UK Home Office Announces Transgender Action Plan

by HUB Newsfeed

The UK’s Home Office recently announced a new strategy to “drive out transgender prejudice”:

The Transgender action plan addresses some of the obstacles faced by transgender people in every aspect of public life, as well as identifying wider cultural issues. It provides a framework for communities to work with the government to challenge and overcome persisting inequalities.

The plan commits to reform Health services to ensure greater consistency in commissioning gender identity services; publish a clear and concise guide for health practitioners, including GPs and Primary Care Trusts, on the treatment and care available; [and] amend the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill to raise the starting point for murders motivated by hostility towards a transgender person from 15 to 30 years.

The announcement follows extensive engagement by the government with the transgender community, public bodies, practitioners and the voluntary sector.

Extensive engagement?  Perhaps, but interestingly, they haven’t seemed to bother engaging with wimmin’s or lesbian health groups, child health and education groups, or even with a wide range of the transgender community.  In other words, those who may’ve been critical of their Plan and those charged with advocating for girls and wimmin as a sexual class, around the world.

For example, Alan Finch an Australian ex-trans said that transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists and he campaigns against what he calls ‘the sex change industry’.  Indeed,  trans-regrettors are becoming more vocal, but there is little or no recognition of these people, and it is difficult to see how much engagement the UK Government had with this group in formulating its plan.

And as always, the legal implications of transgender politicking affect wimmin and wimmin’s organisations, where refusing to participate in this delusion in which a person can be born into the wrong body or that biological sex can be changed by dress codes, interests, hobbies, cosmetics, surgery or hormones will be deemed legally discriminatory.  This will cause serious harm to such organisations in the UK which will be forced to admit and cater to men or face expensive legal consequences and slanderous accusations if they try to cater to wimmin’s interests, including wimmin’s interest in being protected from men.

Furthermore, under the Plan, violence against transgender people is going to be treated as hate crime, with very severe penalties, but violence against wimmin remains a non-event.  For wimmin it is normal, it does not count.

The multiple oppressions faced by black wimmin have yet to be fully acknowledged, addressed and services funded, and racial and sexual discrimination in the workplace, in education, in health services continue.

Lest anyone believe that concern over the legal implications of transgender discourse is misplaced, or that it doesn’t negatively affect wimmin, or that it’s not unreasonably confusing to absolutely everybody, there are existing data on violence against, and by, transgender people which suggests that due to the UKs Gender Recognition Act (2004), the crime statistics and the reporting of crime is leading to a distortion of gender statistics in crime.  One recent example which was made public in the United Kingdom involved a transsexual M2T, who was legally recognised as a ‘woman’ under the Gender Recognition Act.  This person was involved in an altercation with a cross-dressing male, the consequences ending up being that the cross dressing male was pushed under a train.  Newspaper headlines in several UK newspapers reported that a “woman” had been found guilty of murdering a cross dressing man.

Meanwhile, the diagnosis of childhood GID follows old-fashioned notions of what constitutes appropriate behaviour for those assigned to the sex classes of male and female.  It is precisely this idea, that certain distinct behaviours are appropriate for males and females, that underlies feminist criticism of the phenomenon of ‘transgenderism’.  But it’s not just feminists that should be concerned about the implications of medicalised transgenderism on children: the new measures from the UK government should have all children’s rights groups on the streets all over the UK protesting!

Several cases in recent years have gone to court, and despite no evidence the law has been establishing precedents that non-gender conforming children should be forced into unproven medicalised procedures.  For example, a judge has authorised controversial puberty-suppressing hormone therapy for a 10-year-old boy who considers himself a girl.  The Family Court heard that, even as a toddler “Jamie” identified as a girl, playing with female-oriented toys and identifying with female movie characters.  What we actually need is a support mechanism to protect those vulnerable children against parents, medical professions and courts that seek to transgender them.

Troublingly, while there is an entire industry and a social movement out there now forcing medicalised “gender” on children, there is essentially no advice available to anyone as to how to protect children, or to promote non-invasive and non-harming alternatives for children at risk.  Radical feminist criticisms of transgenderism are suppressed and erased, even to the point that our points on other issues are rejected and ignored due to our alleged “transphobia”.

Perhaps particularly unhelpfully, the new transgender discourse is coming out of the so called feminist academic community and is espoused by educated people who should know better.  Like the patriarchal medical community, these academic “feminists” have the force of authority and patriarchy behind them, as they advance what are clearly patriarchal views on sex and gender, and most notably patriarchal and problematic — and telling — are the increasingly aggressive attempts to erase “woman” as a sexual class.

— HUB Newsfeed

14 Comments to “UK Home Office Announces Transgender Action Plan”

  1. yes thats right. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS what teh poor trans go through. everyone sure is giving it the old college try though arent they? and self-reporting is highly valued. you know, for some people.

