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August 4, 2011

Forced Birth Crowd, Led by Catholic Church, Dedicated to Blocking Contraception Proposal

by Loretta Kemsley

The forced birth crowd is once again trying to strip your rights from you. It’s time for you to take a minute and stand in opposition.

At stake is a new regulation mandating no-copay birth control options by health insurance companies. Those who want to force us to give birth are already rallying their supporters with claims we’re “irresponsible” and “violating God’s law” if we choose to exercise our reproductive rights.

The New Contraception Mandate: Wrong on Every Level

the new mandate forces health insurers to pay for the immoral use of drugs, therefore violating God’s law

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August 4, 2011

Pornography and the Myth of Free Speech

by Guest Blogger

Guest Post by Betty McLellan

In the United States, an individual’s right to “free speech” is sacrosanct.  Consider these examples of free speech: a little-known pastor of a small congregation in Florida, first, threatened to burn the Koran and, then, in spite of the huge outcry against such an action, did actually burn the Koran — and he did it in the name of free speech. He claimed he had a right to exercise his freedom of speech with no thought for possible consequences.

More recently, again in the US, an anti-abortion activist named Angel Dillard sent threatening and intimidating messages to a Kansas doctor who performs abortions, yet ultimately escaped punishment in court.

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