Sister Space Under Threat

by allecto

I gave this speech to kick off discussion around the threat of male invasion of women-only spaces at the SCUM Radical Feminist Conference that Amazon ManCrusher and I organised in Perth, Australia on the 23rd-25th of September. The conference was a blast from start to finish and this discussion was especially passionate.

The reality of being a woman under male supremacy is that women do not have a significant political or social identity or existence outside of men.  The women’s movement is a collective re-membering of ourSelves and our female being; a be-ing that is not hinged on our relationship, and this is a truly encompassing and one-sided, self-destructive and gynocidal, relationship to men. It consumes us both politically and personally.  The colonisation of women’s collective selfhood is one of the major foundations for men’s collective power over us. Our radical re-membering of ourSelves is one of the most important paths to freeing ourSelves from men’s control.

Our social and political identity as women is almost wholly controlled and constructed by men. They need us to believe in the identity that they have created for us. Female identity, reality, space and be-ing is not sacred to men. They own us. It is their ownership which is sacred. This is why pornography is art and freedom of speech. It is sacred to them. It celebrates their collective ownership of us.

Femaleness is not contested ground. There are no men who truly want to be female. We are not talking about men who want to be women when we talk about the invasion of lesbian feminist spaces, rape crisis centres, domestic violence shelters by men in woman-face. We are talking about men continuing to assert their dominance, their political and social power of defining our existence as subordinate to them. It is women’s collective re-membering of ourSelves and our assertion of our social, political, emotional understanding of what it means to be female, our assertion of collective control over our identity and political reality, which we firmly reject as being intended for men. This is a real threat to male supremacy and this is the real ground that is being contested.

Female only space frees women to collectively understand ourSelves and centre ourSelves as women without relation, and outside of relation to men. Men understand that this is a serious threat to their dominance. Women will never have liberation until we can understand ourSelves by centreing our collective female selfhood and conceive of ways of understanding femaleness outside of male supremacy. Men know this.

And this is the real fight. It is of fundamental importance to our movement that we understand that the social, political, emotional and spiritual reality of being female is women’s birthright. It is ours. It is vital that we claim and reclaim it. It is not our identity, it is who we are, it is who we have been and it is our future potential.

Men know this too. And they know that if they want to maintain their supremacy it is absolute that they must have control over our political and social reality. They MUST have control over what women understand and believe about ourSelves. Their whole existence, which has been built on our backs, would crumble without it.

Enter the trans delusion. Men do not really believe that men can become women and women can become men. But they are thoroughly invested in deluding women to this effect. Because if a man can become a woman then there is no such thing as collective female experience and reality. If a man can become a woman it makes women’s collective resistance to male supremacy completely meaningless and nonsensical. Essentially, if male-born people are women too then it defines all women out of existence. And females will have no ability to conceive of ourselves outside of males and male supremacy. Allowing men to define themselves into femaleness destroys our capacity to recreate and re-member what it means to be female.

Most women do not understand the transformative nature of intentional women-only space. I would argue that most women do have a sub-conscious understanding that being with other women is qualitatively different, and rituals like ‘girls nights out’ and ‘hen’s nights’ give us glimpses of another way of being. However these have been robbed of their revolutionary potential and are firmly male-centred and centering. There is little chance of women gaining any kind of transformation in these contexts. As the space is not intentionally women-only it is not perceived by men to be a threat. We do not see men fighting for the legal right to enter these spaces on demand.

It is intentional women-only space that is under threat. It is space that men understand is sacred to women, and has radical and revolutionary potential to women. And we who create women-only spaces intentionally know its secrets, its power and its transformative potential.

The recent events around Michfest are a clear illustration of how easily men can disrupt our sacred female space by invading it. An anonymous woman posted this comment on a Facebook page dedicated to defending the women-only nature of Michfest.

