Anarchist Politics Inform Occupy Wall Street

by FCM

at occupy wall street, apparently anarchy rules: “dont call the cops unless absolutely necessary” carries the day with these revolutionaries.  gee, where have we seen this before?  thats right: the 18-year old male anarchist who claims to have kickstarted slutwalk baltimore also believes that the community should reverse-slut-shame people i mean men behaving badly into cleaning up their behavior, instead of calling the cops, lest a historical record be left to inform those not directly involved, and lest any actual criminal sanctions be imposed on criminal offenders.  in the case of one man who was observed repeatedly groping women at OWS, the community decided to hand this dood over to the police anyway.  the reason?  he was giving the rest of the much-maligned protesters “a bad name” by sexually violating women.

yep thats right: apparently the liberal doods (and anarchists) bring out the big guns when someone is making the rest of them look bad.  not to protect female protesters from male protesters who are sexually violating them, or to punish the sexually predatory men within their own movement.  got that?  good.  of course, when the cops *are* involved, somehow women end up getting groped too.

interestingly, forbes magazine has issued a warning to young protesters of OWS in case they werent already aware: if you get arrested for civil disobedience, you could be raped in prison.  and prison-rape is waaaay worse when it happens to men than when it happens to women, so look out, teh menz!  literally watch your backs:

A brief stint in custody as the result of acts of civil disobedience might be an event that you can reminisce on.  Something that can add a bit of color to your life.  Think about Henry David Thoreau turning a day in the Concord jail into the classic On Civil Disobedience.  He had refused to pay his poll tax to protest the Mexican War.  A little more contemporary, although quite old now, is the indie cult classic Return of The Seacaucus Seven, where a group of boomers fast approaching the watershed age of 30, gather in New Hampshire and talk about how they didn’t make it to the big Washington protest, because they were arrested in New Jersey.  The brief  jail visit can be much more horrifying for some.  I personally have known two activists, who were brutally gang raped during brief incarcerations for minor acts of civil disobedience. […] What better way is there to “neutralize” a dissenter than by having her and especially him sexually assaulted or even merely threatened.  The humiliation is unbearable.

bold mine.  of course, most if not all women already fucking know that we are the targets of male sexual violence no matter where we go, and that prison-rape is a very real possibility for us too.  we dont need to be reminded.  so who is forbes talking to here?  this is not a rhetorical question.

importantly, the threat of men being raped in prison is also a really good fucking reason (for men) to not get the cops involved for any reason, lest some poor male be brutalized himself while in police custody.  even where that man was arrested for sexually brutalizing a woman or women himself.  getting the police involved could lead to men being raped.  even when the cops get called because the men themselves have raped.  which sheds some meaningful light on the anarchists’ motivations in every context, does it not?  including how highly they value women, and protecting womens interest in not being sexually violated in general, and in not being sexually violated by them.

and as jezebel reports, apparently theres alot of PIV going on at OWS too, which isnt really a surprise: keep the drugs, alcohol and sex-positivism flowing and hopefully none of the women will “cry rape” and kill everyones buzz i mean foul up the atmosphere of male-centric entitlement which hangs heavy over OWS and all male-centric political movements (including slutwalk) like a rain-soaked sleeping bag.

can women just never escape our reality that we are fodder for sexually predatory men, even when we are politically-active and are trying desperately to evoke meaningful political change alongside men, on mens terms?  radical feminists know the answer to that: the answer is obviously we cannot.  when organizing with men, our role is and will always be primarily (or exclusively) as sexual commodities, helpmates and masturbatory aids.

the reality is that OWS is a mens movement, and the treatment of the sexual predators in their midst as well as the male protesters’ PIV entitlement tells us everything we need to know.  women should be able to peacefully protest and be politically active without giving up their legal rights, or winding up impregnated, worrying about having been impregnated, and becoming trauma-bonded to the other protesters through dangerous male-centric sexuality.  this is complete and utter bullshit, and it doesnt help women.  thats the thing.  politically-active women should never be put in the position of being politically-active mens sexual service stations.  ever.  but this is in fact what we see, and it has been this way for decades.  politically-active women in the 1960s and 70s counterculture dealt with the same damn thing.  critically, there was little to no fundamental change with regard to womens social or political status or with regard to sexual politics as a result of that movement.  we must learn from this.

its time for women to organize with other women and to protect our own interests.  as is proven time and again, only within a womens movement free from men will we ever be able to place front and center womens human right to be free from the sexual use and abuse of predatory men.

large pic and “singles scene” caption from jezebel.

small pic and commentary from tumblr.

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  1. A similar OWS (Occupy That Park No One Ever Visits For Change!) movement has started at my university. I’m not a fan, but I haven’t really be able to articulate why. But I guess that’s it, isn’t it? It’s a male movement based around typical male concerns (money, nebulous ideas of “freedom”). I’m not even the only woman I know who’s noticed the overwhelming 19-year-old male “anarchist” slant to the whole thing, but it seems like most people are just excited that us youngin’s are finally doing a little political protesting. Not that there’s much protesting going on, from what I hear. They’ve got tents and music and glowsticks and shit. It’s just a big party that they’re calling a political movement so everyone has an excuse to get fucked up and find ~free love~.

    They keep talking about the 99% without mentioning the 51%. Really? This is what motivates you guys to get off your asses and into the streets?

  2. Mary Daly sez in Gyn/Ecology p.68: “The seduction of women–including feminists–into confusion by Dionysian boundary violations happens under a variety of circumstances. A common element seems to be an invitation to “freedom”.

    She seems to consider the Dionysian kind of situation or man to be more dangerous and seductive than the Apollonian boundary/rule-maker and enforcer. I see that happening here. The OWS is a big slutwalk for women as far as I can see. I see its seductiveness; many women do want change and feminists are being given the line that this is a gathering without hierarchy. With the Apollonian situation women know where they stand and there is a distance from the oppressor; with the Dionysian, the invitation is to become free by losing the Self. Right, we really need to lose whatever authentic Selves we have managed to maintain up to now.

    What to do? What even to advocate? I keep seeing parallels to the women covered head to toe in black marching in Arab countries together. They don’t join the men because they need to protect themselves. We’re in the same boat and could take similar steps, but that’s at the same time a helluva step backward! Still, I can see separate demonstrations with women protected by women security being a possibility.

    I hate to say it, but here we are again with political reformist action; subverted at every turn. The situation is that the protesters are blowing off some steam and will be tolerated to some extent to avoid real change. It’s amazing how weak the protests are, BTW. They will get nowhere, but people will have done what they could within the system. To me it’s another useless drain of our energy and another blurring of our focus.

