Forced Birth Crowd, Led by Catholic Church, Dedicated to Blocking Contraception Proposal

by Loretta Kemsley

The forced birth crowd is once again trying to strip your rights from you. It’s time for you to take a minute and stand in opposition.

At stake is a new regulation mandating no-copay birth control options by health insurance companies. Those who want to force us to give birth are already rallying their supporters with claims we’re “irresponsible” and “violating God’s law” if we choose to exercise our reproductive rights.

The New Contraception Mandate: Wrong on Every Level

the new mandate forces health insurers to pay for the immoral use of drugs, therefore violating God’s law…It even forces those insurers who may abhor contraception to participate.

… it forces medical insurance to provide for non-medical needs. Pregnancy is not a disease, and the use of contraception to prevent it is purely elective….it forces health insurance to subsidize inherently risky behavior. The link between contraception and promiscuity is simple and clear, as is the link between promiscuity and a wide variety of diseases.

Encouraging women not to bear children runs completely contrary to our social interests. Wherever this attitude has taken hold, it has produced a demographic winter which seriously jeopardizes not only the comfort but the stability and even prolonged existence of the social order….Truly, we reap what we sow, and when we sow nothing, there is nothing to reap….it is socially suicidal. It may, I suppose, hasten the day when our sick culture implodes, to be replaced with a culture less darkened by its own blinders.

You’ll notice the forced birth crowd have no objections to the insurance companies offering Viagra as a “non-medical” need. And they do. They have right from the day it hit the market. One doctor defended this discrepancy with “but it is a quality of life issue.” But being forced to give birth to children you don’t want or can’t afford is not apparently.

Back in 1729, when Jonathan Swift made A Modest Proposal of boiling and eating small Irish children, it was in response to public whining about mothers having babies and refusing to have babies. Take your choice. Either one is wrong. The moralists of his day were of the same ilk.:

For Preventing The Children of Poor People in Ireland From Being A Burden to Their Parents or Country, and For Making Them Beneficial to The Public

It is a melancholy object to those who walk through this great town or travel in the country, when they see the streets, the roads, and cabin doors, crowded with beggars of the female sex, followed by three, four, or six children, all in rags and importuning every passenger for an alms. These mothers, instead of being able to work for their honest livelihood, are forced to employ all their time in strolling to beg sustenance for their helpless infants…

There is likewise another great advantage in my scheme, that it will prevent those voluntary abortions, and that horrid practice of women murdering their bastard children, alas! too frequent among us! sacrificing the poor innocent babes I doubt more to avoid the expense than the shame, which would move tears and pity in the most savage and inhuman breast.

Notice the same arguments were made then: women murdering babies via abortions or birth control. That’s how long this “sick culture” has been “imploding” against women. Maybe it is time for this “sick culture…to be replaced with a culture less darkened by its own blinders.”

That will take time. However, right now, we need to take a minute to visit the Women’s Media Center and sign a thank you letter for the courageous individuals who’ve taken on the misogynist forced birth crowd who’ve been blocking the sensible plan of telling insurance companies they must offer birth control as a health care option. It’s about time that women were counted in the “human” part of Health and Human Services.

This letter, from Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center, explains it well. Note the same only “irresponsible” women want to use birth control theme in the media and politics:

Yesterday the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealed its landmark decision requiring health insurers to cover the full cost of contraception, with no co-pay, beginning in August 2012.

The Women’s Media Center applauds the HHS’s ruling, which places a much-needed importance on women’s health that is too-often not a priority in health care policy.  Birth control is a critical part of preventive care, and studies support the idea that making contraception available to all women, regardless of their insurance or ability to pay for it, will significantly reduce long-term health care costs associated with unplanned pregnancies.

For the next sixty days, the HHS is accepting comments from the public regarding this ruling. We urge you to raise your voice and send a note to the HHS in support of birth control with no co-pays for all women.

The HHS’s decision moves women’s health care forward, despite a media environment where sexist rhetoric often tries to imply that responsible women who seek birth control are participating in irresponsible behavior. Just last week, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly said, “Many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex and are not going to take their birth control anyway” in a segment about this policy. (In an eerily similar tone, New Hampshire lawmaker Raymond Wieczorek said “If you want to have a party, have a party but don’t ask me to pay for it” when New Hampshire recently defunded Planned Parenthood, barring thousands of women from access to birth control and other women’s preventive care.) This attitude about women is dangerous.

The Women’s Media Center is proud that the HHS has made a ruling that represents reality. Women need access to birth control because it is a basic part of preventive care.