 “Every womon at festival had lived a life that was informed and dominated by the limitations that the greater society imposes on girls and the womyn that those girls become.  The details mattered not and there was no need to vocalize them to benefit from the fest atmosphere.  This was key for me because I still wasn’t in a place to vocalize much at all.  The healing occurred anyway.  Healing that I hadn’t been able to find through therapy or time or being a part of the greater queer community. This is the magic of fest.  You don’t even know what is happening, it just does.  It was only in the presence of womyn that had shared similar circumstances that I was finally able to come to accept myself as a womon.  In that acceptance was an enormous potential for growth and it continues and builds every time I pass through the gate.  It still amazes me that the simple act of being with my sisters is so very powerful and has such a drastic effect on me.  Each year I find myself a little more and open my mind and heart a little wider.  Each year I meet more womyn that I connect with and stay in contact throughout the year.  My fest family dwells far and wide and now supports me in some way every day.

This year was a little different.  There wasn’t much healing. There was strife, there was hurt and trauma.  There was a feeling of violation and betrayal. There was also an awakening.  The wbw space we have cherished for so long is being threatened and contested by womyn that somehow have failed to comprehend the significance of how empowering it is to gather with those that have shared a lifetime of similar limitations and challenges.

I can no longer sit back and be silent.  I still need this space.  There are many other womyn that have yet to start their process of healing at fest.  Even more importantly, there are girls and young womyn that need us to preserve and protect this space for them.”

This is a theme I see again and again as I read women’s written experience of Michfest. It is understood as a transformative experience, a healing experience, a vital and necessary part of discovering, remembering and understanding ourselves. I would argue that this transformative potential is possible only in women-only spaces. I do not think women have a hope in hell of remembering and recreating ourselves in the presence of our oppressors. To have a true presence, and I mean presence in the fullest sense of that word, of women the first requirement is an absence of men. When we create a space where women are the only point of reference we come closer to a deeper, Background understanding of what it means to be female.

The politics of women only spaces is not about identity, it is fundamentally about reality. Women only spaces are sacred spaces in a world where women do not have collective control over what it means to be female. Men define who we are, who we were and attempt to control our collective potential. If we allow them to continue to define us out of existence, we will continue to exist, or not exist as the case may be, within their terms of reference. We will continue to defined by our relationship to men. We will continue to be a colonised people.

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  1. Excellent. Very much a ‘declaration of independence’ in many respects. I think it shows too, the contrast between womon-only spaces and what we live in (the heterosexual family model), the latter is specifically designed to keep females separated from each other, and not get the healing or consciousness raising that happens in womon-only spaces.

  2. This is a great, courageous speech, Allecto. I really wish the male-identified womyn would stop believing that male-women are female. I wish most other womyn would see the reality for what it is, i.e. our unique fmale biology and experience. I understand how it can be hard to speak out IRL (we would need to unified with many other womyn to be able to do this) as men who claim to be us have all the rubbish & womon-hating “gender identity” laws on their side. Patriarchy is a true state of madness.

    It’s so sad we do not have many real womyn-only spaces left nowadays. Almost all the so-called womyn-only (and lesbian-only) spaces that I know of are trans-inclusive, therefore male-inclusive. When a womyn-only space becomes invaded by trans-“women,” its potential consciousness-raising is nullified. 😦

  3. “The politics of women only spaces is not about identity, it is fundamentally about reality.”

    I see this over and over and over again in the “debate” surrounding Fest. I’m sure it plays out in other spaces, too. The pro-trans crowd is coming at this from a (weak, IMO) position of identity politics. The pro-FAB crowd is coming at this from a reality-based position of the real, lived experiences of not just us but our foremothers. But because they frame it as identity, we’re stuck in a “wtf are you talking about, are you even IN reality???” position. That is to say, somewhat reactive. How can one argue with a fantasy/delusion? I keep thinking there has to be a way to simply go around the issue because there sure as hell ain’t a way through it. Not to mention that going through it just feeds the beast with more womyn’s energy.

    Thanks for the pep talk. Wish I had been at the conference.

