On “Positivity” and Radfem Blogging

by FCM

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This post was originally published in radical feminist journal “Rain and Thunder” in its “Positive” issue #52 (Fall, 2011).

I understand that this issue is about “positivity” and what’s positive about the radfem movement.  I admit that I actually laughed both out-loud and internally at the very thought, but mostly about “me” writing about it: positivi-whaa?  As I said to my fellow bloggers upon receiving the invitation to write for this issue: “bahahaha!  havent they read my blog?”

As a radfem blogger, I can definitely say that there is nothing “positive” about radfem blogging at all.  I mean, nothing that any sane person would probably consider positive, or “worth it” where the good consistently outweighs the bad. There’s constant harassment and abuse from all sides: from unrepentantly woman-hating men’s rights activists (MRAs); liberal and libertarian feminists calling names and tossing deliberately-distracting liberal/progressive rhetoric around, and acting surprised when it doesn’t stick (as if radfems haven’t already heard it all before); and my personal favorite, (as cannon-fodder) self-identified “feminist” men, those loathsome liberal/progressives who – unsurprisingly – support women’s right…to be sexually penetrated by men.  Now that’s good faux-feminism!

There’s also the fact that what we radfem bloggers do is time consuming, there are deadlines and expectations to be met, even if they are self-imposed, and it’s like having a second (or third or fourth) job, for which we aren’t paid.  The time and energy spent on radfem blogging takes away from relationships, it takes away from leisure time, and it depletes resources that could be spent on self-care.  It really does: there are only so many hours in the day, especially for women, who tend to be both overworked and underpaid anyway.

And then there’s the constant stress of writing and engaging under a pseudonym: most of us do this for a reason, whether it’s not wanting our places of work finding out our “real” political leanings (and this applies whether our workplaces are liberal or conservative) or because we receive death and rape-threats for the work we do and the views we express, and we don’t want to serve ourselves up on a silver platter to those who would harm us – although it wouldn’t be completely shocking if anyone figured out our identities on their own would it?  Some people have a lot of time on their hands.  So there’s that.  Actual physical danger and threats of danger.  We are political activists of the most hated kind, and we have vaginas.  So we can be raped.  We can be sexually terrorized and impregnated against our wills, including as punishment for our deviance, as so many millions and indeed billions of women are and always have been, around the world.  We are members of the raped class and prostituted class and disappeared-class, so we could be harmed, and not many people would care.  Especially once they found out why we were harmed: as women, we always have it coming, and as radical feminists, we would fully deserve it, perhaps even more than non-radical women deserve what they get, in the way of sexual violence and threats of sexual violence from men.

Most radfems already know this of course.  Dworkin was afraid she would be assassinated.  She wasn’t, and ultimately died of good-old fashioned “poor health” after a lifetime of shit and struggles and threats.  Which isn’t really a surprise now is it?  This kind of stress and abuse (as a result of our femaleness as well as our activism) isn’t really compatible with life.  There’s also the fact that our chances of success are infinitesimal, approaching zero, and truly radical change is highly unlikely to take place within our lifetimes or those of our children, if it takes place at all.

This is what radfem blogging is for me.  It’s constant and exhausting, it’s never-ending bullshit and stress.  It’s also one thing that keeps me sane, and it’s the only place I have, in life, where I can tell the truth about what I think and where I can tell the truth about what I observe and experience and know is happening, in life, happening to myself and to women as a sexual class, around the world.  As difficult as it is, it’s the only place and the only thing that *is* compatible with life, my life, such as it is.  Many radfem bloggers experience this, from what I understand.

