Steering the Sluts: Prof. Hugo Schwyzer Organizes Los Angeles SlutWalk — Update

by FCM

SlutWalk, Los Angeles apparently went off without a hitch yesterday, no thanks to hugo schwyzer who as an “organizer” apparently had to negotiate a last-minute “crisis” which was caused by the organizers not making sure all their permits were in order, and that their venue wasnt double-booked, before getting thousands of women to commit their time and energy to this project…

which almost didnt happen because of “someones” extremely poor planning, demonstrably ineffectual organizational skills, and complete disregard for womens time and energy.  oops!

apparently too, hugogate 2011 has blown up around the internets and on youtube, where some people (besides me!) seem to have a wee problem with someone with a history of gleefully fucking his female students being allowed to teach womens studies to college women, and leading “sluts” in a public spectacle to reclaim a misogynist slur that is used unilaterally by men against women, usually to discredit womens reporting of having been raped, by men.  reactionaries!  (see my original article on hugo “steering the sluts” here).

well…in case anyone has any lingering doubts about what old hugo thinks about women, what he thinks about his own role as a male ally and self-identified male feminist in supporting women and feminists, and not diverting attention to himself…his apparently simultaneous campaigning as a mens-rights activist (MRA)…and what he does when he knows everyone is watching…here are some screenshots of hugos twitter activity in the days leading up to slutwalk (commentary mine):

and finally…

are we very sure that we are comfortable with this?  are we comfortable that someone who acts like this in public, when he knows he is being watched, is teaching “womens history” and “womens studies” to young college women i mean recently-graduated high school students who have just left home and are vulnerable, and as evinced by his participation in slutwalk, that he seems particularly interested in “leading” young women who are still exploring their own sexualities and experimenting?  and that he apparently proclaims himself to be a feminist and a leader of the feminist movement too?

im not comfortable with this.  no, i am not comfortable with this, at all.

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  1. Great detective work FCM. And I’m glad the larger blog world is starting the pay attention to the stuff this guy does and says. I wouldn’t have a job if I was involved with stuff like this, and bragged about unbelievable unprofessional behavior.

  2. How can anyone in charge of a major event forget to book the site and get permits? People have to do that for kid’s birthday parties in LA parks.

    Here’s the opening line to his article encouraging men to come out for Slutwalk: “The sluts are in the streets.”

    He goes on to label our entire season “Slutwalk Spring.”

    BTW, cats can’t be hereded…it’s cattle and other livestock that are herded, ala the inclusion of women with cattle and other property in The Ten Commandments:

    10.You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.

    In those days, women were literally property to be bought and sold — and being a “slut” meant her value was nil. Any animal that could be herded would be more valuable than a “slut.” In fact, the “slut” would be stoned to death unless she was a prostitute, who was most likely a slave.

    Rape victims were likely to be stoned to death too. When they weren’t, they were forced to marry their rapist. And there were rape victims in era when women were required to be completely covered and escorted while in public but were usually forced to remain indoors at home, ala the Taliban of today.

    Too bad the men who thought the slutwalk was about ogling women, which even Hugo admits in his essay, don’t realize their disdain for women is Biblical.

    “There are many reasons why men should be involved with SlutWalk. The important ones have nothing to do with what the women marching might—or might not—be wearing.”

    But the most telling observations about LA’s slutwalk are in the comments:

    jason said:

    I wanted to march to support womans movement to stop violence against women but was told no only females allowed as “we ” males assult women.

    Hmmm. I wondered why men seemed to be absent from LA’s slutwalk when news reports said they turned out about equally in other cities. Jason goes on to complain:

    “what is a female issue doing in a mens site? we have had affermative action for 40 years which is sex discrimination anti male at its best , I am sick of my taxes going to every womans program ever devised

    Yeah, now that’s the kind of man we want at slutwalk. He’s not the only one complaining in this “Good Man” publication:

    Men’s Rights Activist Lieutenant said:

    Look buddy, you’re wasting your time trying to talk to Hugo or engage in any kind of dialogue. He humors people on his blog, but in the end I’ve rarely met anyone so set in his opinions. (Occasionally he’ll reconsider if a woman disagrees with him, but that’s another issue entirely).

