Announcing a new blog: PIV on TV

by FCM

ive created a place to dissect and discuss the PIV-centrism of 20 popular television shows, based on 6 common themes ive identified comprising the PIV-centric narrative: a new blog entitled “PIV on TV: PIV-centric sexuality in popular culture“.  the front page has a slideshow and everything!  from the “common themes” page:

the television series critiqued on this blog have been categorized and rated based on the following (tentative?) criteria of the PIV-centric narrative: 1) heteronormativity, where the goal is to “land a man”; 2) normalizing womens reproductive-related stress and pain, as if they are inevitable and “part of being a woman” instead of a direct result of PIV-centric sexuality and privileging PIV over other sexual acts; 3) pathologizing menstruation, whereby women are thought to be unappealing or unhealthy upon showing proof that a pregnancy has not occurred, despite all the mandatory PIV; 4) pathologizing older women, aging and menopause for the same reasons, and fetishizing female youth and fertility; 5) normalizing simulated and exaggerated female sexual pleasure from PIV and PIV-centric sex, even though PIV is inarguably the least pleasurable and most dangerous sexual act, for women; and 6) depictions of and normalizations of rape and rape culture.

interestingly, although this is not a competition, but rather an illustration of common themes and a dissection and examination of PIV-centrism as a structured yet invisible cultural undercurrent, “married with children” appears to be the “winner” here, and *effortlessly* satisfies every single one of these criteria.  which is not really a surprise is it? considering that it was a parody of male-centrism and intentionally over-the-top in its misogyny and sex-based stereotypes, its almost as if they used the list of common themes as a guidelines while scripting the show.  but its not the only show to score a 6/6.

this blog is intended as an archive, and there wont be any new posts; this is because it could easily turn into an endless endeavor, and i wanted the project to go live in my lifetime.  and comprehensive wesbites are sooo 2005.  amiright?  these shows were some of my favorites growing up and have so obviously affected my heterosexuality and concept of sex, and i figure im not the only one.  the shows i chose are from 1960s-present, and hopefully everyone can relate to some or all of them — and hopefully you will remember what i remember, or remember what ive forgotten or left out.

everyone* is invited to come over and join the discussion.  thanks for reading (and discussing!) PIV on TV.

* FAAB-only, obviously.  thank you.


2 Comments to “Announcing a new blog: PIV on TV”

  1. Wow the Golden Girls – part of me loved the show when it was on here, but it annoyed me on a few levels and you’ve pinpointed them all : ) The format, though, minus the issues you’ve raised, is totally my aged care plan – I actually love the idea of a group of women living together and taking care of each other in their older years. It’s probably a shame I’m decades too young to have experienced radical feminist communes…..

  2. thanks for reading developing! please feel free to join in the discussion over there as well. 🙂

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