Cognitive Dissonance

by FCM

this is a remake of a “nuvaring” commercial i found on youtube…but i dont really get what this vidder is trying to say!? is it “just” an extremely clear illustration of how repetitious the hormonal birth-control-pill regimen is for women? (i cant read the non-english script at the end…is there a political message in there somewhere?)  im not sure that point needed to be made any more clear, since the original ad was making the same exact point, and very clearly….but even so, its a good point!  point taken!  its really really really (really really really) repetitious!  every day, every day, women have to deal with the stone-cold FACT that only they can get pregnant, and only men can get them pregnant.  DUH!  so along comes nuvaring…oh, in case anyone hasnt seen the original commercial, or seen it in HD, or seen a newer commercial featuring women watching the older commercial…heres that too:

yay!  unlike the pill, you only have to use nuvaring once-a-month.  it still has the same risks known, documented side-effects as the pill, and you have to “put it in” yukky stinky-poo face…but you know, when you are being constantly vaginally-probed by some dood and calling it “sex,” and you are taking the pill anyway, whats probing inserting a poisonous piece of fucking plastic that can kill you yourself 12 times a year…if it means not having to be repetitious?  we all have other shit to do ya know, we are busy and modern and stuff!  yay, MOAR!

this is a very clear frog-in-boiling water scenario isnt it?  subject women to dangerous PIV-centric sexuality, then allow them to mitigate (but not alleviate) the effects of that with something dangerous, time-consuming and expensive (like hormonal birth-control pills)…then offer them something thats exactly the same LESS one of the negatives.  sounds like a good deal, doesnt it?  its suddenly getting less repetitive here in this boiling water, what a relief.  yes, it makes perfect sense…as long as you dont think about it.  oh yeah, and PIV is good for your health, and relieves stress.  mkay!

moving on…the fun-fems have managed to outdo themselves once again, with this “abortion is not a womens issue!” idiocy thats already been gloriously taken apart and scrutinized here and here.  you see, according to the fun-fems, men have babies too.  men get pregnant too.  trans are being unfairly excluded from “reproductive justice” even (presumably) the ones who are no longer reproductively viable, having been castrated and/or eviscerated already in their effort to be trans.  which is, of course, impossible.  you cannot change your sex mkay?  you can be the sex you were born with, either reproductively-viable or not-reproductively-viable.  thats it. be whatever gender you want, i dont care.  it doesnt change anything…except your gender.

from feministing:

Gender is this thing that we construct out of a million different characteristics. The way we hold our hands. The length of our hair. The shape of our face. What we wear. Our voices. But then, for some reason, when we got to the question of what is it really, we go to what lives between your legs. Even though that’s not how we make gender and that’s not how gender works. It’s in that assumption that gender lives in our crotches, that we end up erasing the reality that men can have abortions, men can get pregnant and give birth.

oh really?  now transmen are the same as cis-men?  ie. they are both “just men”?  no qualifier needed when speaking about female-sexed persons whose chosen gender is male?  fine.  then stop calling them trans.  if its a meaningless distinction, then stop making it.

or, better yet, why dont they all just admit that they do NOT believe that sex and gender are different (because they clearly dont…transmen are male-gendered AND MALE SEXED DAMMIT, according to them) or for that matter, since this is what they seem to be getting at anyway, why not just state with conviction their obvious belief that biological-sex does not exist.  admit that they are only talking about gender, and they only recognize gender.  and not sex.  this is clearly the case, when they claim that a MAN can get pregnant, or when they refer to a female-sexed-but-male-gendered-person as a MAN.

so!  here we all are, in this awesome post-feminist and post-biological-sex world.  yay!  theres just one problem, one nagging little thing…this one tiny reminder every day, every day, that what the fun-fems are spewing is complete and utter garbage, and that the inconsistencies in their “gender” discourse swallow, digest and shit out their discourse, eviscerate their discourse, render meaningless their discourse…and that “tiny little thing”, i believe, is this:

the birth-control pill.  PIV-positive fun-fems: if biological sex does not exist, or is irrelevant, or what the fuck ever, what is that little pill you are popping every day actually for?  this is a serious question.  that is all.

a version of this post was previously published at femonade.

14 Comments to “Cognitive Dissonance”

  1. if its a meaningless distinction, then stop making it.


    or for that matter, since this is what they seem to be getting at anyway, why not just state with conviction their obvious belief that biological-sex does not exist.

    Peak Trans is hitting me about twelve times a day now.

  2. After reading the comments over there, I suspect they are trying to find a way to avoid blaming men for sexism. Class oppression doesn’t exist — but occasionally some humans are rude to each other, which is why rudeness is the greatest problem facing civilization today.

    Hmmm, how do these folks talk about racism if class oppression doesn’t exist? Do they spend equal amounts of blog time earnestly telling each other that it’s cis-sexist to admit someone still considers zeeself to be Black?