  4. Yes its not about “identity” at all, when you were born female. That’s what they never acknowledge, because then they would have to admit and examine how men make us suffer, and how they themselves are men. Many of them are straight and white too, and have directly contributed to our suffering and actively supported and continue to support male power by demanding or engaging in piv. Their insistence that they be allowed to colonize us in other, additional and Moar ways is telling too. Women’s reality is what they want to erase, and women’s reality is exactly what women cannot escape, even those of us who identify as something else. If I identify as someone who cannot be victimized by men (or as a carrot) what does that make me? I’m just asking. It makes it so obvious when WOMEN try to identify as something we aren’t. It needs to be made obvious what’s happening (and what’s not) when men do it too.

    Congrats on the conference allecto. 🙂

  5. Yes, all so true, very good clarity here, allecto. I think if radfems keep a sharp line drawn at women-born-women other women may start drawing the same line. We can be loud and clear about the need for feminists in general to stop being so naive and welcoming and simply ban men, and other feminist groups getting sick of the confusion may start listening. I think the doublespeak here from transgender activists is to embarrass women, like, we’re mean to the downtrodden and we’re showing we’re exclusive and privileged if we don’t welcome them. Well, yeah, we are privileged to be women…we are trained to be sorry for people in trouble…they are certainly in trouble, but I can feel sorry for them and prevent them from diluting and twisting my work very firmly at the same time.

    It would outsmart the colonizers to have a number of small secret Gatherings, maybe in different places. If we are nimble and don’t try to be public we can certainly have conferences and so on. We can do traveling shows. It’ll make the pursuit and persecution more obvious too.

    But when we gather in permanent places for other needs, like being women’s refuges or ongoing public music fests like Michfest, the colonizing forces have time to attack. For that, even more than female security guards, we need it to be crystal clear that men are simply banned, and that transgender “females” are included in that ban, and that’s that. No need to argue the point and take our energy any more as expressed above. Let’s just make it a nice clean point in the 21st century manifesto.

    Looks like it’s perfectly legal to have female-only clubs like the Belizean Grove, all powerful American women and a reaction to the all-male old Bohemian Grove Club in SF. So no legal challenges in the US anyway. I believe we could take lessons from gay men, who have been opening their own resorts and settling together in cities for several decades now.

    There’s such a problem with that word “Identity” as you say, allecto. Yes, it’s been Doublespeaked. Academicians have given it a specific philosophical meaning. It has another specific political meaning. It has its common-sense meaning. We should lose this word; it’s too compromised. When we say, our identity is as women, we don’t mean our political identity as in “identity politics”, we mean our reality, I hear that baffled frustration that I too feel when a perfectly good word is just no good anymore, it’s too twisted. I would agree with this formulation that others of us use: simply, we ARE women, we don’t identify as women. Identifying as women would imply that there is some other thing for us to identify as, as FCM points out. We must be very clear – Being Female is not an Identity. It’s a biologically-determined Set of three billion people marked by the same unchangeable characteristics.

    This is where feminism has always had a different character from racism, classism, and transphobias. Those oppressions aren’t immutable. There are choices. One may change social class. The oppression of racism may be directed at an entirely different group of people in other cultures, such as Brazil, Libya where Berbers are considered “inferior”, Han Chinese looking down on Tibetans, Caucasians, etc. But Women don’t Change Their Spots! Everywhere on this planet, women are oppressed. It’s not a cultural thing.

    So let’s put in our new manifesto that we totally reject the notion that being female means identifying with being female. (smile)

  6. This is very good. The need for women’s space should be a central theme of all feminists who truly believe in the liberation of women. Women have always had to share spaces with their oppressors or in female spaces defined by the oppressor. How can women ever be liberated in such oppressive and sexist environments?

  7. Congrats on the conference, Allecto! Thank you for sharing that powerful message here — I would have loved to hear this in person!! Have you considered coming to festival and doing a workshop to talk about these things?

    This is so true: I do not think women have a hope in hell of remembering and recreating ourselves in the presence of our oppressors. To have a true presence, and I mean presence in the fullest sense of that word, of women the first requirement is an absence of men.

