Defining Us Out of Existence: “Transmen” Are Still Women

by Guest Blogger

Guest post by Bev Jo

It says something about what a threat transsexualism is to patriarchy if fundamentalist Iran kills Lesbians and gay men, but pays for transsexual surgery and hormones. If patriarchy can’t kill us outright, then they co-opt and confuse us.

They make us want to become our own enemy. Add to the female-hatred and Lesbian-hatred until many think trying to change gender will be the easier way out. Or, as a woman in a documentary I watched said recently about why she wanted to become a man: “It’s better than being an old woman.”

Notice that this individual didn’t even bother with the “I always felt like a boy” crap. It was clearly a cold, calculating decision based on measuring privilege gained versus oppression lost.

I have been horrified by the issue of men claiming our female identity since 1971, when the man who had sexually harassed me as a young Lesbian and who had never even remotely felt like he was a woman, figured out that the best way to get access to Lesbians was to claim to be one and to say he had always felt that way. I learned then that trannies simply lie. That man got a status as a “Lesbian” that he never would have gotten as a usual het man. He soon presented himself as a “Lesbian” journalist, author, singer, musician, and songwriter, doing all excruciatingly badly. He lied to get into positions of power, including to the old Feminist publication, “off our backs,” so they would print his bragging article called “Lesbian Sex.” He makes sure that we have absolutely no female-only space in the Bay Area because it’s those rare places that he makes a point of invading.

But now men are appropriating us in whole other ways.

From what I saw from the beginning, the trans movement used Teena Brandon, like they do so much else. She was a young Butch in a terrible situation, trying to pass as male to survive and to be able to love other women, as so many women have done throughout history. That in no way means she was “transgender” or a “FTM.” They simply have stolen her for their own use and are again re-writing our Lesbian history. The interviews I saw with her friend and mother were clear that she identified as Lesbian, not as a man. I’ve been writing about her from when she was first in the news. Liars know that if you say a lie often enough, it’s believed. The right wing, from Josef Goebbels to Karl Rove, used this tactic successfully. Teena never identified herself as a trans or “FTM.”

This is a feminist issue because they are re-writing our history, and they are intrinsically anti-Feminist andanti-female and anti-Lesbian.

“MTFs” have fetishized what a female is and want to be that bizarre, grotesque, and actually male image that men have designed for women. But the appearance of women claiming to be men took a lot longer to appear and was even more of a shock.

“FTMs” are self-hating females who mistakenly think they are rare in hating or feeling uncomfortable in their female bodies. But who wouldn’t, after going through being exposed to the horrific grotesque media images of objectified plastic women from when we are born, as well as all of us suffering some form of sexual assault?

Of course, any female in her right mind would not want to grow up with the oppression girls get and would want access to the many privileges that boys and men get. I certainly hated all the ways I was victimized for being a girl. But I never wanted to be a boy. Boys were those nasty, cruel small men who were obscene, tormented girls, and tortured animals. I loved other girls and that was who my community was. Finding Lesbian Feminism made all the difference for me when I was nineteen. So I still do not comprehend why any female would so love males and maleness that she wants to become one – not that she can. I mean, really, it has to be clear to everyone that, aside from superficial appearances, no one can change sex any more than they can change species. And certainly the surgery that women get to become male doesn’t even come close to working. It’s like it’s all a big con, in which the big pharmaceutical industry, doctors, hospitals, psychiatrists, and then the patriarchal news media is making a fortune, once again on the bodies of women.  For the women who try this, the cancer rate and other damaging health effects will be astronomical. But the real harm is to our women’s communities where the “new men” still demand entrance, even to women only space, while being contemptuous of us for still being women. New cliques have been created of “FTM” trannies. Even worse, young girls are now being pressured into having surgery and hormones, affecting them irreparably.

But I don’t believe any woman would even consider wanting to become a man if it wasn’t for patriarchy’s war on all females, where very few escape sexual assault in girlhood or later as adults.

One “FTM” I know said simply that she didn’t want to be raped any more.

In a documentary, a Lesbian described how much better her life was as a man. She was more accepted at work and by her lover’s family. Her lover’s father said how angry he’d been that his daughter was a Lesbian, but now his daughter was “normal” because her lover had become a “man.”  As he said, “It’s better than being a Lesbian.”

