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July 27, 2011

recovery ‘n’ revolution

by easilyriled

Can’t have one without the other, not really.  I don’t think so anyhow.  Lookit, why I’m thinking about this, is — a few weeks ago, my buddy K and I went to a women’s meeting in a suburb of our city.  Sometimes we go to meetings in exotic places like North Van or Burnaby or Steveston even.  Sometimes we cross a border, other times we cross a bridge (!) and sometimes we cross both.

So this was a small meeting, and the women were lovely, as they are, all were white, most were middle-aged, a couple had these really deep smoky voices.  They sounded like they’d been dispatching trucks or taxis for years, and they looked all tough and no-nonsense.

And of the 10 or 12 of them, over half were on anti-depressants.


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