Global Population to Reach 7-Billion…Due to Mandatory PIV

by FCM

womens bodies as something to be consumed. that about says it all.

as most people probably know by now, we are are predicted to hit the global population milestone of 7-billion on 10/31/11.  will anyone remember those digits like we remember 9/11?  will this ruin anyones halloween?  doubtful.  although imagining the standard halloween fare playing out this year, whereby so many men dress up as women and women dress like “sluts” does kind of put an ironic point on it.  as if “mens gender role” and their alleged inability to escape it in real life is of any concern to anyone, rather than the fact that male-bodied persons are sticking their dicks into women around the globe with full entitlement and no remorse.  and as if womens “prudishness” in real life and womens timeless, global resistance to PIV is a hurdle to be overcome, when PIV is known to cause unwanted pregnancy and women around the world report that their resistance is largely ineffective anyway, where men do whatever they want to women no matter how the women feel about it.  dont mind me, i surpassed mere cynicism 3 days ago.  every once in awhile we abuse “irony” and go right to living in a cartoon.

in its own reporting on reaching the 7-billion mark, msnbc asked several experts to “identify some major problems — and potential remedies — confronting a world with 7 billion inhabitants.”  out of all the experts, not a single one identified PIV or PIV-as-institution as a problem, preferring to skirt around the issue and make it all about womens reproductive organs and controlling what comes out of them, instead of what goes in.  of the experts who identified “too many children” as the problem, access to “abortion and contraception” was named as a solution.  what would the solution look like, however, if the “problem” were identified as too many unwanted and ambivalent pregnancies, rather than too many pregnancies brought to term?  they dont say, but clearly “abortion” becomes a non-answer when one changes the question even slightly.  and if the problem were framed as “trying to squeeze female-bodied persons into a male-centric sexual model” anyone with eyes would be forced to see that “contraceptives” would not be the solution, but rather would only reiterate the problem.  the people who are asking the questions are doing it wrong, and they are ignoring an obvious solution that would produce real results — namely, putting an end to the PIV-as-sex paradigm.  the intellectual dishonesty there is stunning, but not surprising.

interestingly, the new york times reports that in some countries in africa, an initiative has been underway which has been somewhat successful in reducing the birth rate there.  where a decreased birth rate has coincided with the increase in womens cultural and interpersonal “voice” the issue has been framed as an issue of “spousal communication” and the “individual human voice” has been identified as the solution:

These powerful findings hint at a deeper phenomenon. Being able to express oneself and exchange ideas without fear of reprisal may be the very essence of empowerment, and potentially more important to lowering birthrates than money or access to health services, or even education. The individual human voice, a tool available even to the poorest people, may be the key not just to population control, but to Africa’s broader political and economic development as well.

that sounds good, but theres quite a lot packed into that conclusion: earlier we are told that traditionally, women who dared discuss “family planning” with their husbands, used contraception covertly or refused to submit to PIV on demand on mens terms were beaten, and the women themselves concluded that even discussing it would be “foolish” where male violence was the predictable response:

“If the man’s penis is up,” explained one, “unless it enters into the vagina, it won’t lie down. So allow him to have his sex and only then can you be free. Is it not better to have the sex than to have the beating?” When asked about family planning, another woman said, “If you talk about such issues, you are a fool.”

so, in addition to increasing womens voices in these communities, another initiative was launched:

Dr. Phillips’s team also recruited male scouts to keep an ear to the ground for gossip about men who beat their wives, and to then visit them and urge them to stop. According to the forthcoming journal article, since the start of the program wife beating has declined and the fertility rate has fallen to 3.5 children per woman, a drop of more than one birth.

well isnt that interesting? where women are allowed to refuse PIV or use contraceptives without being beaten or killed by men, they are refusing it, and they are using it. where the hell does this “human voice” and “spousal communication” rhetoric come from? jesus fucking christ, people.  and because i dont believe for an instant that anyone writing an op-ed for the new york times is a complete idiot, the only reasonable conclusion here is that they are spinning politics or outright lying when they use those words, instead of acknowledging whats really going on: that when women have the slightest choice in the matter, and where PIV-as-institution isnt backed up by the reality of male violence and rape, women refuse to have PIV, and they refuse to become impregnated by PIV.  they decline to be semen receptacles for men, or mens sexual and reproductive slaves.  and the birth rate correspondingly declines.

clearly, then, its PIV-as-sex and the male violence and threat of male violence backing it up that needs to be identified as the problem here, when discussing “population” and overpopulation, so we can start working on a real solution.  it really could not be more obvious (although its often deliberately obscured, as in the mainstream reporting above) that PIV-as-sex is an institution of men that supports male power, that its a harmful cultural practice that benefits men at womens expense, that its destroying the planet, and it would be the first thing to go if women were truly free.