Some women go through bizarre lengths with plastic surgery to look acceptable to male standards, while others just try to look male, but I believe it’s the flip side of the same coin and is rooted in male-worship and self-hatred. Della (Volcano) Grace the photographer/pornographer/trans-activist is an example. At first, she gets breast implants to fit in more with the male image of women, and then has them cut off and becomes a “man.”  Now, many of  the women who want to be men have been so brainwashed into worshipping males that they want to both be male and be sexual with men, as many of the early “FTMs” are saying (such as Pat Califia and Loren Cameron) – and are identifying as “gay men.”  So it’s a myth that all “FTMs” are Lesbians since some have gone back to men and are therefore het or bisexual women. It’s also a myth that “FTMS” are/were Butch since most seem to be Fem (as in Loren Cameron’s book, “Body Alchemy,” which has before and after photos of “FTMs,” showing clearly how Fem they were/are. (In a slideshow she did, Loren described the respect she received when appearing as a “working class man” to the staff at a clothing store in San Francisco, who then disrespected and snickered behind the back a Butch who arrived after her.)

Many “FTM”s use the same bullying tactics as “MTFs,” but I will not use male pronouns for them any more than I will use our pronouns for men, just as I would not agree to mass hallucinations and demands that we call men “birds” or “lizards.” It’s wrong and, basically, it’s ridiculous.

It’s an honor to be called female. I will not insult them with male pronouns. Males are our enemy, and I am not ready to call these women my enemy.  l feel a difference with them than I do with “MTFs.” They are still women, no matter how they alter themselves. Everything about them still appears female to me, in spite of their exterior — which says to me how different they are from men claiming to be women, because “MTFs” feel more male than many het men. There is something much deeper than hormones going on. “MTFs” are as predatory and nasty as the worst men. And “FTMs” are still female. Nothing can change that.

I have known so many Lesbians who have committed suicide because of oppression. This feels like a variation on suicide, except for the increased privilege. But already some have had regrets. Some are wanting to go back to being accepted as women and back into the Lesbian community. For all the misogynist propaganda in patriarchy, some of these women are realizing what many of us have known all along: There is nothing better than being a female.

Bev Jo is a working class, lifelong Lesbian from the US, who has been a Radical Lesbian Feminist writer and activist since 1970, and co-author of Dykes-Loving-Dykes, excerpts of which can be read on her blog:


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  1. Thank you, Bev Jo! The degree to which M2Ts have taken over female spaces is unacceptable. All public feminist spaces have been removed by this as far as I can tell. It is clearly the work of predators. There is something dreadfully wrong with men. They are a different species.

    As a young girl I always admired the stories I heard about girls/women who dressed as boys/men to have more freedom. It always seemed worth it to me as a kid. It seemed the most rational choice, since patriarchy was a given. At that time I did not question whether the patriarchy was wrong, it just was that way was all I knew. Now, instead, they are giving young girls male hormones and somewhat older girls surgery. It is a chilling and sick thing to do. When grown women chose this, it is an act of desperation.

    For all women who love and honor women’s bodies, this mutilation is horrifying.

  2. “MTFs” feel more male than many het men.”

    This is very true.. I’ve noticed that MTFs are less empathetic towards women’s actual experiences than your average het or gay man..

  3. From what I saw from the beginning, the trans movement used Teena Brandon, like they do so much else. She was a young Butch in a terrible situation, trying to pass as male to survive and to be able to love other women, as so many women have done throughout history. That in no way means she was “transgender” or a “FTM.” They simply have stolen her for their own use and are again re-writing our Lesbian history. The interviews I saw with her friend and mother were clear that she identified as Lesbian, not as a man. I’ve been writing about her from when she was first in the news. Liars know that if you say a lie often enough, it’s believed. The right wing, from Josef Goebbels to Karl Rove, used this tactic successfully. Teena never identified herself as a trans or “FTM.”

    Agreed Bev! I wish the old Questioning Transgender site was still up and about.

    “Transgender” is another word for misogyny, for womon hating; whether it is male-to-constructed-female or female-to-constructed-male. Recently when I was visiting the GP and wanted to know if he (my regular female GP was unavailable that day) knew of any good counsellors who specialised in lesbian youth. The first thing he did was try and refer me to a psych who specialised in ‘gender-identity-disorder’ and proceeded to tell me about a young male-to-constructed-female and another female-to-constructed-male who I could also talk to. Well, NO, I just wanted a counsellor who wasn’t going to say “you’re only a lesbian because you hate men/were raped/blah blah snore” which was essentially what this prick told me.