    And there you have it from the (male) horse’s mouth.

    BTW, what’s a “feminist” doing writing a regular column at a “men’s rights” publication that draws people like Jason?

  3. yes, its entirely possible that hugo overestimated his importance here, and underestimated the numbers of radical feminists out there, not to mention the power of MOTHERS ANGER at shit like this, where their daughters are being thrown under the bus (and to the wolves) by school admins who care about mens entitlements and protecting the old boys club, and not about female students wellbeing.

  4. yes, regarding “herding cats” i believe its a reference to the fact that cats CANNOT be herded, ie cats are unruly animals. and….so are the sluts. hugo appears to be referencing how unruly the sluts were, and how difficult is probably was to get this thing organized with a bunch of unruly sluts messing up his best-laid plans. or…failures-to-plan, whatever the case may be.

  5. Here’s to unruly sluts. May they always refuse to let men herd them.

  6. Ratemyprofessor .com has been removing comments that tell of Hugo’s predatory habits. Maybe they need more ratings their way?

  7. thanks for the update maria!

    also, i fixed the graphic to address the meaning of “herding cats.” it wasnt clear before; now it is.

  8. I find it interesting that liver was wearing a blue suit jacket— a full suit without tie. He was surrounded with women very much the way Hugh Hefner presents himself in public. Now if you are in real solidarity with women, then maybe if he appeared in a thong and jock-strap, and no shirt at all… but no, the fully clothed liver is center stage in this photo. And women being compared to animals is nothing new, although the hurding cats joke has been around the block for decades. How is the picture different from a Hugh Hefner publicity photo? Although the banner sign in the march acted as a kind of cover for the young women, so maybe Liver Lips had a pang of conscience afterall in posting the photo to his website. And not getting a march permit, I wonder what women’s hard earned dollars funded this, as opposed say donating the funds to a real rape crisis center.

    You have one man fully clothed surrounded by women, who are “available” now that image speaks volumes I think, about how this photo is no different from the Hefner publicity photos, except Hef had better photographers. And what will the mothers of daughters think of their kids male or female taking classes from someone like that? If I had a teenage daughter just entering college, I’d be through the roof at all of this. Fortunately Pasadena City College has a large local student base, so the women aren’t all that far away from supportive parents, who might help them navigate away from classes taught by idiots like this.

    I believe a new and powerful wave (dare I use that word 😦 ) of radfems is emerging now. I think these guys are going to be blindsided by women that are becoming aware that perps, preditors, MRAs etc. are milling around feminism, trying to take advantage of young women, derailing their studies, derailing and sapping the emotions, energy and ambition of young women who want to know about feminism. And I’m hoping that all feminists on that campus come here to read, get a clue, and maybe have a more powerful voice on that campus. One that honors women, exposes anti-feminists in sheep’s clothing… reveals how different women’s voices are compared to the co-opted opportunists that are using feminism for their own narcissistic ends. One can hope!

  9. “Herding cats” graphic? Where is it? The usage I’d always heard for the term was minority groups describing how hard it is to organize their people… I’ve heard gay men use the term for their events…. Although I have never heard women use this phrase to describe women organizing or creating change. It’s a male dominance thing— they don’t like uncooperative people, namely women “being difficult” I guess.

  10. i changed the screenshot sheila. and yes, its a male dominance thing.

  11. Sheila wrote:

    I think these guys are going to be blindsided by women that are becoming aware that perps, preditors, MRAs etc. are milling around feminism, trying to take advantage of young women

    Predators always go where their prey hang out. Look at pediophilies taking teaching jobs at elementary school, becoming scout leaders, coaching children’s sports. They go where they think they’ll find easy pickings because of the sheer number of “prey.”

