Steering the Sluts: Prof. Hugo Schwyzer Organizes Los Angeles SlutWalk

by FCM

self-identified feminist man and fun-fem darling hugo schwyzer reports on his blog that he is “proud to be a part” of the steering committee organizing the los angeles SlutWalk, scheduled to take place june 4, 2011. 

according to professor schwyzer, “We’re marching to reclaim a word, we’re marching to declare zero tolerance for harassment and sexual abuse, we’re marching in defense of the basic notion that whatever women wear and whomever they sleep with, they are entitled to dignity and respect in public and in private.”  we, you say?  we?  you mean…men, including self-identified feminist men, are marching alongside women, supporting womens “right” to…have sex with men, and to “reclaim” a misogynist slur that is used unilaterally by men against women, mostly to discredit womens reports of having been raped, by men?  thats rich.

for anyone not in the know, let me provide a little background on professor schwyzer.  according to, hugo schwyzer teaches at pasadena city college in california and is held in various regard (and disregard) by his students, and overall is judged to be “chile pepper on fire” on a scale of “hotness” by those who cared enough about him to visit his page on, create an account, and vote on his “hotness.”  and did i mention that he teaches “womens history“?  because he does.  he teaches “gender studies” too.

not incidentally, hugo admits on his blog that he “used to” have PIV with female students (including on his professorial-office desk) during what he euphemistically refers to as his “acting out years.”  what a rebel!  a college professor, teaching womens studies and womens history to women, acting out his aggressions and dysfunctions on the bodies of his female students by having PIV with them, where historically, PIV has been the source of unspeakable and untold female-specific suffering of women, as a sexual class, around the world.  and although he now says he believes that professors should wait until their students are former-students (but not waiting until these women have actually graduated, mind you) before gaining sexual access to them, he doesnt seem to give a flying fuck, as it were, that unwanted PIV, (aka. rape) unwanted pregnancy, motherhood, PIV-related medical events and trauma-bonding are a drain on female students’ finances, emotional and physical reserves, and are likely to lead to women dropping out of both high school and college. apparently, the known risks to women of PIV-related medical events and becoming emotionally-attached and crying post-coitally over whether some dickwad (or dickwad professor) is going to call them the next day, is of no consequence to old hugo, even though as an educator he is supposed to be encouraging all students to succeed, including the critical strategies of managing their time and feeding their mental and physical health, and so-encouraging both male and female students alike. oops! 

specifically regarding unwanted pregnancies of female students enrolled in community college, inside higher ed reports,

“It might surprise some people, but most unplanned pregnancies are not to teens but to unmarried women in their 20s,” said Andrea Kane, senior director of policy and partnerships at the National Campaign. “Seven in 10 pregnancies among single women in their 20s are unplanned.  […]  61 percent of students who have a child after enrolling in a community college drop out before finishing a degree or credential; this dropout rate is 64 percent higher than that of their counterparts who did not have children. On the whole, 48 percent of all community college students “have ever been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant.”

“Without question, unplanned pregnancies have a tremendous negative impact on the ability of community college student to finish their studies,” wrote George R. Boggs, AACC president, in the letter to Ryan. “In America’s higher education system, students who have unplanned pregnancies are concentrated in community colleges.”

meanwhile, old hugo prefers to debate the “ethics” of the professor-student “relationship” as if the tangible harms to women that directly and significantly affect their performance as students, isnt a good enough reason for male educators to stop sticking their dicks into female students.  and for anyone who thinks that “just have an abortion!” is a reasonable solution to the problem that hugo and men like him are creating, by having PIV with female college students…well rest assured that hugo himself is pro-choice!  thats right, hugo schwyzer fully supports all womens right to become impregnated by him (and other men), and to not carry the pregnancy to term.  except when hes pro-life.  its a male womens-history professors perogative to serially fuck students, and then repeatedly change his mind as to what the consequences of his and all mens actions will be for the women they are fucking, afterall.

he also calls all women who eschew PIV entirely sex-negative “prudes” comparable to conservative christians and the “enemies of eros” (bahahaha!) which i think rounds out the picture nicely.

so.  this is the background we are dealing with, and hugo makes no bones about any of it: i have provided links to his own words, on his own blog, and he is unapologetic (if allegedly “repentant”) about all of it.  enter SlutWalk, and hugos involvement in it, as an organizer on the steering committee.

in his own words, hugo believes that he and the rest of the SlutWalkers are marching for womens rights to “dignity and respect,” whomever they sleep with.  hugo does not appear to be as supportive of womens right to not engage in PIV at all, or to criticise PIV or PIV-centric sexuality, or to criticize him or his behavior regarding PIV over the years.  or to believe that those women who are rightly PIV-critical are deserving of “dignity and respect” especially us nasty old radfems, who are old and experienced enough to know better, and to recall womens actual history, where mens sexual entitlement to womens bodies features prominently and has proven absolutely disastrous to all women, billions of us, across time and place.