    I have known so many Lesbians who have committed suicide because of oppression. This feels like a variation on suicide, except for the increased privilege.

    Yes it really is, they want us to kill a part of ourselves so that we are easier for THEM to understand/deal with. I believe Dr. Raymond wrote about it in The Transexual Empire and in the excerpts of the book you’ve sent to me. I believe that the medical-industry involved may think it is a cure for so-called “penis envy” also.

    Now, instead, they are giving young girls male hormones and somewhat older girls surgery. It is a chilling and sick thing to do. When grown women chose this, it is an act of desperation.

    I agree wholeheartedly. Not to mention – we have NO idea what the long term effects of all this synthetic toxic shit is doing to the bodies of these young womyn.

  4. “MTFs” feel more male than many het men.”

    I’ve noticed that MTFs are less empathetic towards women’s actual experiences than your average het or gay man..

    Is this because M2Ts fetishize and objectify women more than those other groups? My guess is that they tend to be obsessively concerned with patriarchal-defined objectified stereotypes of women. They fetishize women’s body parts and it becomes part of their sexuality. If you are busy objectifying and obsessing, you will have less ability to empathize. I’m not saying that men as a group are empathic, just that this makes sense to me.

    Any yes, Hecuba, I hate to think of this being done to children, to voluntarily add toxic shit to the toxic body burden that is already present (because men have poisoned the environment).

  5. Thanks so much for this brilliant, post, which shines a spotlight on the lies. I hope many young women who are considering “transitioning” will come across it, and will re-think what most of the glbtq propaganda is telling everyone, especially the very young.

  6. Thank you all too! This whole trans situation would almost feel like a bizarre joke if it hadn’t almost destroyed our communities. The few MTFs have done so much damage and have gotten into such positions of influence in terms of re-writing our history and so much else. (They literally are doing this — in a book called “Gay By the Bay,” two men — one an MTF — document our Lesbian movement here supposedly — every bit of it is a lie and denial of how our Lesbian Feminist movement was completely separate from gay men. In the bookstore I was in, this was the ONLY book with a supposed “history” of our local Lesbian community. All lies. And of course men have far more money to fund such things.) Also, what used to be listed as women’s or Lesbian events now goes out the way to welcome trannies.

    And yes, for younger Lesbians and women who don’t want to fit it with male-defined roles, they try to tell you you’re the wrong gender! It IS all about female-hating, misogyny, trying to control us, alter us, and confuse us. Now they have us divided in terms of fighting. I see so much more anger among women on behalf of men about this issue than anywhere near the anger they should feel against men and against patriarchy.

    I do think MTFs as a group hate us more. They have the most bizarre fetishized ideas of what a female is, based on the worst female-hating stereotypes and pornography. Gallus did a brilliant post at her site on one who was complaining bitterly how he had been deprived of a girlhood with a pink bedroom and ballet lessons. They have no idea how badly real girls or women are treated, or who they affect badly in their narcissistic quest. I saw one on Jerry Springer’s TV show whose wife and daughter were furious with him. Not only had he “transitioned” and was claiming to be a woman, he had also fetishized being disabled, and had cut off his legs with a chainsaw! Most women, including feminists, would feel sorry for him and be tempted to give him whatever he wanted. But I could only see how proud he was of himself and how tortured his wife and daughter were.

  7. This blog is gold! Since I read this and other blogs I know that feminism is important. I’ve never thought about this before. Thank you!

    “Even worse, young girls are now being pressured into having surgery and hormones, affecting them irreparably.”

    This is so true! There was a time I dreamed about being a man because men have so much freedom . Luckily I was growing up in a small town so I wasn’t near transgender activists.

  8. BevJo, glad to see you here and I just want to tell you how flad I am that you are still carrying the torch and writing so powerfully.
    The 2nd Wave did so much, and as a woman born at the tail end of it, I get nervous thinking about the future….

  9. Thank you Bev for your wonderful Guest Post and contribution to RadFemHub.

  10. I think Radical Lesbian Separatists have an important contribution to make to Radical Feminism.

  11. Thank you so much, everyone. And thank you, Gallus. Yes, it’s us Separatists who have been fighting for female-only space for over 40 years, and for Lesbian community and culture. We’ve had the least to lose in terms of privilege from males, so we’ve been the most public about naming their crimes. And we’ve been fighting the trannies for over 40 years too. A lot of what we predicted in our book has come to pass, but Julia, do know that there are still so many of us, and we span many decades. Some of my strongest Separatist friends are in their twenties. And we are all over the world.