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  1. “In some of the poorest countries women are having more babies, stymieing development and perpetuating poverty; in some of the wealthier countries low fertility rates and a shortage of workers are raising concerns about the sustainability of economic growth and social programs.”

    You realize women can’t win, of course? We’re either having too many babies and “perpetuating poverty” or else our low fertility rates are harming the work force and damaging “economic growth.”

    One thing nobody wants to talk about, especially the zero population dudes, is that birth rates have actually been declining all over the world. It turns out that if you give women a tiny bit of autonomy, they just naturally chose to have fewer babies. Certainly access to birth control and abortion is part of it, but the real ingredient is some economic choices.

  2. I’m glad you posted on this, FCM! It’s funny, on MSNBC yesterday, Chris Matthews was interviewing a “pro-life” guy about the Mississippi embryonic “personhood” bill, and he said something so *basic* that shocked me: “If you want to stop the number of abortions in this country because you’re against abortion, tell young men to stop having unprotected sex with women, discourage the act that leads to unwanted pregnancies […provide access to birth control, etc…]” (7 min in

    Putting the onus on men, plus a little anti-PIV. Not bad.

  3. @yttik: I wonder if the zero population dudes are also the ones who complain about women’s hormonal birth control polluting the water. Probably.

  4. Wait, so is Chris Matthews the sex negative prude, or is it the pro life guy?

  5. Chris Matthews was who I was quoting, not the pro-lifer.

  6. Wow interesting! I’ll have to watch the vid. Thanks

  7. I guess its too much to ask that they stop making the distinction between “protected” piv and the kind that makes babies. Cause noone has come up with a contraceptive that’s 100% effective, as all women know (and all men pretend as if they don’t).

  8. Great post. I like your term “ambivalent pregnancies” that you have been using for a while now, so much so, that I nicked it too!

  9. Excellent post.

    Marriage is the mechanism by which men control women’s reproduction, we have to start there, not give a male a permanent position from which he can assail a woman. While occasional couples can make this unnatural system work for them, the institutionalised forcing of men and women into pairs, puts women at a permanent disadvantage. Hell, you can sometimes take a man in a fight out in the open, but almost never at close quarters were he can make his body weight count.

    In existing matrifocal societies (such as the Mosuo) women own all the land, they give their family name to their children, and their traditions warn against marriage. They do not suffer from female infanticide or overpopulation. Once, women had even more power in those regions than they have today.

  10. I like the Mosuo tradition of a “walking marriage” which basically means a woman can decide to have sex one night for whatever reason, and so dude is invited over but then has to return to his own family abode right afterwards. Then any children from these arrangements remain in her extended family unit and are parented collectively by all family members. The dude lives within his own extended family unit and takes on the role of “social fatherhood” to any children born from his sisters, aunts, mother etc. Women control the resources. Men drift around on the fringes of the society, not doing much, but they also have no power and control, hence no violence. Last I heard though, these traditions are being eroded away due to the advance of capitalism, information technology etc.

    I dared to suggest to a class of students the other week, that PIV is mandatory for straight women, and I was shouted down and laughed at. So then I asked if it’s ok for a woman to be partner/married to a man in the usual sense but never have PIV sex, and I got the exact same reaction. The cognitive dissonance on this subject is astounding.

  11. I’m glad you asked both questions in the same session though, to prove your point. The smart ones might make the connection in a day or two after they’ve marinated on it a bit.

    Also, I like the idea of having men on the periphery “not doing much” because the thing is, many of them aren’t doing much NOW. The gig was up when women entered the male dominated workforce and realized the male workday and workweek is structured around and facilitates men wasting time, avoiding the domestic duties at home, and having affairs. Working women know you can squeeze an 8 hour day into 2 hours, if you cut out all the time wasting, porn watching and smoke breaks. Men don’t do anything NOW, so moving them to the sidelines would be an improvement in every way.