who is marching for us, or for any womans right to not engage in PIV, and to not participate in our own destruction through trauma-bonding, medical events and pregnancy, which are objectively and demonstrably harmful to women, and where PIV is utilized deliberately as a weapon, by men, to cause female-specific harm?  not professor hugo schwyzer, thats for sure.  not the SlutWalkers either, although obviously i blame them less, and prefer to believe that somewhere deep inside, they recognize their own right not to be fucking vaginally-probed by some dood, and call it sex.  i hope! as it is, SlutWalk seems to be an unabashed PIV-pozzie-palooza, where women (and men!11!1) are standing together in solidarity to support womens unconditional right to let men fuck us, and for neither party to feel “guilt” or “shame” about it.  as if womens or mens subjective “feelings” about PIV is the real problem here, and not the objective, identifiable and demonstrable female-specific harms of PIV.  and PS.  men should feel fucking guilty, for subjecting women to PIV-centric sex.

in closing, heres a final message for hugo, since i strongly suspect he is reading, but regardless of whether he is reading or not, i mean this sincerely and literally: hugo, you are a disgusting shitstain and a blight on humanity, and a misogynist anti-feminist, and those are your good qualities.  you, sir, can and should

go fuck yourself.

graphic x-posted at scum-o-rama.

88 Responses to “Steering the Sluts: Prof. Hugo Schwyzer Organizes Los Angeles SlutWalk”

  1. Wonderful pseudo pro-feminist aka Hugo schwyzer is a member of the steering committee which is organising slutwalk. Well done Schwyzer for ensuring you have a prestigious role in this pseudo feminist march.

    Oh yes men such as Schwyzer are flocking in droves to show their support for women to be called ‘sluts’ because it is soo empowering to women. No mention must be made of fact this misogynistic term was created by men in order to keep women in a constant state of fear, that some default human aka male will enact his supposed moral superiority and tell a woman or women they are a slut/sluts.

    That’s how male power operates folks – men are the ones who define women’s experiences for them and men are the ones who define which women are ‘respectable’ and which women are apparently ‘sluts.’ Of course any woman can be called a ‘slut’ by any male if she dares not to accord the male sufficient respect and subservience – that’s why we have a male supremacist system. Yes it is because men are superior to women and women must be constantly monitored and policed by the menz in order that we don’t become too rebellious such as those nasty (sic) radical feminists.

    After all men are the sex which have been awarded the privilege of defining what is and is not women’s experiences and apparently ‘slut’ is a gender neutral term which conveniently happens to be directed at women – not men!

    Oh Schwyzer have you ever heard of that term ‘abuse of male power.’ Because that is precisely what you are continuing to do – abusing and exploiting your position of trust and power over female students. Apparently female students only exist for you to stick your penis into as and when you desire. Still never mind Schwyzer is a professor of Women’s Studies (what? A male claiming to be an expert on Women’s Studies???) and also Gender Studies so he obviously knows about how and why so many powerful men abuse their positions of trust and force themselves sexually on women who do not hold equal/equivalent power as them.

    But Schwyzer is one of those ‘good profeminist men’ is he not? His female students worship the ground he walks on – he is accorded sexual access to innumerable female students and he only refrains from targetting certain female students because he enacts an ethical stance.

    Well you don’t fool me Schwyzer because you are clearly a manipulative and devious male sexual predator who becomes hysterical at any mention of fact PIV is very, very dangerous to women. What? Radical feminists are challenging PIV as ‘real heterosex?’ Whatever next? Perhaps radical feminists will demand men be held accountable for their continuing sexual exploitation of women and claims that PIV is absolutely essential for men if they are not to spontaneously combust due to lack of their penises thrusting into female bodies.

    By the way I am not blaming the women who devised Slutwalk but I am certainly holding malestream media accountable for promoting and supporting this pseudo feminist march. Who benefits from this protest action? Not women but men will benefit because once again men are being let off the hook. Instead of focusing on women’s right (sic) to be accepted as a ‘slut’ the focus should be on holding men accountable for creating this misogynistic term and reinforcing the misogynistic view that a woman’s self worth and value depends on whether or not men define her as a ‘slut.’

    How about calling men sluts if they are perceived as engaging in sexually promiscuous behaviour – and yes I’m looking at you Schwyzer.

  2. No professor should ever have sex with a student, regardless of whether or not she’s enrolled in one of his courses at the time. There’s a gaping power differential there. Go fuck yourself, indeed, Mr. Schwyzer.

  3. Sounds like a textbook definition of the male ‘slut’, no wonder he’s organising it.

  4. Sounds like he’s actually marching to declare 100% tolerance for harassment and sexual abuse :S

  5. The backlash has clearly achieved escape velocity when you see a parade of “feminists” celebrating their status as sex objects organized by a predatory male.

  6. well said bewilderness!