Please sign a note thanking the HHS and supporting its landmark decision today.

Burton welcomes others posting her letter wherever women can see it and respond. The more signers we have, the more likely this mandate will stand.

12 Comments to “Forced Birth Crowd, Led by Catholic Church, Dedicated to Blocking Contraception Proposal”

  1. Can’T believe they’re still flogging that old horse: Catholicism. Since it came to light that the entire religion was practically invented for the purpose of forcing unwitting mothers to hand their innocent children over to dirty old paedophile priests, I think that is one belief system that’s taken a nose dive in the “legitimacy” stakes.

    I love the phrasing “forced birth crowd”. Don’t let the God-botherers frame the issues. Pro-life? AHAHAHAHA! THat was a clever underhand tactic on their part–calling a pro-suffering, pro-risking of women’s life, pro-forcing children to be raised in poverty ideology as “pro-life”. Still laughing here at that one.

    ANd just like the trans issues, the patriarchy is very clever at keeping women running around the hamster wheel–keeping us struggling for air by forcing us to focus energy on BASIC human rights, such as the right not to risk our life for the sake of an unwanted pregnancy, or the right not to share bathrooms with men. We can’T move FORWARD, which of course, is entirely the point.

  2. I refuse to use “pro-life” because they don’t care about a living child. They only care about forcing a woman to give birth, hence the “forced birth crowd” phrasing. Perhaps “crowd” isn’t the appropriate word. “Mob” would be better. Or “horde” or “rabble.” None of them seem quite horrid enough though.

    John Stuart Mill, back in the 1800s, had his say about the same absurdities being hurdled at women of his day.

    The general opinion of men is supposed to be, that the natural vocation of a woman is that of a wife and mother. I say, is supposed to be, because, judging from acts — from the whole of the present constitution of society — one might infer that their opinion was the direct contrary. They might be supposed to think that the alleged natural vocation of women was of all things the most repugnant to their nature; insomuch that if they are free to do anything else — if any other means of living or occupation of their time and faculties, is open, which has any chance of appearing desirable to them — there will not be enough of them who will be willing to accept the condition said to be natural to them. If this is the real opinion of men in general, it would be well that it should be spoken out. I should like to hear somebody openly enunciating the doctrine (it is already implied in much that is written on the subject) — “It is necessary to society that women should marry and produce children. They will not do so unless they are compelled. Therefore it is necessary to compel them.”

    Unfortunately, they’ve been getting away with this for centuries. I hope we’re the generation that succeeds in finally stopping their abuse of women.

  3. its so obvious that 1) they see motherhood and childbearing as a punishment and use it as such and 2) they know women wouldnt do it in the numbers they do, if they had any meaningful choice. it really couldnt be more transparent. fuck them.

  4. It is definitely a power and control factor. Women who can control their reproductive options can control their life. Those who are forced to endure unwanted pregnancies and to raise unwanted children will forever have limited options. This is why they are so desperate to control our reproductive options. No one should control them except the woman herself.I wish teens and young women would understand this as well as the patriarchal institutions do.

  5. I’m one of those bitter, jaded feminists that just can’t accept that we’re still having this conversation. Yes, women should have access to birth control, to the ability to practice harm reduction, but when do we ever get to the part where where we place the responsibility on men, where we admit that PIV causes harm, where we mandate that insurers provide men with condoms and vasectomies, screen them for domestic violence, screen them for disease, dedicate some time and money into making them take some responsibility? Why must everything always be a “women’s” health issue? Near as I can tell women don’t just spontaneously combust into any of these issues.

    Yes, we should make birth control available to all women. Yes, we should even vaccinate our 10 year old girls against an STD that causes cervical cancer, but when do we ever get to the part where we can say, maybe PIV just isn’t really worth it and maybe if men still want to engage in it, they should be mandated to reduce or eliminate the harm that they do to women? And no, “allowing” girls to jump through numerous health care hurdles is not the same as making men take responsibility.

    We now send our young girls out into the world, here’s your info about rape, about domestic violence, about HIV, about date rape drugs and the dangers of drinking too much, here’s your pill that may cause strokes and blood clots, here’s your HPV vaccine, here’s your pap smear appointments, here’s your access to safe but still physically invasive and uncomfortable abortion, now girls, you go out there and have yourself some fun! Worse, we’ve created a culture where girls are taught that this IS what it’s all about. How much can you empower yourself with the safer, new improved pursuit of PIV? Bah humbug. I want to see girls invest one tenth of that time spent on harm reduction and the pursuit of PIV and invest it in themselves and changing the world.