    And then there’s Gallus Mag, who has bravely continued to post at hr blog the most horrific truths about what men pretending to be women, and women pretending to be men are doing. Gallus’s posts use their own words against them, and with the photos and graphics, the extent of the horror is clear. She has exposed so much of their most outrageous, ridiculous demands, from serial killers and the murderer/rapists of little girls who demand the government pay for their “sex-change,” to the grotesqueness of how they actually try to pretend to be women. I don’t think any of their apologists and supporters can feel the same once they’ve seen what Gallus has shown us.

  12. Bev Jo, thanks for this post. That “transmen” are really women (and “transwomen” are really men) is only common sense. When are we going to see some common sense over this issue in the society? I guess common sense just isn’t good for patriarchy.

  13. Bev, feminist female-only space is so important. I’ve been looking for it in an area where there were once tons of second-wave feminist groups. It’s vanished. I really don’t want to be in a LGBTQ space. I’ve tried it and there is no safety and no welcome. The males have taken over the space, really!

  14. I know. I didn’t go much to Lesbian events for a long time, but now I do. I actually feel safer and more welcome in the part of the community that is younger and doesn’t necessarily identify as “feminist.” They know I am and let me in free to their events because they say I helped create this community (true.) But some of the ones who in their sixties and identify as “feminist” are a lot more hostile to me and go out of their way to welcome MTFs. It’s very strange. I even feel better with some of the men who go to to the public (95% Lesbian) events than were there are no “men,” but Elliott is there.

    So I have my Separatist friends who don’t go to events and then I have my party-going friends who play music and dance, and then the ones who I go hiking in nature with.

    Where are you at, Katie? I’m in the SF Bay Area, which is the trans capitol, but I rarely see MTFs, except for Elliott, or FTMs.

  15. What in this radical lesbian separatist analysis of so-called FtM transitioning would possibly be objectionable to a radical feminist who is neither lesbian nor separatist? Not a word. It’s a beautiful analysis, a compelling essay. Thank you to Gallus Mag and to those diverse and welcoming members of the HUB who brought us Bev Jo’s stirring post.

  16. The most passionate defense of female-only space, and of Female Being, has always come from Lesbian Separatists. I am delighted to see this post here. It is a brilliant analysis of the female-hating M2T and F2T phenomenon.

  17. This is such a needed post. BevJo actually has the lived experience and perspective to tell us all what trans have been up to since 1970. The critical mass of people trying to destroy lesbian space, women only space, and radical feminism is chilling to say the least. That lesbians go along supporting every other group under the sun at the expense of lesbians is what I call the main horror of internalized self-hatred of all women.
    But especially lesbians who let every dog in the front door! The damage one MTtrans did to BevJo and how the community lets this idiot in at her expense is criminal. A lesbian at a major event here got up on stage and said how wonderful it is that a former lesbian bar had become a trans bar, as if this is real progress. The sheer cluelessness boggles the mind. But we are fighting back, and the days of stealth trans getting away with all of this without challenge is over.

  18. There is a financial reason why transpeople were invited. Many non-profit LGBT centers and sexual assault support centers have to include transgendered to get their funding. They are not allowed to exclude them in any groups they host. This happened to the Older Lesbian group at Wingspan in Tucson. The group disbanded because of a disruptive MTF member. They tried to hold it in each other’s homes, but that gets tricky, especially if the idea is for lesbians new to town or wanting support to be able to come. Howwill women find the group if the group is private? Even a local cafe and bookstore around the corner from Wingspan, whose owner is feminist, said I could only do an all-women’s group there if we she closed the place down for us and we agreed to pay what she makes in drinks and food for the time using it. Well, that doesn’t work, either.

    I don’t understand what is so controversial about a group of women meeting on the back patio, and the cafe willing to ask any disruptive man to leave. In the end, she loses – if there were an ongoing group, many of the women would buy a latte or herbal tea every meeting, to thank and support the cafe owner.

    BevJo, incredible that your younger musician friends not only want you at their events, but don’t care about the money. That’s what I call real community!

