More SlutWalk Asshattery

by FCM

Guest Post by GallusMag

Wow, that FCM post on the dickwad self-proclaimed sperminator and “molester” sponsoring Baltimore SlutWalk really raised my blood pressure, and my awareness. Minutes later my spamtastic email informed me of today’s SlutWalk at the University of Connecticut. Well, who the hell’s sponsoring that one I wondered? Lordy, it’s co-sponsored by Matt Tuscano, a student at UConn.

Well who the hell is that? Why, it’s a guy that doesn’t want to “hear anymore stories”:

“Walk co-sponsor Matt Tuscano, a senior from Wilton who is also a resident assistant, said 500 people have responded to the event’s Facebook page.

“When I hear people’s stories of the things they’ve gone through, I walk through those stories with them,” Tuscano said. “I am doing this because I don’t want to have to hear stories like that any more.”

A cursory google search showed the type of images this jerk posts on Face Book.

It’s safe to say the dude-bros sponsoring SlutWalk are pretty much interested in sluts, walking, for them. Moreso than anything related to Women’s Liberation or an end to rape culture. Hell, these guys are rape culture. They love it, they celebrate it, they expound it.

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  1. Gallusmag, yup. From start to finish. It’s enough to give heterosexuality a bad name.

  2. And just when we thought there might be a future in fun-feminism. 😐

  3. yeah, we seem to have identified a pattern here. thats what radfems do best. 🙂

    thanks for this research and reporting gallus.

  4. Hell, these guys are rape culture

    Yes. This really sums the whole thing up.

    What a load of shit.

  5. i like this part of the interview:

    I walk through those stories with them,”

    men listening to stories of rape are listening to LIVE PORN of course. we need to understand this about them, and realize that this is what we are dealing with when we report our rapes to the “authoritahs” too. they like listening to this shit, or at the very VERY least, its boner-inducing for them, even if its involuntary. this is unacceptable, and its why simple “legal reform” in this area is not going to work. we are still going to be providing them with live porn, for their enjoyment. thats what it means to live in a rape-culture, its a vast tapestry of interrelated values and practices. this isnt the same thing to men as it is to us. this is all very sexxxay to them, because it *is* sex. to them. its so obvious.

  6. Rape-porn is a huge part of the porn industry. Which means there are a LOT of men out there getting turned on by it. We can only conclude that it’s your average guy’s wet-dream having a woman chat to him about the time she was raped.

  7. Another porn user. Sick, just sick… Men keep co-opting feminist politics with their phallocentric minds.

    The rights of womyn should never be discussed in relation to the ‘rights’ of men. Instead of organising dangerous wastes of time such as ‘Slutwalks,’ womyn have important gains to make in recognising men as the enemies (yes, even your ‘dear’ Nigel or the ‘nice guy’ next door).

    Once we recognise men as being antithetical to feminism, then we females can start moving on and try to work out what kinds of real freedoms we could have for ourselves. There are freedoms womyn barely even dare to imagine while they are being either influenced, manipulated or coerced by rape culture and its apologists.


  8. “A March To End Victim Blaming”. Where’s the march to end rape, sexual violence and victimization? Call me.

  9. “They love it, they celebrate it, they expound it.”

    Very well said. Funfem shit always horrifies me, but this takes the cake; this pattern of young, hetero, misogynist men taking over anything that females try to claim. Because they want us to identify as sluts. Fucking hell.

  10. “When I hear people’s stories of the things they’ve gone through, I walk through those stories with them,” Tuscano said.

    Love how it’s “people’s” stories. Well, what sort of people? Any common denominator there? Fucking asshole.

  11. I’ve just watched part of that video.
    First thing I noticed was that Mat uses the pronoun “we” a lot when he talks about rape. Is he a rape victim? If so, then that is fair enough, but because he’s a man he’s not going to be blamed for his own rape because of the clothes he was wearing is he.
    When he’s not using “we” to talk about victims of sexual violence, he, and the three women sat beside him talk a lot about “people”. Rape happens to “people” and such “people” find it hard to talk about what has happened to them.
    Thirdly, did you SEE the sheer amount of men on the slutwalk. Judging by the amount of women who are raped, it is statistically highly likely that a number of those men on the slutwalk are rapists. It probably *attracts* rapists for all we know.
    This is not a *women’s* rights movement.