  3. Yup, that’s why we kept the men OUT of GREENHAM… can be done…we just said OUT……NO ENTRY…..the only menz at GREENHAM were police and USA base officials and balliffs all that crap…..but womon were in control for years…..what was achieved , hard to say but it was a MALE free zone for years….

  4. ‘male free zone’, I guess in retospect it was worth it just for that alone…to know it is possible and can be done!

  5. Hey, ybawife, I googled Greenham and found this brief description…

    Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp was a peace camp established to protest at nuclear weapons being sited at RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire, England. The camp began in September 1981 after a Welsh group, Women for Life on Earth, arrived at Greenham to protest against the decision of the British government to allow cruise missiles to be based there.[1] The first blockade of the base occurred in May 1982 with 250 women protesting, during which 34 arrests were made.[2]

    On 12 December 1982, 30,000 women held hands around the 6 miles (9.7 km) perimeter of the base, in protest against the decision to site American cruise missiles there
    In December 1982, 30,000 women joined hands around the base at the Embrace the Base event.[2]
    The camp became well known when on 1 April 1983, about 70,000 protesters formed a 14 miles (23 km) human chain from Greenham to Aldermaston and the ordnance factory at Burghfield.[3][4] The women’s peace camp attracted significant media attention and “prompted the creation of other peace camps at more than a dozen sites in Britain and elsewhere in Europe”.[1]
    Another encircling of the base occurred in Dec 1983, with 50,000 women attending. Sections of the fence were cut and there were hundreds of arrests.[2][5]
    On 29 September 1982 the women were evicted by Newbury District Council but set up a new camp nearby within days.[6] On 4 April 1984, the women were again evicted from the Common; again by nightfall the women all returned to reform the camp. [7]
    The camp consisted of 9 smaller camps at various gates around the base. The first was called Yellow Gate and others included: Blue Gate with its new age focus, Violet Gate with a religious focus, and Green Gate which was exclusively women-only and did not accept male visitors.[2]
    The last missiles left the camp in 1991 as a result of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, but the camp remained in place until 2000 after protestors won the right to house a memorial on the site.[8]
    A Commemorative & Historic Site on the site of the old camp was inaugurated on 5 October 2002 which features a circle of seven standing stones encircling the ‘Flame’ sculpture which represents a camp fire.[9]

    Greengate: fantastic! I am feeling embarrassed by not knowing about this. Have a bad feeling media coverage in the US wasn’t much. This is radical because it was women separating and it may be one of the largest women’s gatherings in history, if I think about it.

  6. yes thanks for that vliet. i didnt know what it was either. most excellent.

  7. Try googling “Rote Zora”

  8. Perfect timing with this post, FCM. I was just considering visiting a nearby Occupy [City Name] to check it out and take some photos. I saw a video of their generally assembly meeting, and it was almost all dudes taking the allegedly “non-leader” leadership roles. Big surprise. “Oh, no, we don’t have leaders here! We just happen to have a huge number of white guys using megaphones!”

    Maybe I can go to the event with a “Girlhood is significant” shirt, and a big cardboard sign with “WE ARE THE 51%” on it and see how many women come over to join. I’d probably just be confronted by a bunch of young bros with Black Flag t-shirts telling me I’m discriminating against them.

  9. Yes that sounds good lishra! Rally the troops. I wonder how many of them would get either reference? Actually, I’d probably be happier not knowing.

  10. Perfect example of the liberal doods obliviousness of the existence of women as part of the 99% –

    Check out the sign in the background of the main photo to this article

    you can see the writing clearer in this one

    It says (as far as I can make out) “We are not machines, we are not cattle. We are MEN”

  11. good catch agatha. and the WOMAN in the foreground still seems to be under the impression that its about the 99%, that this movement is about or could ever bring about radical change, and that it includes her. but she is wrong about that isnt she?

  12. I’m glad you’ve posted about this FCM. Women in the UK are talking about it too, believing the shift in politics is a good thing for women. I’ve tried to tell ’em…

  13. Hi, Rain, thanks for mentioning the violent leftist feminist group Rote Zora. I didn’t know about them, either. It makes me wonder about the US, where I can’t think of any similar separatism among protest groups. There must have been some.

  14. This is why I decided not to go to my local Occupy (My City) protests. Part of me really, really wants an excuse to make signs and shout slogans and hope it means something. But the other part realizes that as a woman, I would not be welcome or represented by the movement. I would be putting myself at risk aka in the vicinity of men. Anarchist ideas woo me to a degree, but that is because as a woman I am so desperate for true freedom, sometimes anything that promises it can look appealing. We are the 51%. How many anarchists would stand for us and our rights?

  15. yes, its hard to escape the fact that being in proximity to men puts us at risk, and that organizing in close proximity to them therefore undermines our own interests: to reduce (not increase or support) male power, and to be safe from predatory men and mens sexual entitlement to womens bodies. women being in close proximity to men increases male power because we are socialized to fucking fawn over and defer to them, and it increases male power because we are vulnerable to male bodies and they know it.

  16. I just wrote a new post on my blog regarding the utter crap that is “Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street”. Oh, yes, that is now a real thing in the world.

    @Rainbow Riot – You articulated exactly how I was feeling about this. I just wanted to do *something* (and something that isn’t Slutwalk). Unless a movement is basically all women, it’s going to be derailed and/or not accomplish anything helpful for females. I hope I’m wrong.

  17. lishra i actually think you are being too optimistic. having “basically all” females didnt do anything for slutwalk did it? if they let one single solitary man become involved in the organizing, that man will derail the convo and turn in on himself, if by no other mechanism than having a radfem call him out. we saw this with hugo, and with slutwalk bmore and slutwalk uconn too. men have dirty hands and should not be involved. the fact of their dirty hands alone should be enough, but the fact that calling them on it would derail the message of the entire movement should DEFINITELY be enough to make all men who really care BACK AWAY from the movement and let it exist without their help, or to make the women who want to keep their movement focused to say “thanks dood, but we got this one.” one man is too many, and they will NEVER protect womens interests in being safe from male violence. they are definitely not down with our ultimate goal of reducing or eliminating male power. how could they be?

  18. its not “pessimistic” to call attention to that, its just realistic. men are attached to male power. their behavior at OWS makes this so obvious: it supports male power 100% to engage in PIV with women, and to create an environment that is sexually-charged where that sexuality is male-centric sexuality that places women in harms way. its rape-culture, or rape-culture lite at the very best. and they fucking love it. how many women are going to have pregnancy scares as a result of their protesting at OWS? how much of their energies will be diverted in the upcoming months worrying about it and dealing with the consequences, as the men go merrily on their way as if nothing happened, with their full attention and energy and focus intact? it literally sickens me to think about this.

