Thank you ADF this makes up for everything (sarcasm).

  5. A women’s court sounds wonderful! I think many women would be in on that, especially since women are treated like perpetrators of crime during court proceedings than victims.

    And about the military, all feminist energies should be put into abolishing all forms of military and violence. For peaceable solutions. I know that in the real world this sounds like a naive utopian approach, but if we are ever going to teach men how NOT to be violent, we cannot participate in their methods (this brings to mind the end of Starhawks novel “The Fifth Sacred Thing”). The military is a VIOLENT patriarchal institution. We will never, ever, change that fact, because its existence relies on this fact. If we change it, then there would be no military at all.

    Women should be fighting against militarism and war mongering, not participating in it. So even if it means we could defend ourselves better later on, it will just reinforce the systems of violence that prop up patriarchal society.

  6. Glad you like the women’s court idea, feministesvegetalien.

    My personal belief is that we can never change sufficient numbers of men to make changing men a viable feminist goal. But I believe that we can change ourselves enough to contain men: to do so would require an entirely different way of interacting with them, and the dissolution of institutions such as marriage and men’s justice systems; as well as established methods of brain washing children, such as child abuse.

  7. Fark! So what that fuckwad is saying is that of course you’re going to be raped in the military and it’s these stupid women’s fault that all this extra money is being wasted because they’re getting themselves raped and it would be much better if there were no women in the military so that the men in the military could just go back to raping the local women instead because it’s much cheaper for American Defence that way. Unequivocal, documented proof of rape culture.

  8. I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that a woman-hating, rape culture, hell-bent on controlling reproduction, would allow women autonomy, much less a court to rule over such things.

  9. But pressure groups to not have to achieve the letter of there aims, in order for them to force through more favourable legislation. The concept alone; spotlights women’s rights within a legal system, were we are losing access to just outcomes incrementally.

  10. But zeph that would be like having people who’ve been ripped off by white collar criminals being provided their own courts to judge said white collar criminals. Never gunna happen.

  11. Where else can women find justice, if we can’t turn to a justice system of our own? Men use their systems to prevent justice for women who have been raped. Only a tiny percentage of rapes get reported, in the UK, it used to be, only around 2% of the rapes that get reported, get convicted. A man who murders his wife can get as little as five years detention and over two years off for good behaviour. We need to come up with new solutions to defend ourselves, and demanding our own courts for sex crimes puts pressure on the existing system to serve women better, if nothing else.

  12. Besides which, it could be comforting for women to hear of such a thing, even in imagination. Builds hope and lets women know they are not alone.

  13. “We need political solutions, I even wonder; given that the law will not support women on these issues, if we need to lobby for a women’s court; for the handling of sex offences against ourselves and our children.”

    Only recently sex crimes units were created in some states to handle sexual assault cases. Prior to this, the laws made it very difficult if not impossible to prosecute the perpetrator. The laws in place were such that the rape victim had to have a corroborating witness to the rape; otherwise it was the word of a man and a woman and who would believe a woman? The other thing that thwarted the prosecution of rape cases was that when the victim was on the stand in court the defense attorney of the rapist could bring up the female victims past and make her out to be a slut that deserved to be raped. All of this made it extremely difficult for female rape victims to get any justice not to mention the legal rape they had to endure during the process. It was only recently that these laws were changed and only in certain states making it possible to prosecute rapists. This is just another example of the male bias that exists in all arenas that were created out of patriarchy and the fact that unless a female creates it, it never supports females. The laws in place were created by men and females to men are the sex class. Females are supposed to be available to men for sex so then raping a female in the male eye, is not rape and the laws in place supported this view.

    Now with more females in the legal arena they are slowly but surely getting more laws in place that support females in regards to prosecuting rapists. Knowing this, that the only way we can protect females or get laws passed that support females is for females to fight for it, because in our history, this is the only way the rights of females have been changed, it will be females who continue to change the legal system to benefit and support females. Men historically and traditionally have not fought for the rights of females. As a matter of fact, it was females who fought for the African American right to vote (for the African American males to vote) before they fought for their own right to vote! A woman’s court then isn’t really far fetched at all and it is extremely necessary!

  14. Thanks for this response Michele Braa-Heidner.
    Women in the UK are more reluctant to report rape now, than they were twenty years ago, following the successes of the second wave. Men have slowly eroded our gains, I think if we had our own courts for sex offences, it would be difficult for them to force us to reinvent the wheel every couple of generations. I am very interested in what women think about this and intend to do a pole on it soon. As Rain said, even the thought is comforting, and hopeful. If a man attacks a woman he should stand before a court of women! It is us he has committed an offence against, so it is our judgement to which he should be subject.

  15. Michiru-

    is it possible that this whole “sexuality is not a choice” idea is just a trick to keep women from discovering that they can CHOOSE to love other women?

    In other words: “you straight ladies know it- you WANT a man and you can’t help it”.

  16. Thank you zeph for your commentary. The idea of a women’s court is very inspiring; I love the idea of an attacker standing before a court of women.

    I want justice for females so much.

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