  12. Wow. This pattern of males invested in rape culture trying to lead a movement for women’s freedom from rape is A-MAZING. But then again, it’s really not. Men, get out!

    Women, can you see that slutwalk is a movement celebrating male access to you? “Sluts says yes” pretty much says it all.

  13. I’m so glad that you post here again! Now my belief in sisterhood has somewhat healed. Yay! for you.

  14. Nice work, women. Keep ’em coming.

    Every time I see the oft-repeated sign “Sluts says yes” I think of Julian Assange’s victims who said yes and then got assigned as sluts, one of the many rapeable classes of women. Men know sluts say yes, it’s their prime slut-making directive.

    Pop feminism’s error is believing that rapists, given the option, would rather share consensual sex with women than commit dominating sex on women. The favored feminists of liberal men who suggest that letting men have prostitutes might reduce rape operate under the same rape culture misconception. Radfems are done wishing and hoping and thinking and praying that all you gotta do is hold him and kiss him and squeeze him and love him.

  15. None of this – from Hugo to molester to Tuscano – are any surprise. It is what all of us radfems said from the very start, the ‘slutwalk’ concept was completely stupid, gave the wrong message, and would be popular with teh menz. All of that came true, we are now seeing the PROOF of all of it.

    Was it due to radfem crystal ball? Nah, just flippin’ common sense.
    My gawd, so many libfems are so far in denial, and stockholmers.

    I mean, ffs, wouldn’t ‘slutwalk’ be a better name for some sort of pornstar union march or something? They must be pissed now that the slutwalk brand has been taken over by ‘amateurs’. 😉

  16. Ugh. I checked out Occupy Wall St.’s agenda last night for upcoming events in the next few days and I was stunned to see Slutwalk has been scheduled to be there tomorrow, Oct. 1st. A revolution has been staged. People are revolting in every city across America, and this is the image slutwalkers want for women in the history books? Women are sluts?! And their idea for the new status quo is that women be more sluttier than ever?! And allow pimps to lead and display them?!

    Ai-yi-yi, how can women ever hope to be taken seriously with these idiots out walking around? Do they actually imagine men will respect women more and stop raping them if they call themselves sluts? Hello? This is the last word many women hear before men beat, rape and murder them. It ranks right up there with bitch and c**t. I know this because this what men screamed at me before they beat, raped and tried to murder me. Every single last one of them. Except they add “fucking” before it. Fucking bitch. Fucking slut. Fucking c**t. Do these dolts imagine when men use these words, they mean in it in a good way?! Hello? When men call women sluts, they’re calling women dirty, filthy pigs. Women who are lower than the dirt they walk on. Women who don’t deserve to live. Oh, how empowering! That ought to get you some respect! See how that works for you in a courtroom when you bring charges against a man for rape, battery and assault. See how that works for you when apply for a job or run for counsel, mayor or congress. List it under your qualifications. I’m a slut! I’m a dirty, filthy pig that’s lower than dirt and proud of it! No doubt they will elect you to the Supreme Court and as President! **rolleyes**

    Reclaim the word? As has been pointed out numerous times, the word was never ours to begin with. Even if was, hello? It’s men who wield the power and who get to name and define, not women. It’s men who get to decide what slut means, not women. Slutwalkers can try to reclaim the word from now until the cows come home. It will still only mean what men want it to mean. And what men mean when they call a woman a slut is that she’s a dirty, filthy pig, lower than the dirt they walk on. Who doesn’t even deserve to live. When women label themselves such things, it signals to men that these women are easy prey. Free to rape, batter and assault. It signals to men these women are self-loathing and masochistic and have no class or self-esteem. Is it really a surprise to anyone that the pimps and other low-life scumbags are coming out of the woodwork to round Slutwalkers up, to march and display?

