Women Make it Up, say politicians

by cherryblossomlife

The British government’s attack on women.

It’s no longer a secret that the British coalition ConDem government (Conservative/Liberal-Democrat, for the non-Brit readers)  has been making a steady and concerted effort to put the women’s liberation movement back twenty five years. Think I’m exaggerating? Read on.

The Lib-Dems received a lot of support from the female electorate, women who would never have voted for the right-wing Conservatives, but were disillusioned by war-mongering New labour.

So let’s take a look at the way women have been treated in return for their troubles.

Shortly after being elected, the ConDems prioritized a proposal allowing anonymity for rapists.

For rapists only.

Not for muggers or arsonists, or shoplifters, or murderers. Only rapists. The reason for this, we can only assume, is that the government thinks Women Make It Up. According to the proposed law, if a man beat a woman, he would not have been granted anonymity. But if he raped her as well, then he would have been. Thanks to the efforts of feminist campaigners, it was not passed.

Whatever next, we wondered at the time.

Next came the “necessary” financial cuts, which directly targeted and penalized women (who are already poorer), while supporting men (who are generally wealthier),  spurring the Fawcett Society to file papers with the High Court seeking a judicial review. 72 per cent of cuts will be met from women’s income as opposed to 28 per cent from men’s. This is because many of the cuts are taken from the benefits that more women than men rely on to make ends meet.

Women rely on benefits because somebody has to do the unpaid work of keeping society’s elderly, infirm and young alive. Carers of disabled children and the elderly bore the brunt of the cuts, followed by mothers of young children.Not that this type of work is necessary you know. What time-wasters women are.

The irony of the fact that many men had just been handed taxpayers’ money on a silver platter, in the form of bankers’ bonuses, was not lost on British women. Nor did it pass them by that said bonuses, along with other assorted add-ons such as the bailing out of  the inept and incompetent, were taken from the taxes of both sexes. Because let’s not forget that women are taxed out of their part-time supermarket check-out wages, work which they humiliatingly accept because it fits around the kids and nobody else will hire someone “with such a large gap in their CV”.

At some point around this time, it  became obvious that the government was hurting women on purpose.

It therefore came as no surprise when the David Cameron invented a special marriage tax break for couples who could afford for one spouse to stay at home, thereby penalizing working women, and women’s ability to live independently of men, in order to “preserve the good institution“.

Or when the Lib-Dems selected a former porn-director, Anna Arrowsmith , managing director of adult entertainment company Easy on the Eye Productions, as a parliamentary candidate.  Unsurprisingly, Arrowsmith is “concerned about anti-censorship issues”. Ah.. that old free speech chestnut.

And here we arrive at the crux of what the Lib-Dems stand for. Liberal does not mean liberal the way women perceive the word; it means liberal in the same way that abusing women means free speech. It literally stands for lessening the checks and balances in society and transfering more power and autonomy to the individual. But what good is an emphasis on the individual to women, when they never get a moment alone and when whatever  individuality they may have is eaten up by caring responsibilities, by cooking and clean-up and keeping society ticking along and sane by nurturing the weak and vulnerable? Individuality is an illusion, a farce, based on women’s invisible labour. The essence of liberal democracy cannot. ever. be. female-friendly.

Then some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to begin withdrawing funding from The Poppy Project.

What is The Poppy Project?

It is the only government-funded service for women trafficked into sexual exploitation. The 2010 report of the Human Rights Impact Assessment of anti-trafficking Policy in the UK makes for very worrying reading. .

The government report argues vehemently against the validity and legitimacy of the Poppy Project. Its numerous complaints against the organization include the following:

1)  “There is no equivalent for people trafficked into non-sexual labour, although the Poppy Project has now started to accept a small number of people trafficked into domestic servitude

followed by another important criticism

2) The Project does not accept men or transgender peoples.

followed by the fact that the Poppy Project philosophy is that prostitution should be, and can be, abolished.

3) The report condemns the Poppy project for its abolitionist stance to prostitution.

In other words, the government does not agree with the Poppy Project’s ideology that the decriminalization of prostitution is a farce, and that the tweaking of language, (by  avoiding the term “prostituted women” in favour of “sex workers just doing a job“)  is used to abuse and exploit and oppress women.

