Women’s Worlds, 2011

by easilyriled

I was going to post on here about how you can have recovery without revolution, sort of, and revolution without recovery, sort of–but I don’t think we’ll be successful at either without both. But It was kind of too personal for the HUB (though political of course), so I put it on my blog and here I’m going to write something about the Women’s Worlds.

This here Women’s Worlds was a BIG conference in the summer of 2011–it is an International conference that happens every three years, and this year was the first year in Canada. I think. It was a very big deal, and I didn’t hear ‘boo’ about it, wouldn’t have heard a thing were it not for my alliance with the radical feminist anti-violence collective here.

One woman at our panel (I was part of a panel that I put together with the help of my friend and ally L, of aforementioned radfem collective) said, “you know, in my city, whenever we are expecting a large gathering of men, for a conference or a sporting event, the police have extra training, and there are more of ’em working to prepare for all the men. I wonder if they received extra training to prepare for nearly 2000 women?”

Her question, of course, was facetious.


6 Comments to “Women’s Worlds, 2011”

  1. But when I wrote a poem that presumed men are more violent, they told me Margaret Thatcher sent troops to the Falklands, so STFU…sometimes I wish there had been no Hillary, Margaret, or Golda. Then they’d talk about Boudicca of the Picts over a thousand years ago, of course..

  2. This is a really excellent point, easilyriled. I look forward to reading your more personal writing about the conference as well!

  3. Boudicca of the Picts! I wanna know more about her–like i don’t already have enough research and so on to do…yikes. and thanks, woj, i have been noodling away in the old-fashioned way, will do so online soon…

  4. Vliet, it is a silencing technique. Whenever you mention the 97% of violence perpetrated by men the response always seems to be that 3% of the violence is perpetrated by women so let’s talk about that instead because 97% is exactly equal to 3% if you correct for all the men who feel like they have had violence done to them by women who say no without apologizing for it.

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