  17. my graphic is being discussed on FB. join in wont you?

  18. “Remember, this event cannot happen without YOUR donation”.
    Sure fella, women can’t walk down the street protesting victim blaming unless people send this d00d some money.
    Way to cash in, d00d!

  19. Sorry, have no time to read comments but:

    and other expenses

    Oh, please. Just because you were born *yesterday* doen’t mean that WE were.

  20. yes about the fundraising stuff TBW and s4. good catch. hugo pulled this one too of course, and he waited til the last minute, not even having his permits before he got hundreds (thousands?) of women to invest their time and energy into it. he begged for money under circumstances which were clearly coercive: in for a penny in for a pound. and they went in for a pound. having no other choice, they sent him $2000 i think it was? i wonder who is paying taxes on all of this “fundraising” cash? are each and every one of these “satellites” a registered nonprofit? i kinda doubt it.

  21. Portland’s SlutWalk had two official financial sponsors, both from the prostitution industry. One was a BDSM leather fetish shop which one of the three organizers worked for (she sells services in “sissy training, spitting, golden showers, slapping, female genitorture, transexual male dick humiliation”), and the other was a strip club.

    All three of Portland SlutWalk’s organizers were working in and for the local prostitution industry. There are feminist organizations aplenty here, but to their credit they opted out of the co-opted SlutWalk movement.

  22. Double-checking my facts like a good little journalist, an update on the PDX SlutWalk blog lists a third official sponsor.

    Another leather fetish shop.

  23. yes this is quite the racket isnt it? everyone knows that men wont stop raping women, so the only way to eradicate rape is to make sure women always say YES. when they are saying YES to even more brutal things, up to and including sexualized torture, there will no longer be any such thing as a sex crime at all. this is probably the only chance we have to really stop any of this. i hope the problem with this strategy is clear.

  24. talk about losing the war.

  25. “Each time an honourable word–like lesbian–is used as a weapon of insult, or some honorable act–like a woman having sex because she wants to with a lover or lovers of her choice–is used as a weapon of insult, or some honorable choice–like being celibate–is used as a weapon of insult, the women who are and who do and who choose are irrevocably hurt and diminished. The answer is not as simple as losing one’s fear of the words themselves (whether they apply or not), because any woman would be a fool not to be afraid of what is behind the words.
    Behind the words is the man who uses them and the power of his whole class over the women against whom they are used. Each time contempt is expressed for the dyke, the prude, the slut, hatred is being expressed toward all women. Whether the insults are accepted in society, tolerated, encouraged, the main stuff of humor, or merely passively acqiuesced in, the devaluing of women is perpetuated, the intimidation of women is furthered. …”

    Smart, concise and hitting the nail on the head.

    Not me, of course. Andrea Dworkin.

    Over thirty years ago

  26. I’m more and more liking the idea of a Prudewalk. We’ll know who our real allies our by their solidarity with THAT! There is a ton of stigma associated with that word, so why not attempt to reclaim it, if we’re going to do so with slut?One reason women are so hesitant to critique the porn industy is because we don’t want to be considered prudes. But honestly, I’d rather be considered a prude than be a supporter of the sexploitation industries.

    Let’s see how many men show solidarity with a Prudemarch! But oh noo….we’ll be labelled as being awful anti-sex radfems.

  27. The problem is that both “slut” and “prude” are focused on names men call us. It’s better to get away from both and use names that are ours alone.

    This is absolutely brilliant, Gallus Mag. You have such a skill with getting right to the truth with the images you find. No apologist for these rapist men can really explain, deny, accept the man once they see how he portrays women. He is a disgusting piece of shit, and you prove it in a visceral way, far more than words can say.

    Remember when Take Back the Night Marches were women created and attended, before the men took over?

    What really needs to be done is reach the girls and women, to stop wanting to fit male pornographic images and fantasies. It’s getting more difficult all the time though.

  28. I feel humiliated just thinking how this kid is laughing at the girls he conned.

  29. Agree with Bev Jo both ‘prude and slut’ are names men created to define all women which is why the original Reclaim The Night marches were so hatred by the menz – because the women marchers were holding men accountable for their misogyny and everday male violence against women.