From page 14 of the government report:

“Aside from the gross lack of services available to men and transgender people and those people trafficked into non-sexual work, assistance and support for trafficked women is predicated on co-operation with police operations. This runs the risk that the pursuit of criminal prosecutions is given priority over support and assistance for trafficked workers.

As the only government-funded support service, the Poppy Project operates from an avowed abolitionist framework. Support through the project is contingent on women giving up sex work and its programme is aimed at ‘rehabilitating’ women out of the industry. Support and services are unavailable to, or inappropriate for, people who wish to remain working in the sex industry.

If services are inappropriate for trafficked women who, through their “own volition”, wish to remain in the industry, surely the answer is to provide MORE funding to the Poppy project, rather than withdrawing it on the grounds that it doesn’t include men, transgendered peoples (i.e men), and those women who, although having just escaped sex slavery, coincidentally,found they liked being prostitutes after all.

I also fail to see how not prioritizing the criminalization of pimps and traffickers can help trafficked women. If the government should be doing one thing for women, surely it should be aggressively seeking out the perpetrators? Women need help to deal with their trauma, but why does it have to be at the expense of having the perpetrators jailed? Must it be an either/or scenario?

and my favourite, on page 15:

4) The report accuses the Poppy Project of “actively propagating” racist assumptions…

The reasoning behind this one is most bizarre and involves the recurring theme of Women (in this case, the Poppy Project women)  Making it Up:

The Poppy Project has actively propagated the racist assumption that conflates immigrant sex workers with trafficked persons. In a statement to the Home Affairs Committee on trafficking, Anna Johansen claimed that in London, “approximately 6,000 women were involved in off-street prostitution, 80 per cent of which were foreign nationals and we believe that a large percentage of that eighty per cent had indeed been trafficked.” The Poppy Project’s finding that 80 per cent of sex workers in London are foreign nationals is backed up by other research, however their assertion that 80 per cent had been trafficked is not, and while this inacuracy has been challenged by specialist police, it has nonetheless been recycled through media reports.”

They have missed the point. The Poppy Project grouped the women together because the one thing they have in common is their vulnerability in a foreign country, not their race. And just because the government could not find additional research to back up their findings does not mean the data is false or innacurate. There  may be no clear line between trafficked women, and foreign women who happen to be alone in the UK without a family or any kind of support network, without qualifications, language skills or any other means of supporting themselves besides prostitution. The aim of the report is simply to find justifications for withdrawing funding from a women-led, women-supportive organization.

By the time they started chipping away at women’s abortion rights, by appointing an Anti-abortion group as sexual health advisor to the government, more than a few women were starting to feel a bit antsy.

But we can’t be too harsh. The Lib Dems did “vote overwhelmingly” to end the criminalization of child prostitutes. Not 100% of them then? Just an “overwhelming” non-distinct number, who conceded it might not, after all, be necessary to criminalize children for being raped. The mind boggles….

And to be fair, their recent September decision to cut benefits from terminally ill people if they take too long to die does in fact affect both sexes.

Men sure do know how to run society lol.

And now for this week’s latest clincher:  women also Make Up domestic violence.

Legal Aid will be withdrawn from victims of domestic violence. Battered women currently receive legal aid to enable them to prosecute their abusers in court, but  according to Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly, this will be cut on the grounds that” objective evidence” was needed when taxpayers’ money was being spent.”

What is this objective evidence of which he speaks?

It means that a woman will not even be entitled to legal aid unless there is objective evidence that (I presume) can be corroborated by a third party. Her word alone is no longer sufficient to even allow her representation in court.

“But Ms Goodman, MP for Bishop Auckland, told MPs: “The reality is that most women experience 20 episodes of domestic violence before they report it to the police. By insisting that only a report to the police, followed by various court actions, are required for legal aid, I am afraid the [government] is condemning more women to suffer domestic violence in silence.”

Labour say a GP’s assessment should be sufficient to qualify an abuse victim seeking legal aid for help in civil matters, for example, a family case concerning the custody of children.Women’s charities say other evidence, such as 999 call-outs, social services records and information from housing agencies, should also be admissible.

Shadow justice minister Andy Slaughter said restricting aid to cases where only “a narrow, onerous range of objective proofs is present” would put “thousands of very vulnerable women at considerable risk”.

But Mr Djanogly insisted the government took the “question of domestic violence extremely seriously”.He said: “What I am saying though is that we need to have objective evidence of domestic violence to target taxpayers’ money on genuine cases where the victim needs assistance because of being intimidated or otherwise disadvantaged by the fact of facing the abuser in proceedings.”

