Would “Caylee’s Law” have Protected Caylee?

by Loretta Kemsley

People are jumping on the Caylee’s Law bandwagon without asking the essential question: how would this law have protected her? Of course, the rage isn’t really about protecting Caylee Anthony. It’s against her mother — Casey Anthony — who is perceived as getting away with murder. But let’s consider another scenario: what if Caylee died while her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, was trying to murder her mother, Casey?

According to brother, Lee Anthony, and other sources that is what happened right before Caylee disappeared. Per their neighbor, Casey left without Caylee, so why did George Anthony testify he saw Casey leave with Caylee?

The public rage is rooted in these unanswered questions. We haven’t found the answer in the hate fest infecting the talk shows who covered the trial. We didn’t find it during the testimony in the courtroom. We won’t find them in a new law requiring parents to report children missing. So let’s look in another direction: What if Caylee died because of the domestic violence committed by her grandmother?

There’s something strange in the timeline concerning the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. The key days are June 15th and 16th of 2008.

Here’s an excerpt from article published by ABC news, Exclusive: George and Cindy Anthony Speak on 2nd Anniversary of Caylee’s Disappearance, on June 15, 2010:

Two years ago today Florida 2-year-old Caylee Anthony vanished, sparking what would become one of the nation’s highest profile murder cases and beginning a time of intense and painful scrutiny that has seared the entire Anthony family, Caylee’s grandparents said today.

“The last two years have been just unbearable,” an emotional George Anthony told “Good Morning America” in an exclusive interview today as he sat alongside his wife, Cindy Anthony. “To think about the last time we saw Caylee and Casey together, hear her voice, to see her little eyes and get a hug and kiss from her. It’s not easy.”

The article repeated: “Caylee disappeared on June 15, 2008.…”

And yet, George testified he last saw Caylee with her mother around 12:30 p.m. (just after noon) on June 16th.

A June 15th and 16th timeline reconstructed from a variety of sources reveals:

Casey left the Anthony home at 9:00 and went to Tony Lazzaro’s apartment. Tony was her boyfriend at the time.

While Casey was with Tony, Cindy took Caylee to visit with Cindy’s parents, Alex Pleasea (Caylee’s maternal Great Grandfather) and Shirley Pleasea (Caylee’s maternal Great Grandmother).

At approximately 4:00 p.m. Cindy and Caylee returned to the Anthony home. After giving Caylee dinner, Cindy and Caylee took a swim in the pool.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. Casey returned to the Anthony home after spending most of the day with Tony.

Pam Plesea is the ex-wife of Cindy Anthony’s brother, Rick. This is a record of her conversation with a reporter at Canyon News: Casey Anthony’s Aunt Speaks, Exclusive

Mom Plesea [Shirley Plesea] has been talking to me ever since this whole thing happened. She told me that on June 15 after she, Cindy and Caylee went to visit her husband at the nursing home, which is very close to where Shirley lives, she then showed Cindy that Casey had forged a $354 check on her husband’s nursing home account.”

She told me that Cindy and George are not being totally honest about that night. Lee was there, Cindy confronted Casey on June 15, and they ended up in an altercation and Cindy choked Casey, Lee pulled them apart, and Cindy called Shirley to tell her that Casey would never steal again and that she had choked her.

Bail bondsman and bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, on the Nancy Grace show, confirmed this, adding more details:

It took place the evening of the 15th which was Father`s Day, and Cindy and the baby had come back from visiting Cindy`s parents. And at that time the parents told her that Casey had stolen money out of her account.

When she got into the discussion with Casey, Casey tried to kind of write it off as, no, it didn`t take place, somebody`s lying. And Cindy just lost it and went after her. And basically the statements that Jesse [Grund] and Lee made were the same as what I heard from them.

And that was that the confrontation got so heated that Cindy actually knocked Casey down and had her, was strangling her and except for the, you know, interference of — I think it was George at the time, she was trying to hurt Casey.

Padilla got the last part wrong. George was at work. It had to be Lee who tried to stop Cindy, as Aunt Pam said.

