Presumed Innocent? Only if You’re Male

by Loretta Kemsley

“…this was a selfish, narcissistic, self-involved slut who wanted to kill her child to have “la bella vita.” Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera wasn’t reluctant to use sexual slurs as he condemned Casey Anthony, a woman on trial for the death of her daughter.

Fortunately, Ben Stein at American Spectator was outraged, “Presumed Innocent, Anyone?,” screamed his headline. Oh, wait, he wasn’t talking about Anthony. He was defending Dominque Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid.

And now the New York Post has joined Rivera in defending (not vilifying) Strauss-Kahn and smeared the maid with their own sexual slur: “Maid cleaning up as ‘hooker’ — Big tips for extra ‘turndown service’ — Prosecutors list litany of lies, scams.”

The problem with that headline is there is no attributable source for their claims, no proof has been offered and nothing has been presented in court. But the most egregious of all is the assumption a prostitute can not be raped.

Two high-profile cases, two women whose morals are questioned as a supposed means to prove guilt or innocence. The only difference between them: one is a victim and the other is charged with a crime — but both are deemed guilty by dint of being women.

Unfortunately, as the cases progress, the media continues to display their prejudices against these particular women and all women. Both cases are in trouble from the prosecutor’s point of view. Both defendants might walk free. His innocence is assumed in all the headlines even though not a single piece of evidence has been presented in court, while her alleged guilt is not relieved by the fact the case presented against her at trial may not be strong enough for a conviction.

The New York Times headline read: Strauss-Kahn Prosecution Said to Be Near Collapse.

People Magazine’s cover read: “Casey Anthony Getting Away With Murder?”

Strauss-Kahn suffered “a crushing blow.”

Anthony is the one to deal the crushing blow to “another man whose has been turned upside down by Casey Anthony, that guy right there.”  That “guy right there” was her father who she’s accused of incest and who another woman has testified lied on the stand about his affair with her. Like Strauss-Kahn, the benefit of the doubt goes to him, not the woman making the accusation of sexual assault.

Real News pointed out the media’s sexual attacks on the maid were present right from the beginning:

The size of her breasts, the shape of her backside, and of course, her name. These are some of the details Le Monde, the French “journal de référence,” and its subsidiary Le Post published about the woman who says IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn groped her genitals and forced her to perform oral sex on him in a room at the Sofitel near Times Square.

Others cite how “normal” Strauss-Kahn behaved after he left the hotel maid. This, they argue, goes a long way to prove his innocence:

Strauss-Kahn’s Demeanor at Lunch May Play Key Role in His Trial

“…they had fish and shared a chilled bottle of white wine….if one of several security cameras visible in the large restaurant captured the pair, the images of father and daughter,…less than an hour after the encounter with the housekeeper, could serve as powerful circumstantial evidence. It could bolster the defense case if they laugh or appear to share a leisurely meal; it could support the prosecution if it shows the 62-year-old white-haired Frenchman looking distracted or upset.”

But the very same normal socializing by Anthony is cited as proof of Anthony’s guilt by psychiatrist Michael Welner, M.D., hired by ABC News to “analyze“ a woman he‘s never met.

Casey Anthony Trial: Psychiatric Clues of an Accused Child Killer

Compounding the evidence of her detachment are her activities during that time. She was lounging aimlessly with her boyfriend, entering a hot body contest, carousing, and engaged in other remarkably unremarkable activities. That Casey was so unaffected, and relegated Caylee’s absence to such a low priority, speaks to how detached she was from her missing child.

Weiner goes on to say,

“The brazenness and frequency of Casey Anthony’s lying brings psychopathy to mind as a diagnostic possibility. But narcissistic and borderline personalities lie, as do as some histrionics. So, too, do politicians, who only sometimes are personality disordered.”

Politicians who “brazenly and frequently” lie like Anthony are “only sometimes personality disordered,” but she has several major personality disorders because she does the same as politicians.

The popular Dr. Drew Pinsky opined:

Then what followed today was what seemed to be a poignant brother/sister moment. He breaks down; Casey follows….Now, perhaps this was a moment of honest emotion from her, and yet we’re questioning that. And it seemed like there was emotion….What was all that? What did we just see?

Attorney Debra Opri responded: Bad acting job?

Attorney Lisa Bloom opined: Because she`s a sociopath —

Pinsky: There we go.

Not a single psychiatrist has opined about Strauss-Kahn. This “analyzing” of Anthony while ignoring possible disorders in Strauss-Kahn — who has been accused of sexual assault by several women — is in line with the characterization of all women as mentally and emotionally disordered and all men as sane and logical. The stereotyping is further carried out in how they are portrayed intellectually. Compare how she’s described to how he’s described: brilliant…a strong and effective leader…credible….and this “brilliant, strong, credible leader” is absolved from the many allegations of sexual assault with the label “the seducer.”