The justice minister added: “I am not questioning the integrity of genuine victims. However, many people during the legal aid consultation were concerned about providing an incentive for unfounded allegations and the government shares this concern.”

Yeah right. “I am not questioning the integrity of genuine victims.” Translation: All I’m saying is, women tend to make it up.


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  1. This is a wonderful analysis of the current anti-feminist roll back being undertaken by the Tory/con testo rulers. I have written to my Tory MP about these atrocities but I get little response other than the suggestion that I am deluded about these matters.

    They out to destroy any gains made over the past 40 years regarding womons rights and entitlements….

    It is all very disturbing and threatens to undermine womons and the next generations right to exist at all outside the fellowship of the patriarchy

  2. Thank you so much, Cherry, for this post. How eye-opening!

    I live in UK, and I had been unaware of those things (having been too busy to watch malestream news in the past few months). What a bunch of fucking disgraceful shitbags the men in our government are! I wish I could wipe the smile off those smug male faces and shove it right up their arse! (sorry, I’m being very angry right now)

    I can’t believe I’m reading this. Yet, I am not too surprised considering the facts that (1) men hate womyn to such an awful extent, and (2) men (unfortunately) are the ones who rule our country.

    The Poppy project being racist? Seriously, WTF? Look at the whole prostitution industry. Seriously, if they cannot recognise that the pimps and traffickers are being the real racists for bringing womyn (including many womyn of colour) from poor countries to the UK so that the average British white male can buy those womyn as ‘exotic flesh’ on the market, we’ve got a problem, Houston.

    Anyway regarding Poppy, it’s really awful that the pathetic bunch of arseholes that form the coalition government did this to them. Next thing is what? Members of the coalition government are gonna bring in the pro-“sex work” lobby to get prostitution legalised in UK? Bastards, it wouldn’t surprise me… Let’s not forget that male politicians frequently buy prostituted womyn. They don’t want womyn to “give up sex work” (i.e. exit prostitution), because they want to be able to carry on sticking their filthy dicks into those poor womyn. 😦 Fuckin’ male bastards! Reading things like these makes me wanna grab a machine gun and shoot ’em all, the fuckers! (sorry, still very angry).

    In Sweden, at the time the government decided to criminalise johns (but not prostituted womyn), womyn at least made up to 49% of the Swedish parliament. I think we won’t have any chance to get a Swedish model of prostitution law passed in UK until there are more womyn getting involved in our government.

    It’s also worrying that it looks like they want to roll back on abortion rights. I personally support Abortion Rights UK because, within a world in which mandatory PIV-as-sex is still a given for men and the womyn they brainwash in this society, abortion rights are some of the meager, paltry rights womyn can have in order to escape male-enforced pregnancy. With this government we’ve got, it wouldn’t surprise me if they (one day) managed to get abortion criminalised again.

    And what’s this business about claiming that womyn “lie” about rape or battery? *sigh* Those men who are in power have clearly been using too much pornography and they have fully internalised all that misogynistic material’s womon-hating ideologies, which they of course protect as so-called “free speech.” Shit, it’s always the same in the end: free speech for men, and meanwhile womyn should just “shut the fuck up.” Well, guess what? We, feminists, are here and we ain’t gonna ‘shut up’ so soon. We’re gonna attack all your fucking worthless male institutions and governments first. Fucking men.

    It’s all so disheartening. 😦 I agree with you, Cherry. They’re gradually trying to erode all the few little gains the Womyn’s Liberation Movement had been able to obtain…

  3. Wonderful report Cherryblossom. There is a young feminist movement trying hard to start up here and it is quite disheartening what this government is doing at the moment here in the UK. They are reshuffling the benefit system also at present. People like myself who have had the unfortunate experience of being trapped into the psychiatric system for years and simply are now survivors look like they are going to be affected by it. The irony is of course employers won’t give you jobs in the first place even the low paid ones are just denied us. The whole idea of exclusion and discrimination what drives people onto the benefit system in the first place. Which is ideal for the psychiatric as you probably know.