    I would say that in a place where we have days and nights to come fully to ourselves, in a space that is safe and female-only, when we fully immerse in the experience we come to an understanding of what it is to simply be. Protective layers fall away and the feeling of being fully alive and present takes over. It’s not that everything is perfect in every square inch of festival, it’s that there is plenty of energetic space to let go of the outside world and step into a different mindset and awareness. There are obviously women who do not take that opportunity and I think they are the ones who think of it as just another event that they can contest politically to get their way. (The BDSMers are the same way about it.) If those women were able to fully step into what festival can be for women, they would not want to bring male energy into it (I don’t believe they are any more fooled by transitioners than anyone else).

    Helping all women, including even women who attend fest but don’t get the full experience of it, is one of the reasons we need to keep speaking out between festivals and during fest. Thank you for being part of that.

  8. Thanks for all the fantastic comments and support!

    Absolutely right Amynomene and FCM. The identity politics of trans is *very* weak. I would argue that the identity politics is a complete smokescreen from what is actually occurring. The reason that many women don’t think this issue is important (including some rad fems) is because they do not understand what it means that men are asserting themselves into female experience in its broader context. Men are very capable of changing women’s perception of reality. The foundation of male supremacy is their ability to do this to us. Trans is not about identity. It really isn’t. It is about them maintaining a hold on their ability to change our perceptions of reality.

    “It would outsmart the colonizers to have a number of small secret Gatherings, maybe in different places.”

    Yes. As long as you don’t advertise the venue. Pass the info along to trusted women. That is how we organised SCUM. We also discussed others strategies which I won’t post publicly for obvious reasons.

    “So let’s put in our new manifesto that we totally reject the notion that being female means identifying with being female.”

    Agreed. There was lots of talk about manifestos and about writing new ones in Susan Hawthorne’s session of the conference. I think it would be great to write some new ones, taking into account the new pseudofeminism of today.

    Noanodyne, Kat and I are coming to fest next year. Our first time!!! I would definitely consider running a workshop. And I desperately want to sing. I will have to look into how to organise that.

    “I would say that in a place where we have days and nights to come fully to ourselves, in a space that is safe and female-only, when we fully immerse in the experience we come to an understanding of what it is to simply be. Protective layers fall away and the feeling of being fully alive and present takes over. It’s not that everything is perfect in every square inch of festival, it’s that there is plenty of energetic space to let go of the outside world and step into a different mindset and awareness.”

    Beautiful. I have never been immersed in women-only space so completely and for such a long time as happens at Michfest. I really can’t wait. Conferences only allow you women-only space for the day. While we were at SCUM, a les sep sister and myself were having dinner and some man just started spewing insults at us about us being fucking dykes (not that that is an insult) etc. Really violently and horribly. And this was the first night of our conference. It would be great not having to leave the space to get dinner or anything… you could just be.

  9. “Noanodyne, Kat and I are coming to fest next year. Our first time!!! I would definitely consider running a workshop. And I desperately want to sing. I will have to look into how to organise that.”

    That’s awesome! I’ve only been twice (the last two years), and I am planning on going next year, too. I feel that, since there are so many challenges for us out there, staking out this little corner of the map and fighting for it is a good way to feel like I’m contributing/some progress is being made. I have been planning to submit a workshop for radfems of gen x and gen y – if nothing else, just to meet face to face and see what’s up. I hope to meet you all in 2012!!

    “Protective layers fall away and the feeling of being fully alive and present takes over.”
    It sounds really small/funny, but one way my behavior changed really surprised me: I was comfortable enough to not sit with my legs crossed/firmly pressed together. And it felt great!

  10. It’s a lovely post! It’s so true. I like the distinction between intentional women-only space and women-only space that is centred around men, such that men don’t have any interest in preventing this space because they know they’re already at the centre of it.

    It’s crazy how so many feminists nonquestionnally include trans or even non-trans men in intentional women-only spaces, and how difficult it is to get them to understand the issues. This really is a massive backlash in feminism.

    i wish i could go to the michfest, it sounds beautiful.