    Now the menz have co-opted and taken over what malestream calls ‘feminism’ and we have slutwalk marches! Hooray men are right apparently – women are ‘sluts or prudes’ not human beings. Of course it’s ‘peoples stories’ according to that slut (sic) Matt Tuscano because male supremacy consistently hides sex of those individuals who are subjected to male sexual violence unless victim is male and then his victimisation is accepted as ‘truth.’

    It is to be expected pornstitution industry have become involved in slutwalk because this is a wonderful opportunity to sell pornstitution to women as ’empowering’ as well as increasing pornstitution profits.

    All slutwalk does is to reaffirm male hatred and male contempt for women as well as increasing pornstitution’s profit literally off the backs of women and girls. Oh and by the way it also earns cookies for those sluts Tuscano and Hugo because if a ‘slut exists’ then men who adhere to the male supremacist lie that men have the innate right of sexual access to women 24/7 then men are the real sluts not women.

    Repeating Andrea Dworkin’s words of wisdom because it needs repeatedly constantly -‘ Behind the words is the man who uses them and the power of his whole class over the women against whom they are used. Each time contempt is expressed for the dyke, the prude, the slut, hatred is being expressed toward all women. Whether the insults are accepted in society, tolerated, encouraged, the main stuff of humor, or merely passively acqiuesced in, the devaluing of women is perpetuated, the intimidation of women is furthered. …”

  30. wow! (horrified but impressed) good muck raking Gallus Mag. And great info Sam too. ugh.

  31. ironically, theres nothing stopping an anarchist — who resents formal and legal social controls on men, including sexual controls — from invoking legal-esque concepts such as “cyberbullying” when he feels threatened. and yes, whomever is posting from the slutwalk baltimore account does appear to be characterizing brennan lester as a “victim” here, in the context of having his own misogyny and support for rape-culture and abuses of his own male power revealed in the context of his organizing against sexual violence. amazing!


  32. It’s so lovely here in No-Man’s land. Over on Facebook the boyz are crying about “misandry” and “cyberbullying” and the male-identified women are rushing to those boyz’ defense and it’s the usual faux feminist trainwreck, the point of the discussion sidelined fully by the what-about-the-menz motif.

    Back to our own discussion, though, I don’t see a Prude walk as something we would do with deadly seriousness. There’s more than one way to tell our story and to make a point. Irony is a very powerful tool and feminists have used it to good effect with faux beauty pageants and art protesters in gorilla masks. For our anti-slutwalk Prude Walk we can wear everyday clothes and have signs like, “women in sensible shoes never get raped” and “homely women say NO!” Nope, not everyone will get it, but not everyone responds to all our deeply serious meaningful convos, either. Many ideas, many women, we can make it all work for us.

  33. successful marches are successful largely due to numbers, correct? thats exactly what radfems do not have on our side. im just saying. what will it take to make any of this work for us? lets discuss.

  34. and cyberbullying! omg. i thought dood was a big-boy now? you know, and adult (when he wants to be one). but he invokes the language of protectionism OF CHILDREN when hes threatened. and hes an anarchist to boot! its just too funny.

    seriously though, the problem of these things being derailed into “what about teh menz” is caused by mens participation in these things and the apparent FACT that they all have dirty hands. which is pretty much the entire fucking point. do these fun fems (and men) who use the term “rape culture” even know what that means? thats its a vast tapestry of interlocking power dynamics and oppression from which all men benefit. for example, they get to bond with each other over “silly” nicknames such as “molester.” entire relationships between men are built on this shit. where would they be without this bonding? most of them dont want to find out. thats the thing. they also erase the evidence of their misdeeds and re-write history to benefit themselves. historically, this is HUGE, immense, profound and relevant, to the issue of mens sexual abuse of girls and women, and to all issues of male power and colonization. and yet this is not even noticed or deemed relevant when its done by a male ally WRT his own misdeeds.