Which is really fucked up isn’t it?  The constant never-ending bullshit and stress of radfem blogging, as stressful as it is, comes as a relief.  I think that says a lot about both radfem blogging and about what it’s like to be female, under patriarchy.  Where women, all women, are constantly threatened with rape and death, even if no one threatens or harms us directly, but where men often do threaten and harm us directly.  Where we are put-upon to meet grueling deadlines and unreasonable expectations anyway, ones that aren’t even our own, and that are directly oppositional to our own self-interests in fact, but where the consequences for deviance are severe.  Where we are exhausted by constant energy/gynergy-sucking vampirism of men and male institutions and male-identified women too, and where 8-hours of uninterrupted sleep can’t revive or refresh us.  Even if we could get that much sleep in a night, and particularly women often can’t.  There’s just not enough time.

image by R&T

When I first started blogging in August, 2009, the feminist blogosphere was a very different place than it is today.  At that time, anyone who was critical of transgenderism/transsexualism or critical of penis – in – vagina (PIV) sex and abusive and male-centric sexuality – the latter criticism being the cornerstone of traditional radfem “sexual politics” – was absolutely marginalized and ostracized.  Anyone who dared start a new radfem blog, daring (daring!) to continue decades-old radfem tradition in this new media, was mercilessly harassed and harangued, and encouraged to commit blogicide – to delete our blogs and effectively censor and silence ourselves – due to our embarrassingly “sex-negative” views, and our shameful “unchecked privilege” and “transphobia.”  Much, but certainly not all, of the original radfem online presence (including many of the first radfem blogs) had folded by then, following gruesome attacks from post-modernists and others, and for unrelated reasons too.  It was a radical ghost-town.

Back then, when I was still reading the liberal feminist blogs and arguing and engaging with them (and dropping links to my own blog – HA!) I was unsure what was going on, and just shaking my head, thinking “what has become of feminism?”  I was coming off a long sabbatical, having left “feminism” and feminist studies behind, having other things to do.  Some 10 years later I had returned, but to what I didn’t know: things had changed drastically, if the blogs were any indication, where previously, feminists – even academic feminists – had laughed at Freud and the obviousness of his misogyny, specifically where he asserted that women were merely castrated men.  What an asshole Freud was, and we all knew it.  What a misogynist woman-hating male doctor, what a dangerous and harmful practice, what an anti-feminist patriarchal discourse emanating from an anti-feminist patriarchal institution.  But at least it was obvious.

What the hell is this milquetoast male-pleasing bullshit masquerading as feminism? – I asked myself this in the beginning, many times.  Apparently, someone had pulled the wool over feminists’ eyes.  How did this happen?  In pretty short order, I realized that issues of transgenderism, largely men’s issues by the way, had taken center stage in the new “feminist” movement: where “sex” and “gender” had become one in the same – or where reproductive “sex” as a meaningful category had been erased completely – and no one seemed to notice this or care.  Women as a sexual class simply did not exist; women were just castrated men, once again (men who’d had their dicks lopped off were being recognized medically, legally and socially – and by feminists! – as women).  A couple of seconds later, I realized that this wasn’t feminism at all, of course.  This is what the next “wave” of backlash looked like.  And there was work to be done, and I had a couple of allies in this struggle, specifically, a couple of other radfem bloggers.

And importantly, I began to read.  Second-wave authors Jeffreys, Daly, Dworkin, MacKinnon, and others began to directly inform my politics, and made me realize that this is what always happens, when radical feminists start making progress.  Pro-male propaganda and sex-positivism – the “big guns” – are brought out, and all the good work feminists have done gets erased and buried under decades of misogynist propaganda, including the re-writing of history and extolling the virtues of PIV-centric sex.  Same shit, different day.  I decided I wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel; or rather, was comforted and motivated knowing I didn’t have to.  So I continued with my work, my blogging, my strangely torturous, yet life-affirming hobby that I didn’t have time for, but did it anyway.  And all around me, the radfem blogosphere…grew.  As I said, when I started blogging, there were only maybe three or four regularly-updated radfem blogs left.  Now there are at least a dozen I can name off the top of my head.  And that number is growing.