Their neighbor across the street, Jean C., was washing his car when he saw Casey leave the house. She was screaming, “Fuck you, Mom! I don’t want to hear it anymore.” Cindy came out too. She was “calm,” according to Jean C., with Casey doing all the talking. Casey “jogged” away from the house. Per Jean C., Caylee was not with them at this time. [discovery doc pp. 2324 – 2325]

Caylee was not with them, yet Lee later told people Casey was upset and took Caylee with her.

Aunt Pam further stated:

Then Cindy called her mother Shirley the next morning and told her that Casey had taken Caylee and the car before anyone woke up and was gone.

And yet George testified he saw Casey leave with Caylee at 12:30 pm. He even gave complete details about how they were dressed.

So we have three different family members claiming three different times when they watched Casey leave the house with Caylee: Lee in the evening of June 15th, Cindy in the early morning on June 16th, and George just after noon on June 16th.

Who is telling the truth? Any of them? Or is the truth what the neighbor said: Casey left without Caylee?

If Lee is correct, both Cindy and George were lying. Why would Cindy and George lie about Casey leaving on the 16th? Why would they say the 15th in their two year anniversary ABC News interview? Why did Cindy later deny she fought with Casey on the 15th? Why would George first say June 15th on the stand, and then correct it to June 16th?

An obvious question is: where was Caylee while her grandmother was battering and choking her mother? Did she see the violence? Lee could not have been watching her because he was pulling his mother off from Casey.

There are several possible scenarios.

  • Were Cindy and Caylee still in the pool when Casey arrived? If so, did Cindy take Caylee out of the pool with her, or was she so upset she forgot to get Caylee out of the pool?
  • If Caylee was still in the pool, was Lee supposed to be watching her? If so, did he forget her when he ran to pull his mother and sister apart?
  • If Cindy did get her out of the pool, did she remember to remove the ladder? She testified in court she forgot, although on previous occasions she said she remembered removing it.
  • Since no one was watching Caylee during the fight, could Caylee have been in the house, slipped out and gone back to the pool?
  • Was Caylee hurt during the scuffle? Perhaps because she tried to help her mother? Perhaps because she was hit by flying furniture?
  • Did Caylee run and hide in a dangerous place? Perhaps a closet where something fell on her?
  • In one interview, Cindy claimed Casey was bathing Caylee when she took the ladder out of the pool. Did Cindy attack Casey while Caylee was in the bath? If so, was Caylee left unattended? Could she have drowned in the bathtub?
  • If the neighbor was correct and Casey left without Caylee, then what happened after she left?

In a dysfunctional family, lies are the norm. Everyone is forced to lie to cover-up the abuse. The immensity of this tragedy, no matter how she died, would magnify the need to lie. But lying is the least of this family’s problems.

The questions above reveal an essential truth in all violent homes: the children suffer even when they are not the direct target of the violence. No mother can protect her child while she is being battered. If the children remain free from physical harm, it is blind luck rather than good parenting.

Husband_beating_his_wife by Azim Azimzade

A violent assault on any family member brings a whirlwind of chaos and crisis. People are screaming, crying and moaning. Furniture and decorations are sent flying. Blood gushes from injuries. This is a shocking experience for adult witnesses. Children who witness this horror are traumatized, unsure what to do, terrified because they instinctively know their mother may be killed. Violent abusers will often turn on the child if the child tries to defend their mother. A mother may have to choose between removing herself from harm and protecting her child. But she may be unable to make that choice if her child is out of her reach, and her attacker is blocking her access.

This one altercation reveals how adults react when violence begins. One adult commits the violence upon another adult. If a third or fourth adult is present, they focus on stopping the violence, as they should. But this leaves the children on their own, no matter how many adults are present.

Children often try to intervene too, making injury to them likely. Just as often, they flee because they are terrorized. This could have happened in this situation with disastrous results.

To protect children, children’s services and police departments have begun removing the children from a violent home. This is a good precaution, and yet it is not fair to the battered woman who loves her children. If she cannot flee from her abuser’s control, as is often the case, why should she lose her children?