  7. his “Acting Out years”. Those are between the age of 2 and 4 right? omg what a fetid festering enema-bag this Schwyzer is. Schwyzer organizing slutwalk is like Catholic priests organizing a day care.

  8. bahaha! why yes. yes it is.

  9. showing my ignorance here but what does PIV stand for? I looked it up but could not find an explanation along the lines of professors sleeping w/students (It’s not Professors in Vaginas is it 😛 ).

    I’m still getting my head around why SLUTwalk is viewed by some women as pseudo feminist. I like your article very much and having am having a good think about it.

    I was at my local Sexpo the other day promoting SLUTwalk and I would have spoken to over 200 people in a few hours there. I’d say that the male to female ration was probably 50/50 there were plenty of men who wanted to know what it was about and they were really supportive of it. The women were too. Most people were shocked at first and looked at us like we were mad but then after talking to us they wanted to come and support it. We got a huge list of emails. And I had some really great chats. Most people spoke about everyone’s right to dress how they want, fuck who they want regardless of gender. It sure felt really empowering and bonding.

    I don’t know, I haven’t studied gender/women’s studies at Uni so I am playing catch up to get my head around the history. It feels like a positive event to me but I’ll certainly keep my head open to criticisms of it.

    As for the Professor, I really wish he’d keep it in his pants! There are plenty of women for him to be on equal terms with rather than behaving in this predatory manner. I imagine he is toting sexual freedom but yeah the power balance is just too big to ignore.

  10. hi maureen

    heres a link to our “radical perspectives” page with background on PIV. PIV = penis in vagina. on that page there are also some links to slutwalk.

    i also wrote about slutwalk at my personal blog:

    i am glad that it felt like a bonding experience to those who were on the ground and involved with it. for the women, not the men! men who are involved in slutwalk can just absolutely go to hell IMO. LOL as far as the bonding you mention, i do think that women do not have enough opportunities in real life (or anywhere) to gather together and discuss the issues that affect us. however, the history here is just too glaring to ignore, and i think it overwhelms the possibility of any effectiveness here, or any power to change the situation that you clearly want changed. follow up with those links and see what you think.

  11. OMG, FCM, those links to Hugo’s blog where he talks about fucking students on his desk and being chided by his male colleague to be “discrete” just make me sick. Just extraordinary abuse of power. How can he even have a JOB? Oh yeah, the old boys’ club rides again!

    I am so mad that we can’t have female-only graduate schools.

  12. yes, the links are really sick arent they? i hated spending enough time on his blog to even locate them all. blech! interestingly, he publishes pingbacks, so he has about half a dozen from this post.

    the thing with hugo is that he has made what appears to be a calculated move to put all of this shit out in the public domain, so that if it ever becomes an issue for him he can just point to the hiring committee at his college and say “they are the ones who hired me! i never tried to HIIIIIDDDDEEEEE anything. blame them.” which frankly is exactly what we should be doing (in addition to blaming old hugo of course). that school *is* a disgusting boys club, and i dont care if all the womens studies committee members who hired him (over female candidates) were women, they are fucking collaborators and they need to be shown the door too. buh-bye!

  13. Brilliant post FCM. This guy is beyond sick and he is attacking you a lot, though he attempts at discrediting you are pathetic at best. He also refers to radical feminism as “women’s nationalism”. Hm, I am tempted to invoke Godwin’s law here.

  14. Ha! Anything new, or just the same old shit? I don’t want to look, I’ve had enough of old liverlips blog.

  15. Maureen — it’s a darn good thing you HAVEN’T had gender studies classes, that stuff will rot your brain. What we’re saying is common knowledge for all women, but it gets shouted down, ignored, or laughed at, so we’ve been afraid to admit the truth to ourselves and each other. And we don’t want to be the ones to spoil everyone’s fun. But some of us have just gone ahead and looked at the truth anyway and we’re encouraging others to as well, because our lives are at stake.

    You mention that people you talked to supported “everyone’s right to dress how they want [and] fuck who they want regardless of gender.” Ok, let’s look at that — it would be great if we were all left alone to do what we want, no question. But is that really what our society would be about, given what we know of human behavior? Let’s picture a day 10 years from now: Women can wear and fuck anything they want and people hardly even remember what the word “slut” means, it’s so out of style. Now, while picturing that day, ask yourself: Have rape rates gone down? Have domestic abuse rates gone down? Has sex trafficking of women and girls stopped? Are women more likely to be able to get birth control and abortions? Have “corrective rapes” stopped in South Africa? Those are things that women want to happen.

    Would slutwalk make all that come about? If you really believe it would, then you have to answer HOW it would. WHY would men stop raping women if they had to stop calling and thinking of them as sluts? What would REALLY change about the quality of women’s lives if they could wear and fuck anything they wanted without being called names? Would men stop raping women or would there just be another way around getting prosecuted for it? That is really the core issue behind the walk, right? That men get away with rape because they call women sluts. Women know the answer to whether it matters what we’re called. We’ve known it forever. We even used to talk about it: Rape is not about sex (or sex appeal, slutiness, availability, etc.), it’s about power. It’s about men being able to do whatever they want to women and not getting in trouble for it. Will a name change wake men up and get them to treat women with respect? We wish it would, but we know the truth from millennia of combined female experience.