  19. I agree, FCM. I just had this picture in my mind of an all-woman march against pornography in which Robert Jensen tags along at the back. Heh. I shouldn’t use “exceptions” language, though, when that isn’t really what I believe. You’re right. It does need to be entirely made up of females. Slutwalk is the perfect example for why that’s necessary.

  20. well its interesting that you mention one of the most seemingly “exceptional” pro-feminist men, because as far as i know, even *he* hasnt come out as PIV-critical. the absolute best work any so-called pro-feminist men are doing is extremely limited to pornstitution and rape, without any regard or consideration at all (apparently?) for the source of male power over women, which is just good old PIV. over time and place, more girls and women have suffered from PIV as an institution than any other patriarchal institution or practice. ie. ALL OF US. every fucking girl and woman who has ever lived. and its absoutely supportive of male power in demonstrable and tangible ways. and if any, and i mean ANY so-called pro-feminist men are still sticking their dicks into women and calling it “sex” then its clear to me that either they are so stupid and ill-informed that they dont get it, or that they are still so enamoured with their own male power that they will just never give it up no matter what. they are complete frauds as pro-feminists in either case.

  21. and *if* they are even willing to be honest, all their histories are going to start like this: (this is jensen’s)

    When I was a young adult who used pornography,

    well guess what dood? i dont want to fucking hear it. i dont want to be your confessional and i dont want to hear about your experience as an oppressor of women. he should be speaking to other men, and my understanding about jensen is that he *does* talk to other men. which is good. he should keep doing it, and stay out of womens way. perhaps more importantly, women should never make the mistake of thinking he is anything super special, because hes not. until i see something PIV-critical from him, i will state categorically that he doesnt fucking get it, at all.

  22. You’re absolutely right! This must be why I haven’t been drawn to any of the Occupy movements.
    Great work

  23. Thanks for bringing this up, FCM. Women are raped outside of prison at the same rate men are raped IN PRISON. Yet we always hear horrible it is for men who go to prison because they are likely to be RAPED.

    I realized that even if OWS succeeds (whatever that would look like), I still would have to face scary, harassing men, and the possibility of rape wherever I go.

    But, capitalism is an incredibly important issue, including in women’s lives.It is a big part of the reason the sexploitation industries exist. This needs to be a part of the OWS conversation.

  24. omg, i dont even want to think about the numbers of male OWS protesters who use porn. i think “all of them” would be a fair estimate. and i am not saying that there arent goals here that women could share on a reformist level. im saying that OWS is a mens movement — men actively support male power within the context of male-centric “reformism” all the time, and they dont include women in their definition of “human” or in the 99% the OWS protesters keep harping on about. and i am sure they feel as “repressed” by the women (and the wives) of the richest 1% as the men in the 1%, but this reveals alot — namely that they dont have the slightest fucking clue what womens experience of political and economic oppression by men (and the impact on women of male-centric sexual politics) is really like, and they dont care, and they would be terribly put out if this was ever addressed in a real way. i think the women in the 99% have more in common with the rich women in the 1% that we do with the men in the 99%. dont we? i mean really. how many of them are just there are trophy wives for example, and how many had unwanted pregnancies and continue to provide coerced PIV to these assholes? how many women who have “made it” have had to “overcome” being sexually harassed and harangued by men the whole time etc? how many have been motivated to succeed either on their own or through marriage by the fear of male sexual violence and rape thats part of the poverty experience for women and not men?

  25. i probably shouldve named this post “OWS is a mens movement” since lishra twittered it with #OWS. everyone following those posts knows the OWS are anarchists and many think this is a positive attribute LOL i am sure they dont know or care how anarchism and everything else they are doing at OWS supports male power. thats obviously the point of this post. im still getting used to writing for a larger audience that hasnt been following our convos here and wouldnt get the significance to women and radfems of male anarchism. and HUB gets tons of traffic. 🙂

  26. Yesterday was 15th october, international day for the “indignados”, a movement that spread especially in Latin America and Spain, from which stems the OWS. In the town I’m in (France), a few hundred people gathered at a place for the afternoon, with banners and endless megaphone speeches. There were about as much as women as men, but as far as I can remember, only a few women spoke and it was about men as the pseudogeneric. It was a really depressing sight, I saw so many emaciated, skinny and barely dressed women / young, taking so little space, cheering at men, holding kids, posing and devotedly pleasing the patriarchs around them – this was especially blatant with the younger ones, adolescents.

    There was also this 99% thing. I think its actually a secret code, and the 99% refers to the amount of world property and held by men, and the 1% referring what belongs to women. So men are actually protesting because they want this 1% to belong to them too, they can’t stand that 1% that women have (if they have it all, I wonder if that 1% isn’t actually just a token percent so not to say 100%, which would maybe seem, you know, over the top?).

    Haha I just laugh at their stupid protests, they’re not going to go anywhere, smoking pot and raping women on central parks, what does change to the usual? Don’t they always do that anyway? Bah, I’ll stop ranting now.

  27. I’m guessing you’ve all seen this video, but I love it every time. Except for the fact the anarcho-feminists seem to be holding out some sort of hope with regard to men 😦 If they are aware and organized enough to create an amazing video like this, they should just cut their losses and join radical feminism 🙂

  28. They showed it at the 2009 Anarchist Conference

  29. yes thanks for that cherry. as for “feminist anarchists” i get that there are going to be conflicting feelings toward the law for people who havent always been legally recognized as human beings. for people who have always been raped with impunity and had to FIGHT to get the crimes against us recognized as crimes at all, a law that even now is barely enforced, this “victory” of legal recognition has been bittersweet. but are women really interested in removing formal social controls on men? really? unless they intend to replace these with something else, like cutting off the hands of gropers and agreeing not to call the cops on the ones doing the surgery i dont know whats in this for women. anarchist men rape and impregnate just like all men, what are we supposed to do with them? why are we expected to give up the legal ground we have gained, as paltry and inadequate as it is? do anarchists recognize that the law has JUST NOW started protecting some of us, and that we have had to fight mightily for this privilege, and that we needed it because men refuse to police themselves when it comes to their sexual violence against women?

    white male anarchists, of course, are just a fucking joke. its all well and good for them to “refuse to call the cops” when in the backs of their minds they always know its an option, and if the law were involved it would recognize them as human and treat them fairly and protect their interests. its all well and good for them to not call them, when they KNOW if they did, or if they “really needed to” that the fucking cops would show up at all. which they often dont, if whatever is going down happens in the wrong neighborhood or is a domestic violence call which the cops know are supremely violent and dangerous to themselves.