  12. Remeber the days when women’s studies classes were dynamic places where women taught the next generation of women? Remember the absolute safety you had as a woman in those classrooms, and women had complete control over every word, and the entire curriculim? So things have radically changed, where male voices are co-opting feminist spaces, where male adendas are derailing young women studies students… And what is a tactic of patriarchy that works generation after generation— quite simply, men try to invade any space of power women create. Men go after victims anywhere they can be found, and it’s all ok. Men try to con every generation of women into believing that malepleasing is the way to go…. anti-rape protests that involves thousands of women in England are not covered in the news, not reported on. Radical feminist perspectives are erased from women’s studies classes, radical feminists are silenced everywhere. Fool the young women, have sex with them, MAN-ipulate them, make them believe that women and men are equal, and that they need pay no attention to the growing power of anti-feminists and women’s studies co-opters everywhere.
    If we had white men doing this sort of thing in African American studies departments, I think there would be hell to pay, but hey, women’s education doesn’t matter, radical feminism doesn’t matter because that SHOCK threatens men with real revolutionary thought.

    And I can assure you, SLUTWALK is going to do nothing to stop rape, in fact, it will just encourage more objectification of women. Young women want a message, they know the world is closing in on them, they sense that men are out of control, and that professors prey on students…. they want an end to rape and cat calls on the street, they want to know they can have a beer on a Friday night and not have men hit on them in obnoxious ways or drug their drinks.

    So they choose a provacative sexual put down word, and think it will do the trick. They want males involved in feminism, and believe the oppressor has good intentions.

  13. Off topic a bit, but recently, our company had to send emails out to all employees to reinforce a dress code. I found it interesting that even in professional offices we have to remind people not to wear jeans or low cut dresses to work. It is inappropriate attire, and undermines the trust we spend a lot of time building with long term clients. It amazes me that a Fortune 500 company takes this issue far more seriously, than young women who believe that dressing in distateful clothing means people will respect you or hire you. I’ve had kids ask me about job interview prep, and they don’t even know the basics… they are applying for jobs in banking for goddess sake. I’ve had recruiters tell me informally to get the kids to clean up their Facebook pages, because employers actually look at this stuff. Liver has the pictures of young women on his website, but I wonder if he asked them to sign a waver on using their images without permission. I wonder if he even thought twice about how a photo could affect a job interview for a young woman.

  14. P.S. I went to a lesbian and gay conference recently. And we were informed that there would be photography, and if we wanted out, to sit in places away from the cameras.

    Since FCM was an ex-sex pozzie, I believe she would know. And since I’m a radical lesbian feminist who finds most women’s clothing extremely awful, degrading and distasteful, this is all incomprehensible to me. I couldn’t ever imagine dressing up in that nonsense, wearing make-up, high heels, male pleasing… the thought of even being in a club with a bunch of leering dreadful men makes me sick.

    Let’s stop aiding and abetting the male dominated fashion industry that foists this stuff off on girls, because there are billions of dollars at stake if malestream can get young women to collude in their own oppression.

  15. Hugo Schwyzer works for Pasadena City College. Here’s some light reading from the Pasadena City College Policies and Procedures manual:

    It is the policy of the Pasadena Area Community College District [the district that Pasadena City College is part of] that consensual relationships between members of the College community are inappropriate if one individual has power or authority over another. […] This policy addresses potential conflicts of interest situations applicable to all members of the College community: faculty and other academic personnel, students, managers, classified staff, and Board members.

    In addition to the concern over the potential for conflicts of interest arising out of consensual relationships, the College has a special responsibility towards students as members of the College community. The academic success of students is central to the College’s Mission. The unequal institutional power inherent between students and particular members of the College community must be protected from influences or activities that can interfere with learning consistent with the goals and ideals of the College. Accordingly, relationships of the following nature are strictly prohibited:

    Between an instructor, coach, counselor, or individual in any other position of instructive, evaluative, or advisory authority over students and any student for whom the instructor, coach, counselor, or individual has direct instructive, evaluative, or advisory authority.

    And anyone who wasn’t a supreme creepy asshole would understand that to mean that until a student had graduated from that college, he wouldn’t be fucking them. Saying “oops I’m sorry” is what rapists do; it isn’t what responsible adults do when they’ve been exposed as doing something that violates both the letter and intent of the school’s policies.