    We all understand the pain and frustration that are behind these events. We just don’t believe that slutwalk is the answer and Hugo is the poster boy for why we don’t believe it.

  16. Yes that’s all old stuff FAS.

  17. Figures! What a dick.

    I mean, really, what a dick.

  18. He’s a professor of Women’s Studies? Isn’t that special. They fire radical feminists across the country and replace them with pimps and rapists. But it really doesn’t come as any surprise. Who owns the institutions and education again? Oh yeah, the patriarchs! What do you think the patriarchs are going to teach women? How to resist, undermine and overthrow them? Or how to suck their dicks properly?

  19. yes i think that about covers it, lucky.

  20. Women’s liberation movement, Hugo, not women’s nationalism. (Black liberation movement, Hugo, not Black nationalism.) But then again, what to expect? He is a white dude teaching women’s studies. Just the thought of it makes my blood boil, and he used to sleep with his students??! Gosh.

  21. Rebecca Mott has a post about the slutwalk on her website.

    I will never reclaim the term Slut – for I will never allow the male violence and hate to the prostituted class to made even more invisible by women saying it ok to be called Slut.

    Slut is a male term of deep contempt and hate for all women and girls – but for the Ultimate Slut, men are saying she is nothing but a thing he will fuck into trash.

    If this so-called professor of women’s studies really cared about women, he would be advocating for prostitutes to be heard, not organizing slutwalks. He would have the intellectual capacity to understand that. He could then also help educate his students about the issues for prostitutes rather than misleading them in such a way that they are hurting the cause of other women who are prostitutes and further making those women invisible.

    Students come to college with the expectation of being educated. Presumably they take women’s studies classes to make things better for themselves and other all women. Instead, they get someone using them physically, emotionally, and also intellectually. He confuses them instead of helping them expand what they know. They will have to recover from his influence if they are ever to advocate for themselves and other women.

    As you have pointed out, FCM, he is a danger to his students emotionally and physically. In addition, he is intellectually trivial and dangerous in that way. My guess is that he was incapable of understanding Dworkin or Mary Daly. Perhaps he only read the Cliff’s Notes version.

  22. This article was brilliant.

    In the distant future, when women are finally liberated enough to be listened to when they demand to teach their *own* history, we will look back at all the white men who put women out of jobs in order to abuse their power as the oppressor class and students will be amazed at the arrogance, the male privilege and the wrongness of it all. At that point, Hugo Schwyzer will be used by women professors as Exhibit A…

    (please don’t tell me there are white men out there teaching black history too, though I’m sure there are)

  23. Hey fcm, up told me someone should tell you about this. I’ve been posting about it on Twitter and Facebook. Hugo retweeted an escort agency in Amsterdam. is my Facebook wall, should be viewable to all. (demonista is also my Twitter) is his actual retweet.

    Ps, been meaning for months to comment to you. Your and your commenters PIV series is a radical feminist gift to women 🙂

  24. The white men teaching Black history (and there have been disproportionately white men doing that — Hahn, Rediker, Walter Johnson, Ira Berlin etc), some of them have been Jewish, have actually dominated the field of Black history, and I think still do. There are a few Black women (Tera Hunter, Stephanie Smallwood) and a few white women (Cassandra Pybus, Glenda Gilmore) and a few Black men (starting with DuBois, and people like Gates), but the field has been historically dominated by white men. The one class I took on Black history was taught by a white man (to his defense, his research is on white prejudice in the South).

  25. FCM……what can say YOU are sheer elegance when it comes to exposing this cancerfuckwit for what he is……a shitstane of the lowest orders….

    Cherryblossomlife…there are WMales out there whinging and calling foul at every twist and turn .They will go the entire nine yards on equality for themselves using our hard won legislation to get what they want and if what they WANT is to teach womon their own His-tory/Herstory or African American studies they will because they CAN….SCUM manifesto is the only analysis that pins men to the floor for what they are and what they know about themselves which is that “Deep down they know they are worthless shites” and to feel better they have to forever steal our knowledge , power, creativity and our very breathe in order that they may feel better about themselves.
    Enough is enough…..

  26. oh love the graphics, hilarious! Anyway, this:

    hugo does not appear to be as supportive of womens right to not engage in PIV at all

    Is where the hypocrisy arises. And yanno, the thing about hypocrisy is that equality literally CANNOT exist in it’s presence. And when they”sex-pozzies” advocate for inequality, then they can’t be described as genuine feminists either. First they say “EVERY choice is a feminist choice which liberates women” and then they say “oh but we only recognize SOME choices as liberating”.

    And I’m supposed to respect these people? Why should I?