Violence escalates when a victim tries to escape her abuser’s control. 70% of women who are murdered by their intimate partners are murdered when or not long after they try to leave. The victims know this may happen because their abuser threatens them with death should they try to leave. Their abuser also threatens to murder the children if she tries to remove them from the home.

What should she do? Which chance should she take? Death of her child while she is being battered? Death of her child if she tries to leave? Death of herself, leaving her child behind to be raised by her murderer? Leave her children behind and flee? Removal of her child because she didn’t leave?

It is disturbing that none of the news outlets and crime show hosts ever discussed the extreme domestic violence aimed at Casey or the child safety issues involved. But this media neglect is typical in all domestic violence cases. The very real dangers to children while a mother is being battered or murdered are ignored if domestic violence is discussed at all.

Reporters have discounted the harm to children so entirely they can cover a crime scene where the mother was murdered and report, “No harm came to the children.” How can “no harm” happen to children who’ve watched their mother murdered?

There was a second incident of violence inflicted on Casey after Casey was released on bail — and remanded to her parent’s home. Can you imagine a court ordering you to live with your abuser?

In the second incident — witnessed by Tracy McLaughlin, an employee of Padilla — George battered Casey and also tried to choke her. Cindy and McLaughlin intervened. After that, George called the police and told them to pick Casey up, that she was in violation of her bond. What was her violation? George bought a gun that day and brought it into the home.

Yet the police never investigated his violence that night or questioned why he bought that gun on the very day she was released and remanded into his custody. Did he buy it to murder Casey? Was planned violence his only reason to have the court remand her into his control? Why else would he call the police and have her removed as soon as he was forced to stop his violence?

On the stand during the trial, he testified he bought the gun to hunt down Casey’s friends and force them to admit where Caylee was. Even when he testified under oath that his intent was to commit several violent felonies, not a single talking head questioned the violence in their home. The judge, prosecutors and police also ignored his confession of homicidal intent.

Why? Because a man’s “right’ to be violent is so entrenched no one cares? Because a parent’s “right” to beat their adult child is so accepted, no one recognizes it as domestic violence? Or because our society so hates mothers they are held to blame for the death of their child even if the child dies while the mother herself is being battered?

None of those scenarios are acceptable. All of them should be thoroughly investigated and condemned. And yet, nothing happened. No matter how many witnesses, how much coverage this case received, no one focused on the domestic violence right under their noses. Instead, everyone blamed the victim. One more time.

So before jumping on the Caylee’s Law bandwagon, we must ask: how would this law have helped Caylee?  And what agenda do these lawmakers (and the media) clearly have, when they avoid talking about the real problem of domestic violence, and holding only mothers accountable for all the harms that come to their children no matter what?

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  1. loretta, i find both drowning scenarios completely compelling, and i havent heard of either of them before: that caylee could have been left unattended, in water, AT LEAST twice due to DV incidents perpetrated on casey by her own parents. thanks!

  2. Caylee’s Law will not protect any child. It is meant to somehow full-proof convict the parent(s). It may not even do that A better lie (or three) could let another murderer or abuser slip through.

    But your question is the question everyone should be asking.

  3. The sad reality is that these two violent incidents didn’t just suddenly happen. Violence this extreme is always part of a larger pattern of psychological, verbal and physical violence that goes on for years. Both Lee and Casey have probably endured this violence their entire lives. It is likewise doubtful that this was the first incident in front of little Caylee.

    The big news today is that the psychologist who examined Casey when her defense petitioned to have her judged incapable of helping her defense said she is “extremely immature”. Studies on abused children show they get stuck at the emotional age when the abuse first occurs or is most horrendous.

    This psychologist also said, on Dr. Drew, that she isn’t a psychopath, sociopath or suffering from a narcisstic disorder as she is being portrayed on TV. Dr. Drew expressed shock that this could be true.

  4. It is meant to somehow full-proof convict the parent(s).

    So if a parent murders their child and calls in to report the child missing (which is often done) that parent will automatically be convicted? No, nothing will change. The child will still be missing. They may or may not find the body. They may or may not get enough evidence to convict on murder.

    The only people who are the target of these laws are parents, usually the mother. It is one more way to criminalize mothers.