  30. LOL we have marxist males trying to comment here. who obviously havent read the comments policy or dont care, and who dont know what FAAB-only refers to, or dont care. good one doods! now tell me how feminist and pro-feminist you all are, again?

  31. Something nobody is really talking about, there was recently a mass exodus of women from wall street, women driven out, women who warned of the impending financial crisis, women replaced by men. Sallie Krawcheck purged from BofA, Erin Callanof Lehman Brothers, Zoe Cruz Morgan Stanley, Heidi Miller JP Morgan Chase, etc, etc. All together, 141,000 women left the industry while 389,000 men joined it. Considering that only 16.8% of executive officers and only 2.5% of chief executive officers are female, those are staggering numbers.

    Women are like the canary in the coal mine when it comes to politics and economics. For several years now, we’ve been watching this mass exodus and asking WTH is going on? It’s kind of ironic to me, women have been trying desperately to occupy wall street, to occupy politics, to occupy some power in this country. Nobody ever seems concerned about the fact that we don’t, and that studies all over the world have shown that when we do, everybody’s quality of life improves.

  32. this vid is great, up to when it starts showing pornographic images of women. Where is the critique of the use of violent images?

    As feminists we must take great care to create spaces free from mind-raping patriarchal imagery, and avoid inflicting any additional and unnecessary violence on ourselves.
    We should be really careful whenever we re-use patriarchal material that eroticises the subordination of women, because it IS a form of violence in itself, it’s like a visual sexual aggression, a constant reminder of our status as sex objects for men. Even placed within a feminist subtext, it doesn’t short-circuit the negative effect on us (being trained into projecting the male gaze onto ourselves so we are in a constant state of self-hate and dissociation), and it doesn’t deepen our understanding to bombard us with tons of such images, which is what patriarchy does all the time. Best to use as few as possible or none at all: at worst, only one or two are enough, we get the message!

    Showing more of these images just further pleases the men who are watching the video (so that even in feminist films and blogs they get to see porn, that’s the jackpot! – those marxist trolls might be nodding silently) and means that wherever we go, we can’t escape these images, even in feminist spaces. I find it very mind-polluting.

    As to the question of criticising anarchy, it’s not because men are men (whether under the guise of anarchists, statists, or marxists, whatever they pretend to be) that we should reject any anarchist critique of the state, as long as it’s from a radfem perspective.
    Ok, the state conceded a few token laws that protect a few women sporadically and were won by women after harsh fights, but does this mean we should defend the state as pro-women? No way, never in my life! I don’t see how having rules, rights and obligations (such as the obligation to respect each other’s dignity, integrity, humanity, not to dominate and exploit others, exert violence, to refuse or even punish in some way who breach those rules) is incompatible with an anarchist analysis and a critique of the state as one of the many prurient façades of patriarchal domination. I don’t see the problem. It’s like saying we can’t use certain aspects of marxist analysis because marxists are dudes – but exploitation of women within capitalism forms part of how we are oppressed, so does that mean we should avoid talking about exploitation, stop criticising capitalism? Oh but some women gain from capitalism, fought hard to get high paid jobs, so maybe we shouldn’t criticise capitalism after all.

    Come on, every single patriarch may concede at some point some minor modifications to its domination, does that change the fact that he’s a patriarch? That he should fall down, be abolished?

  33. It is so difficult finding our way through the morass of paradoxes and contradictions brought up by the OWS demonstrations. I see FCM’s point, that there is some legal pretense of oversight of male crimes against women in our current System, achieved by women at great cost, and an anarchist System would probably result in a huge increase in such crimes as we would lose whatever legal protection we have gained. I also see yttik’s point that this might be an opportunity to get rid of the entrenched System and have a hand in making the new System less oppressive rather than more oppressive. Forgive me please if I am misstating what you are saying.

    My analysis of this starts with my conviction that any alliance with men is a waste of energy and likely to backfire. Therefore, very simply, I will not involve myself with the male-oriented OWS. Further, I see no express purpose developing in OWS to lessen our oppression if they are successful. It’s not focused on women in any way I can see. What FCM is pointing out is that the environment of OWS right now is oppressive to women; that’s some evidence of what general success would mean for women.

    Looking at OWS objectively, I see a neo-marxist movement of workers who have been ground down so far they have to blow off steam. This happens regularly when capitalism gets too destructive to workers. But capitalism makes a few compromises, absorbs the blow, and continues to reign. I don’t think this movement is going anywhere but to a few reforms, which makes it a double waste of energy.

    Also, the women protesters are in a dangerous situation. This “blowing off steam” will always have as a major focus increased access to females and sex on demand. The System has no reason to curb sexual violence against women among the demonstrators — the police are staying outside for a while longer and tolerating a certain amount of crime. Adding up the emphasis on “freedom”, the excitement and disorganization of the protests, and the presence of a large number of young women who are not organized as such, I see them as being subverted as usual into sexual tools for both male sides. The System lets the male workers have extra access to females, which lessens some of their hostility, and the male workers have temporary unfettered access.

    If the System does come down by some amazing chance, let’s mobilize quickly as feminist women and commence an unrelenting campaign for women’s freedom. I’m talking about waiting on the sidelines and stepping in opportunistically if by some miracle an opening occurs. Like yttik I would love to see change. But I see this as just another futile protest within the System for System reforms, not a revolution, at least at the moment, and it’s not worth my time.

  34. obviously i fully support a “radfem critique of the state.” i never said i didnt. perhaps as has been suggested though, any woman who is really performing this from a radfem perspective should “come out” and identify as a radfem and not some other male-identifying -ist?

  35. seriously. i have yet to see a radfem critique of the state from anyone BUT radfems, for obvious reasons.

  36. Sorry, I was a little carried away.
    I completely agree with both of you, FCM and tiptree. A male-defined anarchist system would just still be patriarchy, only the dress and style of men would differ. They would smash the laws of the male elite but would continue to uphold their patriarchal rules allowing access to women’s bodies at all times, and exploitation of women’s work for the benefit of men. It’s evident that OWS, just as any other male-identified movement, will never benefit in any way to women. It makes me feel sad that so many women join these movements, to see them wasting their time and energy only to be treated like shit.

    When I mentioned anarchy I was referring to it in a more ideological/abstract sense, how I would imagine it would be ideally. OWS has obviously nothing to do with this ideal.

    but you’re right, best just to stick to radfem critique of the state and that’s it.