  27. This would have been absolutely unthinkable in the early days of women’s studies. When I think of all the great women’s herstory scholars nationwide who’d be 100% commited to teaching women at the college level, and then realize what young women get stuck with today in those classes… well with tuition going through the roof, and the incredible hostile environment vis-a-vis women, having teachers like this on a college campus should be considered close to criminal. It makes me wonder about the integrity of places like that college in Pasadena, and what the entire community of feminists thinks of this. Perhaps they don’t know what’s going on campuses these days.

  28. I think men should not be teaching feminism anyway, too much of a conflict of interest and the natural tendency to side with the patriarchs and undermine women’s progress through this. What do African American studies departments think about white teachers? Would be good to know about that as well.

  29. A new biography of Malcolm X just came out. I’m willing to bet it’s going to be on the reading lists of African American studies departments all over the country.
    Now what happens when women’s liberation and radical feminism comes out with a new book? Suppression, erasure.

  30. I understand there is a more pressing issue here, but when I read the part about this prof’s alleged “hotness”, I just had to take a look-see for myself. Having thoroughly examined the photographic evidence, here is my assessment:

    100% NOT HOT

    He’s either lying out of his ass about all of those students he supposedly fucked on his desk, or there was some major manipulation involved.

  31. Thank you for exposing this piece of crap, FCM. There just aren’t enough words to describe his kind of behavior. Uhg.

    One thing that’s kind of depressing about slutwalk is the way so many women say, “it was about 50/50 men”, as if that gives it legitimacy, as if the presence of men makes it a real protest, as if, see, men really do care about women! A while back there was another protest against organized religion where you could exchange a bible for some porn. Needless to say it was also well attended by men and the conclusion was, see men really do care about the way the church has exploited women! Oy. Head desk.

    It’s kind of a shame, it seems like a lot of feminists today don’t realize that we already had a sexual revolution. There were a lot of men around then too, talking about “freedom.” Their freedom. Women finally figured out how exploitive it was and a whole new wave of feminism was born. That was hardly 40 years ago.

    I remain hopeful that something good will come of slutwalk, not because it’s nearly 50% men, but because there are women involved and they’re talking to each other. That’s a start. It was the free love and pro-porn movements that helped create and inspire so many rad/fems. Maybe this movement will help to do the same.

  32. A while back there was another protest against organized religion where you could exchange a bible for some porn.

    That protest wouldn’t have been spearheaded by the *neo-atheist/evo-bio-psych* crowd now would it? (rhetorical question, of course…)

  33. Someone should organize an event where you can exchange your porn, or your soon-to-be-ex’s porn, for a decent feminist critique of the sex-poz movement. Or for those who aren’t ready for that, something else useful — a DIY guide to auto repair, financial planning, urban farming, anything like that.

  34. Loup-loup garou, that is hilarious! And a good idea at the same time. . .

  35. How about if we just promise to CONSIDER removing the “I SUPPORT RAPE” tattoo from his forehead when a man gives up his porn?

  36. He has a post up calling us haters as if feminists hating rapists is anathema.

    He truly believes he isn’t a rapist and is genuinely convinced that all the excuses men have always provided to exonerate themselves from rape uniquely apply only in his situation because

    -he held enormous power over them but that’s irrelevant so it wasn’t rape
    -he left no visible injuries so it wasn’t rape
    -she wanted it, all of those college girls wanted it, so it wasn’t rape
    -some of the students were inebriated, but he was inebriated too so it wasn’t rape.

    He is feminism’s Julian Assange. Sometimes you need to ignore the serial rapes of more-powerful-than-their-victims men, and in this consequence-free way the greater goooood of the movement is served.

  37. hi sam

    indeed! it wasnt rape because hes not a rapist, according to himself. this is so common it hurts; see lorettas takedown on ben stein for more examples of the shameless circular reasoning of rapists and rape apologists.

    also, i saw his article linking here in my stats. my favorite part was when he lamented the “ad hominem attacks” as if i didnt provide specific examples of his admitted behavior WITH an analysis of how it was harmful, why, and to whom. i suspect some of his readers dont know what “ad hominem” means…but some of them do. and hugo is burying himself with them.

  38. ad hominem is exactly the phrase Julian Assange has used in interviews about why he isn’t a rapist. Interesting that we have to take a man’s word for the fact that he abused power, but hey, it wasn’t rape. And I doubt most people know what ad hominem means, but in this case it is Latin for rapus denialus.
    Let’s count the number of men who abuse power with students, and claim it was 100% consensucal and we are supposed to believe them. The sheer audacity is well worthy of the IMF fund leader.
    What if, overnight, the word RAPIST was stamped on the forheads of all men in the world who had committed rape. How many men teaching women students at a junior college wouldn’t have this scarlet word on their foreheads?