  19. All public spaces seem to be closed to feminist and lesbian gatherings, now, for exactly the reasons you mention, Julia. So for young women or poor women, I’m not sure how we can reach out to them. When this happens to other oppressed groups, it is bad enough, excluding people who are poor, having no places to gather. But it is a very, very different thing when it happens to women than to any other group. Because of the colonization of women in their own homes, in their 24/7 lives, it means that, for the vast majority of women, there cannot be a space guaranteed to be free of men ever. We need to find ways to make these spaces again. It is not just for us personally, but for all women. I don’t know how we will do it, but we should. Pointing out these issues is an important part of the picture, understanding what has been taken away. Perhaps this is one thing that second-wavers can offer to women. We remember what it was like. I remember a women’s group where we examined our cervices, for instance. That was important. Who would be willing to do this in a group with M2Ts or even F2Ts? Consciousness raising groups, where it was clear that we needed to listen to every single woman there, to let women who had difficulty expressing their thoughts in words be heard. We discovered that frequently the women who had the most difficulty speaking had the most important things to say. With men present, that never happens, never can happen, never will happen. This discussion gets right to the heart of it for me.

  20. You’re right, KatieS. Do you now how much I would love to be in a CR group? In any woman’s dicsussion group….
    And I agree, as long as one man is present, everything changes.

  21. Yes, Julia, I hope we can find new ways to have these groups irl, they are soooo important.

    All my life I’ve been an introvert, or so it seemed. However, I’m now wondering if that is actually true. Is it just that I kept to myself so as to limit my exposure to all the misogynist woman hatred? One reason that I’m questioning this is that when I’ve been in the groups back then, the feminist women-only groups, I would not be so guarded. In fact, I would wonder if I had not said too much. But then I heard from other women who felt the same way, and I never felt they were saying too much. Also, I enjoyed being there with these other women, speaking truth and hearing truth. We referred to this as “finding our voices” back then. And many of us did! It was not only that we spoke, but that we spoke things that had not been permissible in “polite” society. And back then women were trained to be polite above all. Politeness is not the same today. Being “ladylike” is out of fashion, but things like being “sex-positive” or tolerant of invasions of women-only space (“inclusivity”) is the new polite that keeps women focused on patriarchy.

  22. Thank you all again. I’ll soon do my much longer article that’s more in detail at my blog. I can go on forever about this topic. (I’d rather not, but it’s not like they give us a choice, do they?) I will fight for our Lesbian culture and female-only space forever!

    Yes, I feel amazed at the support from the musicians. Class is definitely part of it, but one is quite class-privileged who also want no one turned away (and she needs to make her money from music.). I love them dearly. They are so generous, and they were NOT around for our old days of sliding scale and no one turned away. They love Lesbians and have good hearts.

    It’s like the old “feminists’ are using true Feminism to protect these men at our expense. It’s really a tragedy. I do see a class difference though between those who support trans and those who don’t. It’s too much of a class-privileged intellectual mind-fuck game to see these obvious men as women. I will go anywhere in intellectual discussions, but I won’t do bullshit. But maybe we all can change things.

    Yes, it’s true that funding and support for many organizations is based on including and prioritizing trannies. However, this weekend, I went to the “Queer Women of Color Film Festival,” which is a 3 day event in San Francisco. I’m sure to get funding, they had to be “inclusive” and the entire event, including meals was FREE. (This is the Bay Area where museums and parks cost a fortune.) I saw almost no trannies, but I did see a larger number of Butches than who I usually see at Lesbian events. Often, we are lucky to be 10%. Here, among some of the filmmakers, it was closer to 40% or 50%. Amazing. Now, you know a lot of these will be lifelong Lesbians. Madeline Lim, who is a Butch from Singapore, started the Festival and taught film-making classes to many of the filmmakers. She has almost single-handedly created this event, but two others who were a big part of it are also Butch. So many there were Asian Butches, and other Butches of Color as well. It was a moving spectacular event, with a lot of wonderful and powerful films. Yet almost no one I know even knew about it. I will definitely help advertise it next year.

  23. Yes, this is true. Of course these women are women! As you said, you can’t change biological sexes. That is why this discussion has taken place:

  24. Bev Jo, I appreciate the warmth you express about the community of musicians, their understanding of class based in kindness, and about the Queer Women of Color Film Festival and the creativity of the work you saw there. It’s great to have updates on some of these events happening for women and lesbians.

    Is it the older feminists or the “third wave” feminists (or both) protecting men as they invade women’s spaces?

  25. KatieS, you don’t sound like an introvert to me – you have many important things to say, and I can imagine you as a vibrant member of a group.

    BevJo, I’m jealous – what an amazing life you have in SF!