  11. LAtely, I’ve noticed that it is married het women who seemed the most interested in women only space… lesbians get lax and let the trans waltz in.. It is excellent that we are using terms like “intentional women’s space” to separate it from male approved women’s spaces. You don’t see men breaking down the doors to get into your local beauty parlour, for example. They know that it is a male pleasing set up, and that the women getting their hair colored, their nails painted etc. are firmly in the colonized camp.

    I notice that some women create women only spaces for business purposes, but again, they are safe in terms of being controlled by men. It’s why Michigan is so threatening, and always has been.

  12. This is such a beautiful, complete in itself post, I feel I have nothing to add. Except thanks!

  13. I second that emotion. You just rocked my world, Allecto! A scathingly brilliant post!

  14. Wonderful post! I enjoyed reading it and gave a mental fist pump. Thank you for all that you do!

  15. You put that so beautifully Allecto, thank you so very much. Will bookmark this one to enjoy again. It has a very melodic or harmonic configuration which creates a sense of repose or resolution 🙂 But I think, for my own purposes only, that I would change one word. One single solitary word.

    When we create a space where women are the only point of reference we come closer to a deeper, Background understanding of what it means to be female.

    When we create a space where women are the only point of reference we come closer to a deeper, Background understanding of what it means to be *human*.

    And I’d change it because, as I was reading this absolutely gorgeous piece, all those typical criticisms by het women and misogynists were dancing in the background. You know, how they always chant “there’s nothing special about being a woman” and “if women are so different from men then how can two different things be equal”. And of course, to be a woman in a patriarchal society only means “one who serves” — which is why they don’t understand. Their frame of reference is off. Anyway. Beautiful, thanks again. 🙂

  16. I’d like to voice my agreement that transgenderism is not a real thing because everybody is born perfect just the way they are, and it’s society that makes them feel “wrong” because they don’t fit into gender roles. I’m not saying that people are not suffering and should not be acknowledged for their suffering. Yes, many people are suffering under patriarchy, including men who would rather be women because they don’t feel like “men.” But they ARE men. They have penises and therefore they are men. The problem is not with their bodies. The problem is with society and its definition of what a “man” is.

    Nature does not put people in “wrong bodies.” That’s a ridiculous and absurd thing to believe in. If we’re going to go that route, then we might as well believe that our bodies have been posessed by aliens or something like that. I’m sorry if I don’t buy into it. But there’s a reason why this meme exists. By labeling people who don’t fit into their gender roles as “transgendered” and calling it a “medical condition,” then we get to pathologize and make “wrong” the individual instead of the society. The politics of “transgenderism” is antithetical to feminism because it’s a technique for bypassing any real critique of patriarchy. We get to make the individual the problem instead of society. If we truly want to smash the gender binary, then we should liberate people from trying to fit into genders.

    Yes, I understand that some men can deviate from gender roles to some extent and still feel like men, while others deviate so far that they no longer feel like “men.” But this is merely a difference in degree. It’s a quantative difference rather than a qualitative one.

    No, I do not know how it feels to be “transgendered” and therefore I don’t want to be calloused or insensitive toward it. That’s the last thing I would want to do. At the same time, I’ve never really been comfortable with being a “woman” either. I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat androgynous. But in this society in which “man” and “mankind” are humanity, thinking of yourself as androgynous–as simply human–means that you’ll be perceived as “masculine” since men are the standard for what a human being is. All of the things that define “woman” are complete artifice, and a man identifies with those things is not a woman but merely a man who has embraced the illusion of femininity simply because he doesn’t fit into the illusion of masculinity, so he’s traded one illusion for another.

    I personally don’t fit into heterosexual society. One time recently I was at a club wearing my hip-hugger jeans and fitted t-shirt, with no make-up or jewelry, surrounded by women in dresses and skirts, and men who wore huge, baggy clothes that looked like the just rolled out of bed. (Why women get dressed up to go flirt with men who look like slobs, I’ll never know.) I jokingly came to the conclusion that I’m a bisexual man trapped in a woman’s body. That is to say, I’m a human being in a society that won’t let me just be a human being.