    these arent derailed because radfems are pointing this out, although thats what they are trying desperately to get others to believe, and trying to believe themselves. they will always blame women for pointing it out, and never blame men for doing this shit in the first place. they will always take mens side and comfort them and defend them. always.

    they are making it seem like the more positive and feminist thing to do, to NOT point any of this shit out. its more supportive and more feminist (in their eyes) to let men do whatever the hell they want and not be accountable, as if mens lip service is what they want and we are jeopardizing that. this is a problem. we are literally in the position where the only thing *we* can do to not let these things deteriorate into “what about the men” is to just ignore everything all of them are doing, the fun fems and the men alike. that we literally must live in separate worlds. just as men and male-identifying women destroy radical space, so does radical feminist analysis destroy and deteriorate what the fun fems are doing. it deteriorates into nothingness (and defending men) at the slightest revelation of truth and placing any of this in historical context.

    of course this means that what they are doing is fucking bullshit if it cannot maintain its integrity and forward movement in the face of the truth. but *we* look like we are being destructive. its infuriating. their entire movement has been derailed now, judging from the activity on FB and other places. its fucking stunning. it really is.

  35. I am so upset by all of this.

    Its transparent how misogynistic all of these men are and we’re supposed to be “grateful” they are organizing FOR US. I am disgusted and like others have said, totally humiliated that they’re allowed to do this.

  36. and im sorry: a grown-ass man whose favorite book is LOLITA, invoking the language of the protectionism of children (ie “cyberbullying”) on his own behalf, when his sexual entitlement to girls and women is challenged, including challenging the fact that he enjoys reading about pedophiles raping little girls. its his favorite. bahahahaha! omg.

  37. for anyone who is confused, i am talking about the slutwalk baltimore asshole, not the slutwalk uconn asshole. they are different people. slutwalk bmore dood is specifically criticized here:

  38. “successful marches are successful largely due to numbers, correct?”

    Germaine Greer once advised radfems never to go on marches because 1) it’s a waste of energy and 2) everyone will see how *few* of us there really are

  39. AND I’m laughing at the concept of him using Big Daddy’s language–cyber-bullying– when he feels like it.

    he’s not even a real anarchist.

  40. we could give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was one of the other admins of slutwalk bmore that invoked the cyber-bullying concept on his behalf. in which case he should immediately respond that he is an anarchist and doesnt believe in formal social controls, especially legal-esque protectionism. and he should tell them to take it back because its against his beliefs and because hes a big-boy too. how can he let women protect him like this? what a fucking coward. big-boy indeed.

  41. I LOVED participating in the ‘Take Back The Night’ marches when I was in college in Colorado. One year I even had the honor of writing and giving a speech before the March to rally the women around, and just before the March I also taught a Self Defense class they could all come to, and about 20-30 women did! These were sponsored by the campus groups “Lesbian Caucus” and “Feminist Alliance”, two groups that later went defunct.

    When I came to San Francisco, I remember that before the Dyke Marches we did have “Take Back the Night” marches in San Francisco, starting at Dolores Park(right where the Dyke March is held and starts) and I remember proudly being part of them. I remember one woman going on and on about ‘taking back our power’ so I rolled into the circle and did a whole bunch of karate moves and the women cheered me on! These lasted for several years through the ’80’s and then strangely the ‘Take Back the Night” march also went defunct, and I never heard about them again….the Dyke March may have taken some of the steam out of them, or women’s general apathy around specifically FEMALE empowerment and agency. I also had the privilege of attending several Denver “Take Back The Night” marches as well. These were ALL ABOUT Female power, and taking back our power, and not fearing the night, learning to defend ourselves, telling our stories, and going through those neighborhoods where womyn were victimized or felt the most afraid. They were distinctly feminist, and welcomed ALL WOMEN from every sector. Diesel Dykes, to high femmes, to every other kind of Lesbian or straight woman. It was all about our Power, and taking back our Power, and transforming our fear to anger and ultimately to our empowerment!