    I think the sliding-fee scale/ no one turned away is the Feminist way. I would love to see it everywhere…..
    Events are so much more alive when they include all kinds of women. And this way insures that all kinds of women can afford to come.

  26. Thanks, Julia. Yes, making sure all kinds of women can afford to come is important. Transportation availability and cost are also a factor that may be relatively invisible to women who are not poor. If women ride the bus, it may be safe to do so during the day but not at night, for instance. This is part of how complicated the lives of poor women can be.

  27. Julia, maybe you can come visit here some time and see what it’s like? Anyone who is interested, feel free to contact me and I will show you some of the best events here. It’s really a disappointment from those who remember the old women-only days, but some of us just make do. I have to focus on the good parts or I’ll go nuts. I had to shift my consciousness to what we still do have compared to what we’ve lost. What I see is mostly a lot more kindness and caring — but less of that from the older “feminists.” (And I am older.) I never think in terms of “waves” since our community and movement just seems to be continuous. I’m guessing that some who are nearing or past seventy (I’m sixty and found Lesbian Feminism when I was 19), who claim they were part of our community then weren’t — or I would have known them. I think they joined more in the Eighties, when things were already going bad do to the massive influx of very het-identified/male-identified recently het women coming out who brought in their pro-porn and sado-masochist attitudes. The three main “Lesbian Sex” books from that time were written by bisexuals, at least one of who has “transitioned” to “male” and is sexual with men again. I know gay male culture had a bad influence also, but too many Feminists ignore the much more powerful effect recently het Lesbian Feminist attitudes had on our culture. Many supported trans and then encouraged events to be open to men.

    I would like to find more longtime Radical Lesbian Feminists in this area (I do have many very radical friends across the world), but again, I do enjoy the good-hearted Lesbian-loving non-political friends. So why the mystery that those who are ‘feminist” identified are much more aggressive in pushing and supporting trannies than those who are Lesbian and feminist in their hearts and lives, but who have not been exposed to Feminist politics and ideology? I also blame the cold, dry, disconnected academic feminist politics that is most of what younger Lesbians think of when they think of “Feminism,” and which also would never have appealed to me. It was the direct, never boring, fiery, intense, angry, and passionate Radical Lesbian Feminism of the early newpapers and journals that had such an effect on supporting so many women to become radical. Sheila Jeffries’ writing is unusual in being a continuation of that wonderful tradition, but then she is working class. The bookstores instead have either the meaningless academic crap or the porn. But we need the politics of the old days to ignite a powerful movement again. That means supporting and not censoring the most radical of us.

  28. The recent blog outing of the male from Scotland who masqueraded as a Syrian Lesbian and another guy in USA who also wrote a blog as a Lesbian, all goes to prove that men want to assume authority and knowledge where they have NONE. As white males no one is interested in their opinions any more so they take on the identity of another section of the community in this case Lesbians in order to get attention orchestrating positions that they actually know bugger all about at all. Bastards…….
    Good article in G2 Guardian UK by Julie Bindell to-day about this.

  29. BevJo, I used to live in the Bay Area, I worked in non-profits (HIV prevention, which was mostly male) and also at Quan Yin when it was owned by two lesbians. I think you have the right attitude – when I’ve gone back to visit, I can only remember the Sf that was affordable, full of artists, had dance classes from around the world, Rainbow Co-op, etc. Ha- I wonder if I can change my attitude……I keep thinking about your piece on SF lesbian culture (Why I’m a Lesbain?) and how it’s less feminist but more friendly, inviting and multi-aged. Thos are three important things.

    Good point on the younger women seeing feminism as dry and academic. I find many younger women who think it means women dominating men, and of course they are against it.

    Out of pure curiosity, who were the writers of the lesbian sex books? I can think of a few but I might be totally off. When I came back to the US in 2001 after many years away, I could never figure out where a lot of these women were coming from ( Annie Sprinkle, Betty Dobson, etc) Even the founder of the magazine ‘Hip Mama’ was writing about going to strip clubs.

  30. I have young friends in their twenties who are among the most radical Lesbian Separatists I know and who have read literally everything that’s considered feminist. It’s not that feminist writing seems dry, it’s the academic writing. Even 20 years ago I remember forcing myself to read the well-known academic Lesbian Feminist writing and I would literally not see one idea that was new or wasn’t plagiarized. They’d take a whole book to say what could have been said more clearly in a short paragraph. Meanwhile, the truly radical and original writing did not get printed. Censorship is part of what destroyed our movement.