    No doubt, the board that oversees Hugo’s school and by extension, his antics, would be very interested in hearing what the public thinks about his behavior:

    Board of Trustees
    Pasadena Area Community College District
    1570 E. Colorado Boulevard – C235
    Pasadena, CA 91106-2003

  16. i am actually not sure where old hugo worked during his “acting out years” but i am sure it would be easy to find out. even if he wasnt at PCC at the time, what seems problematic for old hugo at this point is that he is continuing to debate the “ethics” of the professor-student relationship to this day, with his last post about it being posted just this past april, 2011. the man just will not give up, and he will not admit that male educators sticking their dicks into female students is demonstrably harmful to them because it negatively impacts thier performance, as students. hello!

    heres a *broken* link to old liverlips creepy archives, entitled “sexual relationships between professors and students.”


  17. Here’s is what Hugo Schwyzer says about himself and his behavior:

    “As I’ve often written, I slept with many students during my early years at PCC. All of these relationships, however unethical, were consensual and not in violation of college policy — because the college had no policy against profs and students engaging in “’mutually desired amorous relations.’”

    Nope, Hugo is a liar. The chances that the policy noted in my comment above is newer than his sickening and yes, unethical, behavior is very small because those policies have been in effect all over the country for decades now. The chances are far, far greater that Hugo picked out only the one sentence he thought would protect himself. Pasadena City College has every reason to investigate this man’s behavior. People like this don’t ever change — and especially the ones who continue to excuse their outrageous behavior.

  18. i dont suppose its dawned on old liverlips either, that if he wasnt so insistent on penis-in-vagina equalling “sex” that the radfems would have less of a problem with him? the sex-pozzies would be happy because hugo and all men would be having all their precious orgasms (BARF!) and (AND!) they wouldnt be knocking anyone up, or putting them at risk for pregnancy and disease, and they wouldnt be causing trauma-bonding either. everyones happy, right? right?*

    non-PIV-centric sex would be where the “ethical” debate could commence, as far as im concerned (and it would still be unethical under the schools own guidelines, so long as it constituted a “consensual relationship” apparently…theres a couple of wiggle words for you!)

    *clearly, men like hugo are NOT, in fact, happy with “sex” unless it involves sticking thier dicks into women, which is the most dangerous and the least pleasurable sex act, for women. now why might that be? anyone? anyone? could it be…that they get off on actively placing women in harms way? and thats what literally constitutes “sex” for them? hmm!

  19. This is pure misogynistic gold! Women are akin to animals and he’s the only “feminist” who is able to “reclaim” the terms “slut” and “bitch” – what a joke. I also love how he’s trying to squeeze money out of women, too! But, of course, he “loves” women, which is why he abuses his power as a teacher and fucks them. This guy is ridiculous. “I’ll sue you, boohoo hooo!”

  20. yes, mining hugos tweets for gold was a gruelling chore, but it paid off. pure misogynistic gold, as you say.

  21. Interesting reading, his blog. Even when not tainted by something really misogynistic like writing about sex with students, it seems that his participation as a feminist is always all about him. His oh-so-faithful ™ marriage. His sanctimonious tone about his wife and daughter. His speshul foreskin (ugh). His repentance and self-understanding. How might reading this stuff trigger those students who have had sex with him, including when they were drunk? It is not about women who might be hurt by further revelations, nor real feeling for the actual women. The entitlement tone keeps getting into his blog, but it may leave doubt for some who are struggling to understand feminism, since he appears to be trying to be helpful. However, the tweets leave no doubt as to his deep cynicism, his betrayal of his proclaimed ethics. Grandstanding. It is all about him when you read those tweets. Great work on the tweets, FCM!

  22. Oh yuck, yuck, yuck! Thanks for the detective work, FCM. No, no, I’m not comfortable with this guy at all. He takes sleeze to a whole new level.

  23. HAHA does old hugo still have his foreskin? too bad for the poor foreskin, it cant get away from hugo and his entitlement.

    and YES, i think about the women too. where are they now? did they all graduate? do they *really* not have a problem with any of this? i hope so much that they *did* graduate, and that none of this bothers them. i seriously doubt this could be the case though. how could it?

    he also has a few ex-wives. i wonder how all of them feel? i guess they could start their own support group. there are enough of them.

  24. Why would he write a public blog post about having sex with his “many” students at PCC – why would he name the school? Oh my…very silly silly choice. I really do hope he gets investigated and people see him for the creep he clearly is.