  12. Exactly, they do zip anyway, and I don’t think they are good for much else really as other non-human species well understand. It would be fine of they didn’t control all the resources AND do fuck all.

  13. Important post. Twas relating all this to my GD and she said she was all in favour of NOT doing PIV, she said what was the point! She seemed to get where I was coming from right away on the issue. She agreed that girls accept PIV as the norm because they have been socialized into thinking it’s , something ‘you do for men’…..currently she thinks no way am I doing this for any man….she has BF but hangs out mostly with her girl friends…..

    Yup, men are the humans that can actually spend all day looking busy and are actually doing nothing…..when I was nursing I hated all those asshole male nurses who did bugger all and then got all the top jobs when they qualified, not with me!
    I refused to work with them unless they did their share of the domestic chores and care giving…..and I never had them on my units or wards, when I made the grade , they are a dead loss…..even the gay ones……and a risk in sensitive situations…..

    Yes the bastards can enter what have been traditional womon occupations but womon are still struggling to get a fair % of traditional male jobs at all levels and trades and professions…..

  14. An what is is that makes young womon want to get ‘dressed’ like a Tootsie Roll’… is it the money? The social conditioning? The narcism? The flaunting?
    Somebody tell me why, they want to dehumanise themselves in such an inglorious manner…..? FFS sakes it droves me mad like they have never seen the light or the damage it does to all womon this sexist porno depictions of the ‘for ever little girl image’… fucking trite and pathetic……

  15. women are getting paid to dress like tootsie rolls now? i hadnt heard.

    but seriously, i have dressed slutty for halloween before at least once that i can remember, and it seemed harmless at the time. its so common that its very easy to do without even thinking about it. one thing i liked about it was that it was dark, and a non-sexual situation in public with lots of witnesses. it seemed safe, in other words. interestingly, it wasnt safe, but its not anything i will be discussing here.

  16. also, i strongly object to anyone depicting women who dress slutty for halloween or for any reason as “narcissists.” that is completely inaccurate and shows that these women are actually a complete mystery to you and you know nothing about them, or why they do what they do.

    to illustrate, joanna russ (i think?) talked about male authors who dont get women at all, but “writing” women being motivated by things that no real woman is really motivated by. “flirting with the mirror” is one that sticks out in my mind: some complete moron “wrote” a female character who always looked at herself in the mirror and acted feminine for it or whatever, and HE completely imagined that when women do this that they are “flirting with the mirror” instead of inspecting themselves for any perceived flaw from every possible angle, including expressions and positions they are likely to use when interacting with men. and he projected this perceived motivation onto the female character so that everyone reading his stupid male-centric book would hate the ridiculous narcissistic woman as much as he obviously did, when in reality he got the whole thing wrong.

  17. I am reminded that my best friend and I dressed up for all hallows as *street walkers* when we were in fourth grade (9 or 10 years old) and nobody stopped us.

    How… awful. 😦

  18. My take on the “slutty” halloween dressing is about socialization, ie: as a woman, revealing ‘costumes’ are the only acceptable costume, but also as a result of the madonna/whore dissonance with which we must live. Teen to twenty year old women struggle with being told to be a good girl, but to also be a sexual object. To balance two separate ideals. On Halloween, however, they can shuck off the ‘good girl’ image and, maybe, have the peace of mind of embracing one identity, with no confusion or attempts to balance dichotomies weighing on them. My previous belief was to be slutty is to be attractively noticeable, and to be attractive is to be pretty. And in our society, it’s damn near impossible to just feel pretty for one moment much less one night. Skewed and patriarchy compliant? Absolutely. But its also a survival tactic for girls who don’t ‘see’ the patriarchy – they’re just struggling to stay afloat in the world they live in.

  19. Of course, narcissism isn’t really about *admiring one’s physical image* anyway.

    If you look into narcissism as a *personality disorder* (you’ll have to hurry because it is slated to be subsumed in the DSM V) you will find that it is a perfect diagnosis for “Male” in the case of males and *Male Identified to a Pathological Level* in the case of females.