    Now this form of empowerment has been translated into ‘slut walks’? Which immediately tells me: “no Butch Dykes allowed” if you’re not in heels forget it, if you’re not flaunting forget it, if you’re not cool enough and sexy enough or too fat or whatever, forget it. I’ve had a wait and see on the slutwalks, especially are these women actually organizing them(and beyond sexy/slutty straight or bi or queer womyn of the appropiate ‘slutty’ body type/temperament), or feminist women, or young women, or WHO? When you tell me men are, I wondered, and I’m disgusted! What is wrong with actually “Taking Back the Night” again? I’m more likely to be called ‘fat bitch’ or ‘ugly dyke’ or ‘manhater’ or ‘fat dyke bitch’ or ‘bulldagger’ than ‘slut’ by men, cuz in no way do I express my sexuality as welcoming to men! And I’m a big Butch Dyke! One thing about the ‘Take Back the Night’ marches I liked, COMPARED to the SF Dyke March at least, is that the organizers were VERY EXPLICIT about only women marching, or men could march, but ONLY in the back. I just watched a bunch of SF Dyke March videos on YouTube and witnessed just how many men are in them, as well as feeling anger at both gay men marching and bisexual women marching with their man, as well as some of the full transitioned FTM types. This would NOT have been allowed in ANY of the ‘Take Back the Night’ marches I attended.

    Why not SHOW these women what it’s about, and to counter the SlutWalks, reinstitute the true empowering “Take Back the Night” marches for ALL womyn????
    -In Sisterhood,

  42. It is so heartbreaking how the male-identified womyn keep defending those men. 😦 Wake up, womyn, for Goddess’ sake!

    Now this is scary:

    this is quite the racket isnt it? everyone knows that men wont stop raping women, so the only way to eradicate rape is to make sure women always say YES. when they are saying YES to even more brutal things, up to and including sexualized torture, there will no longer be any such thing as a sex crime at all. this is probably the only chance we have to really stop any of this.

    There used to be a time when the rapes of womyn weren’t even acknowledged, or barely (so long as the wife said ‘Yes’ to marriage, etc). “Second-wave” feminists had challenged that. Now men want to erase the few gains that 60’s-70’s feminists had made. They now want womyn to be their ‘sluts’ instead of their wives and say ‘Yes’ to that too. 😦

  43. FeistyAmazon- Your analysis of Take Back The Night Vs. Sl*twalk Vs. Dyke March is excellent!

  44. I would love to see counter-demos at the future SlutWalks. Suggested names include Prude March and Perp Walk.

  45. i like “perp walk.” it really does have 2 meanings! 🙂 UNLIKE ‘SLUT.’ duh.

  46. About not enough for marching, I was thinking about taking 37 different monickers and commenting around, like on slutwalk organizer sites…maybe even 37 blogs….what I mean is, haha, we can be as many as we have time to “be” on the net. There’s some proper subversive activity. Of course we’d have to stop sleeping…still we could be brief in our kamikaze visits…the most valuable activist skill a woman can have right now is the skill to manipulate the net…

  47. If you really want to see how much men hate us–cuz you still aren’t convinced–try going on twitter and looking up the hashtag #slutwalk I’m not gonna repeat the comments from the men here because I don’t want to upset anyone more than necessary.

    Great comments on this thread btw!

  48. Thanks for yet another great post. I see we are making progress, and I am ecstatic to see all the new names leaving comments on the blog!

    On a side note, I am enjoying the debate on the Facebook picture. I actually think it’s really important that we all gather together online and argue as a “team”. We should do this more often.

    Recently I went out on a limb and was openly radfemical on the “Belittle a Misogynist Day” event page. I was alone for a while, but I held my own, and then lo and behold, all these other radfems came out of the woodwork and started playing on my side, belittling the misogynists who kept popping up. And it was fun! And we oh so very obviously won. And by the end of it, we felt great because, for once, we weren’t being ganged up on, all alone.

    It makes so much difference when you know there are other people on a discussion forum who are going to back you up.

  49. I like the idea of notifying this Hub when there is such a discussion, Patriarchywatch. Would have been fun to be part of that!