  17. So glad you posted that here, Boadie. Beautifully said.

  18. WOW!!! FACEBOOK HAS DONE IT AGAIN in allowing hate speech and violent speech against women but yet censoring other things that are not even hate speech.

    I posted the above statement on my public page and it was REMOVED because it “violated community standards.” I’ve had a few people yell at me for being “transphobic,” and I’m guessing that maybe some people reported it for “hate speech” or whatever. This is ridiculous. I should be allowed free speech, and I certainly wasn’t promoting violence or discrimination toward anyone. In fact, I thought I was speaking with compassion. But that statement gets removed and I get censored while people have pages titled things like “Dear Slut, Go Give A Blowjob to Knife,” which sounds to me like it’s promoting rape, and that particular page has been reported by MANY people yet it still there. And there’s another page called “Questioning Slutwalk” which openly condones rape with statement like “It’s not rape if she psychologically manipulated her target by wearing revealing clothes,” and things like that. What??? This is openly condoning rape, but it stays on FB while I can’t express my opinion on the transgendered issue. What bullshit. I don’t think anybody should be censored for having an *opinion* which is not in any way condoning violence. Goddess knows there’s all kinds of sexist shit everywhere, and people posting all KINDS of sexist things, including an old FB “friend” of mine who posted the picture of a woman holding sign that says “30 percent of woman killed are murdered by a boyfriend or husband,” and the words “30 percent of women should have shut and stayed in the kitchen,” and nobody removed THAT from FB, but I question the politicis of certain aspects of the transgender movement and my statement gets fucking removed. Thanks Facebook, and thanks to all the people who wanted to censor me rather than have an open, polite and civilized discussion as I was attempting to do.

  19. Giving a blow job to a knife is actually a sentiment that promotes murder.

  20. Just so the implications of FB’s hypocrisy are clear. That’s about as promotional of violence and murder of a protected group as you are going to get. And it should be reported and removed.

  21. True. “Go Give A Blowjob To a Knife” pretty much promotes murder. The hypocrisy is astounding. And as I said, it already has been reported by many people who have comments on their wall, but apparently FB doesn’t care. I posted a picture of a gun that said “You Can’t Rape a .38.” I hope that pretty much sends a message.

  22. Oh noes, now you are promoting violence against rapists, a class 9 Facebook faux pax!

  23. Exactly. I also posted that same picture on “Questioning Slutwalk” and they accused ME of violence. Yeah, for women self-defense is violence! We must be nice girls and just let ourselves be raped. I posted that picture on my (personal profile) wall, and two menz came along and told me to be nice. One of them said, “In most cases the woman is raped by her husband or someone she’s related to.” Yeah, it’s nice to hear a man actually admit that basic rape fact, which they usually deny as they prefer to keep up the myth that it’s men with ski masks jumping out of bushes. But then he said, “I think it would be harder for you psychologically to know you had killed your husband or your uncle than the rape iself.” Oh, really? Try me, asshole.

    I saw a picture of a cartoon from Playboy–the supposedly innocent, cheeky magazine–that showed a woman lying on the ground with her clothes torn off and a man dressed in black with a black mask on running away and the woman shouting “Encore! Encore!” This kinds of humor is sick, especially when you consider the insanely high percentages of women who are raped in real life. It just really goes to show you what the patriarchal mentality is. And porno mags also used to run cartoons promoting pedophilia, including one that showed a man standing in the doorway of his young daugher’s room while she slept with a teddy bear and it said, “She likes a man who can take control, so come on strong big daddy,” something to that effect.

    It was only because of radical feminist organizations that these magazines were forced to stop running those cartoons, but they still run cartoons promoting rape. I even once read an article in one of my dad’s Playboys, almost 20 years ago when I was about 16, explaining that rape is part of the evolutionary process and women often orgasm during rape, so on and so forth. It’s completely sick and we shouldn’t be tolerating any of it. But yet radical feminists, without whom this world would twice as much of a shitehole as it already is, are villified for being big, bad meanies who hate men, are transphobic, etc, etc. And our words are censored on forums like Facebook. And are any trans activists around to help us address these issues, or are they too busy being “sex positive” and going to SlutWalks? I’m just asking.