    My son will be affected I might escape being older now and possibly can appeal. The tragedy is the set up for qualifying for benefit is being put into question. A lot of vulnerable women of all ages and young women with children some single mothers with psychiatric issues will find it hard going along to fill forms in that by the questions asked are discriminatory and also they will be confronted by impersonal and unsympathetic women in the process. There is a little support here by social workers for people but this is not available nationwide. This will make people relapse and have more hospital admittances. Yet again affecting women and their children. Coping with coercion and side affects from dangerous drugs also a great issue for women.

    Just read on line about how unborn babies can be born with deformity when women are ill advised to take anti-depressants and the SSRIs during pregnancy. If a women is hospitalized probably this will be forced on her. Also there is research done about people committing murder given drugs like Prozac. Anyone here would be sent to serve a lifetime of abuse in Broadmoor. This just swept under the carpet all in favour of bigPharma and their profits.

    Well, saying that I am aware of women here in the UK and in the States making great changes to people like myself and my son and I are going along to a seminar in Liverpool this month. Even with remarkable people like yourselves unfortunately it takes time. Great changes were made by the second wave movement in the 70’s. Changes by young women will be made today also. It just takes a lot of time and unsung heroins working hard for people.

    Thank you for that. Well done once again!

  4. Fucking right! Shit bags! I agree. Wish every women could read this! Wish every women knew and got angry! Anger a good thing!

  5. Great article, I’ve been following the backlash in the UK for a while, but hadn’t put it all the dots together like this. I’m speechless at how horrible things are evolving for women, and the earth in general, this is really a dire image of the UK today. The porno-women-hating and anti radfem backlash has definitely had its toll. It’s so time to fight back. When will women revolt, each one of them, move away from patriarchy’s craziness? But I hear and see so many horrors every day, I don’t even know where to start. How are we possibly going to get out of this mess before they destroy the whole world?

    Argh this is so depressing.

    At Mommie’s girl:
    “Just read on line about how unborn babies can be born with deformity when women are ill advised to take anti-depressants and the SSRIs during pregnancy. If a women is hospitalized probably this will be forced on her. ”

    This is huge problem. So many women are force-fed with dangerous drugs with no warning of their dangerous side-effects. Of course drugging women is another way of roboticising them, immobilising their minds and bodies, to make them incapable of any form of revolt. It’s tragic. I had so many friends at high school who were feeding on drugs that their GP prescribed them, of course it never solved any of the problems for which they took the drugs.

    A friend of mine, who’s about 30, was recently incarcerated for about a month in a psychiatric ward (torture prison) where “medics” shoved every day highly dangerous drugs down her throat, somtimes tied to her bed, sequestrated, refused access to her personal belongings, clothes and mobile phone, denied access outside the hospital or any external contact. She was also raped by a guy who was locked up in the same “hospital”. Despite this she wanted to keep the baby afterwoods, but then discovered completely by chance that the drug would severely damage the fetus so she had to abort. Since then she has lost her job, is still suffering from the trauma caused by the imprisonment/torture, and the guy who impregnated her now keeps blackmailing her. All this because she was drugged one evening by a guy she didn’t know, her parents were worried and decided to send her to the psychiatric hospital. Just like that! They had absolute authority over her, so had the sado-psychiatric hospital, they could have killed her and nobody would have budged. It’s insane. She said people also regularly comitted suicide in there. No wonder.

  6. It’s just another example of men covering for each other. Even the most disenfranchised man can still count on his government– because it certainly isn’t women’s– to safeguard his male entitlements, a la raping and beating women with impunity.

  7. “I am not questioning the integrity of genuine victims. However, many people during the legal aid consultation were concerned about providing an incentive for unfounded allegations and the government shares this concern.”

    this is my favorite part. many MEN were concerned, and the MEN in the government shared the MENS MANLY concerns. gee, i wonder why this SHARED INTEREST?

    is it possible that being part of sex:male creates shared lived-experience and that they arent all special snowflakes afterall? oh dear.


  8. and…they blast the anti-trafficking program because it doesnt allow for ex-sex-trafficked women to keep being prostituted. okay…..tell me, what kind of program would it be if they DID allow for that? this is a serious question. a program where they wave a magic wand over the womens heads and say “viola, you are no longer trafficked” so that them continuing to be prostituted under conditions amounting to obvious coercion and duress is no longer a problem? when they were brought into the country illegally and are traumatized, and have no support system and no other choice, and are vulnerable to pimps?

    if thats the case, are they saying that sex trafficking of women and girls is really just an immigration issue at its core? or is it really just a little magic they presume these women need? (now youre trafficked, now youre not!) or what?

    oh yeah, you answered it: its a program to help women, so they are defunding it.