    From the Mayo Clinic:

    Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

    Believing that you’re better than others
    Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
    Exaggerating your achievements or talents
    Expecting constant praise and admiration
    Believing that you’re special and acting accordingly
    Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings
    Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
    Taking advantage of others
    Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
    Being jealous of others
    Believing that others are jealous of you
    Trouble keeping healthy relationships
    Setting unrealistic goals
    Being easily hurt and rejected
    Having a fragile self-esteem
    Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

  20. thats a good point s4. in this context it seems as if “narcissist” is being used as a standin for “vain” and every negative attribute one could possibly assign to a female-bodied person up to and including “zomg HATE HERRRR!!!11!!1234!”

  21. in this context it seems as if “narcissist” is being used as a standin for “vain”

    Yes and it is a blatant (and super common) man-made language reversal of the whole thing! Not that I’m giving ybawife a hard time because I understood what she meant, but still…

  22. “to illustrate, joanna russ (i think?) talked about male authors who dont get women at all, but “writing” women being motivated by things that no real woman is really motivated by. ”

    This is exactly why I never enjoyed reading fiction by most male authors, even before I started making a conscious effort to avoid them. And they are SO convinced that they know exactly what makes women tick. And so smug about it. And then they get showered with praise by male critics and audiences, who compliment them on their top-notch understanding of the female psyche. Ugh.

  23. They were only questions I posed…..not answers!

  24. The Tootsie Roll, is just on of the idiotic things that womon will do….what I want to know is Why?????? Fair question I thought!

  25. Exactly FCM I know nothing! Compared to who?

  26. the problem is not “women degrading themselves” and its crucial that we frame the problems correctly at all times, so that we can identify possible solutions (and origins of problems) quickly and accurately without getting confused and wasting time. the problem is “men consuming womens bodies” and using them sexually and reproductively until theres nothing left. this is particularly relevant in the current context of the global population crisis. the tootsie-roll costume i think perfectly illustrates the problem of men consuming womens bodies and seeing “consumption” as sexual in general. this is not a sustainable model of anything is it? and the problem of too many people is the direct result of this, and shows us that no, consumptive sexuality not sustainable at all.

  27. “Yes the bastards can enter what have been traditional womon occupations but womon are still struggling to get a fair % of traditional male jobs at all levels and trades and professions…..”

    It’s exactly the same in social work. There are so few of them and yet they occupy the top jobs disproportionately; they do less work but are taken more seriously. their opinions more highly respected, and most of the women around them in the workplace enable them, even the women who see them for what they are.

  28. LOL like male primary school teachers. they are all fawned over and coddled by EVERYONE, and extra effort is expended making absolutely certain they feel comfortable and appreciated. god forbid the precious babies feel uncomfortable or unappreciated afterall, even in one of the most thankless pink-collar ghetto jobs imaginable, where comfort and appreciation are nonexistant for the vast majority of (female) employees.

  29. Yes, yes, and yes to the essay. I have started for the first time in my life responding with letters to the editor to news stories like the NYT one in the essay, pointing out the spin. It’s getting easy because it can be done online.

    “where women are allowed to refuse PIV or use contraceptives without being beaten or killed by men, they are refusing it, and they are using it” This is the fact. This gives me hope. It’s hard for me to believe that once women have been “allowed” any of this control, they will ever give it up. I have read that in Singapore the government has become alarmed at the low birth rate and instituted a “dating service”, which no doubt is accompanied with carrots and sticks to get women in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if next the government requires women of childbirthing age to be put on display on this site. But it won’t work. The women won’t do it.

    Other governments are using carrots like offering long paid maternity leaves or simply paying a family each time the woman gives birth. This of course means pressure on the women by their husbands who will want the money. But I don’t think this will work either. For one thing, the women aren’t insane. They are going to keep having fewer children because one carrot doesn’t balance out an entire system of coercion and discrimination.

    What is insane is for a country to try to up the birth rate when the world is sick with overpopulation, to shore up the country. Nazi Germany really worked this notion that all good citizen-women will have lots of kids, as we all know.

    I would like to see a world where women who want children can have them in a supportive and voluntary atmosphere, and women who have other priorities may follow those without pressure to reproduce. This means as the essay says that the pressure from men for PIV sex, which will exist as long as their hyperactive androgens, must be balanced by pressure from women, both in public and private, to fully control sexual access to their bodies.

    Iceland, interestingly, where women have more legal and social freedom than anywhere in the world, is the only country in which parents express a (slight) preference for girls, and the birth rate is high for developed countries at 3.5 children per family. I’m not sure what is going on here, but I don’t think it’s governmental coercion.