  24. Well, my page has been targeted by trans activists. They’re telling everyone to report me. I’m officially hated by an entire group of people.

    Here are a couple of the “hateful” things I have posted:

    “In a truly free, equal, and liberated society, nobody would ever feel like they’re in the “wrong body.” Everybody is born absolutely beautiful and perfect just the way they are, with no need to change. ♥”

    “I guess I have a fundamental problem with the idea that the body is an object outside of yourself that you can objectify and then mold to suit a certain form or shape in order to conform to a mental identity/construct. I don’t agree with the mentality of us divorcing ourselves from the body and objectifying the body by referring to our body parts as things like “packing” and “equipment” rather than it being a living, organic part of who we ARE.

    This is an inhumane, pornographic way of thinking.”

    Here is what they had to say about my page:

    ” Ever since my friend & I confronted the admins on their transphobic bullshit, they’ve been tagging me in comments, posting page after page, picture after picture, and rant after rant filled with really horrible, belittling, erasing, and sick gender essentialist bullshittery mascarading as “anti-patriarchy” and “feminism”.
    PLEASE go report the page, it doesn’t have that many likes but it doesn’t need to fucking exist.
    HUGE Trigger Warning on the page, it’s really horrfiying the things they say on there.

    Seriously, please take care of yourself. I only read a couple sentences and my stomach is already turning over. The report button is on the bottom left of the page if you want to go straight there. The posts that are being made are the same cissexist radical feminist bullshit that we’ve seen time and time again. Please don’t let it stay up.”

    This is major, major, MAJOR backlash against the feminist movement. All the trans activists that I was arguing with all stated that they’re not feminists, and that they believe that gender–and therefore patriarchy–is something inborn rather than something created by society. Of course, you have to believe in gender in order to believe trans-gender. This only reinforces the gender binary and the patriarchy.

    It just kinda hurts to know that so many people see me as a bigot and hate me so much. I don’t see what I said that was so wrong.

  25. I found it here too. On both of these blogs they’re actually telling people to REPORT MY PAGE WITHOUT READING IT FOR THEMSELVES.

  26. like all men, M2T believe that you are being hateful unless you are actively codding, fawning over and deferring to them. theres plenty more where that came from, make no mistake about that. but you arent alone. 🙂

  27. and yes, if you dont do the above, you cannot be allowed to exist. this isnt exactly surprising. its what men do.

  28. this is how they are boadie. whether you take on MRAs or M2T trans, its all the same. self-identified feminist men arent any better.

  29. To all of the heterosexual d00ds who are calling me transphobic:

    Oh yeah, I’m sure that a macho macho man such as yourself just LOVES trangendered people. I’m sure you would allow yourself to be seen walking around town with a man in a stuffed bra. I don’t mind being seen with such people. I don’t mind one bit. In fact, I quite enjoy their company. But I’m quite sure that you would never want to be seen with such people. I mean, what would all your dude bro friends think?

    And I’m also sure you’re not the least bit threatened or repulsed by a woman who looks like a butch. Oh no, not at all.

    I’m sorry, but men have no right to claim that they are women. That is just as offensive as me, a white person, trying to claim that I’m a Black person. It’s just offensive.

    I support equal rights for all people and the right for all peop…le to live free from harassment and violence, and to have equal access to employment and such, and I also support the rights of FAAB women to have FAAB women only spaces because we have the right to define our own experience as biological females. So-called transgendered women have their own struggles that I do care about, but they do not share the same history or the same current reality as us.

    For example, take the struggle for reproductive rights. Where exactly do so-called transgendered women fit into that? Surely they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

    In the 19th and early 20th century a so-called transgendered woman would have just been considered an effeminate man, and while he might have lost some social standing because of that, he still would have had all the benefits of privileges of being a man. Likewise, gay men, bisexual men, transvestites, etc, while they might have had to lead secret lifestyles and experience some oppression, STILL enjoyed all the benefits and privileges of being men, benefits and privileges that were not accessible to women, and no woman could have ever gained access to those benefits and privileges by trying to identify as a man.