  9. Thanks so much for this post, Cherry! Being in the U.S., I don’t come across this type of news from the UK very often. However, the exact same backlash is going on in the states, especially over abortion rights, so I’m not surprised. Conservative Republicans got elected in big numbers in 2010 with their “fiscal conservatism”, lower taxes, and promises to create jobs, but then when they got to congress, the first thing they do is try to restrict access to abortion. It’s still the same social conservatism, just repackaged as the “Tea Party”. They almost shut down the federal government over their manic desire to defund Planned Parenthood, for cryin’ out loud.

    To the extent conservatives truly give a damn about “austerity”, it nearly always is in service of harming women. You’d think they would make it a little less obvious how badly they want women to be barefoot and pregnant, but no.

    (FYI, Rachel Maddow has had very good coverage of the Republicans recent anti-abortion crusade http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/#44884123.)

  10. If the US and UK governments want to chip away at abortion rights, radfems have got an answer to that….

    They can take their PIV and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine

  11. They can take their PIV and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine

    It’s times like this that I wish so desperately that I could play the ukulele becuase I would write a cute little ditty with that thar catch phrase!

    Thanks for such a well-put together piece. Simply divine, dahling 🙂

  12. Really excellent post Cherry, thank you.

    It makes me wonder if we should assume that male members of the Tory party, go to prostitutes, rape all and sundry, and commit heavy amounts of domestic violence! Are they removing women’s access to legal aid and other support systems in case they get caught?
    Or perhaps they like to be viewed by British men as super pimps who are going to see to it that prostitutes, trafficked or otherwise, are available for abuse/PIV; and that wives can be beaten and terrorised out of any ideas of divorce.

    Is the Tory party hopelessly locked into gang culture, caused by an excess of privileged and an overexposure to public schools? Or does the edition of a degree and a well cut suit exempt you from being thought of as a public nuisance?

    All this anti-women legislation can’t help but make you wonder about the mysterious inner workings of this Conservapimp Party. 🙂

  13. This is a very good post, I have certainly noticed this horrid anti woman sexism coming from the ConDem government. It is very important that women realise this as we certainly need to get them voted out of power. Clearly their interests are purely to up hold white male privilege.

    I was a great supporter of Harriet Harman when Labour ruled, however despite her best efforts to put forward pro women legislation she was always been frustrated my the white males in Labour who clearly did not support her pro woman stance, also she was always getting a raw deal from the white male dominated press who where always making her out to be mad.

    More women should have thrown their support behind her.

  14. Yep. And it continues. And today I was delighted (by that I mean disgusted) to read this ‘article’ in our local ‘liberal’ rag:


    And, this is the case the ‘as a man’ letter writer is referring to:


    Any scathing comments about the blatant rape apologism would be oh, so welcome…

  15. Hi Christina,
    I agree, Harriet Harman is just amazing, she has put through some good measures; such as a rule to stop men-only Labour leadership. She has continually fought for equal representation for women in parliament, British women should back her to the hilt.

  16. I love Harman. The misogyny aimed at her in the press though… ! Women are easily influenced by the malestream media, which is constantly attacking Harman and the little power she does have is blown way out of proportion.
    When those idiots brought in that rape anonymity proposal Harman got right on it. I remember it being the first question she asked them in parliament. She’s such a feminist 🙂

  17. “It’s just another example of men covering for each other. Even the most disenfranchised man can still count on his government– because it certainly isn’t women’s– to safeguard his male entitlements, a la raping and beating women with impunity.”

    Thank you Mocha Erinys. That is true as blue. I might have to quote you on that.

  18. I’m noticing that lately–and perhaps this is not even a new thing–cries of “racist” and “transphobic” and so forth are being used to silence feminists. Such as when Clarence Thomas called it a “lynching” when he was taken to court by Anita Hill (a Black woman), and now that Cain guy is saying the same thing. Oh yeah, and OJ was innocent. What rubbish. I agree that feminism can’t just be for white ladies. There are serious issues with racism in the feminist movement that do need to be addressed. But at the same time, the real witch hunt that I’m seeing is the one against feminists in general.

