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July 3, 2011

Effects of girlhood sexual abuse last for decades, study finds

by FCM

i think most of us know this already, and believe it and that many of us are in the middle of experiencing the truth of this statement: the effects of girlhood sexual abuse, for the victims, last for decades.  clearly this is the case, but for some reason “researchers” are just coming up with conclusive proof of what millions (billions?) of girls and women across time and place already know and have always known: being sexually assaulted by men when we are very young is problematic for us.  it has the same effect on us that war has been shown to have on vietnam vets.  okay?  this is obvious, and the truth of this is finally being vetted and the mechanism of injury (how this works) is finally being parsed.

but is anyone willing to take the obvious next step here, and admit what millions of women already know and experience daily about the effects of this abuse: that men, all men, benefit from mens sexual abuse of girls, even men who arent abusers themselves?

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