Meanwhile, HLN’s Jane Velez Mitchell lures her viewers with “Casey Anthony craziness” and criticized Anthony for being calm and writing, as if she isn’t capable of an intelligent thought:

“The only time we saw Casey actually cry….look at Casey Anthony`s expression. Oh, my gosh. Mark Eiglarsh, what the heck is note-taking about? Every time you see her, she`s taking notes. Is she just doodling or doing smiley faces?”

Attorney Eiglarsh brought some sanity to the discussion: “No, she`s doing exactly what I tell my clients to do in every trial. Take a pen, write stuff down.”

Another guest, legal expert Susan Filan, chimed in with a bit of truth: “…when you look at a mother accused of killing her baby, they are going to be even harder on her than they might be on a man.”

HLN host Nancy Grace railed against her lack of emotion, calling her a “brat” reflecting the “women aren’t adults” rationale.

“I thought I had seen it all when I saw Cindy the first time she testified just bent over doubled on the witness stand… The sharp contrast of her with her head down crying hardly able to speak and tot mom sitting there frankly… looking p***ed just looking bored out of her skull, irritated, shooting daggers at her mother and then after all this…,” said Grace.

Attorney Darryl Cohen, a guest on Grace’s show Monday night said “Nancy it’s one of the most continuing unbelievable things I have ever seen at a trial. First of all, if there was any emotion at all… at all in Casey, it should have come out.

HLN News host Vinnie Politan remarked on George Anthony’s weeping on the stand as convincing proof of his innocence, so both parents are faultless because they cry, yet Casey Anthony is criticized as “manipulating the jury” when tears are on her face.

Grace doesn’t even call her by name. She’s merely “tot mom.”

Even though Anthony did not testify, The Earsucker led with: “All of the lies that Casey Anthony is spewing during her murder trial has made the cover of People magazine’s latest issue.” They’ve also labeled her the “Murder Mom.”

No one refers to Strauss-Kahn as “rapist,” “scum” or “woman’s husband.” Removing her name is the ultimate act of rendering her humanity invisible.

Brian Stelter, in his New York Times article Casey Anthony Coverage Gives HLN an Identity points out the profit motive in the salacious, degrading way the media is labeling these two women while sanitizing the men involved in both stories:

As Court TV and CNN did during the O. J. Simpson trial in 1995, HLN has attached itself to the Casey Anthony murder trial, making it the new trial network of record. Its audience has more than doubled since the trial started May 24…. At the end of her broadcast each night, Ms. Grace says she is there to seek “justice for Caylee.” That sentiment has become a logo on HLN’s screen.

For HLN, the trial is a multidimensional soap opera, almost tailor-made for the channel’s news-and-talk strategy….HLN long ago abandoned its format of headlines every 15 minutes in favor of talk shows at night. It has extended that format into daytime by focusing on water-cooler stories like the trial and incorporating viewer phone calls and e-mails, much like a talk radio station.

Neither Anthony nor the maid who filed sexual assault charges against Strauss-Kahn deserve to be demeaned in order for media outlets and their talking heads to profit. They certainly don’t deserve to be sacrificed on the altar of phallic worship and patriarchal misogyny.

Loretta Kemsley has previously written about the Casey Anthony murder trial here, and about the Strauss-Kahn rape charges here.

52 Responses to “Presumed Innocent? Only if You’re Male”

  1. Hi, it was only a matter of which. Would she be bought off, or would they Dig Up The Dirt and Blame the Victim? She’s poor and was assaulted, so if there were only 2 choices, I’m sorry they didn’t choose the kinder one (money). There was never any question of a conviction. I must still be alive, though, because I feel the usual rage even after all the fixes like this I am aware of when a rich man treats a poor woman as a sexual chattel There is one positive thing though; he was arrested, in a marvel of US legal fairness, and has been humiliated and lost his job. I call that progress.

  2. From what I’ve read, sk has been crying “consensual sex” the entire time, which everyone thought was unlikely…now that she might be a prostitute, she’s unrapeable by most peoples standards, yet he’s already admitted having “sex” with her, and she mayve had his semen on her uniform too. So now the best case scenario FOR HIM is that he gets off for rape, and everyone goes away believing he bought a hooker, who set him up. And he still may have a successful career and political career after this: indeed, many will see this as a complete vindication. Of a man who purchases human beings.

    As if that fact alone is completely irrelevant.

    Nice work loretta, thanks!