  19. Quote me anytime, Boadie 🙂
    Because all I see are males consolidating the power at an ever more feverish pace, in order to roll back the tenuous and precious few gains women have made over the decades. Women– especially young women– need to wake up and quit hoping that males will have some pro-feminist/anti-misogynist epiphany and radicalize themselves.

  20. Hi zeph and cherryblossomlife

    Harriet Harman has always been one of my hero’s. It’s no easy task being a women in a male dominated world, yet Harman not only successfully endures in this world but also stands-up to the sexism and racism of white male dominated British politics.

    As you so rightfully point out, she only has a little power but despite this she gets taken to pieces by the white male controlled media.

    I have always believed that the only way feminists will ever be truly successful is if we all stand together and support each other, this includes showing our support for feminist leaders who dare to stand-up to the mighty male.

    We should look at ways of showing her more support, as I believe the more support she gets the stronger she will feel with facing all this adversary and will be encouraged to achieve even more.

  21. Awesome catch, Cherry. So much work went into this post. Thankyou.

  22. I was talking to one women lately who said most youngsters today think that ‘Feminism’ is a dirty word. Its common knowledge amongst everyone that men in power have always used dirty tactics and slandered any opposition especially women’s movements. This is nothing new is it? These men, all men in power and government get there because basically they are ruthless.

    They don’t care who they tread on to get into power. These men and most of the women who work for them know all about the sex trade and how it affects women. They know everything about exploitation and corruption. It’s the majority of the public and women in particular who don’t go there in their daily lives and who aren’t affected by it that don’t know and saying that if you asked them would they do anything about it? Would they? That’s even without saying what most women have to put up with just being women living today which is better than my mother’s generation.

    Isn’t it a fact that the whole culture we live in is based on watching TV? This and the images that confront people in programme after programme just ‘De-sensitizes’ everything in life. Then when crisis hits us and reality comes home what happens? We find ourselves completely helpless. At the mercy of men.

    Generation of generation of women have been at the mercy of men in power and how many of us have been as brave as the suffragettes were ending up in prison being force fed fighting for our rights. Would women, most women actually be prepared to go there and do that today? For something like the vote which when in practice what does that mean and the value of that today? To give men more power?

    This is what it is all about. To keep people down. Especially women. This has always been the idea behind these men in power. It isn’t even anything to do with money even. It’s probably some bloody inherent sexual deviance which they have acquired along the line. I can’t consult Freud about this so who knows?

    What it calls for if you ask me amongst women who are prepared to speak out and take action and protest is a great deal of courage and determination. To make a change even little ones a little at a time isn’t easy. To expect to make huge changes even within a lifetime isn’t rational. Its a case of one step forward and three steps back. That’s life. Women are up against so much. There is only a few who make it in a man’s world who gain enough power and recognition to actually instigate change. Like Harriet Harman. The rest of us just have to do what we can.

    One suggestion I would make would be to change the word ‘Feminism’ itself. Invent another word for us. Get rid of that altogether and create for ourselves a new image. We can do that. This has always been political. Women have to make themselves more attractive to other women. Draw all the youngsters together somehow. Reach them. Whichever way we can. And use the media for that. We are so lucky having the internet. We got to inspire people somehow and we can do that because if you only look back there so much that has been achieved by women and still is being achieved. These women are all around us. We just have to seek them out. They have always been there. I refuse to believe that women will never win and that we are a lost cause. Your right we don’t give up.

    We owe it as mothers and women to our children both sons and daughters. So lets just get on with it. I haven’t found a way I am going to work with this yet but I am. Each of us can make a difference in any way we choose.No matter how small that may be.They close one women’s group down. We set up another one. That’s basically what women do and have always done. Just talking about it is one way but like the suffragettes you have to get out there. I’m not saying that we have to go about it in the same way that is impossible because this world is different now and even if some woman threw herself under the Queen’s car say that would besides being an impossibility anyway because of her body guards there are now other ways now.

    Let’s all go back to drawing board. Dust ourselves down. Start again. Attract and involved more women. There are so many women out there who would be glad to have a cause because every one of us is affected. We just have to unite basically and fight.


  23. it has been proposed that we go back to our roots, and use “womens liberation” instead of feminism. that way, theres no mistaking or corrupting what we want, and those who decide somewhere along they way that they are no longer interested in liberating women from men can find another cause, and stop calling themselves womens liberationists. it might work, it might not. with “feminism” people have just altered the definition or use of the word to include whatever idiotic patriarchy-supporting agenda they decided they were interested in.

