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September 26, 2011

The Mind/Body Split [BDSM Part II]

by cherryblossomlife

**This is Part II of a three part post. Part I is here.

 Trauma Bonding/the Mind-Body Split

We cannot know for certain how many women in the BDSM scene have experienced rape or childhood abuse, but in the context of asking ourselves why women should fuse pleasure and pain perhaps it hardly matters when we consider that women are conditioned to masochism by the wider society.

It could be one incident, one boundary violation, one man taking more than he should, one rape. Or it could be the drip-drip of marketing messages depicting women tied in chains and ropes, found in the most innocuous places such as between the glossy pages of teenage-girls’ magazines, and reproduced in popular culture as far as the eye can see. Images beamed out to the masses from highway billboards, high-street clothing stores, and the silver screen, all parrotting the Big Brother message that an immobilized and bound woman is a beautiful one.

That these distorted depictions of female sexuality are today regarded as normal, reasonable and good is reminiscent of another collective societal psychosis that once took place elsewhere, one that Chinese women bore the brunt of for a thousand years: culturally condoned foot-binding.

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