    Thanks for all the great analyses

  37. How incredibly appropriate and disgusting: Occupy Wall Street Condoms.

  38. unbelievable.

    from their website:

    Occupy Condoms! Why? Whether or not you agree with the “demands” of the Occupy Wall Street movement that is sweeping the U.S., one thing is for sure; lots of people out there are tired of feeling screwed. Occupy Condoms say it all in a neat little package while affording young protestors the protection they need to stay safe in the passionate frenzy that is social protest.

    Occupy Condoms are sold at a 70% discount to demonstrate our support for social change and the virtuous pursuit of equality for all. Mostly, we didn’t think it cool to be capitalizing quite so blatantly on a protest movement that itself is concerned about unscrupulous profiteering. So, we’ll just hope for some good buzz and a small amount of unscrupulous profits.

    Contact Condomania to request free Occupy Condoms for the Occupy Movement in your city!

    occupy = colonize. on a condom. DUH.

  39. 51%? Nah, that figure doesn’t even begin to tell the story. I had to go to the 2010 U.S. Census to see if I could dig up a more accurate picture. Strangely, the sex break-downs of the categories seemed to be all but impossible to find in the half hour search I did. WTF is up with that? About the only statistic I could find was that there are 155.6 million females in the U.S. and 151.4 males. Which left me little choice but to resort to math. Not a wise thing to do at 3 a.m. when my brain is flat-lining.

    What we are missing in that 51% figure is that children make up a substantial percentage of the population. Women and children. They go together like soup and sandwich and horse and carriage. Because both groups are viewed as the property of men to be bought, sold, traded and owned and are not politically represented anything worth talking about about and have little to no say-so in the process.

    When all was said and done, I came up with the figure of 80%. Approximately 80% of the population are women and children. Which leaves 20%. 20% of the population are adult males. I broke it down even further. Because we know who really rules that 20% in the U.S. White males. Ultimately I arrived at this figure. Adult white males = 15%. This 15% holds most of the power and rules over and dictates to most of the 85%. See now why that 51% figure bothered me?

    Here’s some other figures I dug up in recent months. 94% of corporations are headed by white males. The other 6% consists of non-white males and women COMBINED. Black women are the least represented.

    Here’s what annoyed me about OWS. We basically have 14% of the population pissing and moaning that they are being treated like they have been treating the other 85% of the population for centuries, and in women and children’s case, millennia. Not only didn’t they raise a fuss or see anything wrong with the disenfranchisement of 85% of the population, the 15% felt downright entitled to it. But now the 1% have broken the unspoken contract with the other 14% of their white dude bros. That 14% now feels betrayed by the 1% and are downright furious about it. How dare they throw them in with the other 85%! I’ve seen more than a few try to blame feminism for it, lol. They can’t accept the fact that their own kind betrayed them. I can’t resist asking them how that shoe feels on that foot. How does it feel to be one of the little people and be treated as they have treated us, the 85%, since time on end? But part of the 99%? Oh puh-lease. We know damn well that the 14 to 19% still puts themselves above the other 80% and feels entitled to continue to lord over and dictate to them. So things haven’t changed much for we, the 80%, at all. It’s only the 14% things have really changed for. And they’d like what? For the other 85% to put them back into position? LOL. What do I care which one of you boys are in power? It don’t much matter to me. You ALL treat women like shit.

    Replacing one form of patriarchy with another is not revolution or change. Got it boys? Good. But what I am excited about is that this battle between the white boys gives we, the 85%, some bargaining power. You want our numbers? Whatcha gonna give us in return, boys?

    It’s a rhetorical question. We know what these boys will ultimately give us in return. History is loaded with examples. It never fails. As soon as these boys get what they want, it will be right back to the kitchen and the trenches for the 85%. They have no intention of sharing power. LOL, they’d rather destroy the entire planet than ever allow that!

  40. Hi witchwind, I think they are critiquing porn, but yes I agree that these images should be used sparingly. Very important point that, about showing porn to an audience of men.

    I struggled when I read Beauty and Misogyny. MY friend and I discussed how SHeila Jeffreys seemed to have “gone too far” with all the descriptions, but I concluded that it was what she had to do, to shine a light in the dark places in order to expose them. And obviously, no man at all has read Beauty and Misogyny. NOt men women either! Only radfems.

  41. On the condoms: “We won’t be screwed. We will come first”

    As usual, men by their own words give themselves away. It’s just a big dick-waving contest to them, with women in the firing line, again as usual.

  42. yes, the mods here have trashed comments before for being too porny. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. its a judgement call and we do take it seriously. i agree that the images in the video *were* being criticized: the point was that the anarchist dudes are using pornified images of women to sell anarchy that are almost identical to the pornified images in mainstream advertising and that this is misogynist and an abuse of male power, and thus this allegedly “revolutionary” movement is just another brand of patriarchy that only serves men and not women. wasnt it?

  43. ” wasnt it?”

    The comparison between “Nuts” magazine and the “Class War” paper was brilliant.
    Also the “Buy Nothing Day” poster, with the naked women sticking her finger up, at the capitalists…. but they Anarcho-feminists know that the final joke is on women, when they use a naked woman to get their political message across.

  44. Thank you for raising awareness about the role of women in OWS. Wow. I have been at Liberty Square almost every day since the movement began and its so much to take in, I almost overlooked what you are saying here but you are RIGHT! My general impression of the movement is that it has major right wing and tea party undertones, which is in-line with its anti-feminism and male supremacy. First, the so-called leaders who stepped up in the first few days were male until they started infighting and announced there would be no leaders. They immediately elected themselves in-charge of the IT, video, internet, and public statements. The women of course were seen in the “kitchen” preparing food and serving it while the men worked on the computers and had plates served to them because of course computers are HARD WORK. The chat room monitors on are named “FloridaMom” and “Goddess” and their role is to tell everyone “don’t be political in the chat” and needless to say if you are a woman being political in the chat, you are the first one kicked out. I have two aliases, a male and a female and the male never gets kicked out. I was also pushed by a female police officer because she said I was blocking the sidewalk. There were men in suits yelling at the protesters “get a job” etc and I started yelling back at them but I was on the park side and they were on the sidewalk, it was my MOUTH that was on the sidewalk, my words, not my body, and that’s what she objected to. She objected to me yelling louder and smarter than the men. Thank you for waking me up to this issue.

  45. the female cop and female mods sound like a “handmaidens of the patriarchy” scenario. its common to have a few token women supporting the male-centric status quo. it would be really nice if all the women broke off and started their own thing, vocally and obviously challenging the male power structure on the ground. if they dared call attention to the PIV-centric sex happening though they would surely be labeled “prudes” and run out of town.