  3. Peak Trans

    LOL. And, yeah, The Rude! It’ll be the death of us all*.

    (*radical feminists)

  4. ROFLMAO, about the first part on nuvaring and bc….oh, thanks, I needed that.

    All I can think about trans stuff is–if someone wants to go trans, chemicals, surgery and all, have at it. If you really truly think you are a womyn stuck in a man’s body or vice versa, and you undertake the tasks simply to become properly-bodied…then why oh WHY all the stink about being special? Be a womyn as best you can in a reconstructed body. Your choice is all good for you and none of my business except wait–it now IS my business, because you and your friends say it HAS TO BE! Now, me being a born womyn has to be all about you being a re-constructed womyn. You somehow got the right to dictate what feminism is, what womyn are (and are NOT)…heck it ALMOST seems like transwomyn claim this dominance because, dare I say it, they are actually men. Men who, however much they felt wrongly bodied, were still raised in male privilege…especially the privilege to tell womyn what’s what about men, womyn, and everything.

    Not to mention that this finds support among some ‘feminists’ who somehow came to the conclusion that being more like men in patriarchy was our key to ‘liberation’. Ah, what a neat dovetailing of purposes amont trans and fun fems…the FAABs looking ever-harder for escape from the plague of being womyn-born, with the help of trans who are empowered even as a tiny minority to change ‘womynness’ itself–to make themselves feel better. All the while erasing womyn as surely as any other aspect of patriarchy does.

  5. “….trans are being unfairly excluded from “reproductive justice”….”

    Many women seem to have this terrible sense of “fairness.” it’s like a curse, I tell ya! Normally having a sense of fairness would be a good thing, but under the patriarchy this often becomes completely distorted, so exploited in women you wind up with comments like, “men can have abortions, men can get pregnant and give birth.” Don’t make the poor men feel excluded, don’t deprive them of their right to participate, don’t be mean! You’re just a gender essentualist or a trans-hater and you’re making men feel like they’re not part of the club. You’re oppressing them!

    Honestly, it drives me crazy! And this sense of “fairness” that many women seem to have, oh yeah, it doesn’t really apply to other women. Men are the victims here in need of rescuing. We have to be “fair” to them, not to each other.

    On another blog somebody said they didn’t like the word “feminism” because it excluded men so “equality” was a better word. The thing is, in a male dominated patriarchy, “equal” means men are entitled to everything women have, including our reproduction and biology. It’s only “fair.”

  6. radical feminists have NO cognitive dissonance over this issue at all. NONE.

    in the end, getting women to swallow this trans nonsense isnt any harder (or easier) than getting us to swallow every other male-centric value system which are all chock full of lies and misinformation about women, and about female sexuality, sexual anatomy and reproduction specifically. believing that vaginas are just fuckholes for men is but a stones throw from believing that an inverted dick is a vagina. accepting that men deliberately impregnate us through PIV is *harder* (for women who love men or believe in their goodness) than believing that they really dont “get” that we are impregnable, so we conveniently forget that we are impregnable too, or dont make a big deal about it, to avoid the truth about men and about what men do. and what men do is place girls and women in harms way with their dicks. they make war on our bodies and call it making “love” when they think to, or they just call it something else, whatever. we are the ones building an elaborate and internally-inconsistent belief system around men and what men do to women, and why, instead of confronting the obvious truths. non-radical women do this, i mean. men dont even bother hiding any of this misogyny from women, women hide it for them.

    trans discourse is pretty obvious, maybe because its new. it might not look any different than anything else in 20 years. thats really scary.

  7. and YES, womens sense of “fairness” gets in the way all the time, because we are the only ones who care about it. when i was in high school, my gfs and i were very pleased with ourselves for being able to spot “sexism” against men. we thought it was very unfair. meanwhile, we are being subjected to PIV and pregnancy scares, body image stuff, sexual harassment, rape, and everything else. we care about things being fair for everyone except for ourselves, which i guess should be called “generosity” rather than fairness ay? this is taken advantage of constantly. it shouldnt be a terminal personality flaw, but under the current system, it definitely is.

  8. It’s sacrifice for others. In a world where everyone would act the same it would probably be nice and sweet, you’d be sure eveybody’s needs would be put into consideration and you wouldn’t be crushed, we would be mutually respectful, I hope. In a world where women sacrifice every bit of their living cells to men’s folly, it’s the worst disaster the universe may have known.

    And yes, the whole society is organised around men’s obsession with continually presenting women to the harm of their dick, and they are prepared to such an unlimited amount of psychic and physical violence against women to keep this in place, that all the violence they do on the top of this comes to obfuscate the fact that the primary focus of men is to stick their dicks in women’s vaginas 24/7 (and thereby control life and human reproduction). All this violence isn’t only because men hate women so they act like that, out of pure hate – it’s primarily because they know women would never freely choose to have a dick stuck into them continually, so violence (and male domination / female subordination roles in general) is the only way to enforce it. Never in the world would women accept PIV as a “sexual practice” under normal conditions of freedom.