  39. And if a certain woman hadn’t kept a certain blue dress with DNA evidense on it, we’d have never known the truth of that either. Men must think women exceedingly stupid and gullible… it’s why they are so attracted to teaching women’s studies to young women. I surely hope that women going to that college actually start reading these blogs, so they can avoid those man’s classes. Geez, if I read about a professor’s life on his own blog telling about all that stuff, there is no way in hell I’d ever take a class from a creep like that, no way ever!!!

  40. Hugo is now threatening to sue anyone who calls him a rapist. its his Twitter snit fit.

  41. my favorite part was when he lamented the “ad hominem attacks”

    Lulz. Typical dude. Men live & breathe in a virtual cesspool of ad hominem attacks, most of which are aimed directly at women. Professor Fuckface is starting to sound an awful lot like an MRA; they’re notorious for squawking about such crap, then they turn right around and proceed with the usual “dirty worthless cunt” speech, oblivious of their own hypocrisy.

  42. yes thats a good point…isnt “slut” an ad hominem attack? that hugo is trying to “reclaim” because he…doesnt like ad hominems. interesting!

  43. Someone should organize an event where you can exchange your porn, or your soon-to-be-ex’s porn, for a decent feminist critique of the sex-poz movement.

    bahahaha! good one, lou lou!

    also, hugo is indeed threatening to sue some communist dood on twitter for calling him a rapist. said commie dood asked hugo whether he would *evarrr* sue a woman for calling him that, stating that it would seem to be antifeminist to do so…and commie dood linked to this aritcle. hugo responded “i will sue ANYONE who calls me a rapist.”

    hugo is a professer at a community college…is he expecting to get a sponsor to pay his legal fees for all these lawsuits? this is a serious question. lawyers dont “sue” people for libel without being paid royally for their time. perhaps old hugo can get some well-known MRA (or one of the kennedys perhaps?) to foot his legal bills?

  44. It’s really striking to me how much men feel protected by the system. By ALL systems. This isn’t really a surprise, considering that men created all these systems to benefit themselves, but still. Hugo feels protected by the legal system, and invokes it when he feels threatened or violated, fully expecting the system to recognize that he’s been wronged, and not only that it will redress his alleged injury by making him whole again, but that the person who wronged him will be made to suffer. Completely regardless apparently of his ability to PAY for the services of an attorney, Hugo feels protected by the law, and confident that invoking the threat of legal action will cause the other dood to back down.

    For his part, commie dood responded “bring it on, I’m poor.” Poor men have nothing to lose by being sued. Rich men can defend themselves and mitigate their damages. Even poor men feel protected by the system, because all men are protected by it, and by the ways the various systems interact, whether they are rich or poor.

    Women? Not so much. We don’t feel protected, and we aren’t protected. Men’s normal state of being in the world, in relation to the rules and systems set up by them, to benefit themselves, is truly striking, and foreign to me. Chaz (chastity) bono apparently quipped after her “sex” change that she never knew how easy life could be, until she “became” a man. Well no shit, Chaz.

    Life is easy for men, by design. They make sure of it.

  45. Woo, FCM! It’s too bad that comment wouldn’t fit on a t-shirt! (In a big enough font so that dudes could still read the message from a safe distance away from me, that is.)

  46. Hi lishra. Which comment? Maybe we should open up a gift shop. I like big souvenir coffee mugs…

  47. Prof. Schwyzer imagines he’s hot? ROFL. The boy is a legend in his own mind. Personally I find him to be butt ugly. His unscrupulous behavior makes him even uglier.

    In most states, it’s illegal for teachers to date students – even if the students are consenting adults. Just like it’s unethical and illegal for doctors to date their patients. The law recognizes the power disparages and the potential for men in power to take advantage of and exploit those in their charge and care. I think we should flood Pasadena City College with letters, emails and phone calls. Prof. Schwyzer needs to be removed from his position at Pasadena City College, which he apparently uses as a dating service and to score himself sexual favors and conquests, as admitted by Schwyzer himself. Much like pedophiles find positions which allow them access to children, sexual predators such as Schwyzer, find positions which allow them access to women. As a parent, I expect schools to provide a safe environment for my daughters to learn and thrive in, not hire sexual predators and perverts to prey on them.

  48. I think that’s probably long overdue lucky.

  49. FCM, draft a letter calling for his resignation/discharge. We can post it with a petition on the “petition site”– free, all the kids are using it! Let’s make the HUB do WORK!

  50. This is huge and we should never, ever forget it:

    It’s really striking to me how much men feel protected by the system. By ALL systems. This isn’t really a surprise, considering that men created all these systems to benefit themselves

    Hugo a Go Go reminds me a lot of Ward Churchill — all entitled in his privileged white male importance, dressed up to look like he’s a friend of the oppressed, while sticking a shiv in the backs of anyone and everyone that dares question his self-created position as spokesman of the downtrodden (who couldn’t possibly be allowed to speak for themselves, goddamned uppity women/minorities). (Ward Churchill is a HUGE misogynist, by the way.)