  46. Amazing comment, luckynkl! Thanks for sharing it, and sorry you spent all night up counting these figures!

    I understood very well the point of the video in showing pornified images, I’m aware that it used the images to criticise their use by anarchist men (but thanks very much for explaining!), but by showing them again, even within a critical context, means promoting the very images it wants to criticise.
    Added up in that way, it just reinforces the violence rather than criticises it because we don’t have time to deconstruct each image, or distance ourselves from them, especially because it’s eroticised. It’s not like simply showing images of men talking and women working. Showing a pornified image is in itself an act of violence against the viewer, against the women photographed and against all women. It’s like repeating 50 times the word “bitch” until you puke. It further desensitises the viewer to these images, accumulated and bombarded in this way. Plus, if it’s hard even for feminists to deconstruct eroticised images of violence, I guess the effect for most men watching these images would just be arousal, not heightened awareness.

    The best way to reveal the violence in sexualised images of violence (therefore to desexualise the violence) is not to show the image at all and to describe it in words, this is what Sheila Jeffreys did, and while her book may be hard to read at times, it’s because she denounces and reveals the type violence against women that’s usually invisible because it’s considered as sex. Most women have no clue about all the violence women endure or even don’t realise the amount of violence inflicted upon themselves because it’s considered normal femininity. Andrea Dworkin criticised pronography in almost everything she wrote, yet she never used a single image (as far as I know, or if she did use some, it must have been very scarce).

    In the video’s case, it probably wouldn’t have been possible, but two or 4 images at most (the anarchist one versus mainstream one) would have been enough for the analogy to be understood.

  47. How can you have a movement for economic justice that doesn’t address women’s economic injustices?? 70% of those living off of less than a dollar a day are women. Women in the US barely make 78 cents of the dollar if they get paid at all. Women own less than 1% of the property. Where are the signs about how the world’s poor are women?

    Studies have shown that when you put women in positions of power and give them more resources, everybody’s quality of life improves. So if you really want economic justice for everyone, you need to be advocating that women be put into more positions of financial and political power and be given more control over the resources. I don’t see OWS saying any of those things.

  48. yes thats a great question yttik. clearly this is not a “movement for economic justice” but something else entirely.

  49. Where can we meet in person and organize? This is the problem, at least here in the US.

    I am near Santa Cruz and am going there today to see if there are any feminists at the Occupation; maybe that’s one way to do it.

    I was more inclined to drop everything a year and a half ago and drive to Phoenix to be one more white person protesting SB1070. That was different, and the solidarity and amazing stories I was told by the women there, many of them from Mexico, was well worth the drive and the cost. Almost all of the voices on the radio, including Pacifica and DemocracyNow’s coverage of the NYC and Oakland Occupations are male voices. Maybe one out of 5 is a woman.

    Well, that says it all….


  50. No matter how well documented it is for prosperity for all to increase the minute women are in charge of resources, men are simply going to insist on dominating OWS and other ‘economic justice” issues, because THE main issue worldwide is the theft of women’s resources on a massive scale, and this is normalized through sexual servitude to men. It’s the bottom line of all male “wealth creating” strategies, and as long as women continue to “produce” children, this will be the grand theft of all time.

    Address that and you really get at the core of it all. Wonder what would happen if 5000 women united committed to getting the anti-PIV message out, and also calling out the “sexy’ exploitation of women protesters at OWL? There has never been economic reform for the sole benefit of women to my knowledge, and the marriage mystification machine goes unchecked age after age.

  51. witchwind,
    Ah yes. BIg difference between *describing* porn and *showing* *images* of porn!

  52. I’m in the bay area as well and would like to meet up with some radfems, maybe use the ows protests to educate folks on these very issues. How can we set this up? Feel free to share my email with Julia or others to help facilitate it.

  53. If those ‘liberal” men at the protests are silent about the pornification of women protestors, they are part of the system.
    Where is the male outrage at this? No outrage, no change.

  54. Thank you very much for this work, FCM. Now I’ll have to go to OWS in Santa Cruz in order to hand out the brochures! Maybe I’ll see Julia doing the same thing.


  55. oh that would be great vliet! maybe we can have women taking pictures of the brochure at all the OWSes around the world. 🙂 like the traveling bagel from the local deli.

    do you have suggestions on making it better? its just a draft so far.

  56. It’s a damn fine draft. Thanks. 🙂

  57. haha! you say that like its a good thing. if it were that good, it would be a damn good FINAL draft. suggestions?

  58. Awesome pamphlet, FCM! I’ve been coming up with some potential sign slogans as well. I feel like this could be a good time to move some energy into explicitly feminist actions. If I end up visiting one of the Occupy events, I could hand the pamphlets out to the women there or leave some at an info desk thing perhaps. Hmm… 🙂

  59. For me, even the name “Occupy…” is malecentric. It is colonisation, invasion, a force.

    And fucking brilliant comment Lucky. 😛

  60. the brochure has been slightly updated and is now also available in PDF! 🙂

  61. ok please send me citation info for feminist economics stuff. for the “resources” section i just copied and pasted from HUB’s “resources” page, but this probably demands more specific content. thanks!

  62. FeminismNowOWS has the text of their flier here Very good stuff. It’s got lots of stats in it too… not sure if that’s what you’re looking for though, FCM.

  63. I’m going to try to print from the above this afternoon – will let you know if I need a pdf. I haven’t passed out flyers in decades, haha! Looking forward to it!! One question for discussion – should we pass them out to men? I feel sorta not.

  64. hi vliet

    the above are the most updated versions to date (5.1&6) i just found a type-o and made room for a few more authors on the resources page. you *should* be able to print these but i cant promise anything! a pdf might work better, and if you plan on making tons of copies its probably better to start with an original (pdf or word). see how it goes. good luck!

    as for handing them out to men, i would say they probably wont want them, and even if they do take one and read it, they will probably try to argue with you because they all think they are special snowflakes and that this doesnt apply to them! so i would say not. but its up to you.

  65. BTW i just contacted a printer and got a quote for 1000 brochures at $75 includes color, 2-sided with tri-fold. just as an FYI.

  66. but i think it would be *awesome* if everyone here who works in an office stayed late and printed these out on their boss’s printer at his expense. HA! take that! 🙂 then you’d have to fold them yourself though. black-and-white would probably work fine too. better than nothing i guess? but i really like the pink!

  67. It’s well established that anarchist hacker dudebros are no friends of women — how chilling that many men in these crowds are wearing the mask that is associated with those dudebro groups:

  68. Great job with the flyer FCM. And I suggest anyone going to OWS just hand out the brochures to women. It doesn’t matter about men. I am convinced that radfem statements and ideas do not get enough traction with women, and it is really women we are trying to tell about all this stuff anyway. Talking to men about this is a complete waste of time.