    Here’s what comes to mind about slutwalks vs take back the night marches. With TBTN marches, the women are protesting a misogynistic situation (rape, mostly) from a protected vantage, walking as a group, safe. They will not suffer the harm they are protesting as they take this action. They speak from a protected position.

    With slutwalks, the women are protesting the male gaze as part of the rape spectrum. But as they walk up the street wearing “slut” clothing, they are not protected by their group. They are being freely harmed by the male gaze, and it has been concentrated on them by being publicized as an event titillating for men, and they have been duped into taking off their clothes at the same time. Exactly what they are protesting is occurring as they walk. I like the word “trainwreck” somebody used above to describe this event. It’s like protesting murders by having a walk where everybody proudly gets murdered to show they are against murder.

    I looked up my town’s slutwalk this spring and found a photo of a guy carrying a sign that read, “C*** is beautiful” as he walked smirking up the street. This photo was displayed approvingly on the slutwalk site. I’m sure this walk was organized by men too from what I read but they are careful not to name themselves.

    No, this is just a humiliating diversion, a laugh for the guys, a chance to ogle. What angers me the most is the shy young women drawn into this — their expressions of confusion…they want to protest, and this is all that’s around for them as far as they know. I feel like they are being victimized and let down, and I feel some responsibility.

  50. I hate SlutWalks. We cannot reclaim the term, because it isn’t ours and never was. It’s a sexualized name that men call women when they are angry and want to put us firmly back in our place. It’s no accident that the whole ridiculous thing started in Toronto — the city has almost no women-only space left; almost no sans-men-and-trans lesbian scene.

    GallusMag, thank you for a timely and important post. And FCM, you said it: male anarchists don’t really understand the meaning of the term or its context, they simply resent social and legal controls on men. Disingenuous bullshittery at best, dangerous and violent at worst.

    Show me a male anarchist (especially under 25) and I’ll show you a real asshole.

  51. I’m all for some organised radfem power posting on facebook or anywhere else, too. I’m pretty sure that’s what MRAs do. Then, I guess they have the time…

  52. The whore/slut fantasy= vile abuse seems to be the default setting for males in all their relationships with womon….it never ceases to amaze me how womon continue to ‘play nature to male culture’. It sickens me that young womon spend hours upon hours of their valuable lives masking/dressing themselves for the attention of the males gaze….when in reality the male attention span for even the ‘male gaze’ is extremly limited as they have far more important things to occupy them….I need not detail what here!

  53. thanks for the link dave. sam was responding to the pro-slutwalk article here:

  54. Fyi looks like my graphic was removed from fb? Yes? Interesting.

  55. Great post from Cathy, thanks for linking it (hope she sees it here since she’s not on Facebook anymore).

  56. We talked about Slutwalk in one of my Women’s Studies classes today. The TA and I seemed to be the only ones who thought it was problematic. She passed out a copy of the Black Women’s open letter to Slutwalk and asked us what we thought. A white dood in class held up his hand and said, “Aren’t they just taking Slutwalk too seriously. I mean they’re using slut almost as a pun.” Face, meet palm. I wish I shared a classroom with a bunch of radfems but unfortunately, I’m the only one that identifies with radical ideas. I need a hug.

  57. (((Crucial D)))

    Lard what I’d give for 10 of us to descend on one of those typical “women’s” studies classes.

  58. Ugh, thanks, Noanodyne. I rarely speak up in these classes because I’m so outnumbered by dudes and sex pozzies. I want to pull out my hair most days. Today in Women & Violence class, a man started talking about how blow jobs aren’t all that great and in the BDSM community, there’s so much more to sex and blah, blah, blah. A young woman in a dog collar agreed and said that “consent is so important in BDSM.” I just got up and sat by the open window so I wouldn’t be able to hear him/her talking over the street noise.

  59. Omg! Jesus. I would never ever ever be able to get through school, knowing what I know. I’m very glad I got it over with when I was young and naive.