    In this case, let’s say this happened like attorney Jose Baez said in his opening statemtent: Casey came and found dead Caylee with George, and George threatened her to blame her, screaming no one would believe her, that she would be the one going to jail if she said anything.

    His power to lie, to abuse her and to get away with it is proven. Why wouldn’t she believe him and say nothing? She’s been saying nothing for years. She’s seen herself punished for things he’s done, like going back to jail after he batters her (with nothing happening to him) and because he bought a gun. This was such an accomplished, easy thing for him to do, it is fair to surmise he’s done it before. No one would know that more than Casey.

    This law would punish her for being a victim and would not punish him. How is that fair?

  5. I agree it is a faulty law. That is why I stated that “it is meant to SOMEHOW full-proof convict the parent(s)”

    I think it is a knee jerk reaction and is using up lawmakers attention and time.

    The people who are pulling for this law feel so helpless with what happened to Caylee and this law makes them feel like they are protecting another possible Caylee.

    That’s why you’re question is so pertinent. It cuts through the feel-good of this law to the reality that it can’t really help future victims (or Caylee)

  6. Here’s a good essay:

    Why ‘Caylee’s Law’ Is A Bad Idea

    Within minutes of the Casey Anthony verdict, much of America devolved into the mass media equivalent of a mob bearing torches and pitchforks. Twitter lit up with calls for vigilante justice, and proposals that we revoke the Fifth Amendment’s protection against double jeopardy (or at least that we revoke it for Casey Anthony). Nancy Grace nearly spit fire, proclaiming, “The devil is dancing tonight.” Conservative syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro wants to change the jury system entirely.

    ….believe it or not, if there’s a problem in the criminal justice system when it comes to children, it’s that parents and caretakers are too often overcharged in accidental deaths or as a result of bogus allegations, not that they regularly get away with murder.

  7. I don’t think Caylee’s law is going to change anything.

    I don’t want to trigger anyone so stop reading if you don’t want to hear my theory. It is ugly. If it upsets anyone who has been through abuse, delete it. I won’t complain.

    Myself, I immediately suspected Grandpa. I guess some of the jurors picked up on that too, because they mentioned not feeling right about him. It’s just that nothing he did since day one made any sense, unless you put it in the context of incest and child abuse. If you do that, everything begins to fit together. The doting grandpa, always treating Caylee like his little princess, the playhouses, the swimming pool, it all just sounds like grooming. This was a small child, all the toys and playthings were overkill. He told his mistress Caylee’s death was an accident, which is just how pedophiles often view the death of a victim, a death they caused. This guy was a former cop, no way would his grand daughter go missing for so long and he not call the cops himself. No way would he try to cover up an accidental death caused by Casey and try to make it look like murder. That’s irrational. Now a death he caused, yep, he’d try to cover that up and let his daughter take the blame. His dramatic suicide attempt, the way he tried to play the victim, it all fits. He was never really trying to protect his daughter, he was always trying to protect himself, to make sure people knew he was the victim here. He was a cop, he knew if the body stayed missing long enough, there would be no evidence left of sexual abuse.

    Casey is a mess, there’s no doubt about it, but if you put it in the context of an incest survivor, her behavior starts to make a lot more sense. The supposed heart shape sticker on the duct tape, the way somebody was trying to tape the body’s jaw to the skull, those are the acts of a grieving mother, not a murderer. The manic partying, the drinking, the attempts to have fun, that’s denial, not callousness. That’s a personality that had to split from reality. Somewhere in her brain she seized upon her father’s explanation that Casey’s death was an accident. The reality of her own childhood and her daughter’s death is just too horrifying. As horrid as it is, an “accident” is a lot easier to swallow.

    The mom and the brother, they are such stereotypes, too. Cindy’s loyalty is to George, always. She’d rather see her daughter tried for murder and executed than admit anything was wrong with him. Nothing Cindy did or has done is the behavior you would expect from a healthy mother. The whole time her daughter was on trial for her life, facing execution, her main concern is what people were saying about George.

    The last piece in this horror story is all the endless chants about what a liar Casey is. Nothing screams sexual abuse more than the immediate need to label a victim a pathological liar so no one will believe them when they do eventually tell the truth.