    And that really is the secret to radfem stuff. It is about women’s consciousness and revolution, and I’d say talking radfem stuff is THE hardest thing to do with women most of the time. Trying to get through to the most oppressed group on earth is no easy task, and all our efforts really need to be in that direction. Men understand women’s unity, they know when to give up when women are furious. Witness all the women who got elected in the 1992 elections after the outrage of Anita Hill… 20th anniversary of the hearings were October 11 I think. It is when men reveal their womanhatred that women wake up.

    Just a suggestion.

  69. OK, I’m passing out to women only in Santa Cruz later this afternoon/evening. The .png looks fine as a 2 page flyer, except the lettering is small and the gray print should be bold as it doesn’t reproduce well. I’m off to the copy place.

  70. I agree. Don’t waste your time and ink on males, in fact I’d say be as low-key about it and one-on-one as you can make it so their *bros* don’t take notice.

  71. just so its clear, the flyer should be printed on one page, front and back and then folded into thirds. it wont look right as 2-pages. 🙂 i had to print one out myself to see how it would look, and had to fool around with it a bit to get the 2 sides oriented properly.

    happy protesting everyone!

  72. Here’s a couple of links:

    Man accused of exposing self to children arrested

    Officers had been given a composite sketch of the suspect and detectives learned he had been at Westlake Park taking part in the Occupy Seattle protests.

    Occupy Cleveland protestor told police she was raped in tent

  73. I just read your post, FCM. Good work. 🙂 It does not surprise me one bit those males’ attitude towards womyn. What a bunch of assholes. When it’s a womon who gets raped, they don’t care. Oh, but when it’s a man, then suddenly they’re “shocked,” seriously? Fucking bastards, those anarchists, just like all other kinds of men. I wish the womyn who hang out with OWS male protesters were able to see the blatantly pro-rapist agenda.

    I agree that Sl*twalk is in fact a ‘men’s PIV rights’ movement.

    Womyn definitely need to stop working for male-centric causes. Womyn need to organise together, so then we could all fight for real female freedom. for once…

  74. The suffragettes movement in UK USA was all womon…they held all womon rallies and amazing marches IT CAN BE DONE SISTERS… we did at Greenham..when we circled the base…we turned 100’s of men away who wanted to take over we told womon who moaned about this to leave with the men…we were very serious and strict taking no prisoners it was awesome and it frightened the shit outta the white male establishment…..ordinary womon leaving their homes to camp out in damp Newbury all the year round…..ignoring authority creating their own support networks nationwide….we chanted this…scared the police and hateful onlookers…..
    ‘She is like a mountain,
    Old and strong, she goes on and on and on
    You can’t kill the spirit’
    The Spriit of womon MUST go on and on…….Fuck the Patriarchy

  75. FYI you may have to “refresh” your browser after you click on the pdf link before acrobat opens and the document appears, but it is there. 🙂

  76. Love the leaflets FCM. It is a good opportunity to distribute them. I think the protests are important, so are the radfem warnings to women about the way men will try to dispense with them after their goals have been achieved. That is why revolutions have to be fought over and over again, because women have been prevented from wielding an equal share of power; and our viewpoint is essential to running a healthy society, of course it is. We are 51% of the population the world needs us to have 51% representation at the democratic table.

  77. yes women are passing them along as we speak. thanks everyone! feel free to email the links to everyone you know. 🙂

  78. Well, hey, y’all… look at this! I, for one, am not surprised… I also abandoned Boing Boing as I have watched the comment threads get overtaken with misogynist pro-porn d00dbros who enjoy making ‘jokes’ about rape. My complaints to moderators had no effect.
    Buh bye, Boing Boing. I did leave them a link to this post in the last OWS article I read over there…

  79. Hi, doctress julia, I went to the site and saw the misgynism taking over and left a comment…you were brave to hang in there so long. I hope that a couple of other radfems will go there to stop the spinning that it’s all the fault of nasty women making false rape claims. It’s easy to make a comment, please try.

  80. BUT I AM TIRED AND I WANT TO GIVE UP! D: I am SO TIRED… :C… They WANT me to give up, and I keep telling myself I AM STRONGER THAN THEM. Am I…? /lolsob

  81. Hey, doctress, you have been extremely strong. Thank you for speaking up. I have left two comments. This is a good place for others of us to step in with comments. Doctress, you have done enough, and I hope you can now sit back and enjoy the show. Let’s silence the men for once. Don;t let them get away with it. We only need a couple more women commenters to take over this thread.

  82. thanks julia and vliet. 🙂 well done.

  83. Just been there and left a comment…amazing how the menz get all bent outta shape when womon tell them that we don’t like them….they know it is the truth I just wish that more womon would see the harm being done by getting involved on mass with crowds of males all on the hunt!!!!!!!

  84. Ybawife, I’m so happy you commented on tyhe link julia posted above.This is the perfect thread to take control of the argument. We need just a couple more comments to wipe out these doublespeak experts. Please, others, step in, it’s just a few minutes of your time, and anonymous. I just posted another comment. I ain’t quitting.


    What an ally! Also read the comments – these are the men we are supposed to protest with.

  86. what do you suppose it means that 49 people have viewed the “contact” page on this blog today, and no one has contacted us? people are looking for something, but what?

  87. yes the comment thread at feminists is a troll-pocalypse (as someone on there said). LOL and sheelzebub has it under control.

  88. and YES these doods are supposed to be our allies and YES they seem to be attempting to prove that the fun-fems are alll wrong about them, they are good progressive doods, really! the stupid. ouch.

  89. oh yeah, and then theres the overnight-camping and tent-sharing with these clowns. the women should take over another park, let the doods keep dood-cotti.

  90. ‘In case there was any doubt that SG is a douche, this from August Pollak (linked to on Pandagon):

    “So, my fun little Inside Baseball story: when Campus Progress (the nonprofit I used to work for in DC) first launched in 2004, one of the first things we did was try to promote a campus tour of a small documentary film made by Steven Greenstreet. We sent him to college campuses across the country to do a Q&A with students and put him up in hotels and expensed him. The relationship went sour when we started getting expense invoices back from him with hotel bills that included charges for pornographic movies. Then he called one of my female co-workers a “F___ C___” during a phone call. And that’s the last time anyone at a major progressive organization ever worked with Steven Greenstreet again.”

    But I’m sure it was just a joke.’

  91. @SheilaG “the marriage mystification machine goes unchecked age after age.”