  3. Yes, excellent work on this, Loretta. And yeah, FCM, that whole narrative that he was “set up” is meant to be an excuse for questioning every little detail about the woman, as well as a distraction from seeing the core issue: the man is a sexual harasser, rapist, and all around asshole, pure and simple. All his librul dood fan boys can’t bring themselves to admit that publicly, so they’re comforting each other and massaging his “legacy” with discussions of conspiracies. Anything is possible for those conspiracy theories (and far more interesting to the doods, of course) except the banal truth of what happened to the woman.

  4. First he denied he was there at the time. Said he was having lunch. Then when they said they had his DNA, he changed it to “it was consensual.” Well, how can he be having consensual sex at the same time he was having lunch elsewhere? Why isn’t he being vilified as a proven liar like she is?

    In the NY Post story they included this:

    The woman was allegedly purposely assigned to the Midtown hotel by her union because it knew she would bring in big bucks.

    “When you’re a chambermaid at Local 6, when you first get to the US, you start at the motels at JFK [Airport]. You don’t start at the Sofitel,” the source said. “There’s a whole squad of people who saw her as an earner.”

    So they’re not just accusing her of being a hooker, they’re accusing the union of being pimps and all the maids of being hookers.

  5. They cannot stand unions, and especially unions where women predominate. They are busting all the teacher’s unions and part of it is that there are many more women teachers. They have made teachers look bad in many ways, like they are greedy and incompetent. They would like to bust the unions for maids as well. In your earlier article about old Ben obviously lying to defend this rapist, he suggested that maids were stupid, that they stole from him, etc. It’s all out of the same playbook. Keep women at home and pregnant, or keep them taking care of your children in school, or keep them cleaning up after slobs like this, but by all means keep them from getting together in unions, keep them as poor as possible so they cannot object to this treatment.

    Women have put their lives on the line for unions, as did the first wave feminists. These are brave women. They fear women’s power.

    Where are the accusations of him lying? Where are the stories that he has attempted to rape or raped other women? After this woman reported it and the union stood up for her, a lot of other women started coming forward with their stories. Cannot people see this? No, I guess not. They are mesmerized by his entitlement. They are used to listening to men, believing men. This is a setup of some kind and stinks to high heaven. I would not be surprised if there were not some political machinations going on here. But these kinds of political machinations use women as pawns so the males compete.

  6. i keep coming back to this story, and what a completely clear illustration this is of mens legal system being set up to psychologically torture women, and to punish women severely in every instance, whether they are the accuser or the accused. its fucking stunning. its like the fucking witch trials all over again: if the woman sinks (drowns) shes not a witch: if she floats, shes a witch, and is executed. there is literally nothing a woman can do or refrain from doing in either case that will make her believable, because everything she does or doesnt do is evidence of her guilt, and nothing she does or doesnt do is evidence of anything else.

    this is men torturing women, and getting a lot of pleasure and a lot of other benefits from torturing women. and in these cases, where women accuse men of rape, and where men accuse women of being bad mothers, specifically these, the stakes are probably higher than in any other kind of case, and men (ALL MEN) are deeply and profoundly invested in destroying both kinds of women, so that these women serve as examples and are intended to be examples of what men will do to any and all of us, if we dont conform to their gendered demands, or if we challenge thier sexual entitlement in any way.

  7. If she floats she’s a witch; if she sinks she’s innocent — but now drowned, alas. The witch trials that swept through Europe from the 1300’s into the 1700’s baffle the rational modern mind. Why Europeans suddenly concluded that many of their neighbors were casting curses and smiting their crops remains a historical mystery.

    a historical mystery? really? and one whose logic (or lack of) baffles the rational. modern. mind.

    HELLO! jesus fucking christ on a popcicle stick people. the witch trials never ended.

  8. FCM, have I told you lately you rock my world and are my hero? Damn you’re good. You cut through the bullshit and zero right in on the target with laser precision.

    Ok, ok, it’s not just FCM. All the women on this hub rock my world. It’s so nice to have a rest from it all and kick back and watch my sisters kick ass and take names.

    Well done, Loretta. Mwah!

  9. And how about Geraldo’s use of the word “slut” — what say the slutwalkers? Hey Hugo, et al, got a comment? Does all that reclaiming of the word mean Geraldo can use it in this way or does it mean that he has misused it?

    I’m thinking that a whole bunch of slutwalkers kinda had a lightbulb moment hearing Geraldo’s use of the word. It can’t be reclaimed, whatya know.