So besides continuing with the work, what does a radfem blogger do when she is already overworked, exhausted and stressed?  She sets up another blog of course!  (Radfem bloggers know this is true.)  And when we were setting up the radfem collective blog, Radfem HUB, I was exhausted, completely and utterly.  I was working more than full time, managing a 4-hour a day commute, publishing original content at my own blog weekly, and nursing a shoulder injury and juggling doctors’ and physical therapy appointments, and I remember the night we went live, driving home from the doctor in the dark, in a pounding mid-May rainstorm thinking “I have to concentrate on the road, because if I die, this thing ain’t happening.  At least, it’s not happening tonight.”  I should explain that since the HUB was set up and registered under my blogging account, even though many of us actually worked on it in its infancy in preparation for our opening day, only I had the power to flip the “on” switch, and I had a dozen bloggers counting on me to get home and flip the switch at 8 pm sharp, as agreed.  But I didn’t die, and it did happen that night: the HUB went live on May 18, 2011.  And 15 minutes early, too, because that’s how I roll.  And as far as I know, Radfem HUB was and is the first and only public, regularly-updated radfem collective blog in existence.

Amazingly, and as we had hoped, the traffic we are getting at the HUB far surpasses the traffic any one of us are getting on our individual blogs: I have been blogging at femonade for 2 years now, and my blog surpassed a quarter-million pageviews about a month ago.  At the rate HUB is going, it could hit that milestone in its first 6 months.  That’s really impressive, considering that one-million pageviews is some kind of holy grail in blogging, and most blogs never see it.  Radfem HUB could easily live to see a million pageviews and more, so long as we continue with the work, including the work of our amazing guest-bloggers such as Sheila Jeffreys, Julie Bindel, Betty McLellan, Susan Hawthorne, and others, who have all contributed to the HUB.  That’s a million acknowledgements of woman-centered reality, a million advancements of a woman-loving political agenda, and a million chances to raise awareness and foment discussion and change minds, and go to the ends of our thoughts.  It’s a million chances to change the world, as it were.  Or women’s experience of it at the absolute minimum, being that a large part of that experience is to languish in a male-centric reality, unacknowledged and alone.

And if what we are doing as radfem bloggers is the next “wave” of feminism, so be it.  If this is one of the waves that actually makes it to the beach, (unlike so-called “third-wave” feminism) I will be so pleased.  And if this is yet another one that is ultimately covered up and all-but erased by male-centric misogynist sex-positive propaganda, and lies buried for the next thirty years…well, the burial mound will have to be higher and wider and deeper than it ever was before, because as long as women have internet access, they have access to radical feminist blogs.  And there are a lot of us now.  And I am so pleased about that.  Positively pleased, and grateful too.

FCM is an anonymous radfem blogger, blogging at http://factcheckme.wordpress.com.  Radfem HUB is located at https://radicalhubarchives.wordpress.com.

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  1. great post. i do believe that the burden of the truth is too exhausting and overwhelming and wrought with danger for most women to actually face and accept. denial and compliance can be easier in the short-run. to know there are other women who acknowledge and continually dissect and shed light on the reality of it all is the positive. that there is a community like this at all is miraculous.

  2. that there is a community like this at all is miraculous.

    🙂 agreed.

  3. It’s so good to hear all this. FCM. I feel like I’m part of history, having read the Radfem blog pretty much as soon as it came up. You have no idea how much support you and other bloggers have. We are with you. Thank you.


  4. Thanks for the great, personal post. It’s so important that we acknowledge how Radical Feminism affects our daily lives. We’re not RadFem Robots, we’re just women trying to survive.

    But finding the radicalhub might just be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never knew there were women like yourselves ‘out there’ – my sister and I thought we were *alone*.

    But you all exist, and you’re welcoming, warm and highly intelligent. It’s just …… wonderful, frankly.