  24. Irrespective as to what we call ourselves be it feminist or women liberators, our first step i.e. if we are really serious about liberating women from men should be to support each other irrespective of our differences. As feminists we are individuals with our own ideas but this should never stop us standing in solidarity with our sisters in our common goal to destroy male supremacy.

    I have found way too many divisions within feminism. Success will only truly be achieved through unity.

  25. Agree Christina, we should not be kept as a second class by a ‘divide and conquer’ approach. This current ConDem Tory led government is systematically destroying all the good work that women of every political hue has fought for.

    There may be those like Nadine Dorries who want to limit abortion rights (though she still believes that abortion is necessary), but her campaign is used as a distraction to cutting off welfare rights to the public (and women are the main recipients), cutting public sector jobs (women make up 60% of public sector workers – the majority low paid) and cutting off legal aid to women seeking divorce – only those women with injuries that neccesitate hospitalisation will get legal aid (a major wtf!).

    Enough! Let’s work together to stop this systematic approach in destroying female emancipation.

  26. The only way by what your saying is that we have as feminists all around the world must unite in one cause which is to liberate women which to me it is what it has always been about. That right from the beginning was always the idea. It seems to me that we have to do it in such a way as to attract more women from all walks of life and especially those who have some clout. Women of position who have obtained some power. To get these women on our side in the first place shouldn’t that be the first priority and that alone is going to be quite a task when you think about it.

    Its only by strong women like these and gaining their alliance and through them changing laws and fighting for the freedom of ordinary working women who yes deserve free and safe abortion, free and careful midwifery, child nursery support, free social support i.e.adequate financial benefits when raising children single handed, protection against the brutality of domestic violence, equality in the workplace with opportunities into management for women, everything that it means to fight for what I understood was what liberation for women is and stands for. All of these things and more. Which although they might not think so women of power and position are affected by or know someone affected by these issues.

    If you ask me to put these questions to the ordinary women in the street would they be willing to do something themselves to make a change would they say yes to it? As it stands half the women in the UK alone don’t even know what feminism stands for. Such has the women’s movement been discredited by the media. Most women are scared shitless anyway by personal experience and find themselves vulnerable in the first place so they are in no position to fight anybody.

    I know that the women in my family associate women’s liberation with being a lesbian. Such is the fear instilled in them that this alone puts them off. They are frightened of it. That’s the connection the fear that has been associated with it. The ‘Men Haters’. All of this and if what I am becoming to learn about patriarchy this is the result of that. But the ordinary women in the street doesn’t know anything about it and most of them wouldn’t relate to it, But what they would relate to is changing things that directly affect them. Its just the image that feminists have been given by men through the media. So this isn’t just going back to our roots its a case of changing our image and the future in the way we reach out to all women of all works of life.

    The suffragettes did this in the end. In them days they had to use some pretty hard tactics and went through so much to get the vote. Which when you ask the ordinary woman of today in the street and yes women who have voted just recently for the Lib/Con government at present in the UK and what they are doing what is still a fact of life is that this government is a male government. Besides Thatcher and she was worse for women than previous men which is probably why she got their in the first place. There still isn’t many women in government, or in the high courts, or with positions as heads of the banks etc etc.How many working class women are even educated to be able to appreciate most feminist literature or would find it interesting? I know most women would find it totally depressing and basically boring. Not inspirational! Thats the reality and who wants to go there when every day is a struggle with the bloody mundane.

    What I am saying is we have the vote now thanks to our sisters years ago so what is the way forward? We still basically find ourselves at the foot of the mountain and we have been just sliding back and its going to take a long climb to get to the summit. This is the reality of it. And we need everyone to come together to get there to make it to the top. And nobody can stop climbing or go back there is no back tracking. To move forward uniting and attracting more and more women all over the world from all walks of life all affected in the same ways and having the same issues this should be the goal. To Unite! As Women! No bickering. No fighting amongst ourselves. What has to be made clear to everyone this isn’t about patriarchy or what men are capable of its about women and what we are capable of and telling everyone what we can do and how we can do it. And what we have achieved and what we can achieve in the future. That together we can climb this mountain together and as sisters this is the only cause. Simply because we are Women. Feminism is for women about women and solely about women. Their achievements their criteria and men don’t only come into secondary as maybe obstacles to achieving this climb.