  10. thanks lucky. 🙂 the HUB is amazing isnt it? i am so pleased with how its going so far…

    i also wanted to add, concerning the witch trials: if the way your guilt or innocence is determined is to destroy you in either case (innocent = drowned; guilty = burned alive) then the ONLY way to avoid these negative outcomes for women is to NEVER BE ACCUSED. its not to never DO the forbidden thing, because thats irrelevant: once you are accused your fate is sealed. the only end is DEATH. and its not to never be SUSPECTED of doing the bad thing either, since someone could easily suspect you of doing it and never turn you in.

    no, the only way to avoid being EXECUTED, BY THE STATE, if you are FEMALE, under mens irrational and misogynist legal regime, is to make sure to whatever extent you can control it, that you are never even accused at all. to conform and people-please completely and consistently, so that you dont piss anyone off, or dont piss the wrong person off, so that they make the accusation. its to fly under the radar, to not rock the boat, to do whatever the fuck anyone wants and not say boo about it, or you could DIE.

    and this never ended. its still happening, and we all know it.

  11. oooh good catch with the now-reclaimed SLUT-WORD noan. i wonder if it even sank in. i doubt it.

  12. Speaking of HUB’s wonderfulness…

    I found this comment by searching for DSK and libruls, but only because google cached it.

    It had been removed by the very popular LIBRUL news site it was originally on:

    But before it could be removed, three commenters, two of them women, slammed this commenter for daring to suggest this.

    It’s clear that without HUB and radfem bloggers everywhere, our kind of thinking would never see the light of day.

  13. My child fell pretty hard two days ago. Two men, the doctor, plus another one, asked me “what I was doing at the time”
    I should have said “Taking a shit, is that not allowed?”
    The doctor even attempted to suggest I’d “changed” my story in order to cover up some evidence or other.
    Turns out my child wasn’t even unconscious as we’d all previously thought, but was actually just taking a nap because of the fright.

    Complete and utter bastards, these men who *never* spend time with children, and yet are so quick to viciously point the finger at mothers.

  14. This is a fascinating comparison of two people charged with crimes! Well done. But the minor miracle is that DSK was actually arrested in the first place, and he was forced out of his job. And Christine Legarde got the job! That part is the victory, and it was because of feminism that it even got that far.

    He was caught in a lie… he said one thing and was doing another, and the liberal male press needs to pay attention to this. But since they all buy proostitutes and lead sexually questionable lives, they can’t possibly deal with another man who has been accused of rape, and has had a history of sexually harassing women.

    The Anthony case I haven’t really followed, so this was a good catch up for me.

  15. so in the beginning he lied and said he wasnt even there at the time? i didnt even remember that part but it follows exactly doesnt it? the accuser was a poor working woman immigrant whose job it was to clean up after him (they likely even had a rule at the hotel where the cleaning staff werent allowed to speak to or make eye contact with the guests, even the fucking best western has that rule or did when i worked there in college) and she has the audacity to make a claim against him….well who are they going to believe, her or me? so he lies and says he wasnt even there at the time. if they have any evidence, i will change my story later to fit the facts, or lie more or differently later. right?

    so then they have the semen on the uniform and the surveillence tapes showing him there at the time and rushing off after. so now he says well clearly i was there, and clearly thats my semen so uh yes we had sex but it was consensual. but the thing is that he already fucking lied. he already showed that he was very willing to leverage his UNEARNED CREDIBILITY as a powerful man against this powerless woman by lying and assuming that he would be believed and SHE would be assumed to be lying. this is so common it HURTS. so what we SHOULD do here is to not believe a single fucking thing that this man says, ever again, and to see where the evidence leads. thats concerning the rape case.

    what we should do IN ADDITION to that is to realize the kind of man he is, that lies and leverages his unearned credibility against powerless women…and that by his own admission, he uses prostituted women…and to toss him and his lying, pay-to-rape ass in the political and social dustbin and let him rot there forever. but thats not what we see. instead, he may end up being the fucking president of france, which is where he was headed before all this happened, when everyone already knew he was a serial sexual harasser of women and noone cared, and now they are back to not caring:

    […] a poll published by Harris Interactive on Sunday showed a majority of 49 percent of French people now approved of Strauss-Kahn returning to politics, with 45 percent opposed.

    The doubts cast on the maid’s case prompted calls by some Socialists for the party’s candidate-selection process to be extended to allow Strauss-Kahn time to enter.

    Francois Hollande, the party’s former leader currently polling as favourite to beat Sarkozy in Strauss-Kahn’s absence, said he was open to such a move, as did Segolene Royal, a former presidential challenger also running in 2012.

    Royal on Friday had played down the prospect of Strauss-Kahn returning, but said on Saturday that she could accept such a move “without difficulty”.

    Read more:

  16. So he’s still charged with the rape, and they’ve already exonerated him? Doesn’t surprise me. Thirteen women came forward to say Arnie sexually assaulted them, which he admitted to and “apologized,” and he was still elected governor in a state that prides itself on its progressiveness.