    I think that’s a positive 🙂

    I am also seeing the hub blog posts linked to on mainstream feminist sites and on Facebook, in a positive way. Anita (Feminist Frequency) is slowly becoming more radical – not sure if you have noticed, but I am excited about the direction she is heading in 🙂

    And because of everything I have learned from this community, I know I am slowly converting my friends. I am dropping radfem bombs into all my conversations, making my friends think about everything I want to talk about (like PIV and porn and prostitution), even if they don’t want to. And I am noticing that the more I write what would be considered ‘outlandish’ things, the more normal my words seem. I now openly & frequently mention sex slavery, rape, masturbation, sex, porn, prostitution, misogyny, etc on facebook and in conversations – and more and more people are feeling comfortable responding to me and even agreeing with my point of view. It’s awesome!

    Plus, has anyone noticed the massive anti-porn movement gaining momentum lately? The internet is littered with articles about the negatives of porn. I am LOVING it!

    I really do feel like this blog will achieve something, and this community will just continue to grow. The more writing you put out there, the more people will read it, the less ‘extreme’ our views will seem, and the more people will come to not only understand but agree with us.

    Of course we will always have our detractoirs, but the second wavers didn’t have a safe, impenetrable, anonymous online space. We do. And all of the blog posts are AMAZING! Think of what this community can achieve. We could build a RadFem Army!!!

    Please keep going and don’t give up. I think it’s going to be worth it.

    p.s. In case it wasn’t obvious – thank you x

  5. if this is one of the waves that actually makes it to the beach, (unlike so-called “third-wave” feminism) I will be so pleased

    LOL. Great turn of phrase there, and this is a wonderful article.

  6. I found this place only recently, and of course it is a breath of fresh air to read what I think about here at my kitchen table. A really good article!

  7. “We could build a RadFem Army!!!”

    Yes! Let’s start one now! We need an army of radfem bloggers, mediamakers, translators, activists, teachers, writers, artists, et al.

    If I discovered radfeminism so quickly it’s because I spend my life on the internet. It’s a pity this is only available to English-speaking radfems though.

    I’m really happy to have discovered the radfem hub, and hope it will continue to thrive. Great article, thanks!

  8. (((FCM))), you and the Hub are a wonder to behold. Everything you said, and more, is so true. Has me breathing deeply, straightening my back and looking forward to a new day.

    You and all the “young” (under 60 😛 ) radfem bloggers are a phenomenon that I had previously seen only “in vision” and that is now unfolding before my eyes.

    Coming from … where ??? The centre of the Earth. 😀

    Moar, moar, moar!

    May the long time Sun
    Shine upon you,
    All love surround you,
    And the Clear Light within you
    Guide your way home.

    xoxoxo Mary

  9. If there weren’t radical feminist bloggers on the internet, I would not ever have changed my life and would be a doormat because I would think I was crazy. Having radical feminism available somewhere saves lives and minds. And speaking from a third world country where there is no feminism, not no-radical-feminism, not “not very much” feminism, but NO fucking feminism, this site is gold.

    I totally struggle with the positivity thing because I truly believe that negativity is a disease and i also believe it’s deeply linked with nature and woman hating and patriarchy. however, there is a difference between negativity and admitting the reality that we are living in a shit-structure of horrors=patriarchy. I thinkonce you acknowledge the basic negativity of your environment you can start building a positive zone for yourself as a woman. I enjoyed the post, FC.

  10. Excellent retrospect, FCM. 🙂 I had not been aware of the few positive things you’re talking about, since I quit blogging in early 2009. I’m planning on going back of course, but mostly after I’ll be finished with all my studying. My departure from the blogosphere is more time-related than anything else, though back in my radfem blogging days there indeed used to be massive online harassment coming from pro-porn and pomo folks,t hat’s true. I’ve very glad it’s gotten quieter now, and especially that now more open-minded womyn are reading (hopefully).