    The “Lesbian” sex writers I was referring to are Joanne Loulan, Pat Califia, and Susie Bright. All bisexuals. Loulan made a lot of money off Lesbians and was furious at the article Linda Strega and I wrote after reading her first book, “Lesbian Sex,” because she was afraid we would interfere with her popularity and income. That book was so disgusting and Lesbian-hating and heterosexist, yet she was lauded everywhere. Our article was called, “Lesbian Sex — Is It?” and we exposed and named the porn and sado-masochism int it, as well as all the harm it would do Lesbians. These three did so much damage. I still wonder how much the male porn industry supported them.

    And just today, I was realizing that Annie Sprinkles carries on that vile bisexual pornographic tradition. These women are our enemies.

  31. KatieS
    June 10, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    “MTFs” feel more male than many het men.”
    I’ve noticed that MTFs are less empathetic towards women’s actual experiences than your average het or gay man..

    Is this because M2Ts fetishize and objectify women more than those other groups? My guess is that they tend to be obsessively concerned with patriarchal-defined objectified stereotypes of women. They fetishize women’s body parts and it becomes part of their sexuality. If you are busy objectifying and obsessing, you will have less ability to empathize. I’m not saying that men as a group are empathic, just that this makes sense to me.

    That’s true. Autogynophilia IS a perversion in males. Perversions in males ARE an UNUSUALLY enforced and eroticised form of hatred towards women (I don’t know about perversions in gay men) although there are perverted aspect in “normal” men as there are “normal” aspects in perverts. That is why trans are even more cruel towards women (and girls) than an everage straight or gay man. And they sympathize with their attitude kin (rapists, murderers etc.) and readily accept them among themselves for this very reason. Sadism is THE model perversion for perversions. None of this is a surprise. So good luck to the bdsmlers, they need it.

    And here is the post someone else was talking about:

  32. I really agree, Katie. You said that very well. MTFs are such a bizarre mixture of envy, nastiness, objectification, narcissism, etc. They have such a sense of entitlement and act as if we owe them. It is so strange. Perhaps they just act out more than other men or are in our faces with their demands more. I know the film “Silence of the Lambs” got criticized, but the man who skinned women to wear their skin, to “become a woman” really felt accurate, though most don’t take it that far. Ironical, that “Thelma and Louise” was so loved, though it was a terrible portrayal of women self-sabotaging themselves (except for killing the rapist), and it ended with a terrible message — while “Silence of the Lambs” had such a strong, courageous, intelligent female hero.

  33. Interesting take on “The Silence of the Lambs” I once started to watch it and it was so weird, seemed like male BS more ways to scare everyone in order to make money, with the woman as the victim, so I decided not to watch the rest. I don’t like wasting my time when I could read a good book 🙂 But maybe it’s worth watching from what you say about the female hero and I probably will sometime. Thelma and Louise, I think what women liked was them killing the rapist. But I agree that the rest was terrible and self-sabotaging. The motivation did not hold together.

    One thing I am pondering after re-reading your post is your last line, “There’s nothing better than being a female.” I agree with you wholeheartedly. One of the things about being a lesbian, it seems to me, is that loving relationships with women also affirm that “There is nothing better than being a female.” I think these relationships can be healing in this affirmation.

    But because of the ways that both feminism and lesbian culture have been co-opted, the relationship experience becomes infected by, for instance, things like BDSM, then this is not the experience of these young women. Their relationships/sexuality has been misogyny-tainted. Instead of women celebrating their life energy together, they choose the death of toxic hormones and killing parts of themselves. A BDSM experience does not lead to a deep understanding that there is nothing better than being a female. Loving relationships with other women do that. It is an antidote for misogyny directed at women’s bodies. I hope that message can get out more than it has been.

    Part of the problem, I think, is that the natural world all around us is dying, too. It is being killed by men and their insane culture. This is terrifying to anyone, but to these young women much more so. There is a larger message that one cannot escape this death-culture. So, destroying parts of your physical self seems not so horrible, since it all part of the same horror. What they do not yet understand is how powerful women together are.

  34. yes indeed, FTM still female and never will become a man…
    i did have some kind of conversation and interaction with FTM, what i found is they are so manipulative and delusive, i don’t what make they think they are a man while some very basic manhood things that a man must experience since childhood, they never experienced before, then based on what kind of experience make them feel like a man? it’s ridiculous indeed…

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