    Sex crimes just aren’t considered “real” crimes and never have been, unless a woman commits it as in Lorena Bobbitt.

  17. Cherry Blossom, the same thing happened to my daughter who returned from work and found her child injured. The babysitter (happened at her home) said he fell while jumping on the coach and hit his head on the coffee table. He could not stand or walk without wobbling or falling. She did not call my daughter or me to report the injury, let alone call a doctor, 911 or take him to the ER. We did. The injury was bad enough to keep him overnight for observation and have a pediatric neurologist examine him.

    The doctors called DCFS. As soon as they found out my daughter was at work, they closed the case. Didn’t even investigate the baby sitter as to why she risked his life by doing nothing, let alone investigate how the injury actually occurred. (I doubt it happened like she described and said so)

    Needless to say, he wasn’t left with her again, but this rather shows the prejudice against mothers.

  18. Noan, good catch on the deleted comment. You’re right. It is rare for women’s truth to be told when it bucks the fictional narrative our society loves to project.

  19. but the thing is that he already fucking lied. he already showed that he was very willing to leverage his UNEARNED CREDIBILITY as a powerful man against this powerless woman by lying and assuming that he would be believed and SHE would be assumed to be lying. this is so common it HURTS. so what we SHOULD do here is to not believe a single fucking thing that this man says, ever again

    and also what we should do here is not to believe a single fucking thing that any man says. If they want anything they say to even begin be considered in even the smallest thing, they need some kind of gold-plated irrefutable evidence.

    Think of all the heartache that would be avoided if this was the standard they were held to. In all spheres: personal, scientific, political, monetary, legal, educational, and more.

    Long ago I figured this out: If a man acts sure about something, it’s probably not true. If a woman acts unsure about something, it probably is. One reason is that women are silenced and have to have real convictions that something is important to even speak up, but it goes deeper than that. Women understand the complexity of the real world and so qualifiers are warranted. Men don’t look, they just make shit up to make themselves look good or to avoid getting caught. They know they can lie with impunity, change their stories, etc. It’s a part of their privilege.

  20. And when I say this, I’m not being harsh. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. Men have seriously fucked up the world with their damn lies. It’s one lie after another, mainly to see who can piss further. This is true in all spheres, personal, political, scientific, educational, financial, etc. I want them to be held to a gold-plated evidence standard before they are allowed to do anything. We are all at risk from their lies. They rape women and they are raping the planet, making up lies as they go to get away with it. Women are trying to mitigate the harm, but it’s not working. Just stop believing them.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Royal, a woman who will be one of his political challengers said, “Fuck, no! The man has lied over and over and we have proof, solid proof. He has raped women. He’s a lying dirtbag. No way should he be allowed to run.” And what about the socialist woman who came out with a story confirming his behavior, who had kept it hidden, or the woman at the IMF who he sexually harrassed. What about their lives and their careers? Wouldn’t it be effective if French Socialist women came out against him as a group or threatened to leave the party? Yes, it would.

  21. Both cases have been a horrendous, in your face, example of misogyny and the double standard. Casey Anthony is smeared for being a bad mother, a liar, a party girl. No mention what so ever of the father or where he is. Apparently he had no responsibility towards his child and that’s all okay, but heaven forbid this woman may have not been enthusiastic about motherhood herself. Still no evidence about whether or not she killed the child. I think they’re going for guilt by default, she’s evil therefore she made our crops wither and her kid die.

    As to Kahn, his character is completely irrelevant. He has prior corruption charges, women who have complained about rape before, he tried to flee afterwards, and he lied repeatedly about this particular incident. All irrelevant. All that matters is the character of the woman he is accused of raping. It’s a well documented fact that he is a liar, corrupt, and promiscuous, but of course we’d never say those things about a man. They’re not relevant to whether or not he’s been victimized….yes, in upside down world he is now the victim. Since he’s now the victim, can we finally discuss his character? No! But, but,but… he’s a slut and corrupt and has lied, doesn’t that mean this woman couldn’t have possibly victimized him by setting him up??! No! His character is still irrelevant. Don’t try to reason with patriarchy, it doesn’t operate on a rational level.

    The message comes through loud and clear. All women are guilty until they prove themselves to be of such high moral integrity that they are worthy of justice. Good luck with that one.

    The stakes are really atrocious. There’s a desire to execute Casey Anthony whether she killed the child or not and there’s a push to charge the woman with perjury and false reporting and send her to prison, whether she was raped or not. The actual crimes in the cases are not even part of the equation anymore, we simply want to punish women.

