What is radical feminism?

by zeph

Mary Daly

Feminism, Radical. 1 : the cause of causes, which alone of all revolutionary causes exposes the basic model and source of all forms of oppression— patriarchy— and thus can open up consciousness to active participation in movement, transcendence, and happiness.
— Mary Daly (WORD-WEB ONE) The Wickedary.

What is Patriarchy?

Patriarchy. 1 : Society manufactured and controlled by males: FATHERLAND; society in which every legitimated institution is entirely in the hands of males and a few selected henchwomen; society characterised by oppression, depression, narcissism, cruelty, racism, classism, ageism, objectification, sadomasochism, necrophilia; joyless society, ruled by Godfather, Son, and company; society fixated on proliferation, propagation, procreation, and bent on the destruction of all life.
2 : the prevailing religion of the entire planet, whose essential message is necrophilia.
—Mary Daly (WORD-WEB ONE) The wickedary.

Patriarchy is the root cause of all oppression, the blueprint for all forms of slavery— free women, free the world.

Who can free women but ourselves? Men can’t free us, even the small amount of men who would support our revolution, having the intelligence to see the need to preserve our world from the worst excesses of male supremacy, will never have the numbers to defeat men as a whole. The great un-chosen will rise in fury and sweep those men away. Women alone have the numbers to stand together and resist, and standing together is what we must re-member how to do.  We have been socialised to compete for men but men should compete for the privilege of becoming fathers, and if we group together they will have to do so.

Men may or may not be capable of change, but we are! Change the way women react together, change the way we live alone with men, to living in cluster communities together, and already we have a more women friendly environment. One more important thing we can do is change the way we behave in the subculture, instead of subverting other women to gain male approval, subvert men. Don’t play their games, don’t co-operate when they set up other women; pretend to go along if you have to, then subvert, subvert, subvert. There is space in these ‘behind our backs’ interactions, for women to make great gains at little cost.

Women can change the world.

12 Comments to “What is radical feminism?”

  1. YES YES YES! Kick ASS Zeph!

  2. Women supporting each other so that we do not need men, will indeed be the revolution. Absolutely. Men absolutely require women’s dependence, so we have no other choice than to put up with men’s shit, including piv centrism, sexual harassment in the workplace, and all kinds and manners of male centrism and abuse. This is the way forward, and I like to think its not entirely too late, for those of us who wasted decades figuring this out.

    Thanks zeph!

  3. Excellent!

  4. Thank you 🙂

  5. YES! that’s what it’s gonna take. Great post, Zeph.

    Can I get a hell yeah!?!? HELL YEAH!

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I still believe women can change the world but reaching each other is so difficult for us, men do everything they can to separate us.

    I loved putting Mary’s face at the top of our Radfem Hub, it feels like she is here with us, in our first week.

  7. Fabulous post, thank you! Thanks for putting up the picture of Mary Daly, too.

  8. I loved putting Mary’s face at the top of our Radfem Hub, it feels like she is here with us, in our first week.

    that gave me chills zeph, i have to say. it does feel like that doesnt it?

  9. Thank you for the great quotes from the Wickedary, Mary’s picture, and your post! Loving women, putting women at the center of our lives.

  10. Love Mary’s picture by your post! How very appropriate! Mary Daly being my ideal of what a radical feminist looks and acts like.
    She told the truth about patriarchy and had those bestial boys on the ropes for decades and decades. Radical feminism owes her a dept as it’s first great philosopher.

  11. Thanks, Katie and Sheila. Mary was a great woman, all women owe her a debt, even those who have never heard of her or feminism. So many amazing women, and girl children have put up great fights to defend females, gaining vital inches here or there to make life a little more tenable for the next generation. Everything women have, we owe to the struggles of other generations of women, some who like Mary Daly and Christabel Pankhurst, played absolute blinders on our behalf.

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