    In pretty short order, I realized that issues of transgenderism, largely men’s issues by the way, had taken center stage in the new “feminist” movement: where “sex” and “gender” had become one in the same – or where reproductive “sex” as a meaningful category had been erased completely – and no one seemed to notice this or care. I have to agree with this. In my lesbian community, you are not allowed to say that ‘transwomen’ are males or you’re accused of “discrimination.” This is utturly ridiculous. Men have managed to make womyn (particularly most lesbians and mosts ‘feminists’) believe that they (men) ‘can’ become women, WTF? Even in my ‘Contemporary Feminist Debates’ class at Uni, the ‘feminist’ lecturers there were saying that “sex is ‘mutable'” and that “transgendered people can ‘change’ their sex,” seriously WTF? I really wanted to shout at the lecturer that she was entirely wrong, but unfortunately I was afraid that I felt I could not. 😦 This is one of the ways how the oppression of females as a sex class gets erased and real womyn get silenced.

    Janice Raymond (often overly criticised for just one symbolical sentence she wrote “All transsexuals rape women’s bodies…”) was so write in her book The Transsexual Empire. Everything nowadays is happening precisely as she predicted it…

  11. She was so right I meant, not “write.” Sorry I cannot stop making typos when I write…

  12. “Positivity” is a funny word to try and relate to rad fem blogging, but as feminists we’re often accused of being negative, of having no sense of humor, of being miserable. Let those humorless, hairy legged, hate filled women, serve as a warning to the rest of you! But the truth is we are actually filled with positivity, brimming with it. It takes hope and faith and courage to criticize they way things are and to believe there could be a better way.

    I think rad/fems really need to redefine what is “positivity” and what is “humor.” I know I’m often called out for my sense of humor. In this culture it’s okay to laugh at rape jokes, but laugh at the antics and problems of your oppressors? That’s not funny. You hate men. You’re advocating violence. You’re being mean. Stuff and nonsense! Feminists have a great sense of humor, but we have to give ourselves permission to experience it. Laughter is not condoning something, it’s not world domination, it’s simply stress relief and a way to put all the absurdity in it’s proper perspective.

  13. @ witchwind

    at one time i had a commenter who asked if i would mind if she translated my posts at femonade into french. i of course didnt mind and she did translate a few posts and posted them at a new blog, but then she stopped. many of us dont have time to accomplish all the things we could be doing, even very important things that would be very helpful if *someone* did them, noone has the time to actually do. i am learning more and more about energy expenditure and not being wasteful of my/our energies for this reason. it really takes some getting used to, and its not easy to do this: we women we are expected to waste our energies on literally everything else so that we have nothing left, or to spread ourselves so thin that we are ineffectual at everything or berate ourselves for being ineffectual even when we are very effectual, which is in itself a waste of energy…

    that said, if anyone wants to translate these posts into other languages, i am sure that would be fine. if anyone is interested in doing this, they can contact HUB using the contact tab at the top of the page.

  14. i agree that “positivity” is a strange and loaded word, and i wasnt comfortable with the idea at all in the beginning — i literally laughed (scoffed?) at it. whats positive about any of this? its a necessity and we are doing it, we are making our own lives exponentially more complicated by participating at the level we are. BUT at the same time we are making them less complicated, literally, because we are cracking the code and laying it all bare for everyone to see. things arent nearly as confusing as they once were. there are patterns and themes here.

    but “its a necessity and we are doing it” is not necessarily a positive, any more than everything else women do is a “positive”, because its necessary that it be done, because of what men do. theres no need to romanticize it or act like its wonderful (like motherhood for example). all of this (including motherhood in many cases) is only necessary because of what men do to us. imagine if we were free, and what our days would be like then? it makes me very angry that this is the way we have to spend our time. but at the moment there is no alternative. thats the thing. this is whats real, now.

  15. But finding the radicalhub might just be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    🙂 thanks PW.

  16. Well said, FCM. Thanks for shedding a bit of light on what online radfems are doing and for making the HUB happen and for helping support and feed a radfem movement. That we exist is positive. That we agitate for women’s freedom is positive. That we don’t believe and won’t promulgate the lies of sex-poz woman-hating is positive. That we band together is positive. I could go on and on in that vein. We delve into the ugliest aspects of the cultural and social hatred of women to tell the truth and demand changes. That isn’t a negative, it’s a positive because the outcome takes us some step closer to real change. It’s the institutions and people who must change who see our work and our words as a negative. They want the status quo and we won’t let them have it without a fight. Their negative spin on the ideas of Dworkin, MacKinnon, Daly, Raymond, and others has held sway for decades, but only because they wouldn’t let anyone else have their say about it. And they do it under a banner that is a complete lie about who is positive and who is negative.