  8. The only people who are the target of these laws are parents, usually the mother. It is one more way to criminalize mothers.

    YES! People are outraged that the “little slut” wasn’t sent to prison. Not because she is a proved murderer, but because she rejected the role of indentured-slave-martyr-mom. Life as you know it must stop when you procreate. You must take responsibility for raising your children by ending any identity you had before motherhood. By ending any source of joy that isn’t centered on the child or it’s father. And who is it that is responsible for children in human society? Mothers/women are. Exclusively. This law is designed to target mothers and female guardians of children. That is it’s only purpose. It is a punitive law, not a protective one.

  9. yttk wrote:

    Cindy’s loyalty is to George, always. She’d rather see her daughter tried for murder and executed than admit anything was wrong with him.

    This is more of what Casey’s Aunt Pam had to say in the same interview I linked to in the article:

    Plesea spoke openly, but she seemed very concerned for her own safety after speaking with me. “George has done a lot that has not come out yet, including a violent altercation many years ago with his own father. Cindy knew she wanted George when she met him in the hospital, when he had a broken leg. She wanted to marry into the richest family in that town in Ohio, and that’s the kind of person she is. Casey was always weird. At age 12, she was very spooky looking even then. There is just so many layers of dysfunction to this family. Everyone knew that eventually the denial and dysfunction would lead to tragedy, but no one expected this to happen,” concluded Plesea.

  10. Loretta,

    In the UK, the state, i.e the social workers, have the power to remove children from a home where they know a man (usually the kids’ father) is abusing their mother.

    However, the state apparently does not have the power to remove the abuser himself.


    Even though they have enough evidence to remove the children, apparently they *don’t* have enough evidence to remove the abuser himself.???

    Logically, of course, this is impossible.

    Men have designed a system whereby men are always safe, and mothers are doomed to suffer.

    I have spoken to social workers online and they say that they don’t actually have the power to remove the abuser, only the children. I can understand that their hands are tied. Most social workers are women, and apart from a token few, women are given no power at all in society. The flimsy excuses they made included saying responsibility of removing the abuser falls to another department.

    Add to that, if a mother *does* manage to escape her abuser with her children, by running to a battered woman’s shelter or to a parent, often the courts force her to let her ex to see her children, sometimes with unsupervised access. The threat of being forced to allow her ex unsupervised access with the children is often one of the reasons a woman might not try to escape the clutches of a batterer.

  11. I’ve heard some of the jurors flat-out say that they found Casey Anthony not guilty because they suspected George Anthony was the guilty party. At the very least, heavily involved. The other reason they could not find Casey Anthony guilty was because the cause of death could not be determined. There was no evidence that a murder had even occurred. There was too much room for reasonable doubt in this case, thus, the not guilty verdict.

    As far as I’m concerned, this case should’ve never been brought to trial. Who does that? Brings a case to trial without a lick of evidence? Prosecutors sometimes have to wait 20+ years to bring someone to trial, even if they know that person did it, because without evidence, they have no case. I am furious with the prosecutors of the Anthony case who smugly thought they could get a conviction based on nothing but the over-the-top mother-hating and misogyny of this country alone. Many have thought this to be a witch trial. Rightfully so. Thankfully tho, the jury didn’t hop on that bandwagon was more interested in justice than burning women at the stake in the public square at high noon.

    Would Caylee’s law have protected Caylee? Of course not. But I’m sorry. Waiting 31 days to report a 3 year old missing is unreasonable. Tho understandable if one is being threatened. Most children are murdered within 48 hours of abduction, so time is of the essence to report it. Also, had the body been found sooner, the cause of death could’ve been determined. It wouldn’t have helped in the Anthony case tho since it still took law enforcement another 5 months to find the body, after it had been reported. In the Floridian environment, the body probably would’ve decomposed within a few weeks, so the cause of death would’ve probably still been indeterminable even after 2 weeks in that hostile environment. That’s why time is so important, of course.