    I enjoyed reading about the Mosuo, thanks Zeph and Linda. Also, FCM, elsewhere you left a link on the women of a New Guinea tribe who use male infanticide to control the interminable tribal wars. That’s amazing, and worth a long discussion on its own!

  30. yes heres the link to that one:

    and this is interesting too: apparently, when women are stressed out, they are more likely to birth girls, not boys. nature balancing the scales again. LOL keep making everything worse for yourselves, teh menz!

  31. and do let us know how and whether the NYT responds! thats great that you are calling attention to the male-supremecist spinning in the mainstream media vliet, thanks!

  32. and LOL @ a government-run dating service. how sexxxay! makes it all too clear what PIV-as-institution is really all about doesnt it, and how much the state has invested in it?

  33. Japan had a similar dating program a few years ago (prob still do) where rural men would be approached by local council men and persuaded to sign up for a series of speed dating nights.

    In Australia, when the baby bonus was introduced, the then treasurer made the public statement that women should be having three kids each, one for mum, one for dad and one for the country. Teenage births sky rocketed in some areas. Can you imagine teen dudes eyes lighting up when they realised they could buy those wheels they want for the car if they just get someone pregnant. I think the bonus is now over five grand.

  34. Are you saying FCM that womon in general have no agency at all about what they do?

    Surely as womon we must take some responsibility for not playing nature to menz culture…..

  35. Show me how discussing women’s agency is not a derail. If you can do it, perhaps we can discuss it.

  36. Women dress as tootsie rolls for the same reason they wear burkas. It’s just how we try to assert some control over the rape culture we all live in.

  37. yes, we have to wear something dont we? either its slutty (and we get blamed for that) or quiverfull/conservative (and we get blamed for that too) or its “tastefully in between” which requires lots of “foundational pieces” and accent pieces and trendy pieces and SHOES and accessories and blah blah blah. womens clothing can NEVER be gotten right, its intentional. we are intended to look like complete idiots, trying too hard, not trying hard enough, and fashion victims at all times. im not playing this game, and im not playing it on this blog. its idiotic.

    again, if someone wants to frame the issue in a way thats compelling, or SHOW how this isnt a complete derail, be my guest. and framing it as “womens agency” is disingenuous. obviously unless we are robots, there are some “decisions” to be made, multiple ones in a day in fact. SHOW how decisions related to CLOTHING or HALLOWEEN COSTUMES are relevant to the discussion at hand, or to the larger issue (the root of womens oppression by men), if you can. thanks.

  38. From the ‘stressed out mothers having more girls’
    But, if the link is firmed up, would-be mothers may be told about the benefits of relaxation, in the same way as they are now advised to take care of their health in other ways.

    Panic stations, isn’t it? They didn’t bother to coax the women into ‘relaxation’ for the women’s benefit, only when there was ‘a danger’ of having more daughters!

    My radical act next week is to hang around fertility clinics and shout “boo!”. 😉

  39. You have to seriously question the whole idea of how many so-called “choices’ women really have. The Halloween Costume/Quiverfull deal has nothing to do with women. Women aren’t in control of the fashion industry, and women didn’t create Quiverfull.

    The fashion industry is about billions of dollars for the boys, and if men can con women into buying all these stupid outfits, and using up paychecks on this nonsense all the better. You have to carefully analyze how clothing and fashion is set up for women and men, and then you’ll see what goes on with this.

    I don’t believe women are actually “making choices” at all most of the time. I believe sophisticated ad agencies are playing on women’s fears, and the whole point is to keep women in a complete insecurity loop, so that we won’t rebel.
    We had a brief window of opportunity in 1968, when women threw female awful clothing in a trash can to protest Miss America, and you’ll notice inaccurate reporting of this event has been a constant weapon used by men to scare women away from feminism ever since… you all know what I’m talking about here.

    The bottom line is who benefits and who profits, and who wins…. and if women think the world of men and women is the same or that the “same” jobs are the same… well no. Women could tell this when they realized how lazy men are on the job, and before we were in the “same” professions to SEE what they were really doing all day long.

    All ruling classes throw bones to the oppressed…. in cult indoctrination techniques this is called “occasional indulgences.” So the clothing / fashion INDUSTRY is about this. Women don’t CHOOSE this clothing, it is in every damn store I go into. There is NO choice. I recall long ago that it was literally IMPOSSIBLE to avoid buying bell bottoms… so I had to cut the cuffs at home, and resew the pants so I could ride my bike without the “bells” getting caught in the spokes. I was the ONLY girl who ever did this in my junior high.