  51. Noanondyne, do you have any more info about Churchill? I don’t know much about him and am just really curious.

  52. Ward Churchill… huge mysogynist… seems we have a bevy of these white men taking over minority groups, or being leaders in oppressed groups organizations and events… how convenient to take jobs from the people who created them…. Ward teaching about Native peoples, Liver teaching women’s studies, all the while chalking up more male privilege by stealing from the oppressed people’s meagre rations. Wow, men will steal from anyone and everyone!@

  53. Hugo Schwyzer is a fucking joke. Just like SlutWalk.

    Too bad too many people are not realising what fucked up and cruel prank this is on the worlds womyn.

    Hugo and other useless male fuckshits like intellectualise our femaleness.

  54. i will not be “drafting a petition” since a bunch of anon bloggers signing it might not have the desired impact LOL but i do think that a letter writing campaign is a good idea. i wouldnt be a bit surprised if its started already.

  55. Yes, that comment at FCM
    June 2, 2011 at 11:50 am!

    There is no big sister out there for women to run to when things get tough. Trans women have got Big Brother on their side; male women’s studies professors, ditto. Who have women got? Ummm.. Sheila Jeffreys and a couple of others. That’s about it.

  56. I have no problem signing a petition with my government name. The fact that the person who posts the petition isn’t using a traceable identity doesn’t mean that every person who signs it will. In fact, the idea of signing a petition anonymously seems kind of silly– I didn’t mean to imply that that would be effective. Also, I *would* be surprised if a letter writing campaign that we aren’t aware of was already underway! Unfortunately, political organizing rarely happens spontaneously.

  57. Yes, all of us could use our government names if we wanted to do it by letter or email etc. I’m not sure having a list of all of us together with our hometowns too (don’t most petitions ask that?) is a good idea. Let Hugo and his insane clown posse draw up their own hit list if they want to, no need to hand it to them on a silver platter. 🙂

  58. The letter writing may also be a healing act. As a young college student I was continually hit on by professors. I went to more than one college to finish my bachelor’s degree. One of them was a Catholic institution. I was a good student, never missing class. I did get flu and had to miss a test. The prof told me to come to his office to arrange makeup testing. When I did he tried to grab me sexually. I repulsed him. It shook me to the core because he was a priest. This was before all the pedophile stuff came out, so it shook my sense of trust in religion as well as hurting my education. Ugh!

    Another, an art teacher, said he wanted to show me an example of some work in his office and told me to come by in 15 minutes. Well, I did and he opened the door to his inner office and was nude from the waist down except for wearing pantyhose. Ugh!

    Another professor asked me out. This was when college profs routinely dated students. I said yes. He turned out to be very weird, though at first seemed normal. I stopped dating him once I encountered the weirdness. Even though he was weird in put-down ways toward women, I had to finish the class, since I was on a scholarship and could not have dropped a class. My family was dirt-poor. None on my close friends went to college. But it was horrible to sit through the class.

    Another professor stared at me all the time while lecturing and I guess he was flirting with me. He seemed somehow obsessed with me, though he never made a move. This made it hard to concentrate.

    Others hit on me in more conventional ways, not so in-your-face. I just pretended not to pick up on their cues. All of this impacted my education. It was never about me as a student, but rather about them as male pricks. In every case, I had to finish out the class, to endure learning from them. And wonder if it would affect my grades, since I was on scholarship and needed high grades to continue. Ugh!

    Because this happened so routinely to me, I know it must have happened to other women. Multiply this times millions. Millions of times that women are hampered from getting an education that is the equal of the education men so take for granted.

    The final point I want to make is that I eventually wrote letters about the first two incidents. It took a lot of courage to do that, but I could not stand to see women encounter these men as teachers. Why courage? I was terrorized and confused by them. A man who has done this and is teaching women’s studies, even if he has acknowledged the error of his ways, should not be teaching women’s studies. It is a bad example. I do not care how much he has changed. If he really had changed and wanted to make amends, he would not be teaching women’s studies. Women who have had these experiences in education would not be able to process what has happened to them with him as a teacher. What has happened to them with other male teachers. Women have many barriers to education, we don’t need another.

    Writing a letter may be a further step toward self-healing. For me. Not to mention effective political action. In the first two cases, I eventually wrote letters to the places they taught. This was after the second wave women’s movement helped me better understand what had happened. Now the radfems (genuine third wave, not the wavy fun wave) are here to help with the next step. Protecting other women.

  59. Ok then. You can find all the info you need at

    Hugo is an instructor in the social sciences dept. I might make a whole new post about what appears to be an official letter writing campaign, started by hub readers. Excellent.

  60. Just make sure not to call him a rapist, or he will sue you. LOL. Saying that male educators shouldn’t be sticking their dicks into female community college students because of the negative affect of unwanted pregnancy on female community college students ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND SUCCESS might be more effective anyway, since its impossible to refute.

    Happy letter writing everyone!