    It’s a good article, Loretta, I’m not complaining about it or the ruling by HHS, I’m just tired of the same old, same old repackaged and called progress.

  6. yes yttik, i think we are still having these convos for the women who have no choice about whether they engage in PIV or not. and there are a lot of them. i try not to think of the sex-pozzies popping their hormonal birth control pills every day, every day and pretending they dont know what they are for (ie. that PIV is dangerous and causes medical events for women only) bc that just makes me mad and sad and sick…but there are millions and even billions of other women who still need us to have this discussion, as often as it needs to be had. arent there?

  7. in other words, i think sex-pozzie “feminists” are the ONLY women, who have ever existed, across time or place, who appear to be unaware that the penis is harmful to women. everyone else knows but them.

  8. Just a quick comment…. a shocking thing recently. A woman showed up crying. She’d just been to the endrocrenologist, has awful harmonal imbalances, thyroid issues… a host of really scary symptoms. We’d talked about this a bit over the years, casual conversation. Suddenly, last night, I asked “How did this all begin? Did you have this condition since you were a child?” Her upset and tears really got to me. She replied that the whole mess developed after the birth of her second child, and the doctors just wouldn’t listen or even get to the cause of all of this. It was related to a pregnancy in her 30s.

    This whole idea about men taking on the responsibility, and having all women be fully awake about how sex pozzie simply doesn’t serve women. Yttik is right on target, and the fact that men are still foisting all this responsibility on women, and that women suffer all kinds of horror because pregnancy is not safe, never has been never will be. That is the ultimate state of denial that women..straight women live in. Now lesbians are joining in the idiocy with IVF babies…and why would lesbians just sit around saying how wonderful pregnancy is? Will we become as deluded and clueless with baby babble, with denial, with sex pozzie invasions of daily life everywhere?

    The horror of that woman’s pain was real, and her denial of the real cause of it all painful… a brilliant loving woman is probably facing an early death because her stupid husband had to have his PIV. If that isn’t obscene on the part of selfish men, I don’t know what is. The fact that I had to specifically ask WHEN did all this begin is telling I think.

  9. They’re all about keeping women as an incubator class, there’s nothing “pro-life” about it at all. Those same people will happily send the precious fetus that they campaigned to “save” all those years ago, off to be killed in some war over resources, or to the juvenile justice system because they grew up disadvantaged and impoverished. They will blame that precious fetus for her own sexual assault and label it a welfare queen when she is forced to give birth herself years later. So long as men are culturally supported in their relentless predation of us, it’s unbelievably inhumane to try to deny us any means we see as appropriate to keep other human beings from growing in our bodies.

  10. @Linda Radfem: Exactly. They are not pro life but pro fetus. After the fetus is born, they don’t care whether it lives or dies, and they don’t care about the quality of its life. They don’t care about the lives of women, or children, or animals, or anything. It’s not about life but about control.

  11. Jenna it is not even about ‘control’ it is about the ‘death’ of womon having any rights what so ever……no life no rights no choice no power no agency no integrity no body of our own..children are the weapon to used kill us and our right to humanity
    We are the property of the Patriarchy unless we resist at all levels…….
    Just to resist is to exist….

    Having reproductive power is huge power if only womon collectively understood their OWN power……to refuse to HAVE children at all is a huge weapon , for a womon to abort a child is still blasphemy to the menz ego and power……and an insult to Patriarchy
    We must stand together on our right to have our own reproductive power or campaign not to have babies at all for those who want them…Goddesss knows why……sex with the menz is a dangerous game for womon and girls……

  12. “children are the weapon to used kill us and our right to humanity”

    This is the crux of it, isn’t it? We have focused on PIV and its harm, but it has been pointed out that the issue with PIV is the impregnability of women. This is why male to male “rapes” such as occur wholesale in prisons are not the same as real rapes that can result in pregnancy. The story of pregnancy and motherhood is one of enslavement. Even setting aside, for just a moment, the dangers of pregnancy to a woman’s health and life. Even if it is a desired pregnancy and a desired child. Once a woman has a child, even if she loves the child, everything changes for her. Patriachy owns mothers. Or more accurately patriarchy owns mothers ™.

    It needn’t be that way, of course. I’m sure an Amazon culture would include pregnancy and children as part of the community. The danger of pregancy would be on par with the danger of killing a wild animal for food, for instance. A heroic act for the community’s survival. Women who choose to become mothers would still have full rights. It is hard to imagine what this would be like, at least I find it difficult.

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