  60. And realizing that is just creepy and disturbing as hell.

  61. Crucial D- *hugs* I hear you. In my own so-called “feminist” class at Uni, btw: last time, there were students who kept denying that pornography is the hatred of womyn (which it is) and some of them (incl. one dude) kept defending prostitution as “sex work.” Not everybody there agreed with those defences (which re-assured me a bit). Of course, myself, I spoke out in that class, saying out loud exactly what I thought about pornography & prostitution (I even gave the example of the Swedish model as a legal solution to decrease the harms of the latter).

    However, when I read a blog like this one here, it really feels like breathing (after such a class), truly breathing, coz here nobody is going to defend the blatantly womon-hating sex (slavery) industries that pornography & prostitution are . Phew!

  62. Very interesting posts,thank you all for that. Still trying to read everything,wich is a lot since i’m new here.
    Thanks Maggie for giving me the adress to this blog *hugs*

    I’m a Security Officer and last night my colleague,a men,about pornography and prostitution and i almost hit him.
    He deneid that pornograophy is the hatred of women and i was so angry,couldn’t believe my ears.That he loved to watch porn,ugh,he’s just like my brothers.
    I warned him that if he every came near my daughter i would smack him. (he’s 19 she is 14)

    Once again,very interesting blog.

  63. Carpenter- Don’t listen to men. They all defend pornography and prostitution (at least the majority of them do) and it’s really not worth it listening to them (in general).

    I, myself, feel a lot better when I talk to some womyn about those industries and I often notice that (whether they’re lesbian or straight) womyn often end up agreeing with me. Womyn are much more likely to realise that (1) the prostituted womyn who are in sexploitation industries do not have any real “choice” (most of them are survivors of girlhood abuse, neglect and female-specific poverty; plus they suffer PTSD/trauma) and (2) those industries are intrinsically misogynistic and only exist because men create the demand for such an appalling market of female flesh being sold.

    So it is a lot better talking to other womyn about this, rather than men.

    I warned him that if he every came near my daughter i would smack him. (he’s 19 she is 14)

    Oh, yes. Please smack him if he does. 🙂

  64. O i will smack him,Maggie,and so much more trust me.

    My co-workers are men and they think they rule the world.News flash,they don’t.

    I really hate porn,they think it’s normal.Stupid men.

  65. The only thing that makes me feel better about the world is coming here (and all the other great rad fem blogs) after class and reading the posts. I’m supposed to be reading Yes Means Yes in Women and Violence but I can’t stand it. I can stay up till all hours of the night reading this blog but my mind shuts down when I start to read YMY. :/

  66. omg crucial D, thats awful. truly. 😦 feminism-for-profit should NEVER be used this way. i dont know if i could get through that one even to critique it. just, ew.

  67. I’m pretty disgusted by this class. Did I mention that the instructor posted links to “feminist” porn on our class page? I don’t get it.

  68. Reading your comments, Crucial D, makes me glad that I’m studying social science and not media & culture where our university’s gender courses are clustered. I probably couldn’t deal with it. On the other hand, I also can’t deal with half of my Japanese course who are anti-feminists with shit for brains.

  69. Hello. I’m new to the blog here and this is my first comment. I’m not new to feminism but I find myself becoming more and more radicalized these days, especially because of recent experiences in my life and now this whole stupid SlutWalk. I read through most of the comments and pretty much agree with everything that’s been said here. I’m in desperate need of radical feminist friends because shit is lonely out here in this world. I know that Facebook is not the greatest place in the world, but I’m trying to build a radical feminist presence through a page I recently started, and it’s grown quite a bit just within a few days. Here’s the link:!/pages/Telling-Women-to-Smile-is-Sexist/243300992382631

    And here’s a link to my blog which I’m shamelessly promoting because nobody ever goes there or leaves any comments unless it’s to criticize me:

    Anyway, I’m tired and can’t say much more right now, but I’m definitely going to be hanging out here a lot more often from now on.

    Nice to meet you all.


  70. Sincere question:

    What do you think? Is the Muff March a good response to SlutWalk, promoting women’s natural sexuality instead of the pornographied sexuality promoted at SlutWalk? Or is it just more asshatery like SlutWalk?


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