    In reality, it’s all an energetic thing — energy, magnetism, polarity — the positive can’t work without the negative, it’s a complex interchange. To deny that reality is to fall asleep and let the forces arranged against women’s liberation continue to lie about what it will take to make that liberation happen. And what it will take is the polar opposite of what misogynists and other faux feminists say it is.

  17. Frack positivity! Fuck making lemonade. That is how we got suckered last time. Make revolution! Make a big wave bigger!
    And so you are, and I thank you for it.

  18. 🙂 thanks TBW. im with you.

  19. The “third wave” is an undertow. thanks for not getting sucked in. xo

  20. Hey FCM – that was a great post : ) What you’re doing (RadFem Hub and the individual sites) is so important! Like a lot of people who’ve commented, I was so thrilled to discover this site – and it’s great to be able to visit it and take some comfort from knowing that I’m not alone in the world with radical feminist views! I’ve put those views forward a few times on mainstream news sites (where you can comment on opinion pieces etc) and been attacked mercilessly by men and women too with all the crap you’d expect (apparently, I have “hang ups about sex” and am a “misandrist” who wants to “shame men’s sexuality” and “force normal women” into a “sad, lonely, barren existence” – I guess it’s no wonder I’m always tired!). I wish I knew radfems in Australia, but since I don’t, this site is really vital.

    There has been a considerable backlash against any form of feminism and even women crap on about how “feminism has gone too far”, “poor guys, ‘consent’ is so confusing these days, no wonder they make mistakes when drunk girls flirt with them at the pub” (‘mistakes’ we’d call ‘rape’), “women lie in the Family Court about domestic violence and the poor blokes lose their children” etc etc. Feminism, let alone radical feminism, is still a hated and feared phenomenon (I’ve found it far less controversial to come out as a lesbian than as a feminist…). I’m sure there are women out there who really have their worldview changed by accessing this and the other sites. The strength of the vitriol against you, the threats etc are all evidence that you’ve touched a nerve and there are men out there who realise that you’ve all spotted what they’re up to!

    It’s a shame women’s liberation, feminism etc have to be re-discovered again and again by generations of women – but having access to information on the internet rather than having to rely on publishers etc might indeed mean that patriarchal forces will find that containing this feminist outbreak will be like trying to get toothpaste back in the tube…

  21. Hat’s off to you, FCM and all the women here for their hard work. It is much appreciated. You rock my world. Radicals Roarrrrrr! (Damn trans tried to steal my line. Don’t they have any originality?)

    The “third wave” is an undertow. thanks for not getting sucked in.

    ROFL. Good one.

  22. Toothpaste back in the tube! I hope so! 🙂

  23. @ FCM: I wasn’t talking so much about translating but also about the existence of such radfem blogworlds outside anglophonery. Although translating was included. Again, if there were more of us, that would be less of a problem, we wouldn’t have to do ALL the work by our few selves. But translation is so important, some texts can be mindopening, it’s crucial for the movement that they get read! I’m currently translating Andrea Dworkin with a friend – we’re doing it together, so it makes it much easier.

    “i am learning more and more about energy expenditure and not being wasteful of my/our energies for this reason. it really takes some getting used to, and its not easy to do this: we women we are expected to waste our energies on literally everything else so that we have nothing left, or to spread ourselves so thin that we are ineffectual at everything or berate ourselves for being ineffectual even when we are very effectual, which is in itself a waste of energy…”

    So I am I! There’s so many things I want to do and that need to be done, and it’s so easy to be swamped under the work and forget entirely about myself, my body. I need to put limits to my activism in order to keep my integrity safe. “spread ourselves so thin” is exactly how I feel when I narrow my life so much to radfem activism of all sorts. But it’s just as radfem to take care of ourselves, nurture ourselves and our energy as doing all the public radfem work.