  12. caseys defense team has always said that she didnt report caylee “missing” because caylee wasnt missing. caylee was dead, and casey knew it. she never said she didnt. but knowing what most mothers know, that she would be blamed for it, or that her own parents were prepared to throw her under the bus, why the hell would she go to the cops any sooner than absolutely had to? this is a serious question. caylee was already dead, there was nothing that could be done to help her, and much that could be done and was done to hurt casey in the worst way. they wouldve had her executed if they couldve, without a shred of evidence. they would have, if the jury hadnt said no.

    why SHOULD casey have reported it? why should she, when nothing good could come of it and so much bad was just around the corner anyway? i mightve spent the entire month drunk too. why not at that point? seriously. wouldnt you?

  13. If the cops had done their job from the beginning, we might have answers as to what happened to Caylee, whether it was an accident or a murder, and the who of whatever happened. But they made two really bad decisions early on that skewed the investigation badly.

    The first was to assume the grandparents were right when they pointed the finger at Casey. Why didn’t they do a thorough, independent investigation? They focused solely on Casey because her parents told them she was the culprit. Why? Was it because George was a former police officer? They certainly overlooked both cases of domestic violence inflicted on Casey. Again, why? Why not do a full investigation, arrest both parents for the DV they committed in front of witnesses, and protect Casey while they were looking for Caylee? The two cannot be unlinked. DV and the death of Caylee are intertwined, no matter how she died.

    The second huge mistake was ignoring Roy Cronk’s three phone calls in August. Again, why? Why didn’t they assign a task force, walk those few feet into the overgrown lot and find her when he pointed out the plastic bags she was eventually found in? If they’d done their job in August, it is possible/probable the medical examiner could have determined cause of death. If it was murder, they might have found forensic evidence to convict whoever did it.

    Both indicate they did not do their job. This department needs an independent investigation to find out why.

  14. My theory: I have always thought that George was guilty. One reason he wanted Casey executed is that she then could not accuse him of incest with herself or her daughter.

  15. Truthfully, I did a little dance when the verdict came in. Because she was tried, vilified, and hated without a shred of evidence against her. I just wish Amanda Knox had been as lucky.

  16. FCM –


    She did not kill that child, period, and I’ve read far too many blog posts/blurbs/heard far too many nasty whispers assuming that she did, for no other reason than she didn’t fit the ‘grieving/sacrificial lamb mother’ stereotype.

    This poor kid and her baby were screwed from day one. They had nobody and nothing. There were probably dozens of opportunities someone could’ve stepped in to help them, but of course nobody could be arsed…until after Caylee’s death and only to call her mother a monster for shit far, far beyond her control (and not remotely in the realm of her fault). Fucking nauseating.

    After all, why bother taking out the local trash when her own family will be more than willing to do it for you?

    That’s all these two people, these two girls were to the people who knew them. Trash. Unworthy of even the slightest amount of human decency, a pat on the shoulder or even a kind word.

    I guarantee you there was not a single person living on that block who didn’t know that Casey and Caylee were being abused (screaming, breaking things and physical violence make a LOT of fucking noise). They knew damn well. They just didn’t give a flying fuck…until such time as it reflected well on them to pretend they did.


  17. http://www.wftv.com/news/22846532/detail.html

    WFTV was told [River Cruz] met George in the summer of 2008 when she volunteered to help find Caylee and by Thanksgiving of that year after their affair had started, George told her Caylee’s death was an accident that snowballed out of control.

    That would have been a month before Caylee’s remains were found when the Anthonys were insisting that Caylee was still alive with kidnappers.

    WFTV was also told that under oath, George gave a description of Caylee’s alleged mystery nanny, which actually matches his alleged mistress. Also, when she confronted him about the resemblance, George agreed and chuckled.

    Skye Benhaida told WFTV that her sister provided investigators with information that she was having an affair with George Anthony that started soon after Casey was arrested. She said it lasted for about a year

    “She was in love with George,” said Benhaida.

    Benhaida claims George apparently used her sister as a model for what Zenaida, the alleged nanny, looked like; right down to a tattoo that her sister has.

    Benhaida said, “Nice teeth and a tattoo down her left arm.”

    She said her sister gave George almost $5,000 over the course of their affair and was told by investigators that George had taken money from other women as well.