    So, what I am saying is you have to tell the women in the street, in the factory, in the maternity unit, on the street corners prostituting themselves to survive. There will always be lost causes but that didn’t stop the suffragettes.. They got everybody’s attention and in the end succeeded. But now youngsters don’t even think about them. Don’t know who they were. The suffragettes were married women as well as single women. Not just from the middle classes either Every women could relate to them. They weren’t just women of different sexual preference. They represented every women in the country and were united. The vote every women understood in the end was their birth right. Women’s liberation is about every woman. It concerns every woman’s rights.

    .The majority of women don’t even vote any more. Think feminism is a dirty word. Don’t want to be related to it. They don’t want to see the reality and basically don’t know what lies ahead for them anyway. Women politicians don’t even touch their world. They relate to female singers and male singers and actors and actresses and celebrities. So how do you reach these young women or older ones and who really amongst them at their young age would see the fun in it, when what they want is fun? If you sought out these young ordinary women when they were say 50 years old they might feel differently.

    I haven’t even found a way of reaching the women in my own family. I am thinking of sending books to them. But in the end I haven’t even the heart to do that and make them aware of the reality of life and what it has meant for them just being female. I love my sister and sisters-in-laws and I have seen the way life has affected them. Like my mother before me and my aunties. We are all aware of other women. But they had to survive the only way they could in this oppressive man’s world. My aunty was religious, one aunty never married and was lonely, my sister suffered from depression wanting and longing for a life she knows she will never have anyway, my mother struggled all her life with her issues caused by my dad’s injustice to her.

    But I wouldn’t and didn’t have the heart to go into detail of what I knew as little as that was back in the 70’s because the reality is for most women its worse knowing then not knowing and just accepting what you have to and in the end resigning yourself to life and carrying on the best you can is the easiest solution for most.

    To make a change every women has to be involved and to do this feminism has to be put across to them in such a way now to inspire them to gain empowerment in their every day life because young and old if they knew that they could actually make a difference to their own lives then they would do it without a doubt.

    The suffragettes reached out and so did the women’s liberation of the 70’s but the reality is even with the vote and so much that has been achieved there is an awful long way to go. We all know this. But every women knows it has to be done. The image given by men to other women and what is known by feminism is totally fictitious but the ordinary women in the street doesn’t know that. So the next step to unite everyone must be to tell women who don’t know what feminism stands for in such a way that doesn’t frighten them off and makes them feel that they have the power to change their lives and the lives of their children in however small ways that might be and also to be able to relate to women and roll models higher up the ladder who they see are on their side. And somehow with all this uncomfortable reality their has to be, don’t ask me how, an element of fun to it.

    I don’t care what you say I know this is within you all. I have seen it amongst you. I know this is women. My sister in law’s favourite comment is ‘Life is shit, then you die’. I would like to turn to her and say ‘Maybe it is, but can’t we do something about it sis?’ Much Love

  27. *”Enough! Let’s work together to stop this systematic approach in destroying female emancipation.”*

    Hear, Hear!!

  28. The final Poppy Project kicker, of course, was that its funding was re-directed to the Salvation Army. The Savation Army!! Holy crap indeed. It’s like, oh I don’t know, letting bishops have some say in abortion policy, oh…wait a minute..! Holy, holy, crap.
    And if women are ever tempted to forget how much the government hates them, just think back to the fact that anonymity for those accused of rape was one of the FIRST things out of Cleggeron’s mouth…even despite the fact that it wasn’t even MENTIONED in either parties’ manifestos.

  29. It was wasn’t it! It was one of the very first damn things Cleggo ever said once he’d got into power:” We propose anonymity for rapists.”
    ANd yet he relied primarily on women to get elected. What an absolute &%’&@*%! he is.

  30. Do you think someone has been reading the HUB lol?


    David Cameron is to appoint a senior female adviser to assess the impact of every Coalition policy on women, it has emerged.
    The new aide is the latest sign of panic in No 10 following a string of opinion polls showing that the Prime Minister’s support among females is slipping away.
    Mr Cameron has been stung by criticism that he is seen as more ‘sexist’ than the other party leaders.
    His standing with women has not been helped either by controversial calls from his policy guru Steve Hilton to scrap maternity pay.
    The Prime Minister wants the aide to combat the impression the Coalition has a ‘woman problem’.

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