  24. “but having access to information on the internet rather than having to rely on publishers etc might indeed mean that patriarchal forces will find that containing this feminist outbreak will be like trying to get toothpaste back in the tube…”

    HAHA this so AMAZINGLY put!
    It made my day : D

  25. thank you for this. 😀

    this radfem hub gives me hope for feminism. keep posting here, i will keep reading and learning.

  26. Hey FCM,

    Thanks for sharing your story of how the RadicalHub took off! I’m so excited to read of the numbers of visitors this blog has had…that is really something! I also love how there are plenty of names on this thread that I don’t recognize. I love seeing new “faces,” so to speak.

    I want there to be so many radfemblogs I can’t even remember them all!!

    I can understand why women would be anti-positivity, because we’re always told to “look on the brought side!” when women’s lives are the ones truly lived in quiet desperation. However, if you’ve been in the feminist movement–and by that I mean the real feminist movement, not the pornstitution pozzie one–it’s hard *not* to become even more despairing. At least, that’s my experience. And I also think bringing bits of joy to women’s lives is itself revolutionary.

    I personally will be very excited to see what is in this issue of RAT. One could certainly say having RAT arrive in my mailbox brings this feminist joy. 😀

  27. I’m new to all this radfem stuff and admittedly sometimes I don’t understand everything, but I’m excited to see where all of this, and all of you, take me.

    Witchwind mentioned that it was sad that this was only in English. I can’t make big promises but I’d like to offer my translating services. I’m fluent in Spanish and have some education in translation. It would be totally free and just in my spare time but I would love to help connect women! Let me know! I may also be able to get some help from a translator- friend.

  28. Hello – just a quick post to say, I’m Dutch and if I have any spare time I’d be happy to translate for you, too. Would you guys post it here, or what’s the idea?

  29. FCM, what you do is so positive. I would never have discovered Mary Daly if it weren’t for your blog.

    I actually rediscovered radical feminism through your blog, because I got into a scuffle with someone at Feministing.. we’d just gotten high-speed internet (very late to that parade) and I was reading through “feminist blogs” online.. my knowledge of feminism had come from books at my university library, old dusty tomes by the likes of Emma Goldman.

    so when I ended up commenting, saying there had to be a difference between a man who calls himself a woman, and a WBW.. I got many angry responses and lectures. and when I politely attempted discourse.. I got into an argument. prior to that, I’d never heard the prefix “cis” anything. so I searched the internet for anything that disagreed with Feministing-style feminism, totally shocked that these supposedly feminist women were suspending their sense of logic for the sake of men.. I found your blog, and through it the incredible radfem blogosphere..

    it’s amazing how bullshit feminism one has to wade through to get here, but anyone who can see through it will find it.

    it’s so exciting to see how much our blogosphere has grown. you are one of my heroes FCM, you’re truly a groundbreaker. I really think we are witnessing a revolution. even hosting my tiny personal Lily blog is tiring and worrisome (I’m always looking over my shoulder if I’m writing in public..) so the amount of effort you pour into this.. thank you so much.

    like you said, arriving here was such a relief. RELIEF. casting off the blinders. saying no. changing things, slowly.. creating.. inspiring.. uncensored..

    I really think the hub would benefit from a separate, password-protected forum, because I have this paranoid fear that we’ll lose our blogs someday. maybe I’ll make one. I also can translate some articles into French.

    sorry this is so long. I just really want to thank you!

  30. wow thanks lily. 🙂 how did you find me, do you remember? i would LOVE to think that you just searched “opposite of feministing” and my blog appeared, but somehow i doubt it? do tell. thanks for reading.

  31. Lily,

    I really think the hub would benefit from a separate, password-protected forum, because I have this paranoid fear that we’ll lose our blogs someday. maybe I’ll make one.