  61. One of the great achievements of mansplainers and rape apologists is having persuaded people to believe that a crime committed against a drunk person becomes a non crime when the perp is also drunk. But only when the crime is rape.

    Are there crimes that suddenly become non crimes because the perp and/or the victim was drunk. Can’t think of a one.

  62. Indeed tbw. In fact there is not a single thing about rape law or rape discourse that has not been framed by rapists and rape apologists, to benefit themselves. It’s time to change the frame.

  63. Another, an art teacher, said he wanted to show me an example of some work in his office and told me to come by in 15 minutes. Well, I did and he opened the door to his inner office and was nude from the waist down except for wearing pantyhose.

    o_O Here is a perfect example of a situation where one would ask ‘what is it about men’? LOL Pantyhose?! What a freak.

  64. Clearly, any dood who fucks his own students knows more about women’s history and women’s sexual freedom than women themselves, right? What kind of shit professor does that? Oh, right…a privileged white male professor who believes he is “liberating” us!

  65. I love how Hugo wants to sue women for calling him out against his clear abuses of them – what a feminist! PS, totally saw the tweets, fucking joke.

  66. yes its a fun little game men play isnt it? define what rape is and how and whether it will be prosecuted…then legislate how and whether it can be discussed, and how and whether to punish people who talk about it wrong, not using the proper wormy wiggle-words that differentiate “slander” from something else (for example, hugo says he will threaten to sue anyone who calls him a RAPIST but not anyone who calls him a PREDATOR. apparently he has researched it. which is extremely telling in itself.)

    meanwhile, women are being raped. continuously. and men are invoking the legal system against women, for discussing it. no wonder men walk around horny all the time, between the systems they have created to damage women and to benefit themselves, and PORN, the world must look very sexxxay to men, indeed.

  67. also, this seems to have blown up a bit across the interwebs. old hugo mayve just shot himself in the foot on this….maybe next time he will aim a little higher, and toward the center.

  68. Always wondered why a male drunk driver will get jail time, tested at curbside, hauled off to jail that evening… but a drunk man who has sex with a woman, or a man who got a woman drunk and then had sex with her isn’t thrown into jail right away. If you have sex with a drunk woman, you are a rapist, because you don’t have the power to consent if you are drunk. Just like if you are drugged to take a hospital test, you are not allowed to drive or give concent to legal decisons within 48 hours of the drugging. Liver is trying to define what rape is? Threatening to sue women for questioning his veracity? Hey, have we talked to all the women he took advantage of over the years to get their side of the story? Real feminists threaten women with law suits for questioning their honesty about a subject men almost always lie about. How advanced.

  69. Just saw on his twitter, something about a pet adoption and his idea of a “joke” being something along the lines of, “Adopt-a Slut” go fuck yourself asshole.

  70. slut walk? what´s next? cunt walk? sorry,but i don´t see anything good from some offensive name created by men,organized by men,no matter how good it sounds.It will only reforce that we are sexual objects,the “freedom ” men want us to have.Why this man doesn´t crete a anti-prostitututed walk? an anti-sexual objetification of latin,asian,indigenous,black women walk?

    Just an other pro-porno/prostitution manifestation,led by men and endorsed by women…unfortunally.

  71. Hi, I’m coming in late, just need to thank you, FCM, for bringing this p r i apist to our attention. I have just read a lot of comments and his own blogs. He’s clearly a megalomaniac too. Here’s the narrative as I see it. He talks about when he saw the light in the late 90s…seems he was sexually using a large number of students (as well as teaching drunk and using drugs) and everybody knew it…a senior male came to him and said dude, we’ve got your back, but you’ve got to be more discreet, you could get fired, and even worse, if you keep it up, you’ll start looking pathetic as you age…well, this struck him heavily. He found God and reformed.

    Why? Cuz he didn’t want to be pathetic. Did the senior male colleague say anything like, it’s wrong, the girls will be hurt, you’re breaking college rules? Nah. He said, dude, too many people are finding out, we can’t hide this for you much longer. Did our professor express one single thought about the ethics of his actions, or the harm he was causing others? There’s absolutely nothing. It’s all about him – getting caught, becoming seen as a dirty old man.

    What I’m getting at is this teacher shows zero insight into his predatory actions in his “confession”. He doesn’t mention what professional counseling he received regarding his sexual compulsions. I doubt he got any. If so, he must not teach or be in close contact with girls. The fact that he continues to gravitate to subject matter and classes that guarantee a large pool of young women, as well as his “feminist” work is alarming and predictable. He’s never had treatment for his pathology. Every single thing he says is suspect. He should not be teaching.

  72. Wow, he is on his fourth marriage and still in his 40s.

  73. As I shared over at ball buster’s:

    I once commented on Schwyzer’s blog and he mansplained me. He also added a line to my comment THAT I DID NOT WRITE: “Btw, I love your blog!”

    I asked him to remove that line. He did not.

  74. Omg I love that you are busting him for doing that. That needs to be repeated again and again. Unbelievable. Thanks


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