    7 billion in population…. again, since men could care less about the planet, they’ll junk up and destroy everything in their path, the whole game is to control pregnancy, to keep women off balance, to brainwash constantly with mind numbing “marketing” and on and on it goes.

  40. This is so alarming. I’d love to see incentives for men to willingly be sterilized on top of eduction that sex doesn’t have to be PIV. Oh my dreams, so crazy right? I’d also love to see child-free and childless women celebrated instead of denigrated.

  41. institutionalized dating? that’s scary.. though, I guess it already is a socially enforced institution.

    and the “dangers” of having more daughters! the blatant misogyny would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.. relax wimmin so you’ll have more sons. yeah sure ..

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the huge word population and enforced PIV a lot lately, it really is the root of almost every ecological problem. unchecked, patriarchal societies keep growing and consuming and “economic progress” progresses like a cancer upon the earth..

    can’t believe mainstream feminism is convinced that the biggest cause of our day is to fight for the right for men to wear dresses.. and “reclaim” the word “slut.” just. wtf.

  42. Thanks for yet again amazings posts and comments!

    I’d love to see discussions like this in the open, and more often! It’s so obvious yet it seems like the utlimate heresy to say this, even in some radfem circles. Even when women admit they don’t like it, it’s so hard if not impossible to talk them out of it, so ingrained is the idea that their vaginas are fuckholes meant to be penetrated by penises (when they’re clearly not). That’s how hard their brains have been washed – it takes some powerful indoctrination and violence to make a women believe it’s good/necessary for her, given how unpleasant, risky, horrifying and damaging PIV is.

    the institutionalised forcing of men and women into pairs, puts women at a permanent disadvantage.

    Yes! That’s totally why patriarchy invented marriage in the first place. Patriarchal marriage is the tool they found to ensure maximum productivity of the “women-as-reproductive-machine” (of male humans, and/or male/female slaves), while expropriating females’ physical, sexual and emotional labour. Marriage is the best way of ensuring that women are constantly exposed to pregnancy risk, and are therefore at their maximum reproductive capacity to reproduce as many males they humanly can – it is enforced upon women through isolation from her female peers, indoctrination, sequestration, institutionalised violence, social and religious pressure, use of force or threat of it, and of course, through continual rape and the imposition of a PIV centred sexuality.

    Marriage is a system of organised sequestration, rape and forced pregnancies.
    Ah i dream of the day PIV would be banned entirely. Much of patriarchy would have disappeared by then.

  43. Hi

    Sorry to be a bit off topic, but I wanted to make sure you’d seen this from today’s media in Australia (a very mainstream online opinion site, I think linked to Australia’s biggest selling newspaper). It is about this site, and was brought to their attention by a poster called “Erick” who is a misogynist MRA poster who constantly attacks women on the site with posts about “false rape accusations”, women who “invent domestic violence to screw men over in the family court” (you get the picture):

  44. LOL thanks developing. heres her “attempt to contact us through the site”:

    Tory Shepherd via to me

    show details Nov 1 (2 days ago)

    Name: Tory Shepherd
    Message: Hi there – I want to have a chat with someone about the site and the issues, please!


    Time: Tuesday November 1, 2011 at 7:23 am

    handmaiden of the patriarchy. look it up.

  45. my favorite part was where she references “the issues.” what issues? LOL we dont have any issues, sorry. what she obviously meant (although she was too lazy to tap it out) was that someone, somewhere has an issue WITH US. how is that my concern, again? and what does she want to discuss? what a joke. but thanks for the free publicity? i guess?

  46. oh dear. LOL heres what a telephone confirmation with a self-identified insider gets you these days…its journalism baby! with that and 5 dollars, you might be able to get that triple venti latte you always wanted. heres an update she just posted:

    UPDATE: A radfem user has responded to this post – and interestingly, it’s a he. Michael Horowitz (who says he posts on the site under a pseudonym) had this to say – please read, it’s quite interesting. I can’t vouch for who Michael is, but have spoken to him and he appears to genuinely believe the following:

    As a user of RadFem I often see posts crop up claiming that our womyn only poster policy is sexist and discriminatory. I’d like to get that out of the way as quickly as possible by stating that as feminists whose base of operations is the internet, we see a lot of ‘trolls’ coming in and posting insensitive posts that disagree with our articles.