    The sister also said that she had photos on a phone of she and George in intimate situations and shared them with detectives as well as the numerous text messages they exchanged using all three of George’s cell phones.

  18. George seems like the sociopath here, not Casey. He lies without much of an attempt to make the lies convincing. He chuckles when he’s called out on it. Benhaida/Zenhaida and the description, for instance. Plus he’s ripping off a woman and the woman has “fallen in love with him.” He’s doing this during a time of intense turmoil.

  19. Valid point, FCM. Would I spend the entire month getting drunk? LOL, hell no. I’d be too busy high-tailing it out of this country. I have way too much experience with the system and trust it about as far as I can throw it.

  20. She’s not even out of jail yet and the violence has started.

    Chouteau Clerk Mistaken For Casey Anthony Attacked With Minivan

    “Began to back out and looked and I could tell she was staring directly at me; I could almost see the whites of her eyes,” she recalled.

    “I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot, and she was right behind me,” Sammay said.

    Blackwell drove a few miles and says Nalley suddenly rammed her van into the back of Blackwell’s truck.

    “I said, ‘Oh my God, help me,'” Blackwell told News On 6.

    She then pulled into a parking lot to get away.

    “She hit me again, causing my vehicle to flip two and a half times, landing on the driver’s side, and I just laid there playing dead,” she said.

  21. thats scary loretta. and yes, casey is in real danger. this entire thing was intended to be and is a warning to all women, that we need to people please at all times in every way, especially when we are mothers, to avoid being accused of anything. anything at all. because thats all it takes: casey was held in prison for what, 3 years? on not a shred of evidence, let alone proof of anything: all it took for her to lose her freedom as an adult human being (female variety) in this country, in 2011 was an accusation. thats all! and a disingenuous one at that.

    and if that wasnt enough of a warning to us all, the fact that shes not going to be safe anywhere now is even more of a warning to all of us that the state can still ruin our lives, on not a shred of proof, even after they are forced by their own rules to let us go. we need to see this for what it clearly is, and its a warning to all of us that we are not human beings with human rights, and we better not make the mistake of pissing off powerful men or challenging our female roles in any way, or we could DIE. this entire thing just chills me to the bone.

  22. She got four years for lying to the police.

    I went to a feminist conference in London last year and learned there that two women a week are murdered by their spouse, and spend an average of four and a half years in jail.
    Here’s a link to a transcript of the speech:


    “Two women every week in our country are murdered by a violent male partner, who on average will serve around four years in prison”

    I recently read of a case in the U.S where a man shot his wife in the car, while his kids were watching, and he spent 4 years in jail.

  23. heres something interesting. this dood (a former NFL football player) was recently convicted of murdering another dood 17 years ago. the victim was shot 6 times in the suspects house, but the case went cold FOR 17 YEARS because there was no evidence linking dood to the crime, even though the cops knew (“suspected”) he did it the whole time.

    casey anthonys case never “went cold” and she was held in prison for 3 years without a shred of evidence, because the cops knew/suspected her of doing something, and there wasnt even any evidence that there even was a murder at all.


  24. Reproduction is really viewed through male eyes, that’s why people believe women must be coerced, manipulated, forced into having children and then constantly monitored so we don’t fail to care for them. That’s why abortion scares them so much, they know women are innately evil and would never bring children into the world if they weren’t being forced to do it and constantly monitored. If you instead perceive pregnancy, birth, and biology, through female eyes, Casey Anthony’s behavior after her child went missing makes a lot more sense. If she had a maternal bond with that child that was suddenly ripped away, than her partying after the fact is evidence of denial, of trauma, of a psyche so damaged it can’t process reality. She’s not celebrating, she’s avoiding reality. If she was simply “not maternal” or “callous and evil” as the press has portrayed her, then she would have had no emotional attachment to that child to begin with and therefore would have no need to go on a manic numbing out spree.