  2. I live in the UK and our current misogynistic government has specifically targetted biological women in respect of economic cuts. Now we have this latest piece of misogynistic legislation because the central aim is to maintain male supremacist system and male power over women. Women and girls who are viewed as ‘deviant’ meaning they do not conform to male supremacist lies concerning how women and girls are supposed to behave will be labelled as suffering from ‘gender identity disorder’ and be subjected to medical treatment to cure them of this terrible (sic condition.

    The widespread blatant misogyny is ignored by my government because it is not apparently a ‘pressing issue’ but the issue of maintaining strict sex roles is a ‘pressing issue.’ As is the claim that men in frocks are the ones being subjected to discrimination and violence but everyday male violence against women passes unnoticed and unrecognised because each incident of males committing violence against women and girl is viewed by government and state institutions as ‘just another isolated incident.’ Women-hating is not a crime because we women have yet to be accorded our fundamental human right of dignity and respect. But dignity and respect continues to be ‘male only’ which is why it is off limits to women.

    Sadly the so-called feminists who support the myth that gender identity disorder exists are not feminists instead they are handmaidens of male supremacist system and these women should remember their women’s history, because appeasing the male autocrat never works, never has never will. But once again what feminists learned is being swiftly eradicated and instead unfortunately many feminists in academia are accepting the lies male supremacy is telling them.

  3. I can’t see any legal basis whatever for having a sentence for a hate-crime against a “transgender” person that is different from the sentence for a hate-crime against a gay male, lesbian, female, Black, disabled, or other person protected especially by civil rights acts in the UK.

  4. If it involves XY people– regardless of their gender identity– their needs/demands take precendent over women and girls, *always*. Even though the vast majority of violent acts and human rights violations committed against transpeople are at the hands, legal-political scheming, and dicks of males, they save their vitriol for woman-identified women, lesbians, radfems, as if we’re the violent oppressors. It never ceases to amaze me how lib/funfems honestly believe that transpeople (and Gay men) are devoid of any internalized misogyny and lesbophobia. And uniting *for* misogyny makes strange bedfellows, apparently…

  5. Uniting for misogyny indeed. It’s not a case of strange bedfellows though…its that everyone is in bed together, united for misogyny EXCEPT the radfems. Aka. They are the mainstream, and we are the resistance. We are also the future. 🙂

  6. Hecuba can we put together a paper to challenge this ‘plan’ to the government it has infuriated me and I need to do something about it…..

  7. I can only say–the human world gets nuttier and more estranged by the day.

  8. that would be MENS WORLD getting nuttier and more estranged. 🙂 if not for men and the male medical machine, and mens narcissism, and male privilege, and misogyny and internalized misogyny, trans as we know it today would not exist. that is so obvious it hurts.

  9. OMG, how could I have mis-stated that! 😉 Thanks for your correction, FCM…although it’s true enough that given men’s ownership and control, the damage is indeed suffered by all humans…it is most definitely ‘men’s world’ getting nuttier. It sure as hell ain’t THIS womyn’s idea of a ‘human world’.

  10. I’ve just started reading Janice Raymond’s the transsexual empire. Anyone read it? Any thoughts about her analysis?

    Great idea Ybawife to put a paper to challenge the transplan!

    This trans legislation thing is replacing the role of clinics that used to torture lesbians, gays, and any female dissidents to femininity and patriarchal sex roles.

    After seeing its patriarchal sex roles being threatened by feminists in the last 4 decades, patriarchy is now making gender compulsory, by law, and making critics of gender ILLEGAL, and making criticing gender and the practice of women-hatred a HATE CRIME. Oh the reversal!!!! The irony! Do we realise the extent of women hatred contained in this legislation? Denouncing one of the basis of women’s oppression as a hate crime?!! This is how much the government hates women.

  11. Look at what trans have done to the Intersex people in the UK. From what I heard from Intersex groups in the UK, the Trans have infiltrated and colonize intersex and made as if they are part of them. Now in the UK, Intersex only exist as a subset of trans in the UK. I would hate to see them do the same thing to intersex people in America as well. I have heard as an intersex person that intersex groups in the UK try to distance themselves by not calling themselves intersex because the trans in the UK have hijacked and stolen the name from intersex people.

  12. witchwind i think there was some challenge to transwo-men assertion that they should be allowed to occupy FABwomon only spaces and the case was made…I think our gov needs to be careful about this trans-plan plant… plays on womons emotions and men could careless.
    Very ironic that it would be a hate crime to batter a transman (now saying he is wo-men) but not a hate crime if a mab batters or kills a FAB????????
    I have done some work with transgeneder mostly men to wo-men and all have been abusers of FAB womon in their capacity as men……and stalked or harrassed FAB womon…..

  13. On credibility:

    Trans: I always felt like a woman since I was born, I was born in the wrong body

    Society: That sounds terrible! Here, have some government funded surgery and some new legal protections so no one can ever criticize you

    Woman: I was raped

    Society: Oh, you just had bad sex and regretted it, vindictive bitch. And anyway, how was he to know you weren’t consenting unless you shot him to death with a sub-machine gun? Men can’t be expected to understand such nuances. And anyway you were out partying in a skirt like a whore – what did you expect?

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