  22. I watched / listened to this last night. It’s the victim’s lawyer speaking. Very impressive.

    I grabbed that link from:

  23. Ooops … something happened with that youtube link above that resulted in a huge black square.

    Better to watch it from within the tumblr link that I gave below that.

  24. it worked for me mary, i just watched it just by clicking on the arrow (not the tumblr link). thanks!

  25. Telling it like it is! The stark and brutal truth (though not as brutal as it is, no one tells that) He is refocusing on the actual facts of the case and the horrors that this woman has suffered. Imagine what it has been like for her daughter, sitting outside that office and hearing them yell at her mother after her mother got raped. This is a brave woman, fighting for her rights. He conveys that in no uncertain terms.

    Partway through the video there is a split screen where it’s showing Strauss Kahn and his lawyers in the courtroom. Quite a contrast with her lawyer. An entitled prick and his lawyer who also looks like an entitled prick. You can tell that they are eager to “brush this aside” like some kind of minor annoyance. Strauss Kahn does not look scared that he will go to jail or anything. He does not look contrite or humbled. He looks annoyed that something like this would enter his entitled bubble-world. He’s always gotten away with this brutality and expects to get away with it again.

    Thanks for posting, Mary!

  26. This just in. . .

    French writer Tristane Banon will file a legal complaint on Tuesday over an alleged rape attempt by former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 2002, her lawyer told Reuters.

    She’s the woman who he attempted to rape during an interview with him. She was 22 at the time.

    Good for her, filing this now.

  27. And then, right away, his lawyers have launched a lawsuit against her for slander.

  28. I just learned why George would have covered up an accidental drowning. This was posted on a discussion about a MSNBC article titled “Jurors see scant evidence in Casey Anthony trial.” Link at:

    “…as a cop he would have known that, under Florida’s Residential Swimming Pool Act, it would prove culpable negligence – aggravated manslaughter of a child, a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084 – maximum penalty 30 years – for Cindy (and possibly George Anthony) as the homeowners. That is why the Defense tried to establish that Cindy did not remove the ladder when she went swimming on the day Caylee was last seen.”

    So they threw her under the bus to save their own butt. Better she should get the death penalty rather than them facing charges at all. This also explains why George has tried to prove her guility every step of the say.

    The jury just began deliberating. I hope they either deadlock or acquit her.

  29. LOL Mary. Where have we heard that before? Sexual predators love to invoke the misogynist legal system to punish their victims for speaking out. The entire system is not just rigged, its black comedy. It really is.

  30. Very damning information about the pool liability, Loretta, thanks for noting that.

    How thoroughly has a scenario been explored that is based on Casey’s childhood sexual abuse? How could that have played into her deciding not to blow the whistle on her father’s culpability in the drowning when it happened? It’s not hard to imagine that Casey’s decision-making process — the way she frames problems and solutions, for example — has been thoroughly colonized through sexual abuse. Hiding the truth is the hallmark of childhood sexual abuse. She knew her father was in trouble because Caylee drowned in his pool, but because of Casey’s relationship with her abuser, rather than acting on behalf of her daughter OR herself, she acted to protect him, using the method she had been taught to use throughout childhood: lying to protect daddy. And abuse victims believe (because they have to believe to even survive being abused by someone they love and trust) that the person will love them and protect them in return, so she expected that he would not do this to her.

    The core question to ask about Casey is obvious to anyone who gives a damn about women: Why would a woman act like she has? And the answer is equally obvious to anyone who really knows what girls and women experience: Because she has been sexually abused and is acting exactly like someone who has the kind of very disordered thinking that results from sexual abuse. (We now have realio-trulio science-based proof of this!) Rather than leaping to the conclusion that she would kill Caylee and hide that — a very, very rare phenomenon even though each instance gets a massive amount of press — the simple truth is obvious on the face: there was an accident and the one person who had every reason to tell the truth didn’t have the healthy mental or emotional framework to figure out what to do. And while she was trying to figure it out, she would have been harangued by her abuser (and the other person in the abuse/secrecy scenario) to keep being who they had taught her to be. She had no way of seeing any other solution; for her, it was as if it didn’t even exist. THAT is a perfect example of what childhood sexual abuse does to women’s minds and it’s the simplest possible explanation for what happened.

  31. wanted to make sure everyone saw this:

    Jurors resume deliberations on Casey Anthony’s fate
    ‘All you have to ask yourself is, whose life was better without Caylee?’ prosecutor says

    the obvious implication here is that women who have ambivalent pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, or struggle with caretaking children IN GENERAL (ie. it makes thier life HARDER) are to be convicted of murder, if an accusation is ever made. is this NOT the implication here? please.

    and the only way to avoid this result is to make sure you are NEVER ACCUSED. and to make sure you pretend that childcare duties UNCONDITIONALLY make your life EASIER.