    Men can care for children and build bonds with them, but they simply don’t have that biological/hormonal attachment. All things are not equal. Men often have to be coerced into sticking around to raise the children or hunted down and forced to pay child support. Many men do bail out on their children without so much as a second thought. They have to voluntarily build an emotional attachment to a child from the outside in order to create a bond. If you perceive the world from this male perspective, than Casey Anthony is viewed as a bit like a male just trying to avoid her parenting responsibilities. There is complete denial and no acknowledgment of the huge physical impact she experienced through 9 months of pregnancy, the trauma of labor, the affect of hormones, nursing, sleepless nights, caring for an infant.

  25. Great points, yttik. You’ve hit it perfect. So glad you’re here. You just expanded how to frame this in a profound way.

  26. Thanks so much for this, Loretta. Sorry for asking an obvious question but I haven’t been following this story until very recently. Do we know for sure who fathered this child? I’m just wondering if it was George.

    This case reminds me a lot of the Lindy Chamberlain case in 1980. Lindy also spent three years in gaol when there was no evidence against her and no body had been found. The trial by media found her guilty of not expressing motherly grief in accordance with normative ideals. Like Casey, they said she was cold and callous because she didn’t cry or act like a proper woman would act at the loss of a child. Not that it would have helped her; had she been teary and emotional, people would have accused her of faking crocodile tears or trying to manipulate the public. It wouldn’t have mattered. These women are scapegoats, they are the examples held up for the rest of us to warn of the consequences of non-compliance.

  27. Hi LindaRadfem 🙂 Certainly reminded me of the Lindy Chamberlain case too, and more recently the Keli Lane case. In Lindy’s case, the fine upstanding good christian pastor’s wife, no body, no motive, no weapon, no evidence, and a stack of positive eye-witnesses in a public tourist camp ground, no nothing, not even a “suss lifestyle” or background to convict her on – just her ‘personality’ in the media (in which she kept criticising the NT State police) – and 6 years of inquests and two trials, and failed appeals, and she still got life with no parole. I remember the public mob violence too. After 3 years in prison, someone found the baby’s matinee jacket – and she was given a ‘pardon’, and further public mob violence when she said a ‘pardon’ wasn’t good enough, it still left her with a criminal record, and she fought for a public Commision to be officially declared innocent and her conviction overturned, with undisclosed $$ compensation.

    I went through *deja vu* with Keli Lane a few months ago, burst into tears when she was sentenced to 18 years. Again no body, no evidence, and all because some dude social worker wouldn’t stop hounding her (and the police) for 10 years because she kept changing her story when giving a later baby up for adoption.

  28. There were so many odd things about this case that I never saw addressed. Where did Casey and Caylee live? Didn’t they live with Cindy and George? Or at the very least, they spent a lot of time there. So, how could the child have been missing for so long without them knowing about it? And wouldn’t Cindy have known if there was a nanny? (Remember, there is a jailhouse video of Casey describing the nanny to Cindy, which makes no sense.) And these people certainly don’t seem to have enough money to have a “nanny.” Why wouldn’t they just say “babysitter”? Even these simple, basic details seemed suspect from the get go. Casey’s parents obviously had way more knowledge than they let on.

  29. The story of Lindy Chamberlain (the woman whose baby was believed to have been taken by a dingo) is similar in that she was prosecuted without any compelling evidence just based on the fact that she wasnt properly playing the grieving Mother role. Certainly her behaviour was odd, perhaps largely to do with being Mormon (which I never knew till recently) – there was a kind of “God’s will” aspect contributing to her apparent lack of grief. Or maybe she was just a strong woman that never SHOWED her grief to the public.
    She was guilty in the court of public opinion before the trial even started. They didnt even have just cause to START a trial.
    Its quite common in Australia (and presumably everywhere) for men to take their children on access visits, drive them out somewhere and then kill the kids and commit suicide – in a “if I cant have em, no one will” or simply to punish his ex for leaving. Often in the press there is sympathy shown towards the poor man that was really having a tough time, had lost his job, or only had access every second weekend. They often fail to say he only had limited access because he was an abuser or had child sexual assault history. I know some cases where pretty serious nuts and abusers still get frequent access visits with their children so it usually has to be an extraordinary case.
    I believe neither Casey Anthony nor Lindy Chamberlain would have gone to trial if they were male.

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