    Again yes, radfems are the only ones not to have their brains fragmented and dissociated by the patriarchal double-talk. Or to comply to it out of fear of what men will think of us. Going beyond the fear (and laughing at it) of men labelling us as manhaters does free ourselves from lots of possible MANipulation. Really, not giving a damn about them frees from much of their power of guilt-tripping. We see it for what they are: a hoax, an imposture.

  9. Oy, yah, ‘fairness’…was just thinking about this the past few days. About how important it’s always been to me, to be ‘fair’–all the while, nothing in patriarchy is the least bit fair to me, to womyn or children.

    FCM, you are so right too–it isn’t only ‘fairness’, it is generosity, though in some senses both. At some point I realized how hard I worked to be ‘fair’ to men, and that first, fairness was not accorded to me by them. And 2nd, in many cases it actually amounted to a generosity they never earned or returned. That in fact, womyn on the whole are so desperate NOT to see the inherent unfairness (greed, entitlement, dominance) of men, that they absolutely slaver over the smallest sign of humaneness, fairness, kindness in men–inflating it well out of proportion, and not seeing how most often it is only manipulative and not a heartfelt impulse at all. All quid pro quo intent, just masquerading as kindness or whatever. After wasting an enormous amount of love and all other resources this way, I finally wake up one day. I realized how womyn do this generosity thing with men, how I had been doing it and it was making me crazy and heartsick. It’s just projection, really–seeing all the best of *ourselves* in them, where it scarcely exists and certainly not as we rosily see it. We are so busy seeing it in them, and rarely credit ourselves for our fairness and generosity.

    I realized this…but it took fighting for my life and family’s safety and sanity against a sociopath that finally brought me fully out of that life-sucking, men-worshipping and self-loathing habit of misplaced fairness and wasted generosity.

  10. It exploits women’s capacity for empathy. As a woman, the thought of suddenly being in a male body horrifies me. Maybe that’s where this empathy for trans comes from. Who wouldn’t empathise with a woman in this situation? Except it’s not really that situation at all. Online feminism at least seems to be fast reaching the point where feminists are defined purely by which side of the trans fence they are on. It’s scary.

  11. trans discourse is pretty obvious, maybe because its new. it might not look any different than anything else in 20 years. thats really scary.

    It‘s already been 30 years since this:

    As a adult female human being (woman) I’m not terribly interested in seeing this TREND continuing for another 30.

  12. On BC, the nuvaring, and trans-ideology, it’s just occurred to me that women are the experts on body modification and mutilation. We’ve been trying to meet a gender ideal for centuries. Just this week they recalled French made breast implants for 300,000 women. BC pills, nuvarings, etc are all artificial hormone manipulations we take to alter our bodies and biology.

    So, as much as some abusive and male centered transpeople piss me off, my opposition to trans ideology actually comes from recognizing that feminists are the experts on Identity and body modification. We’ve been there and done that. We know what we’re talking about. Being forced to alter your body in order to conform to some fetishized gender ideal is a cruel and inhumane thing to do to people. It’s been done to women for thousands of years. It’s still being done today. Along comes trans-ideology and they THINK they’re onto something new, but they’re not. It’s the same old crap.

  13. yes, women are absolutely the experts on body modification, or more specifically, being human guinea pigs for experimental male medicine and victims of medicalized and sexualized torture. women have had our biology tampered with for decades with hormonal birth control and other methods, and we know this alters our perceptions and behaviors. i read that the pill makes women choose mates who are dorky and “good providers” for example. how nice for the nerds and geeks out there who go into science in the first place and cant get women. if women had our choice of who to procreate with, we might choose men with good biological material to pass along, first and foremost, (young, with lots of lean muscle for example) then banish them to the outskirts so we didnt have to deal with the bad behavior. instead we are all on the pill, settling for old men and dorks who mansplain us all day bc hey, at least we could best them in a fight, and we might even get someone halfway decent to talk to, (i said HALFWAY) since we are completely isolated from our female friends and relatives once we partner with men.

    but say thing one about biological modification for men, and they blow the fucking roof off. THATS not allowed.

    also, i didnt mean to imply that transgender was, like BRAND-new. its relatively new, yes, BUT the history there is erased as well bc radical feminist criticism is always overwhelmed and erased, and inaccessible except for those who know where to look. the trans-criticism that was around 30 years ago is still so spot-on and relevant, its uncanny. i am always so happy when anyone drops a link. so, thanks!

  14. yttik–“On BC, the nuvaring, and trans-ideology, it’s just occurred to me that women are the experts on body modification and mutilation. …”

    YES. Your whole comment was precisely spot-on.

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