    I love this turn of phrase. Nowadays I use what very littleI tell them not to get married, if the subject happens to arise in class, I tell them they shouldn’t get married. First they laugh at me, like I’m kind of hilariously crazy, then they start asking questions, then I see the cogs turning in their brains. Even if they don’t take my advice, one day in the future, when they’re married, they might remember that crazy teacher who warned them what they were getting themselves into.

  92. Edit:
    Nowadays I use what very little power I have in the world to get this message out there. I teach about 100 young women overall, and if the subject happens to arise in class, I tell them they shouldn’t get married.

  93. I love all you women!

    Tiptree, I missed you by 2 days….was at the general assembly mtg in SC on Monday night. Men, mostly men, only men’s voices….I tried to sit and chat w/ a few women, but no one open to feminism or any kind of critique of the movement. To see consensus in action was interesting, but then a woman came from the sidewalk and startwed to yell,
    “Protest the war! You’re wasting your time – protest the killing!’ ” and she got booed down. Well, she’s right. Then I left
    and drove back to Big Sur.

    Maria or anyone else, feel free to email me at

  94. This is the 1st time i’ve been able to sit down and really read the comments.
    Yttk, great point about what happened to the women executives after the Bailout. No one ever mentions this.
    Andrea Dworkin, in the later years of her life, kept saying, ‘What has happened to the women who needed welfare?
    Now that it’s been cut (workfare), how many of them are homeless, have become prostituted women?”

    How come we never read about this?
    What is the impact on women now?

    And great ppoint about the Dionysian ‘seduction” (i.e., to seduce= to be led astray). It is seductive, in the sense that there has been so much complacency in the US for years, and on the surface it seems exciting that people are organizing. But all of you are right – it’s a men’s movement, the leadership is by men, they make the rules and the outcome will surely be for them.

  95. you know what ive been noticing in the fun-fem and mainstream/progressive threads people keep linking to? the tendency for EVERYONE to equate radfem criticism of aggregate male behavior with DEHUMANIZING MEN. what the fuck does that even mean? do they know what that word means, or is it just supposed to sound scary?

    its also a complete reversal, considering what men are known to routinely do to girls and women.

    dehumanizing? really? is that like for halloween?

  96. Yes, we are totally dehumanizing the poor men. Unlike them who like to pretend that men are idiots who are too stupid to recognize that they are oppressing women all by mistake and need to be educated by libfems’ superior intellectual powers. It’s not radical feminists who have trouble seeing men as individuals actually able to act in their own self-interest instead of thinking of them as patriarchy-controlled robots.

  97. For your reading enjoyment (link broken):

    h ttp://

    Reading between the lines, this must have been some kind of living hell for any women protesters still living in the encampment.

    The quote from the starry-eyed idealist librul dude at the end is just priceless.

  98. thanks for the link lou lou. yes when we read between the lines of most stories we can see a living nightmare for the women involved. this one is no exception. they dont say whether this homeless man assaulted women or men, just that they refused to call the cops and then beat him unconscious…any guesses as to the punishments they doled out where any of THEIR men were found assaulting women? my guess is that there wouldnt be any punishment at all, and/or it would never be reported in the first place, like most rapes arent. in the case of an outsider doing it…we get “bumfights” material. beating up mentally ill homeless men, real good doods! reminds me of a story my mom told me once about a male friend she had when she was a teenager. he said he was afraid he was going to kill someone (you know, due to his doodly angsty rage) and he didnt want to go to jail for it, so he joined the army. this is what men do and where they go when they want to kill people, and rape women: wherever they wont be punished for it. do we get this now? this is why they like anarchy so much. it benefits them 100% and caters to their sick fantasies and baseless rage.

  99. FCM, your analysis is spot on. Part of me feels sad that I’m not involved, but then all I have to do is think about the risks for women being there and then I don’t care. I got tired of writing to or calling in to a very famous anarchist radio show when I lived in Eugene, OR, and constantly correcting the host on his misogyny.

    PDX IMC can be a great site to find out what’s going on in the world until you dare to post anything about women. Then watch out. I had a post deleted because I wrote about the disgustingly misogynist comments Ralph Nader’s big donor made as he spoke to a packed theater in Eugene in 2008. Many women got up and walked out, including me. The commnents started rolling in by the next morning, both pro-feminist and woman hating, but I was happy, it was a real discussion. By that evening, it was gone. The indymedia editors deleted it.

  100. i put both versions of the brochure and the screenshots together on a page so they can be linked to and tweeted etc together.

  101. haha! forbes dood links to HUB and quotes me here:

    and he isnt affiliated with forbes, hes just some fucking dood who writes a faux-blog on forbes faux-blog site (like feministing!) ffs. i hate those fake blogging communities. to his credit, he thinks radfems are onto something 🙂 and he took the time to learn our comments policy, and wont be commenting here. he does invite *us* to comment at his place though!

  102. anyone want to try to get a radfem contributor spot on looks like they are accepting pitches from anyone (as long as you are willing to provide a phone number):

    How do I become a contributor?

    We’re always looking for new contributors at Forbes. We don’t take pitches for individual stories, but we welcome ideas for ongoing sites.

    Send us a short email at, and please include the following:

    » Concept for your Forbes page (an overall theme and a few story ideas; credibility, knowledge and expertise are key)

    » Links or attachments with samples of your work (we prefer links)

    » Background on you and why you’re an expert on the topic you’re pitching

    » Contact information (email and phone number)

    We’ll take a look, and get back to you.

    We appreciate your interest in Forbes. Come browse around while you’re here…

  103. Brochure #2

    “Femininity is pro-capitalist. Fuckability is pro-capitalist.” MS Word is here; PDF is here. this brochure is meant to be printed on one page, double-sided and folded once.

  104. Just a tiny update, incase anyone’s still reading…

    I’m in Tucson, AZ, where the Occupation has one woman “leader”, Mary de Camp, who just ran for mayor from her tent at the encampment. Her house goes in to foreclosure today. I’ve been spending time with some of the homeless women there, and the one good thing about Occupy is that in some ways it helps them. I’m scouring the thrift stores in this dusty town, looking for a sleeping bag for a silver haired, 60 something homeless woman. All of her things were stolen while she slept in a Tucson park, and at Occupy she has been given a tent, blankets, food, and company.

    If I can do anything for the women at Occupy, the ones who are on the frontlines – meaning homeless women – then that will be my feminist contribution. The problem of theft is non-stop, so are the nightly cold temperatures (36 degress), the lack of warm clothing, sleeping bags, a place to shower, a place to use the bathroom. The cops come every night at 10:30, give a warning, and anyone who doesn’t leave their tent and stand on the sidewalk gets a $1,000 fine. Once the cops leave, you can go back in.

    These, according to the women I’ve talked to, seem to be the biggest problems.


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