    It’s actually very puzzling as to just how many of internet users seems to be trolls, I was talking to the admin earlier and she stated that for every comment published, she deletes 10. So, effectively, 90% of our userbase is misogynistic male trolls, or disempowered womyn who are so indoctrinated with patriarchal propaganda that they don’t realise that they effectively are us, and we are acting for their interests as well as ours.

    (I should point out that although I am male, I realise that my gender is a disgusting corruption of capitalism and the global trend in this area needs significant reformation).

    Perhaps this is why your article seems to have stirred up controversy on our website is that you seem to be one of these indoctrinated, self-loathing womyn, although your tendency to denounce your opposition as ‘misogynist’ when we met on the phone makes me think that this is perhaps not so accurate.

    I’ll commence with the issue of PIV. Now, PIV is inherently male-dominated as the sheer act of penetration is mental and emotional dominance. We assert that it is literally impossible for a womyn to feel emotionally inclined in a positive manner to undertake PIV, and as such, this correlates with our understanding that 80% of first sexual encounters between a womyn and a man are rapes.

    Furthermore, the emotional bond that develops during and after PIV is intricately related to that of Stockholm Syndrome, and our scientific studies in this area by polling our comment-worthy userbase has asserted that 85% of all womyn in a marriage are raped every single time they have PIV.

    I’ll use a comment from Linda to effectively underline our position:

    I like the Mosuo tradition of a “walking marriage” which basically means a woman can decide to have sex one night for whatever reason, and so dude is invited over but then has to return to his own family abode right afterwards. Then any children from these arrangements remain in her extended family unit and are parented collectively by all family members. The dude lives within his own extended family unit and takes on the role of “social fatherhood” to any children born from his sisters, aunts, mother etc. Women control the resources. Men drift around on the fringes of the society, not doing much, but they also have no power and control, hence no violence. Last I heard though, these traditions are being eroded away due to the advance of capitalism, information technology etc.

    I dared to suggest to a class of students the other week, that PIV is mandatory for straight women, and I was shouted down and laughed at. So then I asked if it’s ok for a woman to be partner/married to a man in the usual sense but never have PIV sex, and I got the exact same reaction. The cognitive dissonance on this subject is astounding.

    This position is a result of an inherent gender bias that permeates all life on Earth. It is literally impossible to eradicate this gender bias as nature itself is sexist and discriminatory against womyn.

    All scientific evidence points to the fact that in a matriachial society, a peaceful egalitarian utopia is achieved. This is shown throughout history. However, due to the inherent sexism of nature, the physical strength of womyn is undermined in an attempt to limit our power. Hence, we have determined that an approximate male to female ratio in this ideal society is 1:4, or a demographic of 80% female.

    However, with the current population boom being the result of men not being able to stop raping people every day, the only way we feel this can be achieved is a systematic culling of firstly, the undesirable men, such as the lowest classes, as well as the highest classes, as these Wall-Street types are the most inherently misogynist.

    The lowest class have no wealth to contribute and hence serve no purpose. We have determined that on a wealth scale, the men in the 70-90% most rich in the Western World must be the only to survive.

    Men must work for wealth and this wealth must be paid directly to the female who takes care of his child. We feel that a sexist attitude is implicated by the mere notion of fatherhood, so the father cannot see the child, so that it can be raised in an objective manner. We determine that men must be held in male-only communities, or camps, and be let out only to work and to fulfill the sexual needs of womyn.

    As you can see, this utopian society is ideal for the womyn, which is why it is puzzling as to how many comments we must delete by people claiming to be womyn, saying that our ideals are flawed.

    They argue about equality or something to that effect, but the underlying notion is, equality for the children can only be achieved by the means described above. Men’s tendency to lord it over with all the wealth must be eliminated so that womyn are not discriminated against and can hold all the top positions.

    I hope this has answered your questions

  47. i like how he says the only people who read our blogs are men, (he wishes) and that almost all the comments that come in get deleted. thats not even close to being true. we barely get any men or trolling on HUB anymore at all. thanks to our no-bullshit mad modding SKILLZ!!!!