    Likewise, when I read a statistic that says 80 percent of the world’s poor are women, I assume it is referring to biological women. We are not discriminated against because we “identify” as women. We are discriminated against because we ARE women, because we are born with vaginas and therefore assigned as women and treated as women.

    Men have no right to claim that they are women.

  30. OK, well, this is my first experience with all of this. Now I know. I actually HAVE discussed this face-to-face with two MTF friends in real life, and for some reason THEY didn’t go ape shit on me. There were not traumatized or triggered. We just smoked a joint and had a conversation about it. In fact, they kind of understood of what I was saying and halfway agreed with me (though maybe not totally). We had common ground. But these “trans activists” are like some crazy fucking people from some other planet, and most of them are YOUNG, “sex-positive,” and either not feminist or only feminist by name. I don’t where the hell these people came from all of a sudden, but they’re HAAAATE feminism.

  31. yes. its anti feminist backlash.

  32. and every time this is done to one of us, we are supposed to think its the first time that its ever happened to anyone, and we arent supposed to know or suspect that this is them being necrophiliacs and trying to kill us and silence us, and that this is what they always do. we are supposed to think that *we* are the variable, that we had it coming or that we did something wrong. we arent supposed to know that men have literally silenced dissenting women by killing us and everything less than that, for centuries. but we are talking about it now and we are learning about them and what they do.

  33. YAY!!! There are a few people on my page now who GET IT! Oh, I’m sooo relieved.

    Phew! That wore me out. But I feel SO much better now that I’ve gotten some validation now. Some people ARE getting it.

    Wheeeew, I need to log off and take a break for a while. Lol.

    Quote to highlight:

    “You know what would actually solve the transpeople issue? if it was okay for a person of any sex to be any social role they wanted without despising who they are so much that they have to mutilate themselves. Its the same as having plastic surgery. Not pretty enough: mutilate your body so you match who you are. Can be who you want in your body: mutilate it so you can be who you want. This whole …practice reeks of hate to me. And I believe that it’s sexism that’s forcing people to be to change genders otherwise it wouldn’t matter.”


    Holy shit, I just found sentient life on planet Earth! Praise The Lordess in Heaven! LOL!

  34. Anyway, I just want to thank Rad Fem Hub and all the writers for helping to massively expand my consciousness over the course of the last few weeks. I mean, I KIND OF knew all this stuff before, but you all just really brought it to light. You ladies have lifted me up to a whole new level of thinking. Despite all the hate I’m getting, I feel a joy in my soul because I knew the TRUTH and I see LIGHT! Maybe not everybody sees it yet, but they will. We just need to have patience. It’s starting to happening. I can see it happening. I can FEEL it happening. The feminine spirit is rumbling and it WILL be liberated.

    Anyway, keep up the great work! 😀

  35. I’m so sorry they did this to you. Verbal abuse of this sort is very painful on the internet or in meat space.
    Every time it happens I wonder what the hell these people are thinking to be so shocked that a feminist would put the needs of women ahead of the desires of men.
    WTF do they think feminism is, was, and always has been, fer crying out loud.

  36. It’s OK. All in all, it was a good experience I think. I was bound to be hated by somebody. Lol. The page is still going strong.

    Oh yeah, the same woman (Erin) quoted above also said:

    “sooo a transperson pretending to be a women is basically preforming the patriarchal gender construct of women and not the actual sex of woman? is that it?”


    “Woot! ^-^ that makes terrifying sense. If that’s true then its another way patriarchy is trying to wipe women out by replacing biological women with men who want to be bound by the patriarchal fantasy of woman. Awww dammit!”

    Yup. I was able enlighten one person who was actually listening. Hey, it’s one at a time. ❤

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    The twitter shitstorm raging over RadFem2012 reminds me of this powerful, and true, post from Allecto.


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