  25. No, FCM, he got circumcised as an adult as a way to show that he’d be faithful to his wife and not have sex with students. It was a very strange post. Kind of sorry to impose it on others here, just a creepy image. Something that should be kept private in the first place. But it does show something about him, that he posted that.

  26. Bonerkiller, I believe that Hugo publically writes about all of this to shift the blame for his STILL FUCKING WORKING WITH TEENAGED GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN onto the hiring committee who hired him and onto the department who keeps him, knowing all of this. If he kept it secret, someone could blame him for being deceptive. Confession is also the oldest trick in the book, to make people think you regret what you did and have changed, or want to change, or it wasn’t your fault, you’re really a good person, hate the sin love the sinner and all that shit. And Hugo is a Christian.

    I think its crystal clear that Hugo cannot or will not stop applying for women’s studies teaching jobs, and that he cannot or will not stay away from the environment that exposes him to young women and gives him power over them. It’s clearly his THING. And he thinks he’s reformed, but I’d say he’s.about as reformed as a 12-stepping alcoholic who still goes to the bars, “just to play pool.” Not saying that there’s any such thing as sex addiction, because I don’t think there is, but addicts and men like Hugo have one thing in common, and that’s that they are fucking liars, and every word out of their mouths is a fucking lie. The 12-step program recognizes that addicts lie, and calls out addicts who can’t or won’t remove themselves from the situation for lying about being reformed, lying to everyone and possibly to themselves too.

  27. I believe that Hugo publically writes about all of this to shift the blame

    Hugo isn’t shifting blame, he’s bragging. That’s all women really are to men; status markers. Contrary to popular belief, I honestly think that when any man looks at a woman, he never thinks “Oh, sexy!”, but rather “Hmmm… trophy!”. Hugo is merely seeking male approval and establishing himself as a “player”. Funny how dudes don’t see the homoerotic nature of such posturing. What is a “man’s man”? Answer: A cocksucker in denial.

    As for the whole SlutWalk debacle, if he was even half serious, he would have showed up wearing nothing but a studded leather jockstrap. Obviously, like most misogynist assholes, he believes that men are above objectification. This is why the term “male feminist” is an oxymoron.

    Oh, and since when are circumcised men less likely to cheat? LMAO! Getting his foreskin chopped off doesn’t prove anything, other than the fact that he apparently advocates genital mutilation.

  28. Hugo isn’t shifting blame, he’s bragging. That’s all women really are to men; status markers. Contrary to popular belief, I honestly think that when any man looks at a woman, he never thinks “Oh, sexy!”, but rather “Hmmm… trophy!”. Hugo is merely seeking male approval and establishing himself as a “player”. Funny how dudes don’t see the homoerotic nature of such posturing. What is a “man’s man”? Answer: A cocksucker in denial.

    I completely agree! His status is even more enhanced by the fact that he can openly brag about it with no discipline incoming. And the he uses feminism to counter criticism and to silence the opposition to be able to take advantage of young women and his followers by large. He’s like a second Bertrand Russell- he collects feminist women to establish his voice.

  29. Yes, I think he’s not just bragging and doing damage control, but he is exhibitionistic as well in what he reveals on his blog. All three things hold true. The exhibitionism is both related to being narcissistic and to doing some PR, getting him noticed, including a book I think he authored. I’m always mixed about getting someone like this further PR by posting about him or clicking on his website, but on the other hand it’s good to shine the light of day for any future women students he may have. It may help them to sort things out or to register for someone else’s courses.

  30. Eww. Guy sounds like a total creep.

    Confessing of one’s sins is a performance men know too well. A man’s confession is worth more than gold. It’s a way of declaring immunity from criticism. “There! I fucked some barely legal chicks who just so happened to take my class! Now fuck off, I don’t want to hear or read another word of it! It’s in the past!”.

    It’s amazing how men can declare when something is “over with” ,and just tuck away whatever little “mistakes” they’ve done in the past inside the smallest corner of the earth.

    Meanwhile, women get seen as whatever little horrible thing they did for years, or until the day they die. Women cannot redeem themselves so quickly,even if they’ve taken the steps, shown improvement, transformed into an entirely different person. Some ex prostituted women are still seen as prostitutes. Cause once a woman does something, she is branded that for life. For.Life.