    You don’t have to necessarily have to make one. There is already one that exists. 🙂

    I think more Radfems should come register, join us and then start using more the WLM forums. I’m registered in those private radical feminist forums, and it’s gotten so quiet lately in there (I’m really missing wonderful discussions we had in there). I really would like to see more people from the radfem blogosphere registering there. It’s a very friendly and private FAAB-only space, within which we could all talk together in private. I guess that would be good if more radfems from the public blogosphere could turn up in there sometime. 😉

  32. thanks for all the love everyone! it really is all about the readers and commenters you know. thats where i get the inspiration for almost all of my posts. 🙂

    for those who are interested in translating, we arent sure how to deal with this yet. please respond via the HUB contact tab and someone will get back you. additional suggestions welcome.

  33. The thing about having the radfem blogs disappear is not a worry. Other radfems have archived their wordpress blogs, using the available wordpress.com blogger tools.

    The archive can then be imported into one’s own separately hosted webspace. The only difference is that at this point, it’s free to have your blog hosted on wordpress.com, whereas you have to pay hosting costs ($10/month or so) to have it hosted somewhere else.

    If wordpress.com pulls the plug on any radfem blog, we just put it up on another server, and redirect everybody there through Facebook or Twitter or email or whatever trail of breadcrumbs we want to use.

    The software that *formats* the blog into all the different “themes” and posts comments, etc is run on the server that hosts the blog. Any webhosting business has wordpress software available in your control panel options.

    Once again, it’s donkey work. You have to make all the keystrokes, wrap your head around all the ugly book-keeping details. Be a digital hod-carrier. “Just another day in paradise”.

  34. This was a really refreshing read. FCM, you, and all the RadFem bloggers, have my utmost appreciation. You have all changed my life. I had my “radical feminist awakening” in late 2009, and my world hasn’t been the same since. I feel like I’ve gone SANE. Thank you, all of you.

    I must’ve started reading your blog sometime in 2010. I believe that I found you via Dirt’s blog roll. I credit you with introducing me to Andrea Dworkin. For some reason, I had it in my head that she’d be really tough to read – which she WAS, but not in the way that I expected.

    For those of you interested in deepening our connections in this community, may I suggest attending MichFest next year? I know, I know, I know…The Controversy. But it’s our space, constructed for our purposes almost exactly. 2012 is the year, I’m telling you. I’d love to meet you all face to face and make plans to take over the world! (PS: Thanks for the forum link, had no idea it existed.)

  35. I just found the Hub a few days ago and I feel like I have been searching for it all along. It’s so refreshing to be able to come and read all these wonderful articles. Thank you, for all that you do! I am slowly but surely finding out that the older I get – the more radical I become. And I am realizing this is not a bad thing. Thank you!

  36. thanks jenn. 🙂 yes, the older one gets, the less appealing the fun-fem stuff is. i think this has everything to do with whether one is experienced or naive. it really sickens to know that young womens naivete is not only currency in these movements, but its also required for any of the garbage the leaders are spewing to make any kind of rational sense: only if you have no clue how the world really works would you ever believe the shit they sell. but young women do believe it. its fucking horrifying.

    anyway welcome, and thanks for reading!

  37. also, how did you find us may i ask?

  38. I started reading the blog fabulous fab stuff, then that led me to femonade which led me here. 🙂 I was on the prowl for feminist blogs. 🙂

  39. THANK YOU!!! Would a well deserved holiday for you guys be out of the question? Somewhere in the Sun on a sandy beach in a blue lagoon maybe? A part of the world which is secluded and peaceful? Where you could replenish all your engergies because I think this wonderful Hub and what it is beginning to mean to everyone is going to take so much of your time and hard work in the future as well.

    Wish I could help in some way but don’t see how. The thought of you guys enjoying each other having a well earned break somewhere relaxing and restoring yourselves for what might become I find theraputic myself.

    Just a thought! Love.

  40. 🙂 that does sound nice. perhaps someday?

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