  48. see this is where the irony starts to burn. she wrote her little article to prop up men, to get her little pats on the head from her male-identified readership and she worked really hard toward earning her alotted brownie points by diligently performing the requisite what-about-teh-menz. she did everything right, according to their rules. and the second she lets her guard down she gets completely pwned by some dood.

    does anyone suspect this will be her a-ha moment, where she realizes she cant win? sadly, i doubt it.

  49. Do I have this right? Some male who has wormed his way onto this site answers when radfemhub is contacted ? Makes a bunch of flatulent statements? Has this dude been identified as an actual fake poster here? HOW COULD SHE take him as a spokesperson when men are not permitted on this site? I must have missed something, this is so far out.


  50. shes been made a complete fool of, deliberately on purpose, and in public, by a man. by her own admission, she got him on the phone, believed him to be genuine (sociopaths are notoriously compelling liars, and most of them are men) and she just posted his words as if they represented reality. its really unbelievable. and she will probably do the same thing tomorrow. thats what happens when you deal with men. im fucking sorry, but its true and we all know it, and she knows it too.

  51. if they think i am going to comment over there to “set the record straight” they will learn in short order that i dont play. she looks like a complete ass, and she is on her own.

  52. im seriously tempted to post an article on this. LOL the IRONY. the audacity. omg. facepalm, headdesk LOLOMGWTF etc etc.

  53. An attempt at satire maybe?

  54. I looked him up…wot a face…haha! No wonder the only contact he can get with women is to hack & lie his way into their sites! Let me guess. His wife just left him. Don’t go to his FB page, sisters, though, don’t want him being able to trackback…well, bye bye, another dork bites the dust…

  55. From Nicholas Kristof’s op-ed piece today, “The Birth Control Solution”:

    “What’s needed isn’t just birth-control pills or IUDs. It’s also girls’ education and women’s rights — starting with an end to child marriages — for educated women mostly have fewer children.”

    Unfortunately, most of the article does just deal with birth control, and the hormonal kind that women take all the risk for, I might add. Also, Kristof says that he’s talked to women in rural parts of Africa who haven’t even heard of birth control. What he means, of course, is “hormonal birth control”, since any female who knows what causes pregnancy knows that not having PIV is a form of birth control.

    Also, he quotes a Guttmacher Institute study that says “215 million women want to avoid getting pregnant but have no access to contraception.” That’s 215 million women who dudes *should not be pronging* then. It’s a simple solution, really!

    Interesting/sad tidbit: In the report that’s linked to, it says (p.18) that of those 215 million women, if they had access to contraception, only 2.4 million would want their male partners to have vasectomies…. while 49.3 million women would want to have tubal ligation.

  56. yes, not being “pronged” *is* birth control, absolutely. they seem to be conflating “birth control” with “contraception” generally, which is so common it hurts, and yes as you say here they are specifically conflating it with “hormonal contraceptives” which is even worse! its also really nice how they keep saying “education” is the key, as if its only stupid women who are having all these babies, due to their own stupidity. and definitely NOT that being educated gives them more options, including not having to partner with men for financial reasons and (therefore) being more able to leave a violent abuser or rapist, and being able to refuse PIV altogether, or refuse to be impregnated, or refuse to carry to term, or refuse to do various things on mens terms generally. the FACT that the PIV-as-sex paradigm (including womens reproductive pain and servitude) is backed up by male violence and rape is NEVER EVER EVER discussed, and when someone actually does report the actual facts they lie and spin it so it looks like something different. like what was done on the op-ed in the NYT i cited in the article.

    thanks for the link!

  57. I totally understand women prefering to get a tubal ligation rather than their partner getting a vasectomy. Him getting a vasectomy doesn’t stop her from getting pregnant if she’s raped by someone else. I would want that control in my own hands as well.

  58. yes, i was thinking the same thing. you would also have to trust that the dood had actually had it done, and that the other dood performing the procedure had done it correctly. (the last applies to a tubal as well of course). it shouldnt come as a surprise to anyone that many women express relief upon reaching menopause that they can no longer be impregnated against their wills, either by regular old PIV or rape. yet people are surprised to hear this. they just wont accept whats true about womens lives under the current paradigm will they? they just wont.

  59. I’ve always agreed with you, FCM on that: PIV-as-sex is responsible for the overpopulation on earth, and most contemporary feminist debates are not even acknowledging this fact, as urgent as it may be…


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