    Hugo seems to be exercising male privilege in that respect, just having the balls to “confess” something of this nature and then just tuck it away like a neat little handkerchief. And not one funfem has a problem with that-they even go as far as to defend his “honor”. My eye twitches from the privilege oozed onto those tweets and his overall attitude about being a DOM who used to hump his students.

    He must talk a good game because he looks like Joey Greco from Cheaters.

  31. I just read his mansplaination in the comments to a woman over at Feministe who wasn’t comfortable with the Slut Walks. He is a deeply creepy, misogynistic predator. God, I can’t get over the stupidity at Feministe. I rarely read it, and I was reminded of why.

  32. Him trying to “explain” to a woman why she shouldn’t think the way she does is exactly why he isn’t a feminist. If he was a true feminist, he’d be listening to her, not telling her why she’s wrong. What’s different in his reaction than in every misogynist’s reaction when a woman speaks her mind?

  33. Having a man organize a “Slutwalk” is like having a white person organize a “Nigga Parade”. It’s probably not a good idea, Hugo!

  34. What could be a better job for a mansplainin predator than teaching womens studies to young women. Makes my skin crawl.

  35. Hugo at the SlutWalk.:

  36. Mantis that vid made me want to hurl. What a jerk. I nominate old Hugo for mansplainer of the year.

  37. Ok now I’m going to have to visit feministe to see what you all are talking about. You’ve gone and made me curious, thanks a lot, I hate reading over there.

  38. Ok yes. Hugo mansplaining about how slutwalk la was both different and better than all the other slutwalks, and that lots latina women participated therefore it wasnt racist and criticism of slutwalk being racist is misplaced; and lotsa SoCal porn actors participated (its where Americas porn industry is located, duh) therefore the voices of “sex workers” were heard. Oh, okay! Thanks for mansplaining that, Hugo. Sheesh. Was Hugh hefner busy that day or something? I think slutwalk needs more privileged white male predators and porn addicts involved.

  39. “…associate a woman’s culpability for her rape…”????????

    Does he realize he just blamed the victim while pretending to defend the victim? What f**king culability?

    He’s one of the “less enlightened colleagues” he mentioned at 2:09

  40. BTW, did you notice that women got to expose themselves and talk about their vulnerability while the “authority” figures were all male? How it was the males who made slutwalk happen? The males guarding the sluts?

  41. Well, I think what Mr. Hugo Hefner meant was that a woman’s culpability for her rape is not related to her clothes or number of previous sex partners… she’s just culpable if she doesn’t leave her vagina at home when she goes out. Obviously.

  42. Wow… that video… am I the only one who automatically thought of Girls Gone Wild at 1:05? Which I guess makes it even MORE feminist, right, since we all know Girls Gone Wild and it’s creator is a totally feminist thing in the world. *barf*

  43. I can’t bring myself to watch it.

  44. (Hugo) “All of these relationships, however unethical, were consensual and not in violation of college policy — because the college had no policy”

    Please add the following rape myth to my prior list of rape myths Hugo is relying on to avoid responsibility for his sexual predations:

    -if the laws on the books don’t say it was rape then it wasn’t rape

    Some years ago a friend’s husband was telling me about a trip to Italy with his prostitute-using father. He said, “My father is the type of man who believes that if it’s legal in the country you’re visiting then it’s all good.”

    Hugo did not have “relationships” with all those young women, he fucked them. There’s a scene from the movie Flatliners where William Baldwin’s girlfriend finds the porn he made of himself having sex with unsuspecting women. He thinks telling her they meant nothing to him will make it better, and she says that it actually makes it worse because she could forgive him for cheating, but not for selfishly exploiting so many women.

  45. Ok, one of the noticible things about that video is that Hugo is totally sucking up to other men, to the police. He does it in an officious manner. He does it over and over. Also, the young guy who takes off his shirt then makes a suggestive gesture with his mouth. For these men, it is just a bunch of either sexual acting out, or being cast in the role of “protector.” Young camera man does this in a different, humorous/patronizing way. Very heavy male vibe across it all. This is NOTHING, NOTHING like the sanity of all-women spaces that I associate with real feminism.