  32. also is this (oh what a great day for misogynist quote-mining…but isnt every day?)

    Report: Prosecutor to drop charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn
    ‘We all know this case is not sustainable,’ source tells New York Post

    from the article:

    “She is not to be believed in anything that comes out of her mouth — which is a shame, because now we may never know what happened in that hotel room,” said the source quoted by The New York Post.

    yes, and he has already been PROVEN to be a liar who willfully uses his position as a powerful man to leverage his unearned credibility against a powerless woman, when she accuses him of rape. why is this case “unsustainable” when casey anthonys is too, but hers was taken TO TRIAL, and is being framed as “shes getting away with it?” its just as loretta says. there are endless examples of this.

  33. heres another one…these assholes should read this blog…seriously…or just ask a mother who never wanted children but was forced into motherhood anyway, if it was a relief when the child became IN-DEPENDENT whatever that looked like:

    The detail that could doom Casey Anthony
    ‘It’s hard to come up with any explanation consistent with innocence for failing to report your child missing for 31 days,’ legal expert says

    as i have said before, and its not just me who has experienced this, having an extremely dependant person die is a HUGE relief to whomever was doing the caretakeing duties: this applies when a friend, relative or lover is sick for a long time and is a huge burden on the caretakers life…the grief is overwhelming and lingering, but feeling of relief when the dependant person dies is IMMEDIATE, and involuntary. you cant help it, and the relief is so unexpected and not consistent with your simultaneous feelings of grief and despair that its confusing to the point of making you sick, and you are rocked to your core. but its true.

    who has the audacity to assume that this isnt also the case when a mother has a young child die, especially a mother that never wanted children in the first place? or where her child could have been the result of incest or rape? who?

  34. Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY for all murder and manslaughter charges. Guilty for ALL providing false information charges.

  35. Holy crap! Thanks loretta. I hadn’t heard.

  36. 7 women and 5 men comprised the jury, correct?

  37. I think that was the jury.

    Nancy Grace is saying ‘Tot mom’s lies worked.” She’s dissing Baez “they won in spite of Baez.”

    Before the verdict, Grace was ridiculing her attorneys for “babying” her.

    Velez Mitchell is attributing the verdict to “Stockholm Syndrome” of the jury…an irrational state of mind…not logical…not linear…her actual words.

    Prosecution was confident, laid back before verdict….stunned now. They thought they had it in the bag. Cops in balcony, stunned. Not even trying to move.

    They aren’t showing George and Cindy. Why not?

    She’ll be sentenced Thursday for the four counts of lying. Minimal time on those. I think they are misdemeanors, but I’m not sure. Max time she can get: four years, one for every count. That’s if they run consecutively. Even then, she’ll be out in a year, per Grace. But she could get time served since she’s been in jail for two years.

  38. I’m so relieved at this news and instantly so afraid for how someone will find a way to punish her anyway.

  39. Yes, she will likely get the max sentencing for the other charges…

  40. Or worse…you’re right noan, the relief doesn’t last long.

  41. LOL.Loving it. Her attorney is at the microphone berating the media: character assassination by talking heads who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  42. They still haven’t shown George and Cindy’s reaction, but Grace said there was no jubilation, no hugs, not even a smile. Got up very stern faced and walked out before everyone else.

  43. I’m amazed. The US legal system worked. The jury followed the jury instructions. The double jeopardy rule is going to have to be applied here; even if she confessed or something damning came out, she cannot be retried.

    The system worked at first on Strauss-Kahn too. Another amazing event, that it didn’t get hushed up before the arrest. Of course the system really got “working” right after with the Destroy the Victim machine swinging into action.

    Now the writer in France, Banon, sez she’s going to go after DSK. It has been a lot of years and there are no witnesses – I have to believe she’ll be destroyed too – but I am so proud of her for doing this right after seeing what happened to the hotel victim. Just as the media were going back to sexism 101 business as usual and DSK is being encouraged to run for office, she rocks them again.

  44. just wanted to share today, i was out and about and heard 3 older women talking about the casey anthony verdict. they all believed that the system failed, but from what i could discern from thier positions, it was not because they necessarily believed that casey killed her child. one said “someone killed that baby and noone is going to pay.” someone? noone? maybe so, but how does that translate into casey being wrongly exonerated of murder? another one said “i dont care what happened, shes the mother.” she didnt clarify what she meant, but i dont think she really had to. and one said that casey is going to probably be murdered in the street, that she will never be safe again as long as she lives.

    handmaidens of the patriarchy anyone? jesus. i think that women who have children are so rocked by the experience of having to conform all those years, so that they DIDNT get accused of perpetrating some horribleness on their own children, that they actually begrudge other women who dont conform as strictly as they did. they think they should be punished severely, EVEN IF THEY DIDNT DO IT. it really couldnt be more obvious could it?