    Really, this video is so classic about teh menz. . . . You’d think Hugo would be ashamed of himself being so officious, self-serving, and being so very obvious about it. I do know plenty of men who do a better version acting like a feminist man than this guy. I mean guys who know very little about feminism, too. Even if they miss the mark (and they generally do) they don’t miss it by such a hugely wide margin.

  46. I find it interesting that liver was wearing a blue suit jacket— a full suit without tie. He was surrounded with women very much the way Hugh Hefner presents himself in public.

    Sheila you have got it in one. If he’s all about that namby pampy liberal equality shit, why doesn’t he just pack it into a pair of budgie smuglers and be done with it? Cos it’s not about equality, or freedom or liberation at all. It’s about buying into the same corporate shit that the male-main-stream-media loves to shove down our throats.

    Wow, that video is just. There are no words. The one at the beginning talks about flaunting it and just looks really confused. Funny how there’s not much difference between a “Slut Walk” and a porn convention. You know what else I noticed? They are all feminine as fuck – practising a set of behaviours + wasting energy on appearing fuckable.

    The part where the young man and young womon start flashing as well – show me how slutty you are? I swear that line is straight out of a Girls Gone Wild video. And FUCK have a fucking SHAVE Hugo, you look like a dirty, creepy old man. OH WAIT. YOU ARE.

    Wow… that video… am I the only one who automatically thought of Girls Gone Wild at 1:05? Which I guess makes it even MORE feminist, right, since we all know Girls Gone Wild and it’s creator is a totally feminist thing in the world. *barf*

    Hah, I read this comment after I started writing mine, I am so glad I am not the only one that thought of it.

    Did anyone else notice how most of the video (time wise) was actually on Hugo’s little ego-rub speech? And hardly any of it was actually saying “Rape is wrong”? It was this yes means yes liberal bullshit. Goddess, words can not express the frustration and anger.

  47. Liver claimed that women in suits were marching as well, but really we had men in suits or police uniforms, but I saw no women in suits being interviewed. Hmmm. This is about hefnerism, it is about porn, and it is about conning young women — a kind of aiding and abetting of the degredation of women. Let him go to a march of men dressing in porn fashion, and have policewomen being interviewed on TV, while the men are degraded. The sheer voyerism and pornification of women was amazing. Los Angeles being the porn capital of the US, one wonders whose agenda is really served by luring more women into porn-like posturing.

  48. The mere fact that there is a thread about this prick gives him credibility, gives him power, we should ignore him and his crap. The inferior gender hate being ignored they love attention any form of attention, so lets just zero him, please!

  49. Oh, shit… I feel sick to my stomach. Two seconds into that video and I wanted to puke. Those f’ing fools! I am also not on Twitter at all, so those tweets were a revelation as well. I was really not aware of this turd’s involvement and I am embarrassed at my ignorance. I’m not going to the Milwaukee ‘Walk’ and I’ve shared this on their FB page and my page.

    Finally, I don’t believe for one second that he isn’t raping his students anymore. That whole ‘used to do it’ bs? I’ve heard it before. I don’t buy it.

  50. Hugo Schwyzer and The Logical Conclusion:

    Two aging professors accused of running a sophisticated prostitution website appeared to have one goal: Police say they wanted to create a place where respected men like themselves could go for sex without having to worry about getting caught up in street stings.

    Obviously the respect was misplaced, but they were just doing what academia has apparently set in motion, full on support for women-as-meat. If professors support the idea of pimps or if they ARE the pimps, there’s really not much difference.

  51. Thanks noan! I emailed myself links to that story as it developed, and I wondered if everyone who read these articles and other “debates” with Hugo thought of him when they saw it. I definitely did, the parallels are obvious.

    And apparently ms. Andrea was onto something: promoting prostitution is, in fact, a crime, and the cops do seem interested in pursuing it in some situations. Perhaps they might like to take a look at old Hugo?

  52. Hi I found this link after following from another site – I am glad that I did!

    Hugo really bugs me in a many ways — and many of the ways were spelled out here.



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