  45. Loretta, I almost wonder if George didn’t want her to be put to death to silence her so she couldn’t tell the truth about his sexually abusing her as a child. And this also makes me wonder if he was not molesting his grandaughter and was somehow involved in her murder. It’s chilling, but it would be in character if that’s what he did to Casey.

    Yes, FCM, I watched some of the public who stood outside the courthouse being interviewed. The worst were two women who pretty much said the kind of stuff that you are quoting, both saying that they have children and you just cannot get out from under it once they are born, but in a vindictive way, like no woman should be able to get out from under it, etc. They wanted to see her killed. The best reaction was a guy saying that there was no evidence and the outcome was correct. The reporter tried to get him to guess if she was guilty, but he refused to go there, he just said, “end of story, there was no evidence.” You could just see the reporter trying to stir things up against her.

    Actually, the very best reaction was from my elderly mother. She said there was no evidence and finding her not guilty was the right thing to do. She also agreed when I said that hoardes of men kill their children all the time, but it’s never a media circus. Go, mom!

  46. Wow, that’s really interesting FCM. That women get blamed because the death of their children will make their life easier and like you say that has implications for all the care taking that women do. I think this generation of mothers tends to be a lot more honest about the difficulties of motherhood and I think we have our feminist foremothers to thank for that. But there is still a lot of push back from the previous generation and a lot of women still get caught up in the famous “Mommy wars”.
    After my first kid, I was just incredulous, I couldn’t believe how much hard work babies were and this was after growing up with a Mum who ran a daycare from home. Unfortunately my Mum died before I got into the whole kid racket, and I didn’t have any friends with babies either. I was wary of joining a Mothers group but found it to be really supportive and found that most Mums I’ve met have been pretty brutally honest about how much it sucks. But that’s where it stops, sadly, no analysis of how or why Motherhood got to be this way. I’m still thankful for the honesty though at least. I tried to talk to my MIL once, mentioned to her that my Mother’s group was really supportive for Mothers doing it tough blah blah ( one of my friends tried to kill herself twice, during and after the birth of her baby) “yes” she said “people used to complain about washing nappies, but I never complained”.
    That pretty much drove me to radical feminism after that.

  47. one said that casey is going to probably be murdered in the street, that she will never be safe again as long as she lives

    I feel that she may indeed be in some immediate danger, if only because Americans love their guns and the public wielding thereof. But I also suspect that the major hate vibes are coming from *women* who are not widely known for gunning people down on the streets, however much they may hate them. *And*: lets face it, males want to shoot the females that they think they own, for daring to try to leave them.

    When I’ve seen a woman murdered by other women, it’s usually a bullying / gangup situation. Now *that* might be a hazard for Casey, unless she gets her book deal going, and a body guard (paid for by the book deal) pretty quick.

  48. The common theme seems to be that “she got away with it.” Yeah, being locked in solitary for almost 3 years, under threat of being put to death, while the press and the public howled for her destruction, all the while living with what actually happened, while the creepy, fucked up people who raised her were taking part in the circus, living the rest of her life with the threat of a vigilante killing her, and always being the person who will be suspected and hated for what happened, that’s “getting away with it” for a woman they couldn’t even prove did anything more than hide the death of her child.

  49. I find the comments on RadFem at least as interesting as the original posts… the intelligent analyses, observations, critique and mature conversation is such a relief and inspiration to me..

    “no, the only way to avoid being EXECUTED, BY THE STATE, if you are FEMALE, under mens irrational and misogynist legal regime, is to make sure to whatever extent you can control it, that you are never even accused at all. to conform and people-please completely and consistently, so that you dont piss anyone off, or dont piss the wrong person off, so that they make the accusation. its to fly under the radar, to not rock the boat, to do whatever the fuck anyone wants and not say boo about it, or you could DIE.”

    FCM,Of course this can be applied to all aspects of a woman’s life [particularly personal]. My father used to make stuff up if he couldn’t actually find anything to vilify me about. When I was 15 I was blamed for alegedly forcing the family to move states and cause all this apparent misery, including him hating his new job and therefore wanting to go back to the old state… whatever…

    ” “yes” she said “people used to complain about washing nappies, but I never complained”.
    That pretty much drove me to radical feminism after that.”

    Milly, I hear you, my MIL agrees with me